We Broke the Baby


All day (well, at least since we got home from the hospital around noonish), it's gone like this:

Feed baby. Apply copious amounts of Lasinoh cream.

Swaddle baby. Realize that there is indeed a huge difference between "swaddling blankets" and "receiving blankets," and that difference is a crucial extra six inches or so in length.

Put baby in bassinet. Go to computer and try desperately to think of some way to even begin to describe what has happened to us.

Baby cries. Ditch Internet like last week's garbage.

(There are also frequent doses of Percoset.)

(And tales of a husband and brand-new papa so amazing you wouldn't believe me if I told you.)

Anyway, we have a baby. Noah Corbin, delivered via emergency c-section after 10 hours of rapid-crazy-fire labor and one hour of pushing.

The surgery saved Noah's life.

But that's a whole other story, and one that I want to tell you the right way.

Just not today. Today this is all that matters.






Welcome home, little Prince of Everything. You're even better than anything we ever imagined you to be.




Delurking to say congrats! He's beautiful!



Welcome home, am crying now.


So happy for you. :-)


aww! glad to hear you were able to at least try labor the way you wanted it, and even more glad to hear Noah made it safely..

Go kiss that little doll!

Heather B.

I've been waiting for a Noah update alllllll day!!!
Yay! He's so freaking cute!

feisty girl

SOOO beautiful. I love the last one the most. We'll be here when you have the time for telling your story.


Also delurking to say congratulations. I've been reading your blog through all the "trying-to-get-pregnant" times, and I'm just thrilled for you.

Miss W

He's gorgeous Amy, just like I knew he would be.



What a lovely family you make.

So very happy for you.


I'm all weepy & I don't even know you.
Cograts! Noah is beautiful!


Congradulations! he's adorable..and I am so glad to see him and you hoome!!

I also want to add, what a lovely name too. Not that I'm christian or anything, but Noah seems like a wonderful boy's name. If I wasn't so partial to Lucas for the next boychild in my life, I'd think about swiping it.


Glad to hear you are home. Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your story.


eeek!! :) Congrats, Amalah!!

Sarcastic Journalist

Big, blonde, beautiful and most important....HEALTHY. Congrats.


Wow. Just wow. Thank you so much for sharing.


He is beautiful!!! OMG I SO know what you mean about it being even better than you imagined.



Yay! Almost in tears here now... So happy for you (and for us all out here in internet land that you actually managed to update so soon. Respect!)


Annnnndddd, now I'm crying. He is so beautiful, and I cannot wait to hear about the Papa so sweet that will make me cry again.

Just. so. happy. And tell Ceiba that my pups sympathize... Dogs everywhere sympathize.


Yeah! I'm so happy everyone is okay. What a beautiful baby -- congratulations.


Nobel Prizes for the makers of Percoset--DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT. Nobel Prizes for new dads who step up to the plate--Amy, you will fall in love with him all over again. Nobel Prizes for wee moms who suffer to bring forth gorgeous--MY GOD, he is gorgeous--little boys.
A swat on the ass with the Washingtonian for dogs who pee on carpets. Poor Ceiba.

RockStar Mommy

So glad to see you updated when you got home, unlike me who waited THREE DAYS after I got home and had the whole internet YELLING at me!

Seriously, that baby has the cutest nose out of any baby I have EVER seen! And in the bottom pic, he looks just like my son when he's sleeping. Gah! It's impossible to resist the sniffing and the kisses!

Anyway, glad you're home. Glad everything ended well. Can't wait to see and hear more :)


He's beautiful! So glad you're home with your family. Now go enjoy them!! :)


Amazing. He's so precious and perfect!

And you guys look so, so tired. I hope everything goes well for you these first days and nights as a complete family. Here's to hoping you get several hours of uninterrupted sleep. :)


Beautiful. Good thing I'm about to leave the office. Tears are rollin' down my face. Funny to be so happy for people I've never even spoken to!


Yes, in all your imagining there's just no describing the feelings adequately. He's gorgous, looks just like you - at least in the pics. Wishing much good sleep to all. Enjoy it.


Congratulations on the birth of your son. He is gorgeous! What a happy family. :-)


A cuter baby has never been born. Congrats!


Congratulations to you both - he's absolutely adorable.

Susie Sunshine

He's gorgeous.
Bringing home a new baby is such a special time. When you and Jason are finally alone with Noah it will hit you- Sweet Jesus, WE ARE THE GROWN UPS NOW.

Welcome to the jungle!


Sorry you had to have a c section, but in the end it is worth it.


It was really wonderful of you to remember your crazy Internet audience while you're still adjusting to motherhood. You are my blogger hero.


He's so beautiful Amy and Jason! Congratulations and I'm so extremely happy for you both.


I'm crying now too. That is all.

Congrats again :)

Donna P

He is already a hearbreaker. Just look at all the tears in your comments!

He is absolutely magnificent!


You two look so happy, I'm about ready to cry. Noah is a livin' doll! He looks so alert in those pic's! (except the last one, where he's sawing toothpicks with his mama)...


Congrats to you and Jason on the beautiful new addition to your family!

And also, in that first picture, he looks a little like ET squinting and reaching for the light... Except without being a freaky alien.

(As strange as it sounds, it's my odd way of saying, he looks really cute and lovely!)


He is beautiful. You and Jason are beautiful.

God has truly blessed you.

Treasure this time.

Welcome to the world Noah! May life be kind to you...long, prosperous and full of joy!


Eeek (again)! Hello Babalah! *waves* *swoons*

Congratulations, Mama and Papa!

Sarah Holland

If I'm going to be discarded like last week's garbage, I'm glad it's for such a precious little bundle.

Also that last picture needs to be framed ASAP! Did you plan the matching blue b/c damn that is beautiful. (I know that's a ridiculous question for someone with a three-day old newborn but still)

Congrats again!


amy, i am so happy for you. i've been reading your blog for a couple months and it has been an absolute joy to watch you grow. noah is such a beautiful baby (for reals) and i'm excited that i get the chance to watch him grow.

Bonanza Jellybean

See, assvice went right out the window... take that kind of happiness any way you can get it and screw what anyone says.

And the part about Ceiba made me laugh out loud- my dogs just sniffed and sniffed and SNIFFED and then gave up and went to their usual places.



This is all that matters... as he should! Congratulations again! He is beautiful!

P.S. - Let Ceiba sleep with one of Noah's receiving blankets - it may help her adjust better!


so gorgeous!
congrats amy and jason and welcome home noah!!!


So Sweet!!


Awww he is just too cute! And you look fab as usual!

I am so happy for you guys!

~ Dixie

Wacky Mommy

Noah is gorgeous. Jason is gorgeous. you are gorgeous!!!!

kisses. and get some rest, if you can. and tell anyone who comes over they can't hold the baby til they fix you some food first. (works like a charm.)


Aw! He's so cute! And he's going all Vulcan on us in the first picture there! I can actually imagine him thinking, "Live long and prosper".

So cute, Amy! Congratulations!


So glad you're back and everyone is healthy. He is completely gorgeous. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!



He is a cutie!


Welcome home, Noah! You will probably never know how happy you've made your parents.

(Don't lift anything heavy, amalah.)


Amy and Jason --- another internet stranger here saying that seeing the change Noah has brought to your lives (through your words, and pictures, and what I am sure is to be another heartbreaking story of his arrival and of Jason's connection to it all) brings tears to my eyes as well. Tissues all around.

And, Noah, himself, is just a simply gorgeous baby boy...I mean, he is achingly beautiful.

Congratulations - looking forward to The Story and you Amy --- !!!


Sore boobs and all, those first few days are the ones I want to relive the most. Didn't the love scare the shit out of you? Two years later it still knocks me off my feet.

He is absolutely beautiful, Amy. I couldn't be happier for you!


Your "job" is to make me laugh not cry! I adore the last picture of the two of you sleeping! Those are the pictures you will cherish and they are just so precious! Congratulations again to you and Jason. Noah is SO beautiful! I can't wait to hear all about it but we shall all wait as we know you have MUCH more important things to do. I can't believe you have already posted! Super mom already...look at you! Congrats!

Zoots Mom

Congratulations, you are all so blessed and beautiful. Enjoy


Hello, that last picture makes me cry. You two are so beautiful.


yay! glad that everything worked out. i know a lot of people have said this, but thank you so much for allowing us in on this part of your life. it's crazy how emotional we all get considering most of us have never met you! i am truly happy for your little family!


OK, I so teared up when I read that. And I bow to you in your incredibleness for posting the day you came home with your delicious babalah. I know all I could do for the first several weeks (OK, maybe months) was stare in amazement at the wonderfully incredible thing that came out of me, oh yeah, and rub lanolin on my nipples...

With each age that my daughter is I announce: this is my favorite. I wish the same for you.


Oh, my goodness, he is so beautiful! Am BAWLING at work now, oh, well! You're in for the ride of your lives, but you already knew that. ;-) Good luck, Mommy!


amy i am so very happy for you and for jason. congratulations. i had a csection with my first and a vag birth with my second. neither was a piece of cake. both resulted in a sweet sweet baby.

enjoy your wonderful baby boy. the internet will be here when you get around to us.


He's home!! And adorable!!!


that's one beautiful baby boy you've got yourself there! :)


OK, I just realized that I gave something suspiciously close to assvice and kind of "duh" anyway. I meant it with love! Well, the "I love to read your blog" love, not creepy-stalkerish kind! :)


the labor story sounds so scary! I'm glad you're all OK. :)

Congratulations and love from Boston!!


Noah is absolutely beautiful. You and Jason are going to be wonderful parents.

Congratulations and I'm glad that all of you are doing well.


Didn't realize I was lurking, but now that I know I'm delurking to say "congratulations!" I was introduced to your site by a friend (my first to procreate) who wanted to show me The Belly. I've been reading ever since.

Noah is beautiful...And I didn't even think I liked boy babies.

Lisa V

Amy, so happy for you. There is no love like falling in love with your first baby. Enjoy it. It gets you through the worst times and makes the best even sweeter.


Beautiful Baby Boy! Lansinoh ROCKS, works great on chapped lips too!


Indeed, today all that matters is that bundle in your arms. Make sure you get plenty of water and juice along with your Percoset and snuggles. Before you know it, you will have mastered how to type one handed while you nurse him at the keyboard, but until then, your adoring readers will wait. He's incredible- y'all did good.


warmest best wishes from me and mine.
in Tuvalu.

Wacky Mommy

i can't stop looking at these pictures! so great. better than a chocolate truffle, for a mood-lifter.


Nothing could be more beautiful *sniff*


Congrats! So happy for you all!


Eye's watering up. How Amazing. Cant stop saying it! He is such a beautiful boy. Thank the Lord for modern day medicine so you could have a c-section- even though I know its not the way you wanted to go. I hope you have a speedy recovery and enjoy every second with your new little prince.
Amazing. Wow.
*throwing away birth control pills- don't tell husband*



He's amazing and I love his name. I had a feeling from Jason's post that you'd had a c-section. I'm so glad everyone is good and safe and healthy. You get your rest now and don't think about the millions of us out here, hungry for the details of your birth story. You obviously did a great job on the little one and now we'll just enjoy the adorable photos for many years to come. Congratulations to you both.


I have but one word to describe him: Beautiful.


Welcome home, Amy! Ya done good, girlfriend. Mmmmm... percoset. My guess is that they pretty much had to unzip your wee little self from chin to knee to get him out, so you just take as much of that as they'll let you. ;)


I am so happy for you and your little family. I am also happy that you and baby Noah are healthy and that all went well-or ended up well. He is truly a beauty.

Get some rest and give us all the details when you get the time. We'll wait.

Joke Aerts

God, it's just so trippy. One day it's just Pregnant you, and Jason. Then the next moment there is a whole baby, a whole nother PERSON, just there, in your lives. I can't get over that - just so... WOW.


Awesome!!!!!!! He is soooooo cute and you and Jason and Noah are a family now. :)


Beautiful baby...beautiful family.
Enjoy every moment and try to get some much needed rest!
Congrats to you and your family!


He's beautiful, and he looks just like his daddy. :)



So true - that beautiful new baby is all that matters. Congratulations to you both and enjoy your wonderful family.


He's gorgeous.

I always wondered, what happens to the belly after you give birth? Does it sort of sink down in the middle like an uncooked cake?


Am joining the ranks of sobbing emotional wrecks right now... he is so precious. You are so precious. Jason is so precious... you get the point I think. I am so happy for you that saying I'm happy for you doesn't even begin to cover it.


Deliriously happy for you and yours! Thank you for feeding us all a dose of joy.


He is such a love! Congratulations. Be well.


God, that is so awesome. We'll be here,(but not in a creepy stalkerish way) checking in when things settle down and you're ready to tell the whole story.


O.k., first ... I hope that you're recovering from the C-section alright. I also had an emercency c-section, and remember very well the take-your-breath-away/make-you-cry pain. It DOES get better/go away, I promise!

Second, you totally made me cry when you said "You're even better than anything we ever imagined you to be." As we're TTC and dealing with secondary infertility, there are times when I really feel like giving up. Reading that reminds me that it's totally worth the fight.

Ms. Meh

:::suffers from a terrible case of the AWWWWW!'s:::

And to think, I wasn't even in town yet! At 1035 I was on 29 around Culpepper!

How beautiful and how wonderful. Glad you all made it through okay. Whenever you're ready, we're all ears (and eyes).


My gosh, thank God everything went well! Such a beautiful baby! : )


So happy for you and so grateful that Noah is happy and healthy. You are sweeter than candy to think of us at this time. We all send so many blessings your way, feel better soon!


Love love love the pics and so glad you're back home! Can't wait to hear the story, sounds like quite the event. You are so the queen, you are fantastic!


He's beautiful. This time is SO intensly everything. xoxo


you know, the c-section babies never look quite as squooshed. so i had a feeling...

but so glad you're home and everyone is good and safe. love the pics and keep them coming. when you get breaks in between noah and ceiba, OF COURSE.

p.s. ceiba, it is okay, your Wee Puppy Club friend Lucy will come play with you.


I'm glad to read that everyone is home and doing well. You all look so content and peaceful.

He is a really beautiful baby. Again, congratulations.


Congratulations, Momalah! He's just beautiful!


I'm misty! He is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...really. And I've seen some cute babies. Again, congrats...and welcome home :)


okay, you know that i am not the sort to tear up, but those pictures were so dang beautiful!! congratulations!


Dr. Johnny Fever

Welcome home, Amalah. You make that hospital gown look like a Vera Wang. And it is with great pride that I tell you my son's name is Noah, too.

Margarita Mama

Three cheers for 21st century medical technology. Everyone looks so happy and gorgeous.

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