Noah's Birth Story, Part One
Crap Casserole


Laura B

Hmmm. Am afraid to google it. What is thrush and does it hurt? :(


Thush? Bah. Gak. ( to borrow a phrase from you!) Hey, at least it's not the shingles.
And doesn' it usually clear up in babies pretty quickly? Not that that makes it any easier.

Sorry dear. This too shall pass.


Awesome... so it's like a yeast infection for your mouth. Everyone can get in on the party!



If I remember correctly, LilZ had to have this bizarro blue stuff swabbed in his mouth when he had it. Left his tongue all purpley all day and turned my boobs blue when he nursed.

(For the record, he had yeast infections on his privates ALL THE TIME. It was then that I learned the interesting fact that most of the time when guys say they have jock itch? They really have a yeast infection but they dont realize it - fun fact, just for you and Noah.)


Ooooo, not on the boobs too? Please please not on the boobs!!


I'll go ahead and hide the nasty details here -- it's a yeast infection from the antibiotics I got in the hospital, which Noah and I pass back and forth to each other through breastfeeding. So for me? It's like athlete's foot in the nipple, and for him? In the mouth and on his butt.

All three offending areas have been treated with this shit that stains us bright purple. We're very punk rock.


Share the love.


Hope Jason likes smurf nipples.


Who doesn't like Smurf nipples?


Poor Amy! I lived in mortal fear of thrush the first few months that I was breastfeeding my son. It sounds like such a huge hassle, what with the purple stuff and the boiling of bras and binkies. I hope you recover quickly!


Do the indignities of new motherhood never cease? Thanks for letting us know what can happen. It's cautionary tales like these that make me feel better armed when I have my own baby.


Long, long ago, when Billy was a baby, we were told to treat his thrush on his groin with athlete's foot cream.


Eeeeew...Not only did I Google it; I Google Imaged it.

On the plus side, once you get past the yeasty photos, thre are a bunch of nice bird pics.

Heather B.

Just oy. But at least he's an adorable baby and you're an adorable mama with thrush. I've read about it before though and it doesn't sound pleasant.


jesus the downward spiral of motherhood. my mom SO didn't tell me about all of this when i was getting the birds and bees talk.
his cute little toes make it worth it though-RIGHT?
sorry for all the unpleasantness.


Delurking to say, oh I'm so glad you decided to use gentian violet instead of antibiotics. I've seen many many children on Diflucan for literally months at a time, with no resuls, and it pains me to see both mother and baby suffering for so long. Hooray for the purple dye!


Live and learn...


Erm... yes, don't let someone treat you for yeast with antibiotics! That would not be good!

So sorry about the thrushiness, but Noah is still freakin' adorable. :)

Lisa V

I remember thrush, it makes my nipples itch just thinking about it. Hope it's gone soon.


First off, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, beautiful boy. I'm so jealous because I still have 4 months to go to see my baby boy... *pout* On to the comment actually related to your poast, I'm actually going to listen this time and not google "thrush"... perhaps I'm protecting myself from knowing all things when my son is born. Hang in there, I'm sure things will get better!


Ah...good...some of the old knowledge is still there in the recesses of my brain.

Not like it's hard to forget blue boobs though.


So if he's got thrush, you prob. have the same....if you get any unu. pain in the nipple area, go to your doc asap. It can KILL your supply really fast.
So do you get to paint Noah's mouth purple? What fun!


Oh, come on! No photos??!
I'd give a LOT to be a woodland creature painted on your nursery wall. Bet my ears would fall off.
Get well soon.


We want purple baby pictures!


Baby Fever is curable by googling Thrush! My husband will be thrilled!

Another Amy


oh i'm sorry!

thrush sucks, for you and Noah.



sterilize everything that goes in his mouth, everytime. (except for yo titties)


this sounds like something that would happen to mighty girl. punk rock indeed.

congratulations mrs & mr amalah on a beautiful baby. how soon does he start walking?


Amy- Thanks for sharing your birth story. It was wonderful to read...I cried at the end just like if I had just watched one of those Baby story shows...Way to go. You did good!


Ugh! Me and my baby are on our second round of treatments for thrush. No purple stuff for us though. My doc gave us Nystatin instead. I think Zach also passed it on to his cousin (or else they just happened to get it at the same time). Good luck getting rid of the nasty stuff. Hope your boobs don't get as sore as mine did!


Oh yes......... I remember Thrush.
Purple everything. Yes, good ole thrush.
Thanks for the memory ..........


wheee!! gentian violet for everyone! :)


the liquid stuff they gave us when my son had it (formula fed babies can get it too, since they don't get any water all day to wash the milk down) didn't turn anything any colors - maybe ask if they have something different?


I wonder if the Google people are thinking, WTF? is up with "thrush" all of a sudden?!


my brother (born in Athens) had thrush when he was a baby, but this was always connected in my mom's stories with the fact that in Greece they bottle-feed babies camomile tea in the hospital to keep them quiet (or at least they did until my mom found out! then there was NO MORE juvenile tea-drinking going on for him.) so i always thought thrush was somehow nutritional. yikes. guess i wasn't paying enough attention.

according to her it went away in a week or two. good luck!


Mmmmmmm ... purple nipples ...

(I keed! I keed, because I love ...)


Having babies is trickier than it seems.

::extra clicks on Amalah's "project sell-out" links in the hopes that extra money soothes itchy, blue boobs::


it was like i just couldn't even resist!! before i knew what was happening my fingers were typing away and then i was looking at those horrible pictures!!

poor bebe!!


I figured I've lurked long aside from the icky subject at hand I wanted to say thank you for sharing your life/birthstory with all of us. Reading this blog? journal? is addicting so this canuck can't wait for the next entry! Oh ya and your son is gorgeous!!


My ex had thrush years ago (I guess guys can get it to) and lost a TON of weight because he couldn't eat.

Good for grown ups?? Bad for babies.

Good luck with the purple punk rock lifestyle.


Is it wrong that I can't stop wondering whose boobs Isabel's ex was sucking on?

Here's hoping that fun with thrush ends soon.


I've listened to you both times because I am good.


Delurking to say...thrush - I'm so, so sorry! I had it with my son and it turned breastfeeding into a nightmare. I hope yours and Noah's clears up quickly. This too shall pass, I promise!


Who has thrush and where is it located? Ewwww. To many options for that question.


Oh my gosh, you are HILARIOUS girl! I'll be back...often. I found you via Dave Barry's blog. Congrats on the beautiful new baby!

Big Gay Sam

Yeah but you have that cute little scallop design around the edge of the tongue. very trendy. :P

It's scary that I know that.


Sounds terrible! Like Shiz, I have learned to listen to you on the don't google it thing. But thanks again for sharing stuff with us, and I hope we don't all get too assvicey. Sunday morning, because it was Thanksgiving for us canucks, a woman in our church who had quadruplets 18 months ago shared some of her birth story. It really was and is miraculous...all four kids are healthy and gorgeous. I don't know why I say this, except maybe be glad you don't have four trying to nurse!


Also, y'know, kudos for the Dave Barry link. You're so smart, and pretty, and funny. :)


We had a thrush outbreak once here too, but thankfully [for me] we were already past the boobsucking stage. I'd never heard of it before then, and I was horrified and thought it was my fault and I was a bad mom, and etc.

Does acidophilus help thrush? I know that it helps me keep my yeasties in check, but I don't know about nursing moms. Maybe some yogurt will help you?*

[*] I hope this doesn't count as assvice, since I don't know the answer and am too lazy to Google it.

Dr. Johnny Fever

I love that song Paula Abdul wrote about this very topic:

"Thursh, thrush.
Oh, baby, baby, please.
Thrush, thrush."


HAHAHAHA @ dr. johnny fever...

and hahaha even more @ the mucus plug thing... ewe.


I will not do it. I will not do it. I will not do it.

Sarah King

I am usually very contrary, which is why I googled the mucus. I did my penance right there, mouth agape, stomach heaving, and learned a Very Important Life Lesson. Sometimes I really ought to listen to people who know better.

I will not even think about thrush and nipples together. Ooops, I just did. Paying my penance again.....


Sorry to admit, but I disobeyed the kind advice and googled for pictures.

Stomach still in motion.


there is something so reassuring about someone telling it how it is.

You go girl. Keep up the truth. I shall be joining you shortly. 3 days to official due date, probably 13 before it decides to come out on the lure of drugs...


Ick! Been there - let's make support group t-shirts. I hope it clears up quickly.


Thrush - YUM, CAN'T WAIT.

39 weeks, 5 days here........

I already know I will have to have antibiotics thanks to my good buddy "group strep B" . When my doc told me this I nearly cried because I ALWAYS get a yeast infection from antibiotics and I had seen my sister deal with thrush with Nephew #2. SOB!


I Googled thrush. I regret that decision.


I like how, when you google image 'thrush', on the 7th page there's a picture of a woman with a black eye.

Lisa Ann

my friend went out with a guy named, no kidding, billy thrush. he took her to a jethro tull concert, threw up and kissed her!! talk about thrush disease.


Where's the Noah pic of the day? I need my daily fix of his adorableness!


EEw. Yes, I could not help myself. So I am the only one to blame.


You should try Grapefruit seed extract as well. I've had yeast in the boobs since day 4 (he's 13 weeks now), and between GSE and the gentian violet and nipple cream, we manage. I've done FOUR 7 day treatments of Gentian, and now am doing it every 4 days.

And if you are using Lansinoh, STOP. It feeds the yeast.

Here's a great protocol for yeast


For the diaper rash trust me,this works!!

Take the diaper cream,,,and put it on liberally,,,then add a nice thick coat of corn starch or baby powder. This makes a 'band aid" between the sore and the new baby pee.

Now,,when you clean Noah's butt,,this is gonna be a bastard to clean up,,but,,it works! Try it,,I guarantee,,youll see a huge difference within 24 hrs!

Good luck,,your doing a great job!! Oh,,and on the thrush crap,,been there done it,,it just sucks,,don't worry it gets better,,lol,,just so you know,you'll have a fear of anything with a "white milky film" for the rest of your life!!


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