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Hello All. This is Jason, performing a substitute post for Amy while she's at the hospital. Amy asked me to fill you all in on the birth of our baby boy, but I'm not going to give away everything. Amy will be following up with an entry about the whole experience when she's discharged from the hospital on Monday, which I'm sure you're all just dying to read about. But for now, here's our new baby boy.


Isn't he just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?! Noah Corbin Storch was born at 10:32 AM on September 30th. He weighed 9 lbs. 15oz. and was 21 inches tall.

More to come later...



Congratulations! Love the name, and wow! what a big boy! And a cutie as well!


Let me be the first to say congratulations!!! What a boy. Almost 10 pounds. Yikes!


OMG! congratulations!! he's GORGEOUS!


Congratulations!! What a gorgeous little boy. Get some rest and then fill us in on all of the details!


he is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen...congratulations mom and dad!


How precious is he??? Congratulations new family!


I'm tripping over my fingers here cause I can't believe I'll be first!


He's so adorable. I am so happy I am just overcome with emotion that it finally happened for you. It's so amazing.

I had a dream last night that the next post was like this, only the kid was named something that started with a K and sounded kinda like Corbin. Glad you didn't go with that :)

Get your rest you two and have a quick and healthy recover, Amy.


Oh my gosh. He is so cute! And since he is so big, he doesn't have any of that new-baby wrinkliness that is less than photogenic.

Amyin Spain

Holy shit! Yay! He is beautiful. And huge. So many congratulations!


Lmao! Us Amalah addicts are quick! Seven people posted at almost the same time and I bet by the time I push post, seven more will be here.


Congrats to the new family! Best of luck and well wishes to your beautiful boy!


Congratulations!!! Such cuteness. Such largeness. I hope both of you have been lifting weights. ;)
I'm glad labor didn't last -too- long.


NINE pounds FIFTEEN ounces?????

He's so cute and chubby! Congrats to all of you!


What an amazingly beautiful baby. Congratualtions!


I really, truly did dream his name last night, but the middle was Corbett. How weird. Congratulations and God bless (how did Amy haul such a big boy around for so long?!).
Now go buy her a nice, big sapphire!




He is beautiful, i was reading fridays page and in the same boat. Im due tuesday tho. I hope all is well and you have fun with your new little man.


OH MY GOD! He is just the most handsome little thing ever!! Please give Amy huge hugs from the world wide internets and we are so proud of her (and you!). Congratulations :) Let the no-sleeping begin!


What a beauty! Congratulations!


Good God! I think you gave birth to a 3 month old! I'm betting it was a section. Glad to hear he's here and everyone is doing well. Very cute.


How beautiful! The name and the baby. Also, 21 inches "tall"? Too cute!

Congrats!!! Amy, get lots of rest. Can't wait to hear the birth story.


Oh Noah is just beautiful! And the name! So perfect!

We're all so very happy and proud for you.


Congratulations! He's beautiful! What a strong little boy!


HOLY BIG BABY! Damn, my twins were 2lbs. less COMBINED.

Congrats! He is beautiful and I really hope you had a c-section because I cannot imagine pushing out something that enormous. :D

Queen of Ass

Good God, Amy! He's the same size as my son who was 3 WEEKS LATE! Which was a section too. (I'm betting your's was by the length of the hospital stay.)



I wish I could say this was the first time I sobbed over a stranger's baby. He is so beautiful. And what a great name.

I'm so happy for you.


Awww he is beautiful!!! and quite a big boy which explains why Amy was so big!! He is really adorable and I am so happy for you all!


That is one amazingly beautiful giant boy! He looks like he came through the process amazingly well. Best of long and healthy life to you all.


He's absolutely beautiful! So happy for you both!


Wow! He is big & healthy! Born on my cool is that!


Congratulations, Amy and Jason! Noah Corbin is absolutely gorgeous! Isn't it amazing to look at those little toes, little fingers, little face and think about what a HUGE future they have? It's glorious, really.

I remember being so excited to be able to comfortably shave my legs again after my son was born, and he was only 7 1/2 pounds!

Be blessed!


Just Awwwwwwwwwww, What a Beautiful Babe.


Gorgeous. Congratulations! Hope you are able to enjoy these very precious moments as a new mommy.


oh HAPPY day!!! He is Beautiful! Perfect! Congratulations to you and Jason!! You did it, woman. YOU DID IT!!!


Congratulations Amy & Jason!

Noah looks beautiful!


Congratulations! He is so big, he already has the cute baby rolls going on. Take it easy and enjoy actually holding the new one.


Simply perfect!



He's beautiful and, darnit, I can feel my ovaries getting all up in a tizzy just SEEING such a gorgeous newborn!!

Congrats! And what a great name, too.


Love, love, love the name.


Absolutely mesmerizing to look at. Georgeous boy. And isn't it something how so many stranger-friends could feel so close to him? I hope you three feel the genuine affection we all send you. Love and hugs, Melanie


He is beautiful.
Congrats. =)


Oh wow. So, so happy for you Amy and Jason. Welcome to the world Noah.


OMG! Congrats!! Whoooot! He's absolutely scrumtious and 9lbs? That is bloody amazing! What a doll! Congratulations to the whole Storch family.


Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful, wacky, sleepless world of parenthood! :)


I'm so happy for you Amy & Jason. Noah is adorable! You left for the hospital as a couple and will come back home as a family. All my best wishes!

I can't stop looking at his photo. We've been hearing about this little guy since March! :)


Congratulations! It is hard to believe that wee little Amy was carrying around that enormous boy! He is beautiful!


YEAH! Congrats and also....
he's HUGE! Seriously, I think he could beat me up. You must be so incredibly happy to have such a gorgeous healthy baby. And Noah is one of my favorite boy names! This post was worth the wait, although Monday seems forever away now. :)

Congrats again!


Noah is lovely, welcome to the world! Congratulations to Mom and Dad on their great work.


Noah! You're beautiful! Congratulations guys!


OMG, I just felt so happy just now. You guys made one amazing baby...And BIG good lord. Much love Amalah and Jason. Now the fun really srats. Congrads ya'll love-Bethany


De-lurking to say AWWWWW...and Congratulations! He's beautiful. Now the fun can REALLY begin.


He's gorgeous!!! And he looks like a little Noah! Congratulations to everyone. ~~vibes for a quick recovery for mamalah!!!!


congratulations! noah is a wonderful name for a gorgeous baby boy. enjoy your little family :)


Oooof! Congratulations on your beautiful baby. Noah is a wonderful name.


Wow! What a big boy and what a great name! You must be soooooo proud. Congratulations!


Congratulations!!!!!!!! :)


Congratulations on such a beautiful baby! You have me beat, my little possum was 9lbs 7oz. And I was a much larger person than you. My baby is now 28, and 5'2", 120 lbs., but then, her grandparents were small people.

You can now return all the cute newborn sizes and buy bigger stuff for your Noah.


I've always secretly kind of thought newborn babies were yucky looking...but I must say, he is GORGEOUS!! So cute.

Congratulations Amy and Jason!! :) And Noah!


Holy crap, Batman!!

Amalah, that wee bit of a girl, had a nearly 10 lb baby??? Yikes.

What a Beautiful boy! Congratulations!!


OMG he makes me want to have kids.

Yay for Noahalah! :)


I can not believe a baby THAT BIG was inside of your tiny body.




Jay Gatsby



CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's beautiful and perfect and precious! And I absolutely love the name. I am so so so excited for you both!

And NINE POUNDS FIFTEEN OUNCES!?!?! Poor Amalah and her itty bitty self. But I imagine it was worth every second and then some.

Can't wait to hear all about it but take your time, you have far more important things to do right now.


So exciting to see it's finally happened! He is adorable and has a v cool soundidng name- I bet he'll be a heartbreaker. Congratulations to you both and can't wait for the update xx


Also? Shell guessed pretty close to your birth date/time! She guessed 10.20am. Wow.


Congratulations! He's adorable!



He is absolutely heavenly and I agree with everyone else, one very big baby boy ! I think my dd hit the 9 pound mark at her one month appointment ! I love the name you chose and can not wait to see more pix of your bundle of joy.

congrats again !

bad penguin

Congratulations!! He's gorgeous. 9 lbs 15 oz, though, wow. Noah is a great name.


The big boy is beautiful! Congratulations! It looks like all the hard work and extra time incubating served Noah well.


he is beautiful! and a great name too!

congrats amy and jason!


aww!!! Congratulations--he's adorable!!! And GOOD LORD, AMALAH! How in the world were you carrying that enormous child around in your wee little body? That boy is at least half your size! You did a great job growing a healthy baby!


What a big beautiful boy!! Congratulations Amy and Jason - my first son is Noah too and I'm still as much in love with his name today, nearly 5 years later, as I was the day we chose it.


now i know where her basketball belly came from! what a healthy and wonderful baby. hope you're all resting up for the first days back at home!



He's BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations!

And Happy Belated Birthday Noah!


He is beautiful. What a big boy! Congratulations!


YAY! Good work, you guys! He's gorgeous! :)


he's beautiful!!! now the lovefest begins!!!


p.s. look how he has amy's cute little wee nose. ;)


Oh my goodness, he's so handsome! Congratulations! I am so impressed by what a fabulous job you did, cooking up such a big boy!


That itty bitty little woman birthed a nearly-ten-pound baby??? Someone give Amy a medal. And some really pretty shoes. Damn.

Congratulations, Storch family! Noah is GORGEOUS!!


Congratulations! He is beautiful (and huge!). Nothing is better than a fat, healthy baby.



He's GORGEOUS! Congratulations! (And way to go on getting through a ten-pound birth!)


Delurking to say congratulations to Amy and family! He is beautiful and very healthy looking. I love his name too. Congrats to you all.


YAY!!!! He's here! He's beautiful! Congrats!

Let me just say that I am so happy to see that he has decided to come out of your wee little body!

LaLa Lisa

He's a perfect little bundle of cuteness! Congrats and enjoy all the fun and spit-up that the future holds. Hehe.

Can I just say...OH MY GOD...what a big boy! Hope poor Amalah is ok. She almost had a toddler in there. Hehe. :)


Congrats to the Storches! He is beautiful. Way to grow them big, Amy.

Christopher Ubik

Yay, and congrats! Dang, the boy is almost as big as the panda cub!


He is Handsome! Congratulations to you both on such a perfect little boy.


CONGRATULATIONS! He's So Incredibly Adorable, I can't stand it!!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well today!!


I dragged myself out of bed this morning and the first thing I thought to do was look for an update. I'm glad I did!

Congratulations, Storches - Noah is beautiful!


Welcome to the world, Noah! :-)


Oh, I am so happy for you and your families! Congratulations!

He's definitely a keeper!


Jesus! Now THAT's a baby - what a sweet potato! Congratulations!


He's beautiful. COngratulations Amy and Jason!


Congrats! Welcome to the world little one!
What a beautiful (big!) boy. Yes, Amy deserves a medal, some shoes, a purse, AND a big sapphire ;)


Congratulations! He is beautiful!

That explains that huge belly you had!


Wow, whatever way he came out, you are one tough chica. He is absolutely beautiful, nice job! I love the name as well. We have Noah picked out it we have another boy because I think it goes well with Seth, our first son. They are both nice biblical names that have great meaning. I hope you have a quick recovery and let us know all the gory details! Welcome to the world Noah, you'll always have the coolest parents on the block. And the mom with the best shoes at playgroup.


congratulations Jason and Amy!

Noah is a beautiful HEALTHY boy and holy crap he's almost 10 pounds. Amy, you deserve a new bag, or something shiny, for birthing such a big boy.

So many many congratulations to the three of you, now a family!

Lisa B

Noah is a beautiful name. I love it! And he's such a georgous baby! Jason, I think jewelery is in order for the all wonderful Amalah for evicting a person the size of a BOWLING BALL from her uterus. Congrats to you all.

One of my best friends delivered yesterday too. She had a girl. Yeay Storch family! Yeay Jones family!

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