State of the Boobdom

Oh Right! I Also Have a Dog

Ceiba came home from the hospital last night. She's doing fine.


Yes, that's a little heart on her cast. My vet is apparently on a mission to destroy me with unbearable, heartbreaking cuteness.

She has a steel plate in her leg now, and will set off metal detectors at the airport. If we, you know, ever took her to the airport. Which I kind of want to do just so I can tell the security people that my dog has a steel plate in her leg. Which she got in 'Nam.

Max is doing fine too, and actually seemed to miss Ceiba quite a bit. You may want to call NASA and see if the planet has gone spinning off its axis or something.


(I've given Ceiba full custody of my Boppy pregnancy support pillow.)

And now, because it is illegal to have a Noah-less entry, here are more photos that I swear, completely fail to capture just how deliciously cute this baby is.




(He kept us up until 4:30 am last night, which I totally deserved after bragging about his sleeping habits yesterday. Oh well, at least we got to watch a really awesome episode of Quantum Leap  where Quantum was a gay Naval cadet or something and we all learned a Valuable Lesson about homophobia.)

(It's wrong, in case you were wondering.)


Amy also

Birth story?


Oh, the cuteness of the cast!! I always wanted a cute cast that people could write notes on--now you have to write notes to Ceiba on her cast...

Oh, and I second the poster above... birth story? Pleeeeaaaase!! You know, when you've had more than 15 minutes of sleep that is. ;)


Fetus feet are the yummiest.


awww, the family's back together.

The Muse

I don't comment enough around here, but I do compulsively check the site throughout the day for updates. (I was even checking every 5 minutes while I was in DC last week, knowing that I was only a few miles from the wonderful Amalah and her impending birthing.) So, how excited was I when, while reading through the 100+ comments from the previous post, I come back and 'lo and behold! A new post! With pictures!

I'm 24 and not really the maternal type. (Okay, not entirely true, as I have a sister 9 years my junior.. just the 2 of us, and I practically raised her while living at home.)
But seeing the pictures of the cute little Noah? Yeah, had a twinge. In my maternal-biological-clock area.

Kinda scared.

But more just elated that you have the cutest baby EVER. Congrats!


I love the pic of Noah and Jason sleeping! Precious, just precious. Ceiba's cast is so cute. I personally don't want you to post the birth story until you are ready b/c I know you are working on it here and there. It's going to be so good and if you post early or before you are ready, then you might leave something out or it might not be as funny or as adorable or whatever as it should be. Now, go get some sleep.

Saltwater Princess

Awwww, poor Ceiba. Resting comfortably and having a boppy look like a recipe for healing. Congrats on Noah, he's beautiful! Hope he finds a complimentary sleep pattern for you quickly. Enjoy the first weeks!


OK, now I can make the comment again and say that I am glad that Ceiba is home and SHE is doing well :-) And all is right with the world and Noah is cute and adorable and huggable.


i remember that episode - isn't it funny what you watch when you're awake with a baby? i managed to see the entire first six seasons of ER on my 1st maternity leave.

i love noah's little grippytoes.


Precious! I'm glad puppy is home. :)

Heather B.

aahhhhh more Noah, my day has been made.

thanks man!

suzanna danna

Glad your whole family is back under one roof... and the little cast? Breaking my heart with the cuteness. You are too sweet to give up the boppy, those things are worth their weight in gold. Hope you get some sleep soon!

Much love,


Daddy, baby, kitty--that scene is too precious for words. Glad to see that Ceiba is safe at home.


SUPER CUTE!! Poor Ceiba, but such a cute cast.

Miss W

Poor Ceiba -- that cast just makes me want to cry! But I didn't, because the cuteness of Max needing to be near? And then the cuteness of Noah? Totally stopped the tears.

Wicked Stepmom (a.k.a. Cathy)

Little dogs and their little casts that weigh almost as much as they do. It's just so pathetic. :) But you ain't seen nothing until you've seen a cast on a chincilla toothpick leg! So happy to see Ceiba is home and doing well.

Like "The Muse" above, I check your blog compulsively (b/c you are my blog heroine and I still can't believe that you are keeping up with these posts w/ a newborn and while recovering from a c-section) and am tickled to see the new pictures of Noah. Baby feet are my favorite.. I took a pic of Liam's feet his first week home too. :)


Cute, you are all so cute together.

Lisa B

From your current and previous pics, I have to say, your hubby looks sort of like mine. Even in build and hairyness. Even the hands do! So wild. My guy though has a goatee.

Very sweet of you to give Ciba the pillow. I'm guessing she's already peed on it alittle to let everyone know it is now hers.


Ceiba's cast is too cute, you know you did the right thing spoiling the dog and giving up your pillow. :)

As for Noah he is just so sweet. Those cheeks and I can just imagine the sweet, sweet baby smell. Thinking of the baby smell will calm anyone's day...aaaahhhhh...


Amalah, I've got you figured out--you're on a campaign to convince me to have lots and lots of babies NOW, aren't you?? You've almost succeeded with all these adorable pictures, damn it!

Miss Ann Thrope

the last one says no image available when you click it.

Oh and I wanted to warn you. While surfing mucous plugs, I came across this thing called newborn acne. If the baby suddenly develops a mildly hideous rash on his face, it's nothing to worry about and goes away...usually happens somewhere in the first month.

I didn't want you to freak if it happens. I guess it's very common.

PS: he's way too cute...the baby, I mean. The dog and cat and husband are cute too, but the baby is cuter.


While in college, a few friends of mine developed a theory that the real reason that so many women get pregnant before they mean to is due to the lack of an outlet for all of their raging maternal instincts and their overwelming desire to kiss baby toes. They felt that if there were puppy/baby rooms strategically placed on college campuses and in highschools accross the country, the rate of unplanned pregnancies would plummet. Due to glaringly obvious safety and sanitation concerns, we never saw our dream realized. That is until now, in blog form! Between Amalah and Dooce an epidemic of responsible behavior could be unleashed, thanks to your daily doses of georgeous babies and adorable dogs. Congratulations on Noah, he is just beautiful.


Oh so bummed that the last photo when clicked on says "photo not available"... but from what I can see in the wee-ninesy photo, OH the cuteness of the manimals all curled up sleeping...

You are one lucky girl to have all that cuteness to yourself under one roof. Except that which you (oh so graciously) share with your rabid internet fans.

So glad the Ceiba is doing okay... the cast! the cuteness! I don't know how you can stand it! Do you talk like a grown up ever? If it were me, I would sound like a bumbling idiot wandering around doling out "is dat mommy's little precious? yes it is."


This is probably a really stupid question (I have no pets or kids, so I'm clueless like that), but can Ceiba walk? That cast looks....oversized.

And Noah is beautiful, as always. That last pic with the cat, the baby and the husband asleep is fantastic.


Yep - Ceiba with a cast. That's what I was looking for. Poor baby.

Ditto all props to the excellent Max taking care of the dog AND the sleeping baby/dad combo. Quite a family you have created there.

Lisa V

I can't believe you can keep updating us. You are a far superior human being. I love it, but I can't believe it.


I've been meaning to write for several months. I read Jason's site and got hooked on yours by proxy. Was praying for you last weekend while my own best friend was concurrently going through the same kind of labor. About the baby's weight, as you probably know by now, a little weight loss the first week or two home is normal. I know everyone's an expert about this, but I asked around to several moms when my friend went through it, and the initial weight loss is very common. No worries, except for the 10,456,876,999 ususal ones a new mom has! Noah just doesn't have that 24-7 vending machine of fetal life anymore. And poor Ceiba. You know she did that on purpose to avenge you.


Mer, I have to disagree. See, all the pictures of the adorable Noah make me question my current non-parent state. Amalah needs to post recordings of Noah crying in order to prevent internet women everywhere from throwing their birth control out the window. :)

Gah, he's gorgeous. Thank you, Amy, for indulging us all and sharing your story and beautiful family.


the difference a good doctor or lactation consultant can make! i'm so glad you are feeling better!


I found out Bosom Buddies is on at 5 AM on Saturdays thanks to my son.

And that however nostalgic about Bosom Buddies I was (shut up), it was A BAD BAD SHOW.

Enjoy having two tiny dependent creatures around! And Max!

And I was going to post about the sleeping and warn you that the sleeping patterns change, but then I thought, nah, she'll figure it out. Thanks for covering that, Noah!


I am just wondering if any of your loyal, local readers managed to track down lactation consultant #1 and kick the bizzitch's a$$??

Just curious. :)


I love the picture of Max checking on Ceiba while she's sleeping to make sure she's ok. So sweet.

And the picture of Jason's arms and the baby feet? Needs to be printed in black & white and framed. I so want to nibble on those toes.


Both the babies are heatbreakingly cute :)


adorable. all of them.

and, i'm off to read the IKEA entry. i've fallen in love with them in the past week. but it may be a good thing that there isnt one within 200 miles of tampa :P


I love that your cat is bigger than your dog. That is so cool.


So much cuteness I can't stand it!!!


I think the manufactureres of pet beds SERIOUSLY missed the boat - the boppy is a PERFECT pet bed. Our cat enjoys hanging out in ours.


The birth story can wait m'dear, sometimes they are hard to write. I spent over a week writing mine. You know, because babies kind of get in the way of such things. ;)


Glad everyone is home, safe and cute. Also glad you are feeling better with LC2.0.


Woohoo! So glad that the breastfeeding is going so much better and that you got a better LC. That can be so stressful. And Ceiba's home with that unbearably heartbreaking cast. And Noah is just the sweetest little bundle of adorableness. I would be 100% absolutely thrilled for you, if I didn't hate you just the tiniest bit for that part about how well Noah is sleeping. Just kidding. I am glad everything is going so well.

Big Gay Sam

Once again. That is a one beautiful baby. I've seen a lot of newborns in my life and usually my first instinct is to grab holy water and scream, "MY EYES! MY EYES!" (tm Phoebe, Friends)

Noah is adorable!

You do good work. :P


I am willing to take some of the responsibility for telling you you won the baby lottery with a wee one that sleeps through the night. You can't blame the kid - everyone wants to fit in at one week old.


YOu make me want to have another BABY!
Which is a bad thing because i already have 4 children and my husband has been snipped!

Noah is so precious.
Enjoy every milli-second, they grow so quickly.


Oh, poor baby!

I mean Ceiba, of course. Poor little girl probably wonders what the HELL is going on. But I have to agree she looks pretty cute. And Max watching over her? Even better!

And I also love pictures of men holding sleeping babies (especially when they're sleeping too). Sigh.


Hey, I've got something in common with Ceiba! I have a steel plate in my leg (ankle) too! (not from Nam though)

And I don't know...I think those pictures are portraying an entirely edible little bundle of cuteness. But maybe that's just me. ;)


Oh, poor baby!

I mean Ceiba, of course. Poor little girl probably wonders what the HELL is going on. But I have to agree she looks pretty cute. And Max watching over her? Even better!

And I also love pictures of men holding sleeping babies (especially when they're sleeping too). Sigh.


I am amazed at how witty and fabulous you are even in the wake of major sleep deprivation.

Noah keeps getting cuter and cuter with every post!! :)


I am amazed at how witty and fabulous you are even in the wake of major sleep deprivation.

Noah keeps getting cuter and cuter with every post!! :)


Ceiba's cast reminded me of a former client. Their cat broke her leg right around the holidays, so I put a cute little Christmas tree (decorated even - we were slow that day) on her cast. I thought it would also serve as a reminder about when the cast had gone on.

Apparently not, since they didn't turn up until June to get the thing taken off. And the Christmas tree was still on it.

Glad to see your puppy's healing.


Beautiful baby, I love the photos of my husband asleep with the baby... exhausted but in love.
Dog will be thankful to baby for sharing boppy in time of need.

Joke Aerts

Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light.... BEAUTIFUL BABY NOAH AND HIS HAPPY FAMILT

Glad Ceiba is ok - your whole family is friggin' cute.


I am so glad that Ceiba is ok and home! i love the pic of Noah, your hubby and the kitty all sleeping together. I know that will be our life once our little one comes along in January. Thank you so much for still having time for us and sharing so much with us! I love reading every word of it!


We have two weeks until we can start trying for the first time and I swear, between you and Sundry and your gorgeous, edible offspring, it feel like FOREVER!

Real Girl

I will never, ever tempt the Evil Eye again. Also? Am kinda scared of my beloved grandma right now...

Ceiba looks too cute all curled up there. Hope you have a speedy recovery little fella!

And as for your other fellas, well...Awwwwww. Which is what reading your posts lately reduce me to. A big puddle of Awwwwwww.


The adorableness of all of those pictures is overwhelming!


Oh my god, that cast makes the baby jesus weep with it's pitifulness. But the pictures of Noah totally make up for it! He is just gorgeous, guys. Homophobia is so wrong, thanks for putting that out there.


that must be the tiniest cast ever in the history of broken doggy legs.

Big Gay Sam

Homophobia is fine. If they're ugly. You straight gals can keep the ugly ones. :P


OH MY GOD his hair just kills me. It is like this perfect little crew-cut! Which, either your womb had a Supercuts in it, or you are getting a karmic pat on the back for giving good hair advice to people.


As crappy as it is the Ceiba has a cast, it is so dang cute with the little heart on it.

I just hope that her cast doesn't make her leg stink like my arm did when I had my cast on years ago. And when they took it off (after 12 weeks) I had grown dark hairs on my hand. The doctor assured me this was normal. But I didn't believe it.

What I am saying is that I hope Ceiba has a better experience.

Oh, and Baby Noah continues to be adorable!


Get the tissues ready readers...

I just have to share something with all of you.

First things first - THAT BABY is rock solid nothing but pure and simple C.U.T.E.N.E.S.S. Bless his little heart!

The pets, the husband, just awwwwwwww!!!

(*side note - Jason realizes he isn't going to breastfeed right? He need not have the beer at the ready - unless that was yours :)!!*)

Ok, so my neighbours had their first son two months ago. Another complete charmer - 8 lbs 7 oz - 21 inches long - 8 weeks later that boy can be driving dump trucks I swear!!

I've been involved in helping her out - as I'm a baby-a-holic, so luckily the baby knows me a bit now. Then, last Saturday - tissues ready ladies? - the new mom was admitted to hospital for gallbladder stones - but there are complications - and her husband (the new daddy) has very poor vision - can't see to drive, etc. They're here in Canada from the UK two years now.

She simply was CRYING HER EYES OUT because she was missing the baby so much - finally the husband got the 'ok' to bring baby up for a visit the other day - and she is in too much pain to hold him - but she can see how much he's changing and oh my it's just so heartbreaking.

We went over a few times to keep the husband company and for me to bath and feed baby for him (and change diapers too - I'm not just in it for the glory :)...and we order dinner sometimes and or make an extra meal for him as he never eats, he can barely see to mix up the formula - does the laundry - sleeps with the baby cuddled in.

When I'm over there I hold the baby and talk about his mommy and sing the songs she sings.

It's ok - but look at little Noah...and then think of how Amy feels right now - and the oh, yah, you can't hold him for a few weeks now and can only see him for an hour a day - have fun getting better - it's TORTURE for her!!!

Baby and husband are doing phenominally well though - and he's proud of himself that he's been able to manage. But, again, he's taken time off work and has exceeded his sick/vacation days - and because he's new to Canada - he is so sick about it all and worried!!!

Sorry to express all that here - but I basically wanted Amy to know that every little bit of anxious fatigue, or inconvenience - not that you wouldn't already - but CHERISH it!!!

I adore your family and think you're all beautiful and AMY THANK YOU for sharing your lives with all of us.

Now - go back to the cuteness that is your ENTIRE family!!!


I’ve become obsessed with your site and pictures of Noah in the past two weeks. Now you added an equally adorable dog with a cast. This is too much cuteness for a cynical 20 something. Not only that but the pictures of Noah and Jason I even caused me to say to my boyfriend “I can’t wait until we are parents together.” Which I’m regretting already, he’s ready to be a daddy, I’m not ready to be a mommy. So if I end up knocked up, I’m blaming you ;)

But really I love the blog, I love your honestly and humor and I can’t wait to see more pictures of your son.


i love how all the men fell asleep at the same time. max, noah, and your man. too cute.

and poor ceiba. max looks like he really cares about her. that or he was thinking in that photo, "man, are you dumb. jumping on the bed like that. shiiiit."


If the pictures aren't doing that baby justice, seeing him in person would cause my head to explode. *smooching my monitor*

I thought Monkey was a champion sleeper his first week of life, too. But babies tend to wake up after that and realize they're not in the womb... and... well... it often makes them quite pissed. For three or four months. Fortunately they stay cute during this period of trying to KILL YOU. ;)


ceiba, with her little heart cast, makes my heart explode in sadness because how much more pathetic can you get? she might need a bowl of greenies right next to her food dish.

and oh my god, noah's baby fat.


Oooh, lookie! You guys even got your dog's water bowl from Ikea!

And that last picture is priceless. Of *course* the cat has to lay in your husband's lap as he rocks the baby. After all, the cat is a baby, too! He needs lovin'!

Donna P

Poor Ceiba! Hope she gets well really fast and out of that cast.

TPOE is handsome and adorable!


Max is NOT looking at Ceiba with love in his eyes. Max is thinking "snack food."
Sorry for the unladylike turn of phrase, but Hee! Jason has a pussy!

Bella Sultane

The heart is precious! And so sad... :(


Happy One Week Birthday Noah!!!


Baby toes ROCK!


Those pictures make me want to be you! I would say you are lucky but really...Noah is the lucky one. You're going to be an awesome mom. And Jason doesn't look like a slouch in the dad department either.

Miss Ann Thrope

I have to agree with Jaquie, I'm in friggin menopause and my *oh my god your eggs are dying * is making me all I need a baby NOW!

Course the lack of uterus poses a small problem.

funny, I never really cared that I had a hysterectomy when I was 27 and no kids would be forthcoming...but I'm thinking this raging menopausal hormone bitch thing I've got going is sorta like being pregnant...only you don't get a baby at the end...just a beard.


Ceiba's no dummy. She'll milk it for all it's worth. Her goal is take over the crib.

Noah is so darned adorable and cuddly.

S. Faolan Wolf

Good Lord can Ceiba give the sad looks and hold the cast out pathetically.

I'm feeling guilty and I wasn't even there!

Poor Ceiba! Just trying to share in the joy of the newborn...I guess there's some rule about dogs incessently licking the baby though, right?

I'll also add that I'm in awe that you are here posting regularly. Like others, I didn't really expect you to be around much at the start but you must be superwoman. You can have a baby, post funny and heartwarming entries, upload photos and look good all at the same time. It's rather annoying.


Noah is so cute. Every picture is cuter than the last. Enjoy these days because they go by so quickly.


Too cute! Enjoy every second of him because the time flies!


Amy, you have a nanny! His name is Max.
(referring to pic of Max watching over Ceiba and then keeping guard over Jason and Noah!)


okay.. can I just say AGAIN.. how cute Noah is!


911: What is your emergency?

Me: I...think...I've overdosed on cuteness.

That little Noah has changed so much in a week. What a little angel!

And Ceiba? I think I heard a collective "awwwwwwwwwwww" when you posted that pic.

What a celebrity family! (Now drink a Guiness and go to bed.)


Wow, Quantum Leap is on? What channel? I just got sucked into an infomercial and was just seconds away from ordering Jack LaLane's Power Juicer.

God, save us.


Is it bad to say, being relatively new to your site and having not seen pics of the dog before, that that is the weirdest looking dog I've ever seen?

Bad I know. Blame the I'm a 39 weeks, 41.5cm pregnant carcass giving grief to the world.

But damn, that Noah, he is so CUTE!

And God Bless the new lactation person who actually suggested and encouraged putting the kid on the breast - talk about modern miracle kinda stuff.


Glad to hear that Lactation Consultant v 2.0 is working out, that Ceiba is home and on the mend and that last pic of the three of them zonked out on the couch?


Damn, I've got a very gently used Medela Pump in Style I can't seem to find a new home for...


Yikes! Your stories have made be laugh and worry. I probably have some unrealistic expectations of my soon-to-be-here baby (21 weeks pregnant tomorrow). I'll be checking back frequently to see how things develop!


I can't go a whole day w/out a new picture and new update.. hope you are getting some rest!

Big Gay Sam

I think she found something a lot more fun than shopping. We may never see her again. :P

Wait til the poop fairy blesses baby with scented poop. Now that's a neat little trick. har har.

Once again, congratulations.


I read about this blog in the famed Washingtonian this week and just had to check it out. I'm totally jealous of what a cute blog, since mine doesn't seem to bring in hundreds of visitors. Your writing is great and the baby is so adorable. Congrats regarding Noah and the sucessful blog. I'm sure I'll be adding this site to my daily reads.


Awww Ceiba!! She has to be the cutest dog I've ever seen. I would love to get one just like her but my sister's dog (chihuahua/pug mix) would terrorize the poor thing. So, I wait.

And...Noah is absolutely precious. He looks a lot like you (lucky boy)!


They are such gorgeous pics. Your cat is saying 'not so tough now are ya!' Hope your little doggie is feeling better - I have a dog also - I know how precious they are.


i'm really trying to break my habit of perpetually practicing avoidance behavior over the internet because a)endless hours of googling, searching for cheaper airline tickets, finding a cute new top, and checking up on the latest celebrity gossip make my head hurt eventually b) it makes me insanely paranoid at work that a co-worker or boss is going to discover me and be so disappointed and disgusted by my patheticness c) (least important) it is extremely unproductive however, i did just read the birthday story on and i am vascillating between totally grossed out and in awe of every woman that has ever given birth. i hate to admit i have never seen a live birth such as the "miracle of life" video so the granular details of the birthing process are starting to hit closer and closer to home as actually know women that are getting pregnant. the c-section and epidural and 9 lb baby cause me to tightly cross my legs. its makes me want to smoke cigarettes and drink heavily during pregnancy just to keep the birthweight low. i want to give birth to something the size of a hamster.

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