Things That Have Reduced Me To Hot Hysterical Tears In The Past 24 Hours
Oh Right! I Also Have a Dog

State of the Boobdom

Dear Internet,

I love you. That is all.


No, that's not all. The comments and emails from yesterday's post made me cry. Of course, realizing we were out of Milano cookies made me cry, but still. This was a good cry. Thank you for all the hugs, support, encouragement and sharing of your own stories.

Things? Much better today.

(Things that have made me cry today, besides the aforementioned Milano situation, which has since been remedied: Jason buying me maxi-pads at the store without blinking an eye, a commercial for antidepressants that featured a dog sitting forlornly by the front door with a tennis ball in his mouth because his owner was too depressed to play with him and the realization that my stretch marks kind of resemble a Doppler image of a Gulf Coast hurricane.)


I met with a different lactation consultant yesterday, and I loved her so much I came very close to hugging her and crying into her pretty, pretty hair. I refrained because I was topless at the time and figured that might be Weird.

(The other L/C is actually someone I think I would like very much under normal circumstances and just had the unfortunate job of seeing me under completely NOT normal circumstances, i.e. the day Florence Fucking Nightingale would have made me cry.)

I was not quite so unhinged today for some reason, and Lactation Consultant version 2.0 asked questions and didn't start talking until I finished answering them, and that was really alll I needed from her.

My milk supply may be inhibited by my history of fibrocystic breast disease and some nasty cyst aspirations that left scar tissue behind. Or my supply may just be ramping up super slowly. Or my boobs might just be retarded.

No matter what, though, she saw that I was miserable on the pump and desperately missing my time nursing Noah immediately told me to NURSE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, NURSE.

The first L/C made an assumption that I was crying and miserable because I was in pain from earlier nipple damage and wanted a break from Noah's chomping and figured the pump would be a welcome respite for me, instead of the vile symbol of failure and disappointment that it actually was.

It also didn't help that the pump I came home with yesterday (the Medela Lactina, mine sworn archenemy) fucking chewed my nipples off. "Pump Trauma," the lactation folks call it.

"Pumping should feel good." L/C v.2.0 told me. I snorted and yanked up my top to display the crunchy burnt toast points that now serve as my nipples. She may have fainted, just a little.

Anyway. I came home from the appointment with a new pump (the Medela Symphony, my reluctant ally) and a new plan. I breastfeed Noah every two and a half hours for 10 minutes on each side, then pump for 10 minutes while Jason bottlefeeds him formula and any expressed milk I produce.

(Hello, male readers! I assume you'll all be going now. Please come back, I promise to find something more interesting to talk about at some point.)

It's heaven. I get my time with the boy (who is a CHAMPION latcher and sucker, if I may brag, and I will, because at this age the only thing you really CAN brag about is their ability to crap their pants or suck on a boob), Jason gets to participate in the feedings, and I feel less pressure to nurse for ages and ages to ensure that he's getting enough.

I'm taking fenugreek and sipping some Guinness. I'm already producing double the milk I was two days ago. It's not a breastmilk bonanza around here by any means, but it's progress, and we'll take it.

And the best news of all? Noah gained SIX OUNCES in TWENTY-FOUR HOURS thanks to the formula and outgrew the newborn diapers for the second time in his short little life.

Oh, and he loves his pacifier. Suck on that, Lactation Consultant version 1.0. (Although thanks for the Soothies and the prescription nipple cream. They are extremely appreciated, OH MY GOD.)

Meanwhile, he gets cuter and cuter and perfecter and perfecter by the minute. (He sleeps through the night, did I tell you that? We have to wake him up for Baby Weight Gain Challenge 2005 but if we didn't? He's down for the count.)

He's quite the cuddler too.


The bouncy seat: just one of the four thousand purchases made by paranoid parents-to-be who figured they'd be cursed with a fussy sleeper, only to birth a child who would sleep in a Hemnes drawer without a squawk.


Daddy is whipped.


So am I. Also kind of puffy.




Yah for a good boob consult. Noah is adorable,as are you!!


Glad to see that you found a human lactation consultant! :-)


This is the easy part compared to when he is embarresed by you at the age of 16 and makes you drop him off a block from where he is meeting his friends.

Sorry, maybe that is only girls.
Congratulations. He is very handsome.


Ok now we will stop threatening to beat LC 1.0 and will send flower to LC 2.0 for being so much nicer to you.

Also as far as that sleeping through the night thing. I don't have kids but from all my friends stories I think you won the baby lottery (aside from his adorableness of course). Seriously, that's really great.

Amy also



You look so precious and motherly!! God, I did not have any desire for children whatsoever about 2 months ago, but following along with your life has just made that biological clock start ticking!!

I probably shouldn't tell the boyfriend that should I?? Anyway, you are such a beautiful family and I feel so privileged that you are willing to share so much of yourself with us.

I think you're great! (In a totally non-stalkerish, creepy way...)


SOOO glad you are feeling better!! :) I can't get over how cute he is! I totally want to kiss his squished little face.


That baby's feet are gigantic! You must have a future basketball player on your hands there! (Or at least a future husband who's really good a changing lightbulbs.) Man, what a cutie pie!


So glad the meeting with L/C Ver. 2.0 went better! All pictures SO cute! Noah is SO precious! Love the picture of the big boy in the bouncy seat!


Go girl! You are an awesome mom already.


Great post! My nipples hurt just reading it. Ouch.


SO happy to know things are better. You and your family are so beautiful! I think I keep commenting that, but it's all I can think of to say, I'm just so taken with Noah, and how much you and Jason love each other and now him too!

Hope things with Ceiba are okay too.


Aww. he's a doll.


I hear you loud and clear with the pump issues. I HATED the amount of time it took me away from my fresh out of the NICU baby. He was 6 weeks early and not a champion sucker. He would gently suck for a little while and then fall asleep...leading me to pump almost exclusively for 9 weeks. I wish I could have done it longer, but I had to go back to work and it's not really a pump friendly place, even if I didn't have pump trauma. Which I did. Noah is beautiful...and you? Are not puffy.


You look beautiful holding your little boy, and the picture of Noah curled up in Jason's arms makes me want to cry. So glad things are getting easier.


Bless yall's heart. What a difference a day can make, huh? Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love. You look great, Motherhood did you good!

Linda B

Yay, things sound so much better!


You look amazing, and not at all puffy. I only hope I can look that glowy and maternally blissful with no make-up on less than a week after giving birth. Yeesh, woman, way to set an impossible standard for the rest of us.

And the baby is gorgeous too.


I'm so glad LC 2.0 is helpful. No need to defend LC 1.0, however; she is not IKEA, after all.


I'm glad you got someone that had better bedside manner. And yay for the improvements! I still have no clue about all this (though I read interesting things while waiting for my annual OB/GYN appt), but if you're feeling better that's what matters.

And Noah is the cutest thing! That's awesome that he sleeps through the night!


YAY!! I hope things continue to look bright for you! What a cutie-pie little studly boy!

And aren't milk-filled boobs just the best? Wait till you have enough milk that you can shoot at things from across the room. I was a crack shot from 10 feet.


You are positively GLOWING! Motherhood looks so good on you!

And Jason too. Ya'll look so happy I can't tell you how happy you look!


see, I feel like the fact that you know words like "fenugreek" and "lactation consultant" kind of makes you a good mom already. I really admire you for being so persistent about this, when many, many women would have given up by now (which, bad opinions about women who went the formula route for whatever reason coming from me. The imagery of "crunchy burnt toast points" where there once were nipples kind of makes me want to cry a little.) Keep up the good work, and no, it is not weird that I am inspired by a stranger's breastfeeding tales, not at all.



I was one of those new mothers that actually did cry into the hair of my lactation consultant, post c-section. My daughter wouldn't latch on properly, lost weight, my nips were torn and tattered, etc. So, I have to say that I really felt the pain in your previous post. Today sounds like you are in a much better place. Ahhhhhhhhhh ... that was the internet sighing in relief.


sounds exactly what i went through, but you are doing it with more grace. you look beautiful and the little man is breathtaking!


You are not puffy, you look fucking magnificent for giving birth just one week ago! I LOVE all of the pictures! I'm so glad you are feeling better now and things seem to be progressing. That is one thing you can trust all of the "been there, done that" mom's on, is that, it will get better! And yay, it already has. Annnnd, holy shit, he sleeps through the night! You couldn't have asked for a better baby. Congrats again! You and Jason are very lucky people as is Noah. And he is just so adorable!


Wonderful, wonderful news! You guys are just so adorable. Keep going!




Sleeps throught the night? Where can I get me one of those.....
Perfect, absolutely perfect! I'm glad to hear that the most recent 24 hours didn't reduce you to a unhappy blubbering mess. Just a happy (non)mess who only blubbers out of happiness. Okay. I give up. Meh.


God bless the Guinness!! Bring on the barley and hops :-)


Until today, I had no idea that beer was good for the boobies. Wow. I think that strongly suggests that God is a woman.

You look great, your son is gorgeous, your husband adoring (with very furry arms) and your dog recovering. Great news, all around.


I'm so very glad that things are going better for you all... And y'all are so darling with your Noah...that photo, with Jason, and the bebe, *swoon*

*tick tick tick tick*


Dear "puffy" Amalah,

Your post-pregnancy arms are still smaller than my never-pregnant arms. If you weren't so entertaining (burnt toast points! bwahahaha) I would hate you venomously.

You are gorgeous. Eat some Milano cookies and have a baby snuggle for me.


Nice job Amy, what an adorable snuggly baby! I'm amazed and impressed that he's sleeping through the night- I thought that was a baby myth. You know right up there with "I just showed her the potty once and we never needed diapers again". Any update on your furry baby?


That is one great-looking kid, and he's got parents to match. Hurrah for the new boob lady!


He's beautiful. Hang in there and it will get better and better every day. :)


I had NO idea those expressly trained in the art of consulting about the lactating actually existed. Fun! Or you know, maybe not, but at least seemingly helpful. Love these pictures. What a beautiful family you are. :)

Lisa B

Ahhh the Fenugreek. I forgot all about that stuff. I had to take it too. But one of the wierdest side effects is that you smell like maple syrup when you sweat. So if you forget deoderant one day and your honey says he's craving pancakes with syrup for some reason....

Noah is so perfectly perfect. And I am jealous that you have a sleeper. Seth is 3 and didn't sleep through the night until 27 months. And now he's back to getting up in the middle of the night EVERY night for three weeks now. Me tired!

Have fun and glad today was so much better.

Real Girl

I'm torn! Real Grandma says you're not supposed to acknowledge when things are going well because then in walks the Evil Eye.

That said, I *must* insert an Internet Squeal here because of the cuteness. And the sleeping through the nightness. Do you know how lucky that is? Okay, fine. You know. But still! Wee one! With those cheeks! And that cupids bow mouth! And the sleeping!

I believe this is where my Jewish grandma would say "Kinnahura" and the Evil Eye would go skulking away. It knows Babalah's a losing battle for it anyway. (Kinnahurah. Spit. Spit.)


For your earlier post I was going to advise you to just nurse and forget about pumping, but you seem to have figured that one out without me. A) Babies are much better than pumps B)Nothing stimulates milk production as a hungry baby latched on.

I had immense difficulties in the beginning as well, if it were not for my mother who constantly encouraged me not to give up, I would never have been able to nurse. 13 months and counting, I can nurse while doing a headstand (OK, I cannot do a headstand for the life of me, but you get my drift). Hang in there, after two weeks the nipples will toughen up and it will not hurt at all. Best of luck!

Joke Aerts

Holy crappity crap we are all so happy for you! Three cheers for the happy Storch family!

Nothing witty to say today, just, so happy to be included into yet another Day In The Life.

We love you!


Yay boobies! Oh and also? Our kids all took about a year to get to that size and sleep through the night. You win again! ;)


Nice lactation consultants rock! Also Milano cookies. Glad things are better today. Remember when your down, no one loves you as much as 1500 total strangers.


Wow, Amalah.. He's real cute.

I kept chickening out on posting because I have NO IDEA what it's like to be a mom, and I thought I'd sound stupid. And I can't even fathom my nipples being crunchy burnt toast points. Is that really possible? Woosh.

It also just occurred to me, whilst thinking, "God I'd love to smell that baby's head myself," if everyone in the world who wanted to hold Noah lined up... Can you imagine? It could very well go from your place all the way to IKEA!


Yay for Amy's chesties! Went through the same thing three months ago with Princess Nursalot. She would latch on and I would have to mentally go to my happy place because my boobs would be on fire and hurting. Things are much better now. Now, you could hook a tow-cable onto mine and I could get your car out of a ditch. So it does get much better.

Hope your doggie baby is doing well too.


He is the most beautiful 2 year old child I have ever seen just born. Seriously though, he is huge! (And perfect!)
All the babies that I have seen around have all lost some weight after being born and then they gloriously pack on the pounds again. (To get those delighful rolls that my co-worker claims to like to gently bite. I'd keep her away from your kid.)
Thanks so much for letting me voyeuristically be a part of all of the Noah beginnings. It is amazing to have gotten to read all about the trials and tribulations you went through to get such a fantastic reward!
I look forward everyday to reading your site.
(Schmaltzy I am? Yeah? So what! Talk like Yoda, I do? That's just weird of me.)


He is the most beautiful 2 year old child I have ever seen just born. Seriously though, he is huge! (And perfect!)
All the babies that I have seen around have all lost some weight after being born and then they gloriously pack on the pounds again. (To get those delighful rolls that my co-worker claims to like to gently bite. I'd keep her away from your kid.)
Thanks so much for letting me voyeuristically be a part of all of the Noah beginnings. It is amazing to have gotten to read all about the trials and tribulations you went through to get such a fantastic reward!
I look forward everyday to reading your site.
(Schmaltzy I am? Yeah? So what! Talk like Yoda, I do? That's just weird of me.)


The puff goes away, it's just extra fluid you carried for Babalah.

Don't be surprised if you wake up in (literally) a pool of sweat one morning and feel 10 lbs lighter.

You all are beautiful, and Noah looks about a month old already!


And apparently, I really need to be heard. That's why I post the same damn crap twice. Sorry.


Yeah, Boobalahs! You seem to have made as much progress in one day as I did in 40.

Oh, yes. SOOTHIES! I forgot about those. So soothing, so cool (put them in the fridge). Keep up the good work and the great attitude. You have this parenting thing DOWN.


mazel tov - you all look great.. noah is delish! i know exactly how you felt with the electric pump. i remember the first time i was hooked up - and my parents and husband walked in at the same time - i felt i was in some mutan sci fi bad porn movie. you are awesome to be writing so soon...



OOOOHHH, I can already tell that you are going to be SUCH a great mother. You're so excited it is really inspiring. Hows Ceiba? That post was so sad. Baby's Huge and sooo cute. Take care.


You look great and you're doing SO much better than I did at that point. You're a great mom. I'm so glad he's gaining again!


He is so cute! You must post more pictures! AND YOU LOOK FABULOUS, by the way!


Glad you found a GOOD lactation consultant. The first one was extremely nasty sounding, maybe she should go into another line of business (like being a pushy telemarketer perhaps). You and the baby are beautiful! -Emily :)

Wacky Mommy

It is raining cats n dogs here in Portland, Ore., the contractors who are remodelling our house are never ever going to leave, and I am just living for the daily pix of Noah. He is so sweet. Here's a toast to Guinness.


Yay! Also, can I just tip my effin' hat to you? Because I was pretty sure that you would not be seen or heard from again post-baby. God knows I was a blubbering post-baby mess for about 2 months. Super kudos for continuing with your blog during all of this.

Ms. Meh

Please, feed my baby fever with more pics! He's adorable, as is Jason with babalah all curled up on him! LOVE IT! Glad things are improving for you - ::snuggles for the Storchs!::


The Hemnes drawer comment made me laugh out loud.

Okay, I need to prepare you for the fact that I will be leaving in three days for my wedding and honeymoon and will not have access to the Internets for three weeks. I know - I'm sorry to be leaving you like this. But I am confident that the other Amalah groupies will take care of you and will ooh and aah and yay and boo plenty in my stead.

Much non-creepy stranger love to you and Jason and Noah and Ceiba and Max (what's up with the cat? did I miss something?). Will check back in around Halloween.



OMG! I can so relate to what you are going through. I had the exact same challenges with nursing my son. Called in a lactation consultant (a.k.a. lactation nazi) who left me, after 5 hours of manhandling my boobs and my son, in tears. I am so happy to hear that you found a better one. I wound up buying the Medela Pump-in-Style and had to follow the same routine of nursing Liam for 10-15 min. each breast, supplement him with formula/breastmilk combo, then pump for 20 minutes. It sucked royally (no pun intended), but BY GOLLY it worked! My first couple of days I was producing no more than 1/2 oz with the pump. Ultimately, I was producing 8oz a clip and was actually able to keep a supply in the fridge and eliminate the formula altogether! Woohoo! I took fenugreek too. :)

One fact that I had totally forgotten about was that certain c-section meds can actually slow down milk production. My milk didn't even start to come in until day 5... long after I had started to panic b/c my son had dropped a pound. Had I remembered that, and the FEED ON DEMAND rule that all my breastfeeding books encouraged I might have been able to avoid lots of tears and frustrations. But, in the end, I stuck it out and was able to overcome.

I'm glad to see that you're doing much better than yesterday. :)


awww!!! :) yall are all so cute. :D


A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam.

The doctor arrived, examined the baby, checked his weight, and being a little concerned, asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed.

"Breast-fed" she replied.

"Well, strip down to your waist," the doctor ordered.

She did. He pinched her nipples, then pressed, kneaded, and rubbed both breasts, for a while in a detailed examination.

Motioning to her to get dressed, he said, "No wonder this baby is underweight. You don't have any milk."

"I know," she said, "I'm his Grandma, but I'm glad I came."


you rock! with all you're going through and with such a 'tude. Can really hear the relief in your 'type'. that's nice. I couldn't even comment yesterday, knowing what you were going though. Those days can be so hard. and with raging hormones, to boot. Glad you've got good folks to rely on. Glad today was better. Glad your little guy's getting bigger!


Could you be a more beautiful family? Tears in my eyes... so glad to hear you are on the happy track now. Big hugs to you all!


You sound so much better - happier, calmer, and more confident! I'm so glad you found a new LC; that makes such a difference. When I left my first LC appointment a week after my daughter was born, I felt (for the first time) that we were both going to be okay. When I was pregnant, I heard people talking about how natural breastfeeding is. It is natural, but we still have to learn how it is done. Ahh, the pain...


Feenugeek, wonderful stuff! Nursed five kiddies and used it every time. Glad you found it will make life so much better, and like the other commenters have mentioned after a few days you smell like maple syrup.


Ya'll look absolutely beautiful!! Noah is perfect! I am so happy that LC #2 worked out for you. That is the way you should be treated. Congratulations again!


I'm SO glad things are starting to settle down for you now. Tomorrow little Noah will be one week old! You've done well, Mommy! (Is that the boppy in the last picture? :-)


Oh, Lord, it's like deja vu all over again! Olde Mom is back with more unsolicited advice from the dark ages, but shoot, this is like reading a diary from 25 years ago for me! I had fibrocystic breast disease at your age too and nursing two kids was the best thing for it, it went away and never returned. I'm so glad the new lactation consultant is nice and you're already feeling better. I'm still wondering why you have a pump when Noah has no sucking issues and you're right there with him, but then, that's why I'm not a Lactation Consultant. I'd say screw the pump, nurse him whenever and if he still seems hungry add a little formula to pick up the slack.

You're young, healthy and gorgeous, but you still need to keep in mind that you produced an infant football player via major surgery not quite a week ago, and then had the anxiety and stress of your poor little dog's busted leg on top of it. And you were in the hospital what, 3 days? Back in my era a C-section rated 5 days of nurses fluffing your pillows and lifting the baby for you. Your boobs are not defective or retarded, they're just as tired as the rest of you. They won't just leap into Elsie the Cow mode instantly, so if Noah needs some formula while you get some rest, his Dad is obviously the man for the job. Be good to yourself. Final assvice from Someone Old Enough to Be Your Mother: Eat Milanos, drink yeast-rich beer, snuggle that gorgeous, wonderful baby, nurse him whenever he asks (that's the best way to get your boobs to step up to the plate, so to speak) and don't fret about any of it. It'll all be fine in a few days. This is just the warm-up to parenting and you are already more than fine. You're a great mom, your husband is a great dad, trust your instincts and just do it.


So happy for you! Milk, sleep, and a hubby who buys maxi-pads for you. Not to mention the cutest baby ever. Life is good!


Yay for LC v.2!
Noah is totally, 100% adorable in that first picture. Your entry today sounds so much better and I am so happy. It all just takes time. :)


yay boobies! yay lc 2.0! yay noah!

now, um, could you please send him here to give my 10 month old sleeping lessons, because she still doesn't get that whole sleeping through the night thing.

okay. thanks.

oh, and i forgot to mention yesterday that although i managed to get some milk with the pump i never, ever had letdown the way i did when the babies nursed and whew! was i glad that lc 2.0 advised you to nurse in between for just that reason. sounds like it's working too!

yay! yay! yay! you go mommma!


So I liked you a lot last night, but then upon reading that your baby is sleeping through the night made me feel that perhaps I don't like you that much... LOL! Really, you are lucky!!!


Just posting to say that the pics are adorable. The cuteness! Get me some insulin!


L/C 1.0? Her ass is kicked.


I'm not one to say this, but I have to:

You're baby is friggin' PERFECT!

Like the rest of the Western World, I too am addicted to your site. I wanted to hate you at first for your NARS make-up, but you're perfectly wonderfully likeable!

You're a great Mom cause you love that baby to pieces!

Dr. Johnny Fever

Noah rules.


I want you to know that I have to continually refrain from talking about my "friend" Amy and her beautiful new baby boy. Those on the outside of Amalah-land just do not understand how much we feel a part of your lives.


Ha! My husband just said, "You post there too? That's weird." I want to tell him, "Amy's breastfeeding trauma is better now! I have to post!" But I don't think he'll get it.

There should be an AmalahCon.

Lisa V

Breastfeeding sucks (ha ha play on words) in the beginning. But once there is a harmonic convergence of baby latching and boobs working it is pretty cool. Two of my four children were exclusively breastfed. The other two were exculsively bottlefed. They all only hate me as much as they should, they all seem to be of above average in brains and beauty. Breast, bottle, it's all good as long as you love the baby and let them know it. You seem to have already got that part down pat.


puffy? try beautiful.


So glad to read your happy mail! Thank you for sharing it! Best wishes to your beautiful family and that gorgeous little man. He looks so very smoochable! Those cheeks! That sweet downy head! The picture of him on Daddy's shoulder has to win a photo contest at some point.

Re the pacifier (aka "the plug," or "mine pwuggie!" depending on who was doing the talking) -- my son had a very strong need to suck, and it gave him much comfort and joy and that's just the way it was, SO THERE to all those who gave us the Ugly Eye at all the stores! In fact, he used it until he was old enough to pop it out one day and say, "Damn! You caught a red!" when I was driving him home from Montessori had to stop at a red light. I quickly decided to ignore the cuss word (he was only 3) and focus on the content, so I just said, "Oh, I don't mind catching a red light, Sweetie" ... to which he replied, "Well!! Daddy doesn't like it at all!" (Oh, that Daddy!)

Anyway, warmest congratulations and best wishes to all of you. Yay!


can't say it enough...beautiful family!


he looks like he's grown longer, if possible, in that bouncy chair. hmm. maybe it's just the angle. but wow, what a cutie.

mommy doesn't look puffy, either. just popped out a huge baby, for crying out loud!


You were a beautiful couple before but parenthood has just given you that much more glow. What a gorgeous, clever (Noah is already clever for knowing you need him to sleep through the night) family!

And I must admit, I too have to refrain from referring to you as a friend or someone I actually know.


Congratulations Amy and Jason! Your son Noah is absolutely beautiful and very, very lucky to have you two as parents.
Keep on with the breastfeeding. My son lost weight at first too, but he and I finally got it and it all worked out.


Beautiful baby!
Not to get to personal (we may be WAY past that), but the first few weeks nursing my baby girl: I had scabbed, bloody nipples!!! It got better & I ended up nursing her for a year after that. You're doing great! xoxo


happy happy happy!

I remember with girlie #1 the doc actually had to give me water pills to help me loose the puff... (mind you, I am NOT saying YOU look puffy in any way- just that when you feel that way nobody can really say anything to make you feel otherwise) it still took a month and a half before I could wear my real shoes again. One day I couldn't even jam my big toe in and the next day I was wearing 'em with sweatsox.

But hey,
not much can compare to chubby babies and healing nipples, huh?


I saw that same commercial about depression, and the dog with the tennis ball made me choke back tears. (And I'm not depressed, premenstrual, lactating, or a tennis player!)


Yeah, he DOES look like he got taller. So see? Growth spurt that had nothing to do with your boobs.

Hey, how's your mom doing? I mean, not to take away from the wonder that's Noah, but I'm guessing she started treatment.


i know i've only been commenting for a couple months, but i've been reading for a lot longer--and as far as i'm concerned, you've never looked better--
for what it's worth.
oh, and jason and noah aren't all that bad, either. in fact, they're might adorable.


Ah...beware the perfect firstborn - they are the ones that sucker you into having bouncy non-sleeping child #2. LOL

So glad to hear that you found a better L/C. The last thing you need is someone being bossy when you are still adjusting to motherhood in general. And the crying thing - it lasts for a while. I loved the comment about the dog in the depression commercial - that kind of thing still makes me tear up and my kids are now 11 and 8! Haha!

Love the pictures! Can't wait to see the smiley ones I know you'll be taking in a few short weeks!

Hope your doggy is doing well too!


I love his cheeks. They're all squishy and pinchable!


So glad things are looking up. Be careful, the Hemnes drawer might crack with that delicious squishy babalah sleeping in it...IKEA's revenge.


Great news!
You look and sound mother-y to me! Refreshed and firm! Keep up the good job! Go boobies!

a note for me: less explamation points!


Amalah Queen of Everything... You are gorgeous! Almost as much as Noah :)

and the boob bit- I am happy for you. I have no boob story besides a niece latching when I didnt notice and HOWLING and said niece joining in when she noticed that mine didnt function. But I have faith you will get there.

S. Faolan Wolf

You know Amalah, I'm not the type who gushes over babies nor am I the type to weep at the drop of a hat...that first photo though...of baby fast asleep while in his dad's arms? I stared at it for five minutes and found myself tearing up.

It's been so long since I've seen 100% pure innocence and peace.

Thanks for posting the photos. Your words are always a delight to read but sometimes your photos hit just the right chord.


The perfect fam. Everyone is just so darn cute! And YAY for LC vol 2. That's what all of them are SUPPOSE to be like!!


Oh good!!! I am so very glad that things are looking up with the boobs! You are going to all be just fine I do believe.


Seriously, the dog with the depressed owner totally made me cry too - and I have no excuses - no pregnancy, no new baby and as far as I know, I can lactate like a champ.

Noah happens to be the cutest baby ever!


You have quite possibly The Most Adorable Family!

The Queen of Everything is back in her spot and ready to take over the world once more... only with a cuddly Babalah and a wonderful husband at her side.

These? Are the moments you'll look back on when Noah begins hitting major milestones in his life. Cherish them and be proud of what you and Jason have accomplished!

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