Crap Casserole
A Quick Exception to the No "Dear Baby" Letter Rule

Two Weeks


Two weeks ago today, I had a baby. We named him Noah because we liked it, and as Diana pointed out, the only Noahs most people know are "the Bible guy and Hot Doctor Carter."

His middle name, Corbin, is the Latin version of my maiden name. It was Jason's top choice for a first name -- a choice I vetoed strongly because of Corbin Bernsen and also because I suspected Jason really liked it because The Fifth Element is one of his favorite movies, the big adorable nerd.

Img_1366Noah has sandy brown hair that's getting lighter and blonder by the day.

His eye color continues to be a mystery.

He has a very pronounced overbite that he got from me. I'm sorry. I'm living proof that it can be fixed by middle school, however, so that's a plus.

He has a very deep dimple on his left cheek.

His umbilical stump fell off too soon and had to be cauterized. It's still icky but it looks like a nice little innie belly button is forming beneath the ick.

He has a small birthmark on his left arm that oddly, was not there at birth.Img_1379

He smiles a little when Jason strokes his head. He screams when I do it.

He weighed 10 pounds, 1 ounce at Wednesday's doctor's visit -- he's gained back everything he lost and then some. I was officially declared the, lactater of the lactation practice.

The pump has now been downgraded to necessary evil to a use-for-convenience-sake kind of thing, i.e. when Mama wants to drink some delicious wine.

Img_1368Although he's over his birth weight, he looks nothing like the fat, rolly-polly newborn I had at the hospital. His body is long and lean with just a few little chubby spots, although he does seem to have like, six chins.

Orange juice makes his tummy very, very mad.

My thrush symptoms are all but gone, and his mouth is spot free. The only persistant sign of the infection is the horrible, stubborn rash on his bottom.

I have started saying "bottom" instead of "ass" or even "butt."

Things That Have Been Tried On The Evil Diaper Rash That Have Not Yet Worked, And Any Suggestions Not Found On This List Would Be Appreciated:

1) Desitin (Creamy AND Regular), Balmex, Dr. Bordreauxhoweveryouspellit's Butt Paste
2) Perscription-strength butt paste.
3) Centany ointment.
4) Gentian Violet.
5) Apple Cider Vinegar solution (which to be fair, was only tried once, but my GOD, THE SCREAMING)
6) Cetaphil and warm water instead of baby wipes.

Img_1298The Thrush Incident has us sterilizing everything that comes within a foot of Noah's mouth or my boobs and washing our hands constantly, like creepy Howard-Hughes-In-The-Aviator constantly.

Also, why didn't anybody tell me what an awful, awful movie The Aviator was? I feel like I should have been warned. I was at least warned about A.I. so it was my own fault for wasting like, five hours of my life watching THAT ponderous piece of shit.

The problem with Netflix is that you need to mail movies back before they'll send you more, which is unfair because that means I'm expected to go to an actual mailbox which is really, really difficult all of a sudden.

My shoes fit.

My wedding rings don't.

My tummy is going down, but is still a mushy little pooch of overextended flesh.

My pre-pregnancy jeans still don't fit. Damn mushy pooch.

I went to The Gap and bought a pair of Emergency Fat Jeans two sizes above what I used to wear. When I got them home I realized I'd forgotten to test them while sitting down, which, OW.

Img_1371And HOT DAMN. I FEEL FAT AND HIDEOUS. I know I should suck it up and get some goddamn perspective, but I can't right now. Chalk it up as another deep personal failing on my part.

I really, really love my diaper bag. SO THERE.

I was recognized by a reader at Panera, and by my neighbor across the street. It's weird, yet awesome. Except that I always hope they aren't thinking about my nipples.

Not that I could blame them, because I have talked about my nipples a hell of a lot lately.

If anyone else out there gets nipple thrush, I highly recommend the apple cider vinegar solution -- one tablespoon vinegar and one cup water, apply with a cotton ball after feedings. It'll clear things right up (well, at least when combined with Diflucan and a prescription cream) and is less messy than that Gentian-Violet-Smurf-Nipple-Purply-Blue stuff, which I cannot stand.

I'm terrified to let Noah grow up.

When I think of sending him out in the world where other kids will be mean to him...where his feelings will get hurt and I cannot make it better...where some adults think nothing of hurting children...where I cannot protect his little heart and body from All Bad Things...

I start to shake with anxiety because MY GOD, my love for this child. It's off the charts.



(I' anxious because apparently it has been decreed that we all must give up lip gloss and go back to matte lipstick for fall, and I'm not sure I'm up to it, emotionally speaking.)



Hooray for the demise of the thrush! :-) No advice re: persistent bottom rash, however. It sounds like you've tried just about everything-!


Oh my, he's gorgeous. And my 2 cents worth on the diaper rash is to try to let his little bottom air out as much as possible. Put a towel loosely under/over his privates and let that little tushy breathe. Cream-wise, I think Aveeno worked best for my youngest.

From another Noah mommy,


Thanks for not doing a letter. ;)


Those pictures are so sweet. In the one with Jason, it looks like he's saluting you (as well he should be - right?) and in another, looks like he's waving hello. I say that's pretty advanced for being days old.


OH Amy and Jason, he is just scrumptious! And large too! wow, who woulda thunk you'd birth a little man-baby!? Anyway, glad to know you seem to be adjusting to your new little family.

There are alot of us out here in innernet land who are very happy for you and look forward to watching Noah grow into a handsome young man. Or at least hearing about the jackass-funny things that will happen in your household!


You probably already know this, but it helps to let his little bottom completely dry off before putting a new diaper or any sort of cream on him. We use those packages of useless cloth diapers -- the ones that are too small to actually be diapers and usually end up being used as burp clothes -- as butt drying towels. After a few pats with the towel we let our little guy dry as long as possible before re-diapering. When he was very young, I'd drape the drying towel over him to stop the pee fountain from catching me in the eye while I waited. I know this isn't a cure for diaper rash, but it did seem to speed up recovery.


I am late, but: Congratulations on that beautiful little boy of yours. And your birth story was really, really touching.


he is so adorable! i feel like i should have some diaper rash advice (assvice? HA-HA) after being a nanny for two years...but all i know about is the heavy duty prescription stuff.

it cracks me up how it looks like he's making gang signs in 2 of the pictures.


good god, i think your baby just made me ovulate. he is SO incredibly cute. my boyfriend is about to kill me, i've got baby fever. what can i say, when you see these beautiful little bundles of flesh how can you not want one?


I really, really recommend Aquaphor for the diaper rash. It works like a charm.


The only thing that I didn't see on the diaper rash treatment list is A&D Ointment. A friend of mine used to believe it possessed magical properties, but I just remember the smell... not fondly.

I am really enjoying reading about Noah. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Thanks so being so open!

Oh, and the matte lip thing... nah.


I know this was only a tiny mention in this post and does not even compare to how cute and adorable your son it, but if I may ask, what did you do to have your overbite corrected?? I had surgery on mine and mine grew back, my daughter has the same problem only I believe hers is much worse than mine ever was at this age anyway (she's 3)???? Anyway sorry to take away from what should be aawwwing, but I was just curious.


We have been using the A&D creamy on our 15 month old since she got a bad case of diaper rash in the NICU. It doesn't really have a smell (the regular kind - which looks sort of like petroleum jelly DOES have a stench) - which is a plus.
Anyway, Chloe has only had diaper rash TWICE since the NICU incident. :) (and I blame my mom for both of them!)


Awesome post and pics. Thanks Amy.


Oh my god! He is such a beautiful baby! I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now, and totally made a fool of myself more than once with my sniffling and full on tears and snot routines after one of your posts. With some bloggers I just plain don't care cos they're just not funny and their pain isn't expressed through sarcasm and barely supressed snark. They suck teh bum. Anyone funny...gets me right there *thumps chest in the vague vicinity of heart* So hi!


oooohhh. You asked for advice. From the internet. Crazy, crazyness......

p.s. The pics just keep on getting cuter. Are you trying to make me keel over from cuteness???


Lotramin-yes the foot fungus cream!! It worked miracles for my 2 little one's diaper rash. I was a disbeliever until I saw it with my own eyes.


Oh and I need to add to my last post: The Fifth Element was a GREAT movie. Yes, yes...I am a nerd as well.

Erin Henry

I've got a 17 month old, and we've been through the yeasty diaper rash thing a few times. My faves:

-Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted about 1 drop per ounce of water (in the water/vinegar concoction, wipes solution, in the wash (15 drops in a small water level final "rinse"), etc) It works as a preventative too, if you have recurrent yeasty problems.
-Plain water on baby washcloths as wipes
-Burts Bees diaper ointment
-plenty of air time, air dry between diaper changes, sleep naked if possible, etc.
and, when all else fails, or it's really bad, generic
-1% clotrimazole (or Lotrimin)

I put the clotrimazole on 2 times a day for a couple of days (even if it clears up right away, so it doesn't rebound). I try to do it when he'll have the diaper on for a while (like betime and a naptime). Put it on lightly and then dry/soak in a little and cover with a diaper cream before putting the new diaper on.

I hear you about the mushy belly thing...I must warn you it doesn't disappear easily...I still have mine, a canvas for the stretch marks, despite all the bottles of cocoa butter with collagen and VitE that I've used in the last two years...

Noah's a beautiful boy!


That lipstick thing HAS to be a lie! Also? He's just so beautiful!


I know nothing about diaper rash. But when I went to Germany the first time someone told me to pick up some Penaten Cream, because it would come in handy for diaper rash when I had my own kids. So, I bought two tins of it. I don't know if it works (since my baby is still in my belly), but it's worth a shot. (you don't have to go to Europe to get it-just buy it online!!)

Good luck.

Cute pics and great update. Thanks for sharing.


I agree! "The Aviator" totally sucked!

Amy in the Twin Cities

This seasoned mother of three swears by cornstarch for any type of rash on the precious popo. I kept a little flour shaker on the changing table filled with it-never use the wonderful smelling powders. Also, when it's really bad, set a blowdryer on the coolest setting and help speed the airdrying process along. Letting Noah hang out sans the diaper every once in a while helps too, but you've got to take the necessary precautions to prevent any golden showers. Cornstarch though, it's a lifesaver!


I agree with whoever recommended an antifungal. Lotrimin, any of them--they are in fact all the same, regardless of what is on the box (a pharmacist told me that!) Thrush is fungal, right? So any antifungal cream will work. Then cover with a thick coat of Desitin. I did this for a bad diaper rash, too, because that often turns fungal (per my pediatrician.)
And that baby is adorable! Congratulations!


Ok, I have to admit that I would be insanely jealous if you even came close to fitting in your pre-preg. jeans already. Though for your sake, here's to a quick shape recovery!

My son never had particularly bad diaper rash, though certain brands of wipes seemed to make it worse. When it was at the worst, I basically used just water and gentle fabric to clean his bum, and LOTS of air dry time. Alcohol-free wipes are probably nicer to his poor skin. For us, it didn't seem like diaper rash creams did much to alleviate the irritation.

As your son grows older, you'll be able to deal with him growing older and dealing with the cold, harsh world, promise. When mine was a newborn I could bring myself to anxious tears over worrying about the stuff you talk about. But it all works out ok. Of course, you'll still probably be a mess the first few times you drop him off at daycare etc. But it will all be fine!

Sounds like things are going great after a couple of tough weeks!


I've also used Lotrimin - though I was horrified to find that, after searching high and low in the baby aisle at the drug store it was actually used for jock itch. On my little baby??? But it works.

If the diaper rash gets really bad then call your pediatrician and they'll call in a prescription for...i think it's nystatin?

Something else I didn't see on your list is Aquaphor. The stuff is amazing. Smear some on the bum to prevent irritation, on the chin when he starts drooling, and my husband uses it on his hands when they're chapped in the winter.

And he's precious! :)


we cloth diaper and as cream doesnt wash out of them very well, we got creative. this is what i swear by (and my daughter has eczema and sensitive skin and is thus quite rash prone!)

1- we use california baby calming butt spray for every diaper change

2- when there is a flare up, i put breast milk directly on the inflamation

3- we use raw silk diaper liners, which have some natural magical healing power

the last two may sound strange, but look them up on the internet and you will find loads of supporting info on the power of breastmilk and raw silk diaper liners!

hope it helps, i know that frustration oh too well!


Aveeno Oatmeal Bath!

I've also used the blow-dryer-on-the-bum trick.


That is one cute baby. And I really mean it this time. Not like when you say it to those women with babies that look all deformed

You have a truely -adorable- baby.


For rashy rash, try a mix of athelete's foot creme (anti-fungal), desitin non-creamy, & liquid antacid. It worked great on diharrea rash.


Dude, "The Fifth Element" rocks my socks too. :)

I'm so glad the whole nursing thing has improved so much. WTG you for sticking with it!


have you tried any mustela products? they're french, so kind of pricey over here in the states, but they're also completely hypo-allergenic and used in all the hospitals in france, apparently. i work at a fancy baby store and the fancy moms are always buying us out of mustela stuff, especially baby wipes and diaper creams and such. they also have stuff for stretch marks and other mom-related merchandise. it might be worth checking out.


Waseline...just plain ol' Vaseline, slathered lavishly on the bottom, is a wonderful thing! Only think I ever used on my two and no rashes, ever. I love reading your tales, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us!


We had an awful case of butt-yeast with our firstborn at about 1 week old. Oddly, he never got mouth thrush and I never got nipple thrush. Go figure. But his little butt (sorry, BOTTOM) was blistered and awful...

I second the anti=fungal cream. We got nystatin by prescription. You may have that.

What worked for us was getting him COMPLETELY dry at every change. And what worked for *that* was a hair dryer. With a diffuser on it. Set to LOW, and kept at least a foot from his rear end (Keep your hand right there so you can feel how warm it is).

I changed him, cleaned him, got him completely, 100% bone dry with the hair dryer (and BOY did he like that!) and then slathered the bits with nystatin, blew that a bit to "set" it, and diapered him up. Sometimes we'd leave him to wiggle about on a changing pad with a completely dry rear end but diaper free for awhile. The rash cleared up very quickly.

Don't put anything else on it but antifungal cream. I fully beleive that the whole "layer of vaseline to protect from moisture" is a crock -- what is vaseline, if not MOISTURE? It traps the yeasties in and gives them a comfie home.

Oh, and by the way, he is gorgeous. He is a Truly Beautiful Baby (as opposed to those "all babies are beautiful") ones, and I wish you all the biggest goofiest happiness in the world of him.


Waseline, huh? I guess I should put the glasses on before I post! Oops! I just saw another...slinking off to find my peepers...


the diaper rash treatment my pediatrician recommended was a few cups of baking soda in a bath. it always seems to speed up the recovery time. (but watch out - it makes for a slippery baby!)


After 4 children one thing I have learned about diaper rash is to do this: put mylanta or maalox, something like that on a cotton ball and put it gently on the diaper rash and allow it to dry. It may sound strange but it really works. Congratulations, children are the best things ever!


Lotrimin mixed with cortaid is what my doctor recommended for my sons rash, we went through the thrush horror seemed to work fairly quickly...and by the way that is one beautiful baby that you have


I agree with all the folks who said to let the bottom hang out un-diapered as much as possible. Plus, nothing is cuter than naked baby butt.

I know what you mean about letting them out in the world. My oldest got her driver's license this year. Talk about anxiety!


Do I spy Noah's first visit to mom's favorite pizza place?


Butt Paste worked best for us, but Aquaphor is a close second and that's the one the doctor actually recommended. Noah is adorable. And isn't the love you feel beyond anything you could have imagined. I totally cry when I think of anything happening to my little one.


NYSTATIN works like a charm.

Is that baby three months old??? He's huge and A-freakin-DORABLE.

Tricia Bailey

Your entire family is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. And although you don't know me, let me go on the record as saying, THANK GOD we are no longer supposed to wear lipgloss. My long hair sticks to it and it makes me feel like an ungroomed mess. Plus it is sticky.

Lisa V

I second Nystatin and Mylanta.

I am so happy that you didn't link to a picture of matte lips. I think I may have thrown up.


Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Works.


Thank you so much for not doing a Dooce-derivative "Dear Noah" letter. Now if only the rest of the mommy bloggers would follow suit.

Aquaphor is the best we've found for rashes, even the painful, raised-red-welt type. It's made my Eucerin, and you can get it any drugstore. Or you can just stuff thousands of free tubes in your pockets at your next visit to the pediatrician.


Like everyone else, I will just say Lotrimin! And Mylanta! He is just precious. Congratulations again.


he is such a cutie!

And not sure if anyone has posted this, but believe it or not, get some Maalox and some cotton balls. After you have him all cleaned up, dip the cotton ball in Maalox and dab it on his cute little tush. Let that dry, then put some cream on top. Our pediatrician said to do it, it works great!!


Matte lipstick is for hookers, elderly women and people who don't know better. Sometimes you just gotta go against the grain.


After several batches of horrible diaper rash, the following combination in the following order was finally settled on -

1) Neosporin with Pain reliever (don't use on areas other then butt because you don't want Noah eating it) on the red, angry spots.

2) Desitin next. Put it on any pinkish spots even. Do cover the Neosporin - as long as you don't rub etremely hard it won't rub it off.

3) a paste made of half liquid Maalox (and choice) and Aquaphor. It's a pain in the butt to mix as it's mixing a liquid into a solid. Use a wisk and a bunch of patience.) Cover virtually everything with this. The aquaphor is just basically a waterproof base and the maalox neutralizes the pH of urine/stool.

And yes, all three items were recommended by an actual real-life pediatrician. It's a magic combo, and it has the extra added bonus of cutting out the pain poor Noah is sure to be feeling.

(sorry if this posts twice, your comments are acting up on me)


Beautiful boy!

Fellow Washingtonian who is always on the lookout for you (stalker! haha). For diaper rash, I recommend aquaphor and Triple Paste (stuff works wonders).

And if you're using that yellow body wash from Johnson's, switch to something milder without soap in it like Aveeno baby bath (someone above suggested). Smells wonderful and is very mild on baby skin.

And if matte is in this fall, then clearly I will be out. OH well!


I second the opinion on the cool setting on the hairdryer, also, letting it "all hang out" in a sunny spot in your condo every now and then (not just good for keeping the bottom (hee hee) dry, but also good for vitamin D absorption apparently). And also, friends of mine swear by pinxav (pronounced pink salve. I haven't tried it myself but it got rave reviews when nothing else worked, apparently.


Out to dinner this evening, I spotted a prime example of why matte lipstick should NOT be worn. The woman wearing it looked horrible, and severe, and washed out. It is so gross...

By the way, Noah is adorable! He just gets cuter and cuter, really..


there's so much butt advice that i feel compelled to avoid commenting on noah's cute little bum. i will, however, warn you, having had multi-chinned babies myself, to be on the smell-out for baby assneck. if he hasn't had it yet he will soon. a sick part of me loved assneck both times.


"Dry", "air" and "light" were the best remedies for us. We used a diaper service and about the only times the girls had a rash were when they wore disposable diapers.

My girls were infants back in the dark ages when babies were placed on their tummies to sleep. When the did get a rash, we'd let them sleep without a diaper in the sunlight; their little tushies cleared up quickly; but not too long in the sunlight. Sunning works for nipples, too; just beware of neighbors with telescopes.

Another consideration might be to talk to the pediatrian about your diet to rule out anything there being a contributing factor. It's rare -- but it happens.

And Noah is adorable.


Try Lansinoh. Yes, the lanolin stuff for cracked nipples. When I used it on my son, the rash seemed to have improved by the next change.

Congratulations on the sweet boy.


Noah is cute as ever, but please tell me you are joking about the matte lipstick. I'm having visions of the 1990s...

Jay Gatsby

Diaper rash - leave it open to the air to dry. Then Penatin...lots of it. Worked for us. Congrats. - Gatsby


can you stand another "he's so gorgeous"? well, he is! fabulous! bea-u!

Girl, you KNOW you should not even be thinking about those pre-preg jeans a mere two weeks after birth, right? But you were so totally beautiful pregnant, I can only imagine how great you look only two sizes bigger than your pre-preg size. Even if you don't feel so hot. You'll get there! It took you 10 months to get that 10 pounder grown in there! Remember that.

another vote for clortrimazol (or however you spell it) - lotrimin shit - worked great for us. Kills the yeast. The walgreens or whatever generic brand is so much cheaper.

Good luck!


Out to dinner this evening, I spotted a prime example of why matte lipstick should NOT be worn. The woman wearing it looked horrible, and severe, and washed out. It is so gross...

By the way, Noah is adorable! He just gets cuter and cuter, really..


Try Johnsons & Johnsons medicated baby powder - just a little and be VERY CAREFUL WHEN SPRINKLING (maybe even do it under a spit-up rag) so Noah doesn't breathe any of it - WORKS WONDERS QUICKLY. It's the one w/the "medicated powder" part written in yellow.

PS - he appears to have AMAZING head control for a 2 week old in that pic where Jason is holding him up??!!


Runners use BodyGlide to prevent chafing and I've discovered it works after the fact on those areas missed before they were rubbed raw.

Love the little suck blister on beautiful Noah's upper lip! I remember all my daughters had the same thing...brought back some sweet memories to see that.


Try cornstarch.
If you don't have any, take powder and fry it up until it's brown. DONT LAUGH. I have two kids and ran a daycare and teach 20 two year olds, I swear by this stuff :) As a last resort, try bag balm. Vets, etc use it on cows nipples (ha ha I said nipples, too!) and it works pretty good. And air - lots and lots of air.


Point A - Although we knew this lipstick evil was coming, I'm still pretending it's not happening. I say you do, too.

Point B - I can't believe you haven't tried the Rosebud Salve on Noah's rash! I say you get back to Sephora post haste to pick some up.


Ditto on the cornstarch.


Hi Amy. I've been reading your blog for a while. You always bring a smile to my thanks for that. Anyhow, the antifungal cream, either Nystatin or Lotrimin is great if the rash is from yeast. Other kinds of rashes are treated well with's great stuff. I work at a children's hospital and we use a lot of it. We also make a paste out of Maalox. We pour it into a coffee filter which is placed over the top of a jar. It takes a day or so for the liquid to drain off, but it's great for redness and breakdown associated with diarrhea. Your boy is beautiful. I have a son as well and believe me...there's no greater love. It only gets better as time goes by. Best wishes.


I also used cornstarch on my now-adult daughter, who was nicknamed "Rashley" as an infant due to her horrific and frequent yeasty diaper rashes.
Air and light are very healing as well. Do try the Burt's Bees ointment. It helped my grandson ("Rashley's" baby boy) more than any other diaper cream.

Your little guy is precious.


Haven't read the other posts yet, so I don't know if I'm repeating what's already been said. But a couple of things to try to get rid of the diaper rash.

1. Corn starch instead of baby powder. Worked in like two days for my babies.

2. Try a different brand of diapers. For some reason both of my kids had hellacious reactions to anything but Pampers (of course) for the first six months of their lives. My mom said I reacted to Pampers.

Hope one of these works for you if you try em! :)



I think the others have the bottom issue pretty well covered (or uncovered) let me turn to your other concerns, and assure you that all your insecurities and fears are totally normal. I remember trying unsuccessfully to burp my daughter (age about 3 months) one pre-dawn, and found myself dissolved in tears because (follow me closely here): in only 9 months, she'd be a year old; and so I'd have to have a birthday party; and I'd have to bake a cake; but I COULDN'T bake a cake, because I was TOO TIRED, and she'd NEVER have a cake, and this poor little innocent bit of adorable humanity would go through her life SCARRED IN THE SOUL because... etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
(I didn't say it was rational; I said it was normal.)
The good news is that they (and we) only live one second at a time; so if the moment you're in is o.k., just hug him and relax.


I think the others have the bottom issue pretty well covered (or uncovered) let me turn to your other concerns, and assure you that all your insecurities and fears are totally normal. I remember trying unsuccessfully to burp my daughter (age about 3 months) one pre-dawn, and found myself dissolved in tears because (follow me closely here): in only 9 months, she'd be a year old; and so I'd have to have a birthday party; and I'd have to bake a cake; but I COULDN'T bake a cake, because I was TOO TIRED, and she'd NEVER have a cake, and this poor little innocent bit of adorable humanity would go through her life SCARRED IN THE SOUL because... etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
(I didn't say it was rational; I said it was normal.)
The good news is that they (and we) only live one second at a time; so if the moment you're in is o.k., just hug him and relax.


Big veto for the matte lipstick--plus, they're also showing a lot of pale/nude lips this season. Hit up a neutral Stila lip glaze/Chanel lip gloss and you're good to go.

I like that Noah has a mom hip to this season's trends...he'll probably appreciate that later in life.


he's gorgeous (but you know that)!

the mylanta totally works.


okay, i asked the docs i work with and they said that you can buy the over-the-counter yeast infection kit that comes with the topical cream stuff and put a little of that cream stuff on his little bebe-booty!!

In other news: your baby has the sweetest little noggin ever! Totally spherical! Loving the cranium!!


Girl, I come with a Jewish MIL, I have ALL the tips you need.

My Kid had diaper rash FROM HELL b/c he never drooled when he was teething and he swallowed all that salivia and it gave him the worst diarrhea ever. Bleeding blisters and all.

So the MIL advice was: CORN STARCH. Straight from the yellow box. And IT WORKED! Worked miracles even. You should try it. It's cheap and easy and you will be presently surprised. Do it.


you'll be presently surprised and also pleasantly. heh.


Oh my holy hell, the cuteness. I second Diana's suggestion of the rosebud salve. It's like windex(my big fat greek, oh nevermind) I also second the sucking of the Aviator, 2 hours of total and complete suckage actually. Smiles for all of you.


No need to give you a 10th nod to all the rash options you've received -- so I am just posting to say how beautiful that boy is!! You bake 'em up real nice!
I also wanted to acknowledge the anxiety over letting them grow up and face the world. The scariness is overwhelming at times. One thing I've noticed though is that it is a weird dichotomy (sp?) of vulnerability and incredible strength. The maternal instinct is so primal, powerful and wonderful.
Congratulations again to you and Jason.


Only, didn't you already do a dear baby letter... like months before he was even born? ;)

It's okay, we're totally down with the sappiness here--and the update on fashion trends. Also very down with the fashion trend update!


Hello Amy,
I just wanted to mention that I seem to recall one of my babies having a rash that was a yeast rash. I believe its a form of thrush also. I believe they had me treat it with something like Lotrimin which was a foot cream for things like athletes foot. It's been 12 years though so my details are fuzzy and may not be completely accurate, but I do recall that its something that pretty much doesn't go away on its own or with the usual, keeping the area dry and stuff(although letting them hang out to dry is great for regular diaper rash for sure). Just wanted to mention that in case its a possibility. Do not worry though, it was harmless and easily fixed :) Just wanted to present another possibility. Here is one link I found that mentions it :


For my son it took lots of air time, Lansinoh cream (which was just an experiment on my part, but it worked) and switching diapers. We had been using Pampers, but someone had given us a case of those god-awful white cloud diapers from Wal-Mart. We decided to use those up, and ended up hating ourselves for it.


Assneck?? ASSNECK??? Thrush? My god, I knew there was a lot I didn't know about babies,

I'm still wondering what a 'circ site' is, from a few posts ago.

He's so big, it's crazy!

Don't fit into the old jeans too soon. Some of us haven't even had kids and have jeans issues. Just sayin'.


I'm sure you have plenty of recommendations, but here is another one for the rash. Our Dr. recommended Dr. Smiths Diaper Ointment. My kiddo's diaper rash was usually gone the next day.


although it's been said many times, many ways...




and beautiful.

Heather B.

Really, all I want are Noah pictures, so thanks for that! Especially that last one.

Glad to hear that baby time is going well. If it helps, my parents had a hellish time with me and now I'm 21 and perfectly fine and healthy.

And just no, matte lipstick. Please don't do it, I beg of you.

Hot Wife

I am not reading all 83 comments to see if someone already told you this but:
1) It took 40 weeks to put on the weight so don't expect it to come off in two weeks (give yourself a break although I know it is super frustrating).
2) The only thing that worked for my kids diaper rash was Aquaphor ointment. You can buy a big tub of it at Target for about $16.00


I totally agree on the liquid Mylanta ... instant pain relief for baby's poor tushie. Rather than pat it on with a cotton ball or whatever (because even the slightest touching of any diaper-rashed area huuurrrrt!), I used to put some in the bottle cap and just pour it onto the bum (the baby's bum! not that the baby was a bum!). Sounds strange, I know, but it worked great.
And I love those pictures, what a doll.


Awww, what a cutie.
I'm glad things are improving, I hope Noah's stubborn rash goes away! Poor baby. Speaking of, how's little Ceiba doing? I know that when you have a kid the dog is automatically pushed down the priority list, but I had to ask. :)


Long time reader delurking to say: I heart you, am addicted to your blog (yes, I'm an amalaholic), and that pictures of Noah put a big smile on my face. He is beyond adorable.


From one Liz to another, a "circ site" is the circumcision site. Although, since I had 2 girls, I can't get into any more details than that.

the kim half of glamorouse

I'm guessing this is an Australian product, but am sure there is a US equivalent somewhere. It's called Lucas Paw Paw Ointment - I'm telling you, this stuff is miracle cream. Felix had such bad nappy rash it would bleed. Delightful. But God bless the paw paw cream. It even smells kinda good. I was a bit obsessed and would layer it on, like a cm thick, and then put zinc cream over the top - worked a treat. If I could paste in a pic of it I would - it comes in a red jar w/ black writing. I'll even post you a jar if you can't get any in the States.

For what its worth, I'm now drinking PINTS of raspberry leaf tea (w/ two tea bags in at a time) to try and get this kid to come out. The lovin' thing isn't working and even Chef is feeling the pressure. And chilli, its doing to my gut what I want it to do to the child - evacuate!


I have to throw in another vote for Aquafor and A&D.

He's the cutest baby evah! Congratulations again.


So I have five really awesome kids and the oldest is 16 and the youngest is 4 I discovered Dyprotex when the oldest was a baby, and then was dumb enough to try other products when, why? That one worked like a charm and never ever failed, even when they had a blistering, bleeding type of rash, gone by the next diaper change, NO JOKE! but still, I would try the "others" and end up at Walgreens to buy Dyprotex. It is totally the best, I swear! It's really cool stuff that is super easy to deal with, it's packaged in little individual containers with a handy applicator so your hands don't get anything on them at all! However, if he has a yeast, ie, thrush type of rash, I did always get the nystatin from the doc and also the Dyprotex. I could be wrong, although I totally doubt it, but I don't think you are suppose to use that anti fungal type cream of any kind more than once or twice daily because it breaks down the fragile little thin skin. Hope this helps! Here is a link for you to see the Dyprotex, but it is totally available at Walgreens, I have never found it at any other store. Whew! Long winded, Sorry!


If you're two sizes up from your regular size you are gonna be back in your sexy jeans in no time.
When I worked in a retail pharmacy we made a "Special Diaper Cream" or "butt balm" as we called it. It was half nystatin and half hyrocortisone 1% cream (not ointment). You could substitute the nystatin with clotrimazole and make it at home. That and a lot of air may help.
And . . . you may as well look at your baby's cute bootie while you can. He be asking for the car keys before you can blink an eye!


I would try Gold Bond Medicated Powder on his bum. It's great for chaffing on grown-ups and I think that they even make a baby version.

Real Girl

1. Awwwww as usual. Great pics. Awwwy awwyness.

2. Since this is my area of expertise, I'll attack the lip gloss problem. You can very easily get away with a less shiny gloss or a more potent color under the lipgloss for fall. Also--and this is my fave solution--you could go with a lip balm/lip tint. My can't-live-without one is Aveda Lip Tint (also SPF 15). But Burt's Bees also has a line of less sparkly ones. The only thing is that the Burt's ones are inconsistent. "Nutmeg," for instance, is a sheer, bricky color. "Coffee" is so deep and rich, however, that it needs to be dabbed on. But when it is...oh, the loveliness. A mixture of Aveda lip tint in "Spice" with the Burt's Bees "Coffee" dotted over it is super super lovely.

3. So I was reading InStyle (on a plane...I checked first and there were no Brit Brit pics) that Denise Richards uses "Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring gel" on her stomach after pregnancy. Not that I'm convinced this is the reason she was able to pose in Playboy five months after giving birth...but it might make you feel better about the (I'm sure it's teeny) pooch?

Wow. Fingers tired.


He is such a stunner. Absolutely gorgeous. You're making my ovaries hurt.


Hey there. Aquaphor definatly does it. Basically its putting a thick coating on so the pee doesn't irritate his little bottom. If you are brave enough, and its not freezing , have him go diaperless for a while. its not like he'll make too big of a mess since he's not mobile. Of course given how boys arc that pee, you might want him on his tummy but then being a new mom and the sids thing, you might not, but I promise, if you are right there next to him and ou are wide awake watching, you can put him on his tummy. When you give him a bath, try some baking soda in the water. And again, you guys are doing GREAT!


I see many advocates of Lotriman cream, and certainly they are on the right path for a yeast rash, but if you want something that is made a bit gentler than Lotramin, try Monistat cream. Yes, the same stuff you use when you have a vaginal yeast infection. It works just like Lotriman, but has an ingredient that makes it less irratating than Lotriman. He is gorgeous. I was the mother of a 10lb 4 oz boy and a 9lb 11oz boy, born by planned c-section, two weeks early. Lord knows what he would have weighed had I gone to term! They are both over 6 ft and 18 and 20 now. Enjoy Noah.


For what it's worth - have a peek...


Not reading through all of the comments but here are my recommendations for Noah's tush:



maalox (really!)

Good Luck!

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