Wednesday Advice Smackdown
Six Weeks



switch feet?


That's a special kind of hell.

Real Girl

I'm laughing with you. Really, I am.


hmm... perhaps you can think of it as your workout for the day.


And no batteries can be scavenged from anywhere? I mean, really, do *all* the smoke detectors have to be working all at once? :)


Tie a long string to baby swing. Sit on your couch with TV tuned to the Food Network. Pull on string periodically.

This is how I learned to cook.


I would be knocking on doors and asking to borrow a cup of batteries.


Oh. I feel the pain.

*goes hunting for batteries*

Smile Noah. Smile :)

Heather B.

Dude, get yourself some batteries. Maybe he won't notice if you stop. But I'm asking you so very nicely, please get more batteries.


Yes, go raid the smoke detector! Can you page Super Husband? Surely this would qualify as an emergency...


That happened to me exactly once with my colicky baby. You can bet your sweet ass that after that we had approximately 4,392 D batteries on hand at ALL TIMES. In fact, he's nearly 6 and I'm pretty sure I still have some of those batteries in the fridge.


Costco is your friend.......My battery drawer is better stocked than my wine rack now. SOB.

I had to laugh at Wed. pics by the way. we have the very same swing AND the same Lamaze toy. I did a double take at first!


Maybe tie some sheets together to hang down from your loft and then put swing him in there? I mean, that's totally responsible parenting isn't it?

Amanda Cowan

I agree with the previous poster.. HIT Costco! I've been there.. That swing is a lifesaver and your biggest enemy..AT THE SAME TIME. And when I bought it I, it's a swing.. Oh but it's so much more...

Modern Day Hermit

I wish my boy liked the swing, he hates it. Although, he's developing a fetish his binky that gives me a bit more of a break, thank goodness.


What did we ever do without swings and vibrating bouncy chairs and floor gyms and Baby Einstein? Moms in the olden times must have been driven crazy early on.


I think the moms in the olden days would just sit the kid out in the yard and let the chickens entertain him. ;)


At least your boy still likes his swing. Princess Poopy, at four months, has decided it's on par with being tortured and screams when I put her in it. This is the same goshdarn swing that she loooovvvvvveddddd just 2 weeks ago. Glad we got it for $5 at a yard sale and didn't spend the big bucks on it, or I'd really be ticked!


hurry! send jason for batteries pronto. then the world will be right again. ;)


This is when I would call my husband at work and inform him that he HAD to come home early, there was an emergency, and oh yea, on the way home can you please buy some batteries?


Ahhhhh, the batteries for the swing. I bought D batteries by the truckload because without the swing (which my daughter would nap in, happily for 3 hours at a stretch) life would not have been worth living.

I agree...this qualifies as an emergency and Jason should go and get them and bring them to you *IMMEDIATELY*.



I called Jason.

Requested batteries.

Was reminded that that the swing batteries are RECHARGABLE.



Too funny!

Don't worry, honey. Just about when your brain starts thinking like it did pre-pregnancy, you will get the wild hair to have a sibling for Noah. You have officially entered the Mom Zone. Welcom. Er, Wellcom. No, wait, Weelcom. do you spell it again?


In the "olden" days these swings had manual wind up cranks that lasted a good 10 or 15 minutes before you had to go over and wind them up again. Amazing what you can do in 10 minutes.


LOL at "olden days" swings - I totally remember sneaking up on my baby brother who would be quietly playing or napping in the swing and giving that thing a big crank. Made him jump every time! Ahh, good times. No wonder he turned out the way he is...


exactly! just when your brain starts to work again... POW! the "iwannanotherone" homones kick in and whack everything out again. worry not about the thinking. useless. That's what going back to work is for. That's why I don't work. ;-)

We try to keep two sets of batteries. One for the sound machine (we're post swing age, here) - one for the charger. but you've probably already thought of that.


Keep on swinging mama. Bwahahahahahaaaa.


rechargable batteries are DA BOMB, we had two sets so one was in the charger ready to go at ALL TIMES.

Big Gay Sam

Tie Ceiba up to the swing and throw a ball back and forth or just put her food and water on opposite sides of the room. voila! ze problem, she is solved!


Re: Olden days hand-crank swings: Daughter #2 would fall asleep in her swing by the time it slowed down. Daughter #1, wanting to be a good mother's helper, would walk over to the swing and start to crank it up. The gr-r-r-r-r cranking sound would startle Daughter #2, waking her up, usually howling....until the swinging lulled her asleep, and then the swing would slow down, and then.....

Good times.


You know, you thought to put him in the swing. You should get bonus points for that. In several of my sleep-deprived moments my arms would almost be falling off from rocking one of my girls, because I wouldn't think to use the damn swing.


Been there, done that! And those swings eat through batteries like they are chocolate!


Oh yes...I remember the ones for the bouncy seat quitting. Immediately had to borrow some. Then we got rechargeable ones, with about 3 sets of each size, so some were always ready to go....which I see you do have. But the wait for them to charge is FOREVER. Even quick charge isn't fast enough when your child wants the swing, and now, not later.

You're doing great though. Somewhere between pregnancy & birth you lose atleast 1/4 of the sense you used to have. Seriously. Then after they're born, well, your mind is just shot. Forget ever remembering really important things, b/c the world really does revolve around the child, and no one else seems to realize that.


Why on earth they haven't made those things with an AC Adapter yet is beyond me!!! I guess Duracell has a tight market with baby toys...

Once I found directions for rigging the swing to be able to plug it into the wall. Maybe you could try googling for it?

Or not.....


Don't worry, it'll be fine, soon it will all be so automatic that you will find yourself pushing the cart back and forwards in line at the supermarket, even when your kid is 20 and left home already.


It's the end of the world as we know it..

D double E

Love this blog. And you better get new batteries ASAP. For awhile, the swing was all we had. I just packed up our old swing and put it in the attic, as our youngest is turning 3 this weekend.

There is a pony coming to our MD home for her princess party.

We are so fucked.



That blows. I bought a huge package of D batteries from Sam's Club shortly after my son Dylan was born, out of fear that we would need to replace them constantly, and now I feel like a fool because we've only used 4 of them in the last 6 months. And now Dylan hates his swing.

So I have extras--does FedEx offer instantaneous delivery? I could send you some.


Here is a million dollar idea, a baby swing with an electrical plug rather than batteries. That way it never dies, and you could even get enough power going to swing a baby that weighs more than 20 pounds. One bad thing about having a big baby (which I know from experience) is they out grow the baby swing way too fast.


This is just the kind of thing that leads to such mom devices as the "grocery list" and "odd hoardings". I ran out of vanilla once, and now have enough for a small country to make cookies every day for a year; I bet you'll have enough batteries to power a small nation for days after your next shopping trip.


Wait until the batteries in the things that make music start to fail. There is nothing creepier than "Old Macdonald" at about 1/4 speed. It all sounds like it's coming from underwater.

Not cool.


The remote control has batteries! But then, you'd have to get up to change the channels, huh?

My first was addicted to the vibrating bouncy chair. We had a stock of C batteries that we're just now coming to the end of (he's 6).

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