In Which Photos Redeem Another Crappy Entry

Wednesday Advice Smackdown


For the bazillion new readers who have joined us via The Washingtonian, or who are Just Here For The Baby Pictures, here's a little background:

Once upon a time I felt like being bossy and told my friends to invent fake questions that I would make up fake advice for on Wednesdays. Then people started sending in real questions. So I tried to start giving real advice, with dubious results. You can read every past Smackdown and/or Smackdownish entry by clicking here.

Translation: I am not very good at this and probably don't know what I'm talking about most of the time.

Passive-Aggressive Translation: Because I openly admit that, you are not allowed to tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about in the comments section. I may be full of shit, but it's uppity shit and I don't want to hear about it.

Today the Smackdown returns to its old school roots when I used to bang out questions one at a time throughout the whole day when I had free time at work. Now I will post questions whenever Noah is asleep or otherwise entertained.

(Don't get your hopes up, because yesterday? He did not nap but AT ALL and was a howling, cranky little turd all day long. We'll see if today is better.)

(It actually already kind of is, because Jason took the day off work and brought me breakfast in bed AND took the baby away so I could actually eat it.)

(No, you can't have him. He is all mine.)

Dear lovely, very pregnant Amalah, (Edited to add: HA! Obviously, the Smackdown is not known for its timeliness.)

I'm a 29 year old woman (from the Netherlands/Holland, where they speak and write Dutch, wear wooden shoes, abuse drugs and are allowed to, perform euthanasia and are allowed to so i have many excuses for lots of typos) with a problem. I've been regularly reading your site, and some other blogs that i like as well, for over a year now. I'm not pregnant and i'm not planning on becoming pregnant in the near future, but suddenly you got pregnant. And i liked it. I was happy for you. I thought about the nice post this would bring on and stuff. Baby talk etc. Then, in March at a party at our place, one couple announced that they were pregnant coming in. When the second befriended couple entered, they joined the cheering because well.. it was a little early to tell, but she also missed her last period. AND THEN? When the third couple walked onto our front porch? Couple number 1 commented on how nice it would be if they were pregnant too. And well... of course... they were. There me and my boyfriend stood, very not screaming, very not pregnant, and very alone....

And now? I'm totally freaked out! I'm afraid this pregnancy thing and moreover the baby thing will totally ruin our friendship. We will be left all alone because, we cannot relate to them now and in a few years.. when we are screaming our heads off (as that is what pregnant mums do)... their children will have reached another "phase" and in my imagination i will be left with good advise about what they did when they were pregnant.. long.. long ago.. What should i do? Should we try to get pregnant also because we can share common interest and problems in ehm... breast feeding, not eating.. diaper changes.

Should i forget about the whole pregnancy thing in the future because well.. i'm to late to connect with my friends over this.. OR? Please very cute (and beautiful) pregnant woman, can you tell me what to do? Have you had similar experiences?

Best wishes...or (this one comes from my translation site) yours sincerely,

"Should we try to get pregnant also because we can share common interest and problems...?" Although props for coming up with a very interesting solution for friendship-saving.

Most of our friends do not have kids. The only pregnant women I knew during my own pregnancy were the ones I knew online. Of our closest circle of friends, we're the first to be steering the conversation to diapers, floppy baby necks and the bazillion and one reasons Why Amy Thinks Breastfeeding Sucks.

We also occasionally shut up about Noah and talk about work, politics, gossip and all the other stuff we talked about in the pre-Noah days, and MY GOD, are we grateful.

While yeah, your friends are all moving on to a new stage in life and it sucks to feel like you're being left behind and to know that your friendships will change (and they will), there is no reason to feel like you will have absolutely nothing in common with them anymore.

They'll need and want breaks from the non-stop pregnancy and baby talk. When I was a bazillion months pregnant, all I wanted was for everybody to stop asking me how I was feeling all the time and instead  talk about whether Tom Cruise was always this insane, or was the switch from bipolar meds to vitamins a recent occurrence.

And now we just want to know we won't piss our friends off if we bring Noah to brunch, or if they'd be okay with watching the football game at our house instead of the sports bar, or if they'd possibly be okay with babysitting so we could go see a movie. And for our real best friends? None of the above are a problem.

So while you certainly have to appreciate the major life change your friends are going through, they'll appreciate someone who lets them be the person they were pre-baby and ISN'T totally hung up on all the ways they've changed.

And if they don't, and they become one of those asshole couples who is All Baby, All the Time, and Oh My God, We Can't Go Anywhere With the Baby and What About the Baby and Let's All Talk About the Baby Some More -- well, I hate those couples and you have my blessing to dump them and find some new friends.

Oh, and when you DO decide to get pregnant, they will have all kinds of awesome hand-me-down maternity clothes for you. And tons of advice, because as I have learned, women NEVER EVER GET TIRED OF GIVING ADVICE TO PREGNANT WOMEN, ESPECIALLY IF IT INVOLVES A TERRIFYING STORY OF EPISOTOMIES AND 49 HOURS OF LABOR.

More questions to come, but now I must go change a poopy diaper. Because I am All Poop, All the Time.

Oh Great and Wonderful Amalah!

Do you clean your make-up brushes? I never have but I hear I'm supposed to. Oops!

If you do clean them, how do you do it?

I have a 4 year old son and all he wants to do is paint watercolors with them.

See what you have to look forward to.


Yes, you should clean your make-up brushes.

No, I am not very good about cleaning my make-up brushes.

Except for my precioussss foundation brush. That one I wash out everyday with a little warm soapy water (and I just use whatever pump hand soap we have in the bathroom). Once a week (or whenever I notice my foundation not going on as smoothly as it should), I wash it out with my Clinque make-up remover wash stuff.

I'm also pretty good about cleaning my little lipstick brush, since like the foundation brush, it's getting dipped in wet, goopy substances everyday.

(My NARS lip lacquer is my compromise for the whole "matte lipstick is back for fall" shit that Vogue and Sephora are pulling, by the way. It's a glossy color, but heavier on the color and lighter on the gloss, if that makes any damn sense. My point is: I am not drinking the matte lipstick Kool-Aid quite yet, because after five years of buying lipgloss I have finally found the perfect products and colors and unless Vogue personally sends me hundreds of dollars to begin the Great Color Search all over again, they can kiss my glossy ass.)

As for my other brushes, I'm a little less careful -- they just get dipped in the same neutral powders everyday and the wear and tear is minimal. You SHOULD wash them out occasionally because it will extend the life of your brush and keep your colors truer (i.e. less tinged with every other shade of eyeshadow you've ever dipped the brush in).

I'm sure there's also a bacteria concern in there somewhere. Eh.

Anyway, use warm soapy water on synthetic bristled brushes and shampoo on natural bristled brushes. For stubborn make-up like foundation or eyeliner, use make-up remover. Let the brushes air dry before putting them back in your make-up case or bag.

More questions to come, but right now I must go put on some damn make-up myself, because it feels wrong to do an Advice Smackdown while looking like warmed-over ass.

Dear Mama Amy,

I moved from my hometown a year and a half ago for a job.  Since then I've been included on my parents' invitation for every family event.  Fine, whatever.  But my YOUNGER sister, who got married a couple months after I moved, gets an invitation at her home.

To get to the point, my younger cousin's baby shower is coming up.  Again, I was included on my mom's invitation.  I would like to give her a gift, because AW! A Baby! and it's a surprise shower so it's not her fault I didn't get my own invitation, but I want to receive the thank you note at my house, and I'd appreciate it if my family would start sending me my own invitation.  Would it be uncouth to include my address in the card?  My mother says I don't get my own invitation because they don't have my address but it wouldn't be that hard to get a hold of it.


Annnnndddd this is exactly why you should always, always send out those "change of address" announcements whenever you move.

Although those aren't failproof either, because people are really lazy and never, ever remember to erase your old address from their address book and then when they have to mail, say, some hypothetical birth announcements for their baby boy, they realize that everybody has moved and every address in their book is old and they may send the announcements anyway and then the announcements all come back a week later and this completely hypothetical new mom person then spends the next week emailing everybody like a moron to ask for their new addresses and no, this totally did not happen to me.

Anyway, it is not uncooth at all to include your address with your card and gift. I mean, one should ALWAYS include one's return address on the envelope or package. And the recipient should always use that address when sending a thank-you note.

But if you think the recipient may continue to be a lazy clueless person and send the thank-you to your parents, it certainly wouldn't hurt to include a little note that says, "By the way, I'm not sure I sent you my new address! Here it is!" This completely overlooks the fact that your "new" address is a year and a half old, but if these people are fine with using your parents as some kind of middleman mail delivery service, I'm sure they won't give it a second thought.

And take the hint your mom was trying to give you. These people don't have your address and are not going to pick up the phone and ask for it. But this is an easily fixable problem.

If the whole lumping you-with-your-parents thing is bothering you, then get proactive and send out some belated change-of-address cards. Or any kind of card. Or a phone call to say, "Hey, my mother said you don't have my address! Got a pen?"

Only after you've actually GIVEN these people your address do you earn the right to complain when your mail gets sent elsewhere.

More questions to come, but right now I must go mail some birth announcements for the second time. Hypothetically.

Hi to a wonderful & wise Amalah who loves Coach...

I recently splurged on a Coach Soho black leather small hobo as my "I'm in grad school and up to my eyeballs in debt but I am damn well going to have a nice bag" statement. I went on Ebay a few days later and managed to win an auction for the sold out limited edition light green optic signature hobo with ladybug appliques that I have been longing for since it came out. Now I have two hobos. Is that redundant? Should I exchange my beautiful classic black bag for another shape? Please advise me...I'm very much on the fence as I love the shape but am wondering if I will feel dumb in a year for spending so much on two almost identical bags...

Coach loving site lurker


The hobo is classic. And black leather vs. green optic signature? Could not be more different.

The way I see it, your real dilemma will surface next year when you fall in love with yet another hobo bag in a completely different color/fabric/leather option.

So I'll solve that one for you too. I have three hobos. You can totally buy another one and still not feel dumb about it.

More questions to come, but right now I must go tell each and every Coach bag I own how much I love it. This could take awhile.

Dear Amalah,

Hi. I am writing to inquire about what type of dress would look good on my body type. I am very small-chested and need a flattering dress for a school dance. I have no idea what to look for or buy. I just want something that will look fashionable and flatter me well.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

I'm flat chested too. (Or I was, in my pre-breastfeeding days.) (Although I could probably count the minutes at this point until I will be flat chested once again.) And I am going to tell you the honest-to-God truth, and I want you to believe me, even though it took the better part of a decade and a fortune in push-up bras for me to believe this truth myself: flat-chested girls can wear anything they want. It's the big-chested girls who have the problems.

Seriously, we can wear all the styles that make wearing a bra impossible. We can get away with tiny spaghetti straps and plunging halters and backless little numbers.

Now that I have substantial boobs and need to wear a bra all the time (and oh my God, I have to wear a bra TO BED or else I'm in terrible pain and when I'm in the shower I'm dreaming of getting out just so I can put my bra back on), I am more convinced than ever that small boobs are the way to go. for small boobs and all that. And my favorite personal styles are halter tops, which always seem to create the illusion of more boobs than actually exist, and strapless, only because I was convinced for YEARS that small-chested girls couldn't wear strapless dresses, but now I know that WE CAN and WE LOOK FABULOUS IN THEM.

Provided we have a decent padded strapless bra and possibly a good tailor to run an inch or two off the bodice so we don't spend the entire evening yanking up our dress, of course.

More questions to come, maybe, but right now I have to throw a tantrum, because I just realized that my gorgeous Thomas Pink shirt will not button over my magnificent, voluptuous cleavage.

I am delurking because you seem like a big enough rockstar/fashionista to answer my question. What is your opinion on belts?

Okay, maybe that was too large of a question because where do you even begin. So I will begin to explain my body type and then end by asking for your help. I am 5' and no longer have that nice toned belly...more like a non-pregnant bulge that doesn't want to be emphasized by a leather belt. In addition, I am so short that there is less than 1 inch between my rib cage and my hips; not necessarily flattering with a belt. With a shirt tucked in I swear I could pass for a short Ed Grimley/Steve Urkel. I recently entered the professional world and feel really dorky around my ultra cool and thin coworkers. How is it they can pull off belts without appearing to be fat asses?!?! Do I have to wear a belt ever? If so, when and what is appropriate?

Thanks so very, very much.
Bumpy Belly Bertha

Okay, let's attack the many layers of this question one at a time...

First, my overarching opinion on belts: God, I miss them. I just this week managed to get a belt on and buckled and okay, it was a belt that used to go with my super-low-rise jeans and now goes more around my waist and YES, it was on the very, very last hole but the point is THAT I GOT A BELT ON FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MARCH. GOLF CLAPS FOR AMY.

Now, I'm sure there are Set In Stone rules regarding when one must wear a belt and what sort of belt is appropriate with what and blah blah blah, but here's my pared down rule: if your belt loops are visible, you should be wearing a belt. Double bonus mandatory belt points if your shirt is tucked in. Triple bonus mandatory belt points if your shirt and pants are business-y.

And of course, you should wear a belt if your damn pants will fall down without one.

(That one should be obvious, but you know, some people are dumb.)

So what to do if your body shape is not conducive to belts? Well, I see three options:

1) Buy pants without belt loops. This is easier for slacks and business-wear than jeans and casual pants, but it can be done.

2) Buy Alternative Belts. Sashes, scarves, old men's ties, ribbon and chain belts will give you the right look of having SOMETHING in the belt loops without really cinching you in or drawing tons of attention to your waist. (And yes, you CAN wear fabric tie belts in a professional environment -- I have a couple classic silk scarves from [where else?] Coach and simple velvet ribbon belts that I've worn with dress slacks and suits.)

3) Wear really low-rise pants and wear belts around your hips instead of your waist. Just, um, watch out for the muffin top.

No more questions to come, because I am sleepy and Noah is napping (!) and I'm thinking that napping sounds like a smashing idea right now. Will there be another Advice Smackdown next Wednesday? Who knows! I'm very flaky sometimes. But feel free to send any questions you have to and perhaps someday, somewhere, somehow, I will be awake enough to answer it.


Big Gay Sam

Did you get up at the butt-crack of dawn to post this? Now that's dedication. :P


Yeah welcome back to smackdown! I hope there are questions about lipgloss and the new matte trend coming soon!


Yay for the return of the Smackdown. And since I'm bored at work today because of a lack of actual work to do, Yay for random updates througout the day, and thank you for being my cure for boredom!

RockStar Mommy

Can I tell you how excited I am that I got a link on today's entry? That's like getting free air-time during the Superbowl. Maybe I'll try playing the lottery today....

For Joke!

Yay for Dutch people! I am living in Amsterdam too! Aaaannnd... one of the girls I thought would be a Potential Friend (cuz I don't know anyone here) just announced that she is pregnant! So I kind of felt like the Friendship That Never Was is already off to a rocky start. Maybe getting pregnant is a Dutch thing? Just kidding!

Amy Weiser

Thank you so much for linking back to old smackdowns. I was able to go straight to the links I like and order away. You rock. Thanks for the recommendation to Real Girl Beauty, also. She rocks, too. I love having all these new blogs to read. So glad I found you, Amy.


All hail the Queen for the Return of the only thing that is cool about Wednsdays!

ROCK ON sista!


The Smackdown is back! Let us all rejoice!


love you amamlah. funny and so on the money.


Never have a baby because a friend is having a baby. It Gar-an-tees that you get the most difficult bas ass child of all time.

Just for trying to be "cute"

Sarah King

Welcome back Smackdown and some of the pre-baby Amalah!


Dear Amalah,

Though you are obviously very mature and smart and pretty, I feel that maybe you are giving women (especially baby crazy women) a tad much on the credit side.

Now, being a female myself, I hate to say such a thing, but there are bajillions of women out there -many of which I am related to- that are unable to have conversations about anything else. And so, friendships (after of course trying your ass off to listen to the same story in the same baby voice for weeks, possibly months on end) with new mothers can quite easily and most often will dwindle.

You have encouraged me with your advice, albeit generous to the easily distracted people (maybe it's just up here in Canada, eh?) as my best friend had her pills "removed" the day after her wedding this summer (gritting my teeth as I type) and I am preparing for the announcements that are sure to come any day now.

P.S. I have been reading your site for a month, maybe two. My boyfriend (also Jason) now rolls his eyes whenever your name comes up. Sad, but I love you and you are all I talk about apparently.


Hooray for the return of smackdown! Awesome stuff.


Yeah for the Smackdown! And wonderful, wonderful advice.


So happy about the return of the Smoackdown! Wooooo!

Fraulein N

Woo for the return of the Smackdown! Sage advice, as always.

suzanna danna

Matte lip color? Are they serious? We will all look like that blinky shorthaired woman (Maria?) from The Apprentice a few seasons ago.


Oh Queen Amalah...I am so in love with the advice smackdown. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing it back.

And thanks (in advance) to Noah for taking many naps today.

Real Girl

May I throw in 2 cents about make-up brush cleaning? Theoretically you should wash foundation/concealer brushes every day and other brushes somewhat often because, yes, there are bacteria issues--the kind that cause break outs if you're prone to them.

Brushes should generally be cleansed with your own facial cleanser because this is a foolproof way to ensure that your skin won't be irritated. Many specialty brush cleaners have alcohol or other irritants, and as for shampoo, I've never heard that one before--do you find that your skin is just fine and unirritated? (Not a critique!!! Just curious.)

Heather B.

I must agree on the Nars lip laquer, I found it the other week at sephor and it's an excellent compromise. Also, some people just don't look good in matte lipstick (including myself). I'm so ready to avoid that trend.


I've never really been a lipstick person, so I have issues with the matte thing! Because my lips are so colorful I already get comments that I'm wearing too much lipstick. I guess I could use lipstick to tone DOWN the colour, but I LIKE it, gosh darn it. Urgh!


Does anyone wear matte lipstick anymore? I think I perfer the more natural, fun, I-am-an-ordinary-person-with-extra-ordinary-lips-who-always-looks-this-good-with-no-effort look of glosses. Maybe thats just me?! Yeah smackdown!


More about makeup brushes: If yours are natural hair brushes, you can also try the original Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo:

Has kept mine clean, glowing, and true to form for over five years. My hair, that's another story...Damn pregnancy!


Random tidbit: Indianapolis just opened a Sephora in its "Fashion Mall" a week or two ago, and I only know about its coolness because of you. One day I will go and experience The Greatness Of It All.


Yay for the return of the Smackdown! And boo to the return of matte lipstick!


What is Sephora?
Why do you think there is no Sephora in my city? Am I REALLY missing out? Like, do I absolutely need to take a trip to the U.S. to get these products?

Please don't judge. Really there's like a million people in my city. But no Sephoras.


Welcome back, smacking down Amalah!

Matte lipstick, ugh. Give me gloss.

The upside to having none of your pre-nursing shirts fit over the udders is that weaning makes you feel like you got a whole new wardrobe. Even though many of my shirts could fit over my nursing chest, the style of many outfits (especially work clothes) was not conducive to nursing or pumping. So, when Noah decides to drink from a bottle full time, you can go shopping in your own closet!


I'm loving the rolling Advice Smackdown... more posting! yay!

And yes, small boobs are far more flattering with clothing. Because I have big boobs, and well, just trust me. One ex told me I was always thinner than he thought because I had to buy big shirts to deal with the boobs and that created extra fabric in the waist (proportionally MUCH smaller than the boobs) and what !$%$!? He just said I looked fat most of the time.


Aaaaand any time a busty gal wears those cute little tops she quite often looks trampy. I know. I can make a plain white t-shirt and jeans look slutty. But when I'm lactating... oh brother, we leave behind all adjectives except for "absurd"


YAY for the smackdown return! Just wondering if you had seen this:


Ok, this is the last time that i'm going to post today...i love coach purses as much as the next person (well maybe less cause i have a rather limited budget), but check out this beauty. I want it in green - cry, sob!


Huzzah for the belt rules!
Nothing chaps my ass more than jeans without a belt.
All hail Amalah, seeking to solve my biggest pet peeve. Much love.


Two things:

On cleaning makeup brushes...I had wonderful results after a horrible incident where my entire bottle of Body Shop Chamomile eye-makeup remover spilled in my travel makeup bag drenching every single brush I had. They were as clean as new!

On a fellow goddess of all things Coach, a) one can never have too many bags (hobo or otherwise) and b)little known Coach fact: they will customize your bag for you at no additional cost (and will FedEx it to you). So, say for example you're at the Coach store and you see the perfect little bag but the buckle is in brass and you want it in nickle. Just tell the cute little salesgirl (it helps to act a bit pathetic) that this would be the *perfect* bag...if it just had a different color buckle. Pay for your bag and poof, about three days later the cute FedEx guy will bring you your new purse!


As a small-chested woman, I can also recommend for my sister-in-boobs up there that she try something with a cowl neckline. Shows off collarbones and gives the illusion of a little more boobage (not cleavage, just boobage). I went this route for my recent wedding dress and loved loved loved it.

Amalah rules all-ah.


amalah, it's true. harmony has been restored to the universe now that our regular wednesday reading is back. smack on.


Yay, i love the Wednesday Advice Smackdown!!! Welcome back


Did your Coach bags appreciate all the love you bestowed on them?


I am a pretty new reader so this is all new to me, it is great! I hope you are in the mood to do it next week. Muffin top, lol, hilarious!


And I thought I was a product whore. You make me feel like a Quaker. :) Love the column...

Real Girl

Hi Belty Girl! Do you tuck your shirt in a lot? Because it sounds from your body shape that a non-tucked in businessy shirt would be more flattering (and non-belt needing). If you do want to do a "cool" belt deal, you're in luck that big, waist-cinching belts are in for fall. I just got this belt that I'm loving that's tight and black and wide and it fits tightly around my waist--I'm a shorty too (5'3"), and sometimes a waist belt, contrary to popular opinion, can make your waist look smaller. As to low-rise hipster belts? If I'm picturing your figure correctly, it might just rest under your pooch and show it off more.

But don't think your coworkers are cooler than you! I mean...are they reading

Nuff said.


Wow, you were soooo productive today. And might I say yay for lip gloss!

Down with Matte. Oh and down with Coulots and knee high boots. Seriously, who comes up with this shit? If I ever wore that kind of get-up to the office I would be laughed out of town (and yes I do work with a bunch of Engineers and what would they know since this is the Army and they are all men, but girlfriend needs to get some every now and then and it isn't happening with the coulots)

I read a warning about an exhibit at the local civic center that warned to wear tennis shoes because "here, fashion stops at the knees." At my office, fashion stops at the neck.


Okay, completely unrelated to this entry: just goin' through yer Aruba photos (not sure how I ended up there, but okay) and decide that you look like a blond Mary Louise Parker, whom I love and adore and miss on "The West Wing" (which I am still watching because it *is* getting better again, I swear). That is cool. The end.


Me love you long time Amalah! So happy that the Smackdown is back!


I've moved on to the entries with fotos of your office(s) which are Funny. I will stop taking up valuable comments space now. Except to say that I also heart the gingerbread lattes so much and think I'll get one tomorrow on the way to work. Yay!

Been there

For the woman who just wants her own card:

I am with you. Except that I moved out 11
YEARS AGO!!!!!!! And for some of that time I
lived 10 hours away from my mother, in another
state. Now I live 30 minutes from her (and have
never even lived in her current house) and
I OWN A HOUSE but I don't qualify for my own
mail. Until last year I was still on her
Christmas cards even.

I honestly think it's partly related to being
a single female. Somehow it is still not
a fully recognized breed. It amazes me the
number of people who are surprised I own a
house. Why not? I got a great deal, I'm
a professional and can afford it, and
if I were married nobody would question it.

I am thinking about sending myself Christmas
cards this year just so the mail people won't
think I'm pathetic.


You are right about the small-chested girls being able to wear what they want. My sister in law, whose bras are peanut shells held on by a rubber band, can buy a shirt off the rack and wear it. I, on the other hand, whose bras look like the cone-thingies Madonna wore on her Blonde Ambition tour, have to try every flippin' shirt on to make sure there's room for the girls in there. And since I have been pregnant and nursing? Holy. Cow. and I mean literally. I.Am.A.Holy.Cow.



HATE the muffin top. HAAAAATE.

Glad you're coping with motherhood/breastfeeding/smackdowning! Cheers to you!

Lt. Woman

I zapped over here from Dave's blog, and I keep coming back.
I'm totally with you on the gloss thing. After all that combining and blending and so on, no way am I buying a whole new bunch of matte lipsticks. I actually still own a couple, but I only use them under certain glosses for the whole blending effect, never on its own. Depth of colour or something like that.

Oh.. and I am totally jealous of small-breasted women. If I was brave enough, I'd have a reduction tomorrow. The whole side-effects thing scares me, though. These are MY BOOBS! What if something goes wrong?

Aaaaahhh.. never mind. My meds will kick in soon and all will be well again.


Man, am I glad these are back. Hilarious, Amalah. Well done.


Big boobs are the worst. I know this from experience. Anything I wear makes me look like a total slut because these puppies are just too dang big to fit into anything. Button-down shirts? Impossible. Stretchy cotton t-shirts? Them neither. At this rate I'll be wearing cotton dressing gowns like my grandma by the time I'm 30.


Just want to brag that I now have a Coach outlet less than 5 miles from my home! I'm broke but happy!!!!


Hilarious! Thanks for the return of the advice! I especially like the one about flat-chested women looking for flattering clothes. I've been flat-chested all my life and now that I'm 24 week pregnant, I've barely outgrown my A cup bra!!


I am in agreement on the whole boob issue! My best friend had a reduction in Jan and is loving it. I, on the other hand, can still barely find bras or shirts that fit properly. I mean which idiot decided that a woman wearing a 38DD (or bigger) bra needed said bra to be PADDED as well??? Ugh! I am definitely envious of all you ladies out there who can buy the sexy and pretty bras (and tops!) right off the rack.

Glad to see the advice smackdown is back! :)

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