Will One Day Not Stand For This Kind Of Crap Entry

Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Today's Smackdown comes with a warning: The sleep deprivation thing has hit me SO MOTHERFUCKING HARD. Would you like to know how hard?

This hard: Yesterday I decided to go to one of those Reel Moms movie screenings. I decided to see Walk the Line. I decided to see it in Virginia.

Except: I did not correctly read the location of the theater and assumed it was playing at this one mall in Tyson's Corner called the Galleria.

Except: The mall I first went to? Was NOT the Galleria. So I got back in the car and drove to the Galleria.

Except: The Galleria does not even have a movie theater.

After another REALLY CONFUSED phone call to Jason, I asked him to look up the Reel Moms page on Lowe's website and tell me where in hell this fucking theater is, and hurry up, it's pouring down rain. And I may have cursed a little more than that, as I loaded the carseat back in the car and folded up the stroller for literally the FIFTH TIME IN A HALF HOUR.

The theater was not even in a mall. Why did I think it was in a mall? Well, because I was driving to the SUBURBS. All movie theaters are in malls in the suburbs, right? It's like, a zoning thing maybe?

No. Theater was somewhere else. I had two minutes to get there. And as I was making a very wrong and stupid left turn when I needed to go right, my phone rang again.

Jason: You know...Walk the Line isn't even PLAYING at that theater anyway.


Jason: Yeah, it's Yours, Mine & Ours.


Now, Internet. I beg you. Go to this webpage and see how SO TOTALLY NOT COMPLICATED THIS WAS. Theater names, addresses and even a PICTURE of the MOVIE THAT IS PLAYING. Do you see anything about the Tyson's Galleria? Do you even SEE THE WORD GALLERIA ON THAT PAGE?

You do not, because I was hallucinating the whole blessed thing.

Jason: Why didn't you just go to Georgetown? It was definitely playing in Georgetown.

Amy: (wails, is totally lost in the suburbs) I DON'T KNOW. POSSIBLY BECAUSE I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE PARALLEL PARKING.

Next Tuesday: I'm going to Georgetown! Hopefully I won't have to parallel park.

Today: Advice! Which you really shouldn't listen to.

Hi Amalah!

I feel like I know you because I am a frequent reader, and had to get some advice on this.. I am having a baby boy(!) at the end of January, and am plagued with worry that something will happen to him!  (It has been a long and bumpy road to have this baby.)  I bought a crib mattress at a garage sale, and would have been more than happy to use it, until I read a website that said that used mattresses grow fungus which gives off toxic fumes that kill your baby! 

So I gave the mattress away and am in the market for a new one.  I discovered the Halo Active Airflow crib mattress, which is a really high tech mattress (and expensive) to keep your baby alive.  My husband has given in to my paranoia, and has agreed to buy this mattress if we REALLY need it.  What kind of crib mattress did you buy?  Should we give in to the high-tech mattress?


P.S. Although I could talk him into the $200 mattress, I could not talk him into the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.  Ugh, men.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time thinking of something that's a BIGGER waste of money than a super-expensive, high-tech crib mattress. Maybe designer label baby clothes...or that dumb white noise machine thing we bought, but at least that was only $30, and we've had some nice moments freaking each other out with the creepy-sounding "womb" setting.

But seriously, you don't need that mattress.  I fed my SIDS paranoia with the Halo SleepSacks and a sleep positioner, both of which I abandoned after a few weeks, because 1) duh, a nice fleecy set of footie pajamas works just as well, with the added benefit of having ARMS, and 2) Noah never, ever slept in his crib.

Sure, he'd take a catnap in there occasionally, but at night he slept in his Pack N' Play in our room. Which has no mattress to even speak of, and yet he's alive and well.

And then he destroyed my whole anti-Attachment Parenting attitude by sleeping with us, in our bed.

Three fitful hours of sleep in the bassinet vs. six glorious hours curled up with us? What would you do?

And yes, I know all the drawbacks of co-sleeping -- I used to preach them myself -- and I've seen the study linking co-sleeping to SIDs and blah blah blah. We're very careful. And very happy. And very much planning to move him down to his actual crib once he's sleeping through the night.

(His actual crib, by the way, has the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress, along with a really good waterproof mattress pad, and silly expensive bedding, but at least I recognize that the bedding is 100% for my benefit.)

Anyway, my point is: be prepared to adapt in ways you never thought possible. Ways that will probably save you 200 bucks on a gimmicky mattress.

More questions to come, but I have to go put Noah down for an unattended nap in the laundry basket, surrounded by loose blankets washed in undiluted Clorox, with perhaps a dryer sheet to suck on.

OMG! I don't think she's joking! Help!

Dear Amalah,

I have two questions for you, since you know everything.  One is baby related, and one is advice smackdown related.

First, I love the baby blanket you've been photographing Noah on - the blue one with what looks like xoxo crocheted into it.  Is it hand crocheted?  If so, do you happen to know where I can get the pattern?

Second, I am in desperate need of handbag help.  I am a graduate student, with a very limited budget, but I really, really want to get a nice, supple leather handbag.  I can't afford to get a new one every season, so I'd like to get something black, and timeless, and big enough to hold stuff but not a honkin' grandma-size bag.  Oh, and I want it all for under $300.  Can you, in your infinite wisdom, suggest something that fits the bill?

Thank you!

Okay, the beautiful blue blanket: It was a gift from fellow blogger Bethiclaus.  I'm sure she could help you find the pattern, although be patient and gentle, for she is now pregnant.

(And let me use this opportunity to showcase two other handmade knitty/crochety gifts from readers: another lovely little blanket from MamaKaren, and an absolutely delicious little hat and bootie set from Isabel.)

(Isabel is pregnant now too. Coincidence?)

(Watch out, Karen!)


Could you not just EAT HIM?

ANYWAY. On to the purse talk.

I have this one, from Coach, which comes in at just three dollars under your limit, so it counts. Its lovely, soft and classic with just a few touches (the contrast stitching and silver hardware) that make it not totally and completely boring, like this one. Yawn.

But there are so many brands and shapes and just all-around lovely bags out there, and I fully admit my brand loyalty to Coach is irrational and probably sick. Check out and go to their handbags section -- you can select from several categories of bags and then refine your search by color. Ta-da! Lots of choices, without being completely overwhelming and littered with crap bags. Here's a selection of leather bags that come in black.

My favorites? This little satchel by Michael Kors, the Cole Haan Village Hobo, and the Tassel Tote by Dooney & Bourke.

More questions to come, once Noah recovers from the EXTREME BORING BORINGNESS of all the purse talk.

I'm so bored I could drool a little.

Dear Amalah,

My friend Isabel and I have a question for you.  We recently have stumbled across… well, let's just call it "unanswered blog etiquette".   As an experienced blogger, we turn to you for advice.

Isabel recently found a blog of a high school friend of hers.  She thinks its hilarious and will continue to lurk.   Which I totally understand because if I find someone's journal?   I will totally read it.  In secret.    But this is the blog world – in all its weird secret yet public state.    So my comment to Isabel was, she should "out" herself to her friend.  Let her know she found the blog, you know?   But… now I am not so sure anymore.  And neither is Isabel!   

So – what does blogging etiquette say?  What do you say?   When you stumble across the blog of someone you know (especially if you get the feeling they would probably be weirded out if you were reading it) – do you let them know you found them?

Help us!

Joke and Isabel

I would want to know. Of course, with my fool name and photo plastered all over the place, I have to generally assume that people I know are already reading.

A few people from high school and college have contacted me after finding the site, and (so far) I've been thrilled to hear from all of them. One of them even has a blog.

But I'm probably different than a lot of bloggers, since I'm not anonymous. If I was, perhaps it would unnerve me to have high school classmates coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps it would be the reminder I needed that anonymity on the Internet is never guaranteed and that maybe I should be more careful if I really and truly didn't want to be recognized.

If I found the site of someone I knew? I probably would email them and be all, "Hey! Hi! Remember me? I have a website too!"

If it was someone I hated? Well, I might not. I might just lurk and make fun of them, because I'm a bitch. Or I might email them and be all, "Hey! Hi! Remember me? You made my life hell in junior high and now my website gets more hits than yours!"

Because again, am a bitch. And also petty and small.

The proper etiquette is to out yourself. But blog etiquette is, in general, a subjective mess.

If this blogger was actually your friend, then I'd say you should do the right thing and out yourself.

If this is someone who you maybe kind of don't like and maybe get some small enjoyment from reading their pathetic little scribblings, well, it's your karma and you can be a bitch if you want to and will get no judgment from me.

Got a question? Was I mean to you in junior high? [email protected], losers.



Silver lining, at least you didn't stumble into Yours, Mine & Ours....b/c that would've been the real tragedy! Hope you get some sleep soon. If it's any consolation, Noah is beautiful!!


Your captions with Noah's pictures? Always dead on and always make me laugh pretty hard. Sorry for your long day yesterday. I would probably do something like that and am not even sleep deprived. I just don't always pay close attention to details. Drives my husband nuts!


I am so sorry about the movie theater incident, but come on it was OBVIOUSLY their fault. Their website should be more complicated so you have to find the information, instead of just glancing at the screen.

And Noah Umm... don't worry I'm sure she is kidding about the dryer sheet.


hooray for a hybrid blog entry, which is sort of all about noah but sort of about you and general life craziness/hilarity too.

(of course i like all the baby pictures. but i liked the old amalah too.)


I'm almost first to comment! Yeah me. I, too, feel like I know you because I've read so many of your posts.
Noah is looking mighty fine! Good advice too. I am going to make your peanut butter cups for my office, and totally lick the peanut butter!


Thank you for the advice about mattresses. We're also expecting a boy in February, and I was wondering the same thing. I figured I didn't need to be too paranoid, so we've decided to go w/ the Serta too... Good to know I wasn't a "bad mommy" for this decision. :)


I'm with Jessie, love the pics of and corresponding captions you put with Noah. Cracks me up - Noah has a voice! (and I love his expressions!)


Don't worry. Motherhood will make you lose your mind. Plus second guess yourself ALL the time. They should tell you this at the hospital before leaving with the baby. Don't feel bad about yesterday though. Hey, you got dressed & got everything out the door, fully intending to go. That's worth some points IMO.

As for the mattress, you're right...don't bother with the expensive ones. Just like all the other useless baby stuff they say you 'need'.

Amalah, you rock. The photos & captions are hilarious. Atleast Noah will smell like Tide or Downy now while he's napping.


Either Noah is a genius baby who can adapt his expressions to what you are saying, or you write the best captions for pictures EVER. If you're this great now, imagine how good you'll be once you get some decent sleep. I always referred to the first sleepless year with a new baby as "The Black Hole".


ahhhhhhhh, motherhood, the surest, fastest way to becoming a knucklehead.

the one and only time i ran a red light was during that terrible sleep-deprived portion of my son's life. parallel parking--definitely a bad idea.


Hilarious picture caption and dead on about the advice. My daughter has a $700 crib, a $150 mattress and $250 matching sheets. She is 15 months old and the number of time she has ever slept in her crib (naps and nights included): about 11. She still sleeps with us and I am seriously considering converting her unused cutesy room into a home office.


Good advice about the mattress. I never had access to all those fancy doodads for the babies, so I have no idea what they are even! My two babies survived without the hi-tech mattresses. I have never heard of the fungus in used mattresses but I would be leary of a hand-me-down mattress even so. I wonder how many times I can use the word mattress in one comment?

Sorry to hear about the rough go you had with the movie outing. And I felt tired just imagining all the times you had to haul the stroller out of the car, load Noah into it, lock up the car, go into the mall, go back out, load Noah back into the car, and pack the stroller back up. AND in the rain! Could the gods have been more cruel? She's post partum!!!

I love the captions to Noah's pictures. You make me snort, you are so funny.


You know, you brought it up,so I now feel free to vent about this whole 'Yours, Mine and Ours' thing. In the name of all that is holy, WTF??? Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball and an early appearance by none other than a totally cute Tim Matheson aren't enough for you, modern Hollywood? Please. Blaphemy. Another childhood memory blemished. By Dennis Quaid no less. Beh.


wait till you go avisiting...people are more likely to have laundry baskets then playpens!!


This is not about the entry, which was so cute, so far.

However, it totally cracks me up that people LOVE to be the first to comment on your entries. :)

If only I could get people to even read my blog...

anyways. :)

Ali G

don't worry about the whole theater incident. YOU ARE A NEW MOTHER. use this excuse frequently and with total abandon, since it's only good for a limited time.


You know the Loew's in Georgetown has a parking garage, and the movie theater validates. :-) Anywho.

Love the Noah picture!


The sleep deprivation - she is a bitch. Sam is 5 and I think I'm still playing catch up!

I had every intention as well of having my son sleep in his crib. About 5 months ago, he transitioned to his bed. From? You guessed it! MY BED. Do what works for you, I say! He's alive, happy and sleeps through the night (most of the time...)!


You know, I totally don't blame you for the Tyson's Galleria fiasco. I think it's a well-known fact that Northern Virginia is an evil vortex of driving confusion, with all roads mysteriously leading to the Tyson's Corner malls.

Better luck next week in Georgetown!


I too hate parallel parking and end up heading to Maryland suburbs instead of scary Georgetown. For this reason, may I recommend to you the Bethesda theater, which is surrounded by nice parking lots, or the lot under the Georgetown theater, which takes a movie theater validation. No need to parallel, which is good, because I am incapable of doing it under any circumstance.


Hey, at least you have a baby to blame- one morning I left for work in a fog of exhaustion and realized halfway down the block that I still had my slippers on.


you are too funny and noah is too cute. i had my first baby three weeks before you and sometimes, just sometimes, i think noah may be cuter.

something i read only once in my many months of researching how to be a mommy and makes total sense -- the majority of co-sleeping accidents and deaths are the result of alcohol and drug use. as long as i'm not going to bed plastered, i don't worry about letting the little one sleep with me. and less worrying definitely leads to better sleep.


Cute picture and caption. Looks like you guys are doing great.


we co-sleep too, and for the exact same reasons... e sleeps in his crib for naps and occasionally will sleep in the crib at night if we (dad & mama) are not the ones putting him down for the night. Sleep is just more important than where the baby sleeps.


I always think about how we used to survive in Little House on the Prarie days before super special safe stuff arrived on the scene. Clearly, life was harder back then. Not simpler. Harder, people.


Ditto everyone on the expensive-mattresses-are-bunk wagon. The book Baby Bargains has a really good section on why you DON'T need one of the high-end ones.

Loving the return of the Wednesday Advice Smackdown!


If you can't afford a Petunia Picklebottom, by all means, get thee a Kecci bag. They look just as pretty and work just as well.


Real Girl

Noah, why do you look so surprised to see a camera? You are a much photographed little fella.

Most suburban movie theaters are in malls? Really? I would be broke every time I went to the movies.


Oh and Amy, get thee a fucking cup of coffee. It helps keep the baby awake so they take longer naps.

At least that was my excuse for a daily cup or two.


I, too, used to be down with the anti-Attachment Parenting, no co-sleeping drivel until I had my own kid. I am now a convert to the concept of ADAPTIVE Parenting (aka Doing Whatever It Takes to Get Some Shuteye).

Now, I have a friend due in February who has declared that no co-sleeping will go on in her house. I declare right back "if you want to pace the floor for hours with a crying baby - more power to you!". I'll be thinking of her while curled up peacefully with MY baby.

BTW - I think I have been to the theatre you're talking about - if it was the same one, it was a PAIN in the ass to park there.


Come to the Reel Moms in Gaitherburg next week!!

Kim Root

I was right there with you on the attachment parenting thing. After 8 weeks of no sleep I caved and we slept peacefully until my son moved to his own bed with no problems at 16 months. Sometimes we moved him to the crib in the middle of the night - gots to have some privacy sometimes - but he usually ended up back with us before too long!

And the crib - total waste of money - mattress and all!



The bibs!! Love the little bibs. Love the little Noah in bibs! My heart can only stand so much! :)


I love it when people love the blanket. Send them my way. They can have the pattern. But if they want a blanket, they must tell me that the maternity top I'm wearing is very slimming.


Good gosh! Noah is sooo "OMG! Help!" in the first picture and sooo "am bored" in the last picture. What a hoot.
Just remember, Noah is a smart little man and took more than half of your brain. So, really, you aren't doing that bad. Right?


I read all of the negative press about sleeping with the baby but there is nothing better than the closeness that sharing a bed brings. With my little one, we moved from sleeping together in the recliner in the living room to my bed to her bed and we still snuggle together every night at bedtime until she goes to sleep- and she's 7. It's no longer a "have to" to get her to sleep, it's a "want to" so we have some quiet girl time together.
Her crib was her nap place until she woke up one day, did her best sherpa imitation and tried to climb out of it-dislocated her elbow at all of 16 months old.
"No doctor, I wasn't beating my child, she's praciticing for Everest"
Keep the pictures coming! Noah is adorable!


You must change his clothes 10 times a day to get as many cute outfits on him as you do! How precious is he and how in the name of all that is good and chocolatey do you not just gobble him up?


did you know they sell D&B bags on QVC? i just found this out and am very upset! Anyhow for the purse question, my vote is for the Michael Kors.
I have one of his bags and i love it! It actually took the place of my coach bag. Sorry Amalah...

The pictures are adorable! Get that kid an agent, i bet you could get some free baby gap out of those dimples.


did you know they sell D&B bags on QVC? i just found this out and am very upset! Anyhow for the purse question, my vote is for the Michael Kors.
I have one of his bags and i love it! It actually took the place of my coach bag. Sorry Amalah...

The pictures are adorable! Get that kid an agent, i bet you could get some free baby gap out of those dimples.


My beautiful baby has the exact same pajamas.

I like Monsac handbags in addition to the others mentioned. You can find some at sale at Zappos, or Nordstroms, or

Lisa B

Your site has become a Noah shrine! That's totally ok. He is so beautiful. And actually, I think its wonderful cause it means you are enjoying him lots and you have a very strong bond with him and are a very good mommy.

I've got myself a Seth Shrine. :-)


Hey! I am delurking again, I had my son around the same time as you (10/6/05 via c section also!) Just wanted to agree with you on the co-sleeping, I never wanted to do it, but hey I need sleep to! Also my son Joseph has those Carters pajamas that Noah is wearing! Both our sons have the same blond hair deal.. anyway. Cute baby love the pictures keep em coming..


That white noise thing? SAVED my life. I would have paid $500 for it. But then again, I also bought the uber-expensive crib mattress.


I JUST bought a really really cute black purse from Banana Republic for 98 bucks...only it's not ALL leather, just partly, but looks leather anyway (the rest is this different "supple" material). I had a coach bag before this, and I am just as happy with this one as the coach one. FYI, BR has really cute, affordable and stylish-looking purses, I suggest you at least look there.


Amalah and her readers may laugh at me but I'd like to recommend Seat Belt Bags ( I have three of them and I LOVE the damn things. They are very durable and not all that expensive. I get compliments on mine all the time! And hey, it's made of seat belts! Really!

Anne Glamore

Perfectly timed advice-- my bro-in-law needs to get my sister a nice bag for Xmas (he doesn't know it yest but I plan to let him know) and these were FAB suggestions.

I am wondering how you deal with a bag that opens with a flappy thing that lops over the top of the bag rather than one that opens right at the top. Are you just really coordinated??

Thanks again...


In response to the question about blogging, I have a blog and recently a friend from high school contacted me after finding my site. I was thrilled. Other people just lurk, but I know. Like I know a friend of a friend who is the only person I know living in the state of North Carolina. I always have hits from the same IP address in NC, I know it is her, but yet she never says anything about my page. Total lurker! If you're old high school friend is smart enough, he/she can see repeat lurkers so I say out yourself and get it over with.


I'd never even heard of Reel Moms. That's pretty spiffy, except the website isn't really all that clear (I don't think you should feel bad at all). When I searched for Reel Moms in Texas it gave me one result in Dallas and one in Stafford. Isn't that in Virgina? Now THAT would have been just a tad out of the way, no?


That pregnancy insanity thing, that you thought you were over now that you have the lovebug? Not going away. my kids are 3 and 5 and I'm still nuts. Although the sleeping is getting better, now that I leave the TV set to Disney channel so they can just push the power button and Viola~! And also I put their breakfast bars in a ziploc baggie and leave them on the kitchen table and they can start feeding themselves when they get up in the morning, I can get, like, 10 more minutes. Its awesome.
But also? The lost in Virginia part? I'ts Virginia, its not you. That place is insane. I spent the better part of a weekend a few weeks ago lost in Williamsburg, because wouldn't you know, even though I am a woman and I CAN stop and ask directions, the locals don't know the street names. Jeez.


LOVE the captions. And Noah is just as scrumptious as ever.

FWIW, we did the EXACT same thing when my son was a newborn. Had the bassinet all set up in our room and he ended up in bed with us. Like you said, it was so much easier and the very notion of us rolling over onto him was completely laughable because I don't think I ever moved a single muscle the whole night. Yes, even in my sleep. Basically, when you have a new one around, you do what you can to stay afloat. :)

the village idiot

If I send you something will I get pregnant too? Does it have to be crocheted* or knitted? If so, am I the one who has to do the knitting/crocheting? I was just curious, because as a manly man, I would hate to find myself pregnant for I feel it would interfere with fishing.

Thank you for your time,
The Village Idiot

*crocheted not only sounds incorrect, it sounds painful


I was fully waiting for you to give some god-awful advice on expensive mattresses. Thanks for suprising me. My three sisters and I had the amazing advantage of sleeping in dresser drawers.

We are just fine, although i might have an unsual attachment to bedroom furniture.

When/if I have a kid, he/she might just get the same treatment, whether I am financially constrained, or not.



I let my first daughter sleep with us from time to time as it was easier since I nursed her. One night, I woke up and found I was lying on top of her. FORTUNATELY, she was OK. She's now grown up and married, but I still have nightmares about WHAT IF. I'll probably have them tonight. I stopped letting her sleep with us after that, and never let my younger daughter sleep with us -- I just couldn't risk it. I might have if
this product was available.

BTW, I'm talking about when they were infants. When they were older and would have bad dreams or during stormy weather, yes, they did sleep with us.

sarah c

I had to de-lurk for the handbags!

I just got out of grad school and had to get creative with my handbag addictions. Coach outlets are a godsend. They don't just carry whatever's going out of season- they also somehow have a lot of the nice, classic bags (and some hideous ones) for a lot cheaper than the stores. I got my favorite one 3 years ago, one they still have in the regular stores, for $190 instead of $275.

I know you mentioned wanting leather, but the nylon Prada bags are also wonderful. They're durable, waterproof, classic, and go with damn near everything. If you search around online you can probably find one pretty inexpensively (look for authenticity cards, though.)


Loved the co-sleeping thing. We were totally against it and purchased the fancy crib, the top of the line mattress, fancy bedding, and a bassinet and a moses basket (not to mention the pack and play). Crib, after two children, is in perfect, pristine condition and now is actually being used (as opposed to being part of the nursery display in my kids' rooms) by my nephew (whose mother apparently has not figured out the co-sleeping yet).

Adorable son you have.


I'm sorry, (really I am, 'cause I'm sure I'll get told how stupid I am, and I'm also sure to offend somebody, which I sincerely do not want to do, but here we go!) I feel like I have to chime in on this.

I am the product of co-sleeping.
I am 30, and I still have terrible trouble with sleep, getting to sleep, and nightmares. The only times I really sleep peacefully are when I have somebody (anybody) in bed with me.

I am aware that everybody is different. (Wow!) Just because I, as the child involved, had a, I guess, bad, experience with it doesn't mean everybody or even anybody else will.

But I, just for me, really, really wish my parents had not done it.

That's all.


Okay! So before anybody else chimes in with a warning about how I'm risking smothering Noah (we never, EVER move a muscle while he's in bed with us) or emotionally damaging him (he's EIGHT WEEKS OLD), I am happy to report that last night?

Noah slept six hours in his crib, woke up, ate, and then slept four more hours in his Pack N' Play.

Right now he's asleep in his bouncy the bathroom, while I'm watching The Price Is Right. Now if THAT isn't going to scar him for life, I don't know what is.


Little Joe slept on my chest for the first eight weeks of life- he hated the bouncy seat, bassinet and portacrib. Then, as if by magic, he decided that sleeping in his own space was way cool. And now he's got a big-boy bed, and he loves it, and I am sad because my baby is grown up. but not sad anymore, because I am done having babies, and it is way cool when they are big enough to feed themselves and such.

Knitting= more gestation? hell to the NO, or the doc who did my tubal ligation is in serious trouble with me. I love to make stuff for other people's babies, my own children don't get blankets from me! Mittens, scarves and hat, yes, but no more booties or blankets!

Real Girl

Had to respond to your comment, Amalah, because my first words? Were "Bob Barker." I joke not. My mother ALWAYS sat me in front of the Price Is Right to get an hour of peace.

But as for scarring for life? I was also valedictorian and graduated from a fancy pants Ivy League college. Which I only disclose to let you know that there is NO REASON not to shove your eight-week-old in front of daytime TV now and then.

Take THAT Internet naysayers.


I have been co-sleeping with child (One and only one) for 7 long years. No one is dead yet, but I am a drinker now.


My husband HAD to have the Halo Anti-SIDS mattress, I was fine with a cool foam one (since my little one loves our tempurpedic). Anyway, we have the positioner in it and she sleeps in the blanket sacs. But the mattress? Not even plugged in. He lost the adapter before we put it together. And the sheets? What a pain in the neck to change. Don't bother. Good advice.


The sleep deprivation thing is wicked bad. Our son slept through the night fairly often until he was 4 months old. Then he started waking up every 2 hours. All night long. Every night. I was practically hysterical because of the lack of sleep. One of my co-workers had the same problem and actually drove her car away from the gas station with the gas pump still attached to her car.

I bought this book called "Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems". It was amazing. I found the section that dealt with my son's sleeping problem. It turned out that I was always rocking him or giving him a bottle to go to sleep, and putting down in his crib asleep. He would wake during the night like almost all humans do, and not know how to go back to sleep without being rocked or fed. That first night after reading the book, I put my son to bed while he was still awake, and he slept through the entire night. I have had very few problems with him since.

My husband made the comment that it had to be a coincidence that he slept through the night right after I read the book. I don't think I have ever come so close to punching his lights out!!


Robyn? Could we be married to the same guy??!

That book saved my sanity, and very possibly my child's life. We live in the same area as the infamous Marybeth Tinning, the whackmobile mother who killed numerous offspring and blamed it on SIDS. I wonder if she was just exhausted. While I never got homicidal as she did, I totally came to understand how sleep deprivation makes one totally batshit crazy.


You forgot to give him a plastic bag to play with.


Good advice on the blog etiquette. I KNOW of so many people that read mine, they tell me over the phone, in person, etc, however none of them leave comments! That drives me nuts! Even a little 'your blog sucks' would be better, because I already know that. -- I feel your pain about your missing the movie. I feel like I've completely lost my mind lately too, and I don't even have a new beautiful baby to blame!


Can I just say that even though the first and last pictures are truly adorable (particularly with the captions), it's the middle one that I think is actually pretty funny. Noah totally has this "'sup?" look going on, like he's this cool little homey (homie?) or something.


I would be a crazy wacko with that much sleep. Good Lord! I'll pray that sleep comes your way. Isabel is my blog buddy, so glad to see that she's treating you right. Did she mention that the ADORABLE hat was from me as well? No? It was worth a try...


Just want to say that I regret my earlier comment, and have since I hit post. My apologies for something I meant as personal experience sharing that came out as criticism. Amalah, maybe you could take pity on a total idiot and delete this comment along with my earlier one? I'd rather not exist in comment-world right now.

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