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Confessions of a Wise Old Daycare Veteran, Who Has Been Using Daycare for Three Whole Half Days Now

Oh Yes, Today Is Also My Birthday

So far today, I have ripped two pairs of pantyhose, left the house 47 minutes later than I intended to, stalled my car because I don't remember how to shift in heels, thrown out three very dead office plants and spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what the hell my network password is.


I also left Noah at daycare.

It hurts so bad, I can't hear.



happy happy birthday miss amy!!


God, I know what you're going thru. Hang in there -- he's gonna taste so good when you pick him up later!


Any chance you can fake the flu and sneak out for another week off?

I'm so sorry. It's hard. God, it's hard. I hope your baby boy rewards you with the biggest smile you've ever seen when you show up to take him home. The reunion at the end of the day is SWEET. Focus on that (if you can't fake the flu).






Ohhh, happy birthday. What a present. However, I do love the Trivial Simpsons Desk Calendar. I also purchased that this year for loved ones.


I hope your day gets better, but still happy birthday!


Here's to a speedy day at work and a long evening at home with your son. Hope your birthday gets better from here.


It'll be okay, really it will. Mothers have been working for eons; it's only recently that the concept of a one-income, mom-stays-home model has taken hold. Noah will be so happy to see you at day's end. *hugs you, even though I don't really know you but you seem to need one*


First off...Happy Birthday to you.

And good luck with your first day back at work. I am anxious to hear all about how daycare goes for little Noah (as I will be dealing with that myself, in due time).

(and if it makes you feel any better, I can't remember my network password on a daily basis!)


Just sending you good wishes that your work day goes by very quickly and that every day becomes easier from here.

Happy birthday. Isn't it strange to think that your mom loves you with the same fierce single-minded love you have for Noah?

BTW, I second that whole flu idea...


for Joke!

Happy birthday, Amy. And Noah is going to be just FINE in daycare. :) You are awesome!


Happy Birthday. It just feels like hell on earth right now..it really will be ok. No advice for the memory thingy. I can't remember the darn things either...


Happy Birthday! Have a fun reunion with Noah later today....


When I left for maternity leave, they actually kicked me off the network entirely. Call IT. Much easier than remembering.

It does get easier, I swear.


Noah is going to be so happy to see you.

But I just wanted to remind you that we all missed you at work, too. It was incredibly boring at the corporate love fests without you. And admit it, didn't you miss the haunting refrains of N.M. humming "Happy Birthday" to you? Even just a little bit? No?

Jackie Joy

Hang in there, and Happy Birthday! All will be well.


Happy Birthday Amy! I hope your day gets better!


Happy Birthday! It will get better!


I'm sorry you're having such a rough day, but Happy Birthday! *hugs*


Penny: I was here 15 goddamn minutes before the goddamn humming started, and I may have wanted to throw something at her.

I did miss the vending machines though. Like, a lot.


It WILL get easier...a little. I promise. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Amalah!


HAPPY BDAY! I hate having a bday so close to xmas, too, btw. And I hope you do well with distracting yourself to make the time go by faster.


Ugh, leaving the little one at daycare for the first time sucks anyway...but going back to work on your birthday??? I'm sorry. I hope the office got you a cake. :0)


Aw, girl. I hear it always sucks royally the first time you have to part with the baby! You will do great because......YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING!!! Good luck getting back into the groove.

Ali G

you poor thing! and on your birthday, too!

i hope you still have good bday moments - like picking up your little boy! you're going to be FINE... and so will noah. good luck!


Happy Birthday (!!) and I'm thinking of you today.


Ahhh, I remember that day. I called about thirty times to see what he was doing. He was sleeping! It get's better. I promise.


Happy Birthday... it will get better. Easier? Maybe not. But better. Just remember, he's happier than you are. :)

Silly Hily

I am so horrible with dates and my memory sucks so don't ask me why I woke up first thing this morning thinking, "I need to e-mail Amalah and tell her I'm thinking about her b/c she goes back to work today." Kind of freaked me out a bit. My point? Just wanted you to know that I've been in your shoes and know how bad it sucks and I'm sorry! I am thinking of you though and praying that this day flies by.
Oh, and have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday :)

Amy Mingo

Happy Birthday! I too celebrate my birthday in December, which makes us both Amy Beth's with December birthdays. Though my birthday is the 14th and I am MUCH older than you, I believe. Anyway, I am sorry for your hurt but know you are the bomb and Noah loves you.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Amalah.Don't worry about babalah. Hope you celebrate your birthday and drink people under the tablelah.


Working on your birthday sucks! I hope the day gets better and flies by so you can see wee Noah again.


I thought of you yesterday and hoped you were not freaking the freak out in anticipation of today. One good thing: it's not like anyone expects your to actually WORK the week between Christmas and New Years.

I think it's only fair that since it's your birthday (Happy B-day!) they give you a little party but with wine instead of cake. That should relax you. And since it's your b-day, you should also get to leave early. Like three hours early.

I am sure Noah is having fun, but missing you too. We expect a full report. You are so brave!


Ahhh, man...If I had KNOWN that today was your birthday, I would have tried every natural induction method known to man to get my baby to be born on your birthday. Because that would have just been cool. And I'm pretty much tired of being pregnant. So, all I've got is Happy Birthday.

Here's hoping that everyone's right, and that the daycare thing DOES get better. And please tell us about it when it does, OK? Because that part is really, really scaring me.


I remember those early days of taking my son to daycare. I know the sick feeling. Everyone tells you it will get better. It does. Now when I go to pick him up from HELLO? KINDERGARTEN!! he's never done playing and has lots of new and exciting things to show me that he has made or learned.

Happy Birthday, Dearest. Try to remember that you ARE to be celebrated too!

JL Dropout

God, the first day is the worst! Read a lot of blogs and ponder how many crazy people there are out there. Try to drown out your thoughts! You will be hugging him before you know it! Or you can ponder this link someone sent me because it will truly stop all logical thought:


Hang in there! Happy Birthday!


Here's to a happier-rest-of-the-birthday, and may the workday fly by so you can get your Noah fix.

I would send cyberhugs, but I know you are opposed to that, so...well, cyberpats and maybe even a cyberfootrub.


Hoppy Birfday!

Okay, done being a total dork now...

Yes, first day of daycare is a killer. As was mentioned by another poster, though, it will make for the most amazing moment when you pick him up later. Try to minimize the carnage as you plow through the daycare staff on your way to your son.

*hums for you since you seem to like it so much*


Happy Birthday...but aren't you and Penny suppose to be working??? :o)


Happy Birthday, Amalah! Give Noah an extra big hug when you pick him up - it'll make you feel better!


Happy Birthday! I am sure it was hard, but he will be so fine!


happy birthday, and i hope the work part of it goes by quickly so you can be home with noahlah.


You will be okay-I promise. You will even come to enjoy your time away. I know, trust me, I've been there, very recently.


Poor Amygirl! Working on your bday and leaving Baby Cuteness at daycare. I was there 9 years ago and it does suck royally for long periods of time but it will get better. Unfortunately, the getting older thing will still suck no matter what. Happy Bday anyway!


Happy Birthday!!

And yes, all will be better when you get to see his cute little face again later!


I'm so sorry! I hope your birthday ends better than it began.


Happy Birthday!!!

and just try to be positive. You have that cute baby boy to go home to every day. It will give you something to look forward to! (oh yeah, the hubby too :) )


Worst feeling in the world. Thinking of you, sweetie. Happy Birthday.


Wow, um, happy birthday? I hope "reuniting" with your baby at the end of the day makes up for everything you've gone through so far.


Oh, and I forgot to add: happy birthday!!

My b-day was yesterday. My 1 1/2 year old got me something homemade and from close to her heart (it was puke-- here's hoping your son doesn't give you the same gift haha).

Real Girl

Everything gets better with time. Even people. So happy birthday and congrats on getting better!

I'm facing a big birthday very soon, which I'm so not happy about, but I'll take solace that there are other folks in the world grappling with big life stuff on their days of birth.

(Besides, how can Noah be declared the smartest boy in daycare if there's no one to compare him against?)


Happy Birthday Amy. Just make it through in hourly increments. Only about three hours to go!
Sending lots of positive energy your way.


Well, considering the time difference (11:30 AM here v. 2:30 PM there) your day is almost over! YAY!! I know Noah will be so happy to see you. He's going to have the biggest smile and give you the most wonderful hug when you pick him up. Hang in there; this is probably harder on you than it is on him. And I hope you have a great birthday.


Happy belated birthday. I hope your day went well and you got lots of snuggly time with Noah in the evening.


Try not to squish poor Noah when you finally get your sweaty, baby-fiending paws back on him. I speak from experience. I almost hugged my poor baby into a coma when I picked him up from his first day of daycare. I know its not easy leaving him, but sometimes I think its way harder on us than on the babies. :) Good Luck.


Happy birthday, Amy!
Noah misses you, too, but he's also proud of having such a kick ass, ambitious and smart mommy...so he's ok with daycare.


Oh, Amy - the experience, it is common. Embrace the sisterhood - you will make it, I promise. But you are not dreaming that you feel this bad:

JULY 08, 2004
Things I Learned This Week
Well, it's my first week back working for the man. Here are the things I am learning this week:
1) There is a special, eighth level of hell especially reserved for new mothers who have to leave their young babies at daycare. I used to smile sweetly when a new mom would tell me she cried every day for a week when she had to leave her little angel at daycare for the first time. I thought it would feel like when I have to board Sybil at the vet's when we go home for Christmas. I did not realize it would feel more like someone had borrowed one of my limbs for a few hours and told me to function like a normal, smiling human being without it while my heart crawled into my little toe and cried.
2) Just because you have a little angel does not mean everyone you care about will be able to drop all their plans and rearrange their lives to celebrate her milestones with you. Hmm, I thought - how can they not all be as fascinated with her eyelashes as I am? BECAUSE SHE IS NOT FLESH OF THEIR FLESH, that's why. So I need to get over my disappointment when people can't make it to events I deem important. Suddenly, I realize the handiness of the nuclear family, and more importantly, the husband. Before he was a fun guy to vacation and canoodle with, but now I realize he is also the only other person in the entire world who is as excited about the little angel as I am. No wonder people place so much importance on family to the sacrifice of jobs, hobbies and friendships. This was all new news to me, who has always considered her close friends to be extensions of self. What, we're different people? I thought. Well, yeah, and that's okay.
3) Ironing is overrated.

Erin O'Brien

Regarding birthdays: no one is going backwards. Those gorgeous 23 year olds will one day be 40.

I'm 40 now and never felt better (although things do fall off the hard drive [read: brain] with an alarming frequency these days--I am forever standing in a room, thinking to myself: I know I came in here for a reason).



Happy birthday, darlin! Even though you're still a complete youngster (bitch) and I have to hate you juuuuust a little. ;)

It will get easier.

Lisa B

So sorry to hear your day is going crappy. Hope it gets better once you pick up your sweet little man and bring him home.


From one December baby to another, a very happy birthday to you, because everyone shares the winter holidays but your birthday really is all about you. May you be treated like the queen you are!


I hope your day has gotten better! Almost over now!

Lisa V

Happy Birthday!!

Mir is right, it will get easier. He is safe, happy, and healthy and has two parents who worship him. The kid has it pretty good.


Amy is accomplished. Amy is adorable. Amy is Mommy to the world's cutest baby. Amy is funny. Amy is married to a very cute man (also Daddy to the world's cutest baby) named Jason.

Happy birthday! <3


Happy Birthday Amalah!

Sending you lots of good thoughts and new mommy juju. And while Dorothy said earlier that ironing is over-rated, so are pantyhose!

Remember to breathe. I promise promise promise that it gets easier.


I, on the other hand, have been home by myself with my 6-year-old and almost-4-year-old ALL DAY LONG (I work in higher education and we're off until Jan. 3) and would go to work in a SECOND if we were open. (OK, maybe not. I'm still in my PJs at 3:30 p.m.)

My two kids fought over the Duck, Duck, Goose board game that the youngest got for Christmas. Apparently, the aforementioned younger sister was CHEATING at DDG. The shame!

Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!! Hang in there, Amalah, it's almost 5:00!!


Leaving your precious baby that first day is so hard! I bawled my eyes out the whole way to work. But it does get easier, I promise. Although, after just having spent a week and a half on vacation with my little munchkin, I had a hard time leaving him again...not even at day care, just with my sister today.

Good luck getting back into the swing of things and Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Amy!

I hope you have a lovely celebration tonight and reunion with Noah. I'm sorry it is so hard, though. Hugs to you and Noah.


Happy Birthday!

Heather B.

Happy Birthday!!
Happy first day back at work!

and give Noah lots of kisses.

He really is a wonderful baby and I too am hoping that today went well for both of you.


By now you are home hugging the squishings out of darling Noah. And each day will get a little bit better. Take care and Happy Birthday!

Wacky Mommy

oh Happy Birthday! and hang in there...


Oh lord - that last sentance had me in tears. I know exactly how it feels the first day back at work. I felt like a left my heart at home that day - the next day was September 11th - so I was really thrown for a post partum downward spiral. It does get easier - your precious boy will always know you are the momma!


The working part of your day must be over by now. I hope it went a little bit better, and wish you a very happy birthday!! I bet you'll be looking forward to weekends in a whole new and different way now.


The first few times are definitely the worst...mommy guilt at its best (worst). The ladies who work in infant rooms at daycare are usually the most dedicated people there. You have to love babies to stay in an infant room...take it from one with 17 years' daycare experience. I wish you lived in Washington, then Noah could come to my house for daycare! I'd love to kiss those cute little cheeks every day. Hang in there and happy birthday!


Best birthday present EVER, though - picking him up from daycare tonight!


I hope pick up was as sweet as drop off was rough. I've been there. I left Natalie (my firstborn) at daycare at 7 WEEKS. I promise it does get better. With humor, patience and the support of your family and friends, it gets better.

I hope your first birthday as a Mother was wonderful and memorable.

Happy Birthday Amy and many wishes for a blessed year!

Kate The Great

Happy Birthday Amalah! I hope the little prince of everything gave you lots of adorable, heart-melting smiles when you came to pick him up =)

It's hard, but it will get easier. You are his mommy, and he will always know that =)


Oh, and in my email? I failed to acknowledge that you had to take Noah to take care! That *totally* equals turning 30.


Happy Birthday! So sorry you have to work and leave that beautiful baby at home for the first time. I remember the first time I had to leave my lil Princess, it was for 5 DAYS!! 5 WHOLE DAYS, DAYS & NIGHTS!! (I have since quit my job as a flight attendant) It is still hard for me to drop her off and pick her up, and she is 3!! But the look on her face and her running into my arms at the end of the day is pure joy!!
Hang in there!!


Oh hon, I hope you had a wonderful reunion with Noahlah at the end of the day. The thought of seeing those adorable thighs and squishy cheeks had ME squeeing in anticipation by the end of your post.

And from one right close to Christmas December baby to another, happy birthday... I agree with everyone else - the best present you will get today is seeing Noah at the end of work day. *many hugs*


Happy Birthday!!!

And 'awwwww' about the work/Noah stuff :(


I don't have a child, so I can't really know what you're going through. Still, your post made your hurt so palpable that it basically made me cry.

Please hang in there Amy - hopefully it'll all get better soon. Meanwhile, if it is any consolation at all, the Internet is giving you a huge hug.

ps: Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday, Amalah! I'm sorry today was Noah's first daycare day. :-(


The first day is the hardest.

Happy Birthday!

Mary Jo

Happy belated Birthday! :) I feel for you, christmas birthdays stink! I know because mine was Monday! UGH!

By the way... I hope the daycare thing isn't hurting as badly today.


Happy Birthday and HUGE hugs to you!


Happy Birthday!! All that Noah will remember of this day is all the love in your eyes when you pick him up. Promise.


Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry it sucks. Leaving Noah must have been heartbreaking...or heart-vaporizing-deathray-disintegrating. Going to work is hard, staying home is hard for completely different reasons. Whatever you do, you have to do what's right for your family in the long run, even though sometimes it sucks in the short run.


It sucks. It hurts. And it will get better. I nearly cried every day for a week when I started my job. Now it's a routine, the kids are happy and social and well-adjusted, and I get hugs and kisses when I pick them up. They also get to eat and have a warm house to live in, so it helps to tell myself that. I'm sending you a cyber-hug. It really will get better. I promise.


A belated Happy Birthday my dear! And I'm sending you a hug because I just can't imagine how hard of a change this must be. Never believe anyone who says anything other than you are a FABULOUS mommy! Because you are definitely that.


It does get better. I know - I've done it twice. And my girls are better for it. They are smart, happy, social and well adjusted. I'd rather be home with them and it would probably be cheaper if I got a babysitter to stay home with them. But they get so much out of being in daycare that, at this point, it would break my heart to take them out of the only situation they've ever known. Noah will LOVE being around other kids. Trust me - this is harder on you than it is on him.

Occidental Girl

So sorry you're having a rough day on your birthday. I remember the first day of daycare. It sucks! My daughter is now five, and it's still hard.

Hang in there...


Hope your Birthday wasn't too awful. I remember the first day I left my first at daycare. You're right, it even hurt to breathe. The staying home is full of giving up things and being really hard, too. There's no right or easy answer. I'm glad I'm home with them now, but I'm not sure that working would have turned out all that badly, either.


I remember thinking it was like when I came back to the States after spending the summer in Italy. I spoke the language, I knew where everything was, but I couldn't remember how to drive. Or what I used to eat. It's strange being someplace where you're supposed to belong, and feeling like a complete stranger.

I know I closed my office door several times (with a handy blind over the window, so I could cry, er, pump in privacy!) because I was so overwhelmed and sad. So, so sad.

You'll make it.

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