Oh Yes, Today Is Also My Birthday
Christ on a $9 Cracker

Confessions of a Wise Old Daycare Veteran, Who Has Been Using Daycare for Three Whole Half Days Now

Oh Internet, how I've neglected you. You're all probably wondering if, on my second day of work, I decided to blow past the daycare center and hightail it to Mexico, with Noah in one hand and my breast pump in the other, laughing maniacally because I left the extra diapers in his cubby at daycare and now I have no money to buy new diapers BUT HE DOESN'T NEED DIAPERS BECAUSE HE HAS MY LOVE, MWA HA HA, and then maybe I fell into some kind of ditch.

Hint: That is not what happened!

What really happened is much less interesting but much more not insane.

I drop Noah off in the morning, usually much later than I intend to, I get big dimply smiles and he gets big kisses, the teachers all smile and indulge me for many, many minutes before they remind me that I should maybe get to that fancy job of mine, I get to work and pout for a little bit, drink some coffee and eat some of the endless parade of leftover holiday goodness in the kitchen, then I work and then I pump milk (with not one, but two chairs and several heavy binders propped against my office door because the lock will not be installed until next week) and then I leave around 1 pm and plow through anyone who tries to stop me and I drive like a maniac back to Noah, my BOY my BOY my PRECIOUS BOY, and he totally ignores me and his teachers all tell me how awesome he is, which DUH PEOPLE, and then I drive home and Noah realizes that hey, it's the chick with the rack and he stage-dives for my boobs and stays attached for the rest of the day and then we play for awhile and then take a little nap together until Jason gets home.

So. Day three.

Is it getting easier? No. I still have those awful Oh God, what am I doing? moments out in the parking lot after I've dropped him off, seething with jealousy over the nice ladies who get to spend the day with my son and feeling my chest tighten in panic, before I pull myself together and make the five-minute drive to my office.

But I will not lie. I enjoy my job. I like my office. I love my coworkers. I missed it here.

To spend a few hours wearing Actual Clothes with Actual Shoes is nice, as is knowing that there is only a very, VERY remote chance that someone will vomit on your sweater. I'm very much needed at my job, but it's not that exhausting, constant kind of NEEEEED that comes from a non-potty-trained and floppy-limbed individual. 

(And can I tell you how secretly delighted I am that everything did, in fact, go to absolute hell in a handbasket while I was gone?)

(Am so beyond delighted.)

I'm only working half days this week, so we'll see how I feel next week once I'm back full-time, but I feel like I'm taking better care of Noah in the hours I have with him. Maybe it's guilt, or a cop-out, or a total cliche, but a few hours away from him mean I no longer mind that he wants to be held every blessed moment of the day and will scream if I attempt to put him down for a few minutes to pee or microwave some damn macaroni for lunch.

How could I mind? Every delicious Noah moment makes me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

And now, the Big Annoying Issue:

Pumping is not going well. Pumping has never gone especially well, so why I thought pumping would magically become easy and fantastic once I went back to work is probably a sign that I am sort of stupid.

Supplementing with formula is nothing new for us, because despite what certain lactation consultants will tell you, there IS such a thing as chronic low supply and I'm sorry, but there's a limit to how much fenugreek I can take and how long I can stand smelling like maple syrup, so Noah usually gets a bottle of formula about once a day, because damn, my boobs get TAPPED OUT.

I haven't written about breastfeeding in awhile, because in True Amalah Fashion, I wrote gobs about it when it was a crisis!crisis!crisis! and then abruptly stopped writing when things sort of calmed down.

(This is kind of a bad habit of mine, which is why the archives are riddled with plot holes.)

(Judith Light Brigade, anyone?)

Anyway, I just wrote this whole long thing about my boobs and how only one really works and the other doesn't and went into way too much detail when really, the only things you need to know are that I cannot keep up with Noah's feeding schedule through pumping, I'm already out of the frozen milk I worked so hard to hoard during my leave, and I'm going to have to send formula with him tomorrow unless I can magically produce about 10 more ounces in the next half hour.

(Guess what I'm doing RIGHT NOW! Yes, am multi-tasking. And typing with one hand.)

I'm only sharing this so y'all can get the full sense of my hypocrisy: I've supplemented with formula since Noah was five days old. But I didn't want the daycare people to know this. I wanted them to think Noah was the 100% exclusively breastfed baby I wanted him to be, because...why?


I am also going to pick my baby up from daycare RIGHT THIS MINUTE and take him home and spend the rest of the day marveling at his brilliant new ability to reach out and grab things, like his squeaky toys or Mama's hair, and so longsuckersIamnoteven going to takethetimeto punctuatethislastsentence

Edited to add: Am home now, and here's your precious baby photo, you needy, demanding whores.*


*I LOVE whores. I think whores are FANTASTIC.



First comment! Longtime lurker who couldn't resist. Go love on Noah!


I can give you some of my extra milk. During the work hours I can pump as much as babies her age are supposed to eat all day. So why is my baby so freaking small?! She's going to be a midget.


Judith Light Brigade! Aaahh the memories :)

Oh, and who didn't know that Noah is the perfect baby?


What a great idea to start working half-days before the full transition. And in a week that is bookmarked with two Mondays off in a row!



we need a picture of mr. noah!


The hell? Noah pictures? Where are they?


I have nothing to say but "good luck." Oh, and what is the Judith Light Brigade?


BTW, in case no one said so today, YOU ROCK...and please include a picture next time!!!!


ok -so have you tried looking at pictures of Noah while you are pumping? I know this sounds weird but a friend of mine told me to do this while pumping and it actually helped... good luck!


Ha! What is the Judith Light Brigade! If you have not read the archives you are just not an Amalah-aholic, lol ;)

And Amy, thanks for gracing us with a few spaces in that last sentence. Much appreciated!

Glad things are improving with the daycare situation, and hope it only gets better from here.


I'm delurking to comment for the first time, I think you are really great and have been reading your blog since you were about 8 months pregnant. I think that you have incredible patience to be working and breast feeding at the same time, what I am getting around to is don't let anyone make you feel bad if you decide to bottle feed your son, he has gotten the really good stuff that he needed from you in the first few weeks of his life, I breastfed my daughter for about 2 and a half months, then switched to formula, I am not exactly clear what they put in that stuff but she is tall, beautiful and incredibly intelligent. She is seven years old now, and I have absolutly no regrets on my decision. There is my piece of assvice, instead of the same ol' good luck shpeel.

Ali G

LOL... but you WILL still update, right? when you run off to mexico?

it is so wrong, yet so RIGHT, to just lovelovelove how people can't handle things at work when you're gone!

maybe this is totally impossible (since i am childless and ignorant) but can you make up the formula beforehand and then PRETEND it's breastmilk? like when you are forced to bake a yulelog for school and you and your mother don't know what the hell a yulelog is, but the nice people at the supermarket bakery do, and then you spend 2 hours at target trying to find the right-sized tupperware because you can't deliver it in a market basket container? (and can you WAIT for when noah is school-aged and this is your life too?)

Linda B

Aw, I remember the days of typing with one hand while pumping. I got pretty damn good at it, too. And I even used punctuation! Er, sometimes!

I never had a huge supply either and after a while I had to supplement with formula because I didn't pump enough to leave my daughter during the day. It's hard not to feel like people are going to judge you, but seriously, do not worry about it. Whether you breast or bottle feed, the kid is healthy and gorgeous. That's all that matters.

Anyways, it's so hard to go back to work after maternity leave. So far you are doing a great job. You really haven't run to Mexico. Yet. Right?? ;)


Hee. I love you, girl.

Some women are able to give up pumping, entirely, when they go back to work... and their bodies will adjust to nursing evenings/weekends. The only problem with trying to do that is that if your supply is a bit precarious anyway, this may cause you to dry up.

So, assuming you want to maintain some level of nursing: keep pumping (I assume you have a high-quality double electric pump? yes?) and keep supplementing WITHOUT GUILT because that will neither produce more milk NOR make you smell like a waffle buffet (see, guilt is less productive than fenugreek, even), and see how it goes. Transitioning back to the office and all that goes with it will be hard enough without agonizing over this.

Smooch the lovely baby cheeks for me please. :)


I am a little sick right now so I'm going to try VERY HARD not to projectile vomit on you as I walk past your office :)

I also promise to stay away and shout things like "UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN" as I walk down the hall so that I don't pass my germies to you.

I won't be offended if you spray Lysol in my face just to be sure!


Isn't A;i G cute thinking you can sub out the bmilk for formula and no one will notice? I love it! The proof is in the diapers, sister. ;)



I did not suffer from anything remotely resembling low supply. In fact, I could probably have been a wet nurse.

Having said that...I went back to work when Zoe was seven months old (and like you had the mixed feelings--loved the adult interaction again but missed the nugget with all my heart and felt like I'd left a limb behind), but as successful as I was in nursing (very) and pumping at home (also very very--particularly if I pumped one side while I nursed from the other), when I got to work and tried to pump I came up practically dry.

(Do I now get the award for the longest run-on sentence in a comment?)

So...try the picture thing--you'd be surprised that it helps, and also, try to pump from one side while you feed from the other. The nursing itself stimulates supply.

Good luck.


*nods* I agree with Lindsay. It may stimulate you to produce more milk looking at teh oh so adorable one.

I'm glad things have settled down somewhat for you, I know that it's never easy, but it makes the snuggles even better at the end of the day :)


and yes, I am a 'tard, because I put punctuation in the middle of someone's name! Sorry, that was supposed to be an L in there. Maybe is that what the preview button's fer, ya suppose, duh,huh,huh?


Did you really expect anything OTHER than total chaos while you were gone? Its SO satisfying, isn't it?

Pinch that angel's cheeks for the internet please! And what? You think we want an entry with no Noah pictures? What are you? Crazy?

Real Girl

Well, it seems like you chose the right daycare center, which was a prior concern, so yay there goes one concern to be unconcerned about.

God, I'm exhausted after being up all night with a sick boyfriend. I cower to think what it'll be like when I'm finally ready to pop one out. (A baby, that is, not another boyfriend. Because, you know, OW.)

kelly jeanie

This comment will be so without the funny, because I have none. Just wanted to thank you for your honesty, regarding the day care thing and the breastfeeding thing, it makes me feel much less alone.

Lisa V

Hey where is the damn commentary from Noah ? Someone is being a blog hog. Just sayin'.

Two of my kids were excusively formula fed. They can do math and puzzles. Two were exculsively breastfed. They draw pictures and write well. I imagine if you are doing both Noah will be able to draw a picture, turn it into a puzzle, and be able to assemble it again.


I am laughing at the comment about disguising formula to look like breast milk. It wouldn't work - they look and SMELL way different, but it's a funny, funny idea.

You know, some daycares get formula (even the really good stuff) free from the government. Mine did. The little angel was a formula baby after seven weeks (because I hated breastfeeding, and dammit, I just stopped), so it was a blessed gift from the Money Fairy to find that I could get FREE SHIT from George Bush even though all of that free formula is probably the reason why all the children are being left behind by the time they get to preschool. Ooops, sorry. Couldn't resist.

I needed someone to give me permission to stop breastfeeding before I could feel good about it. My mother was this person. However, I think the Internet and the nice ladies at daycare would give you permission, too. Just saying.


After trying to nurse two kids who were both born with severe tongue tie (what were the odds that the second kid would have that as well?) I came to the conclusion that a formula fed (or supplemented) baby with a relaxed, relatively calm mommy was much better off than a breastfed baby with a cranky, sleep-deprived, anxious, snappish mother. You do what you can and you do what you have to. Give Noah a smooshy smooch from your loyal readers.


Hee. If y'all could see the GALLERY OF NOAH that my office has become, you'd know that I've tried the picture thing. Also the visualization thing. And as of today (and as detailed in today's Project Babalah sidebar), the sniffing-your-baby's-wee-little-hat thing.


(Oh, and I so wrote that last comment with a baby attached to my boob, and I don't mean to overshare, I just wanted to add that I'm home now and can probably get a photo added to this entry once Noah stops eating and I can find the camera's memory card where all the many many pictures live.)

(I expect him to stop eating sometime in 2006.)


Girl you are amazing. Truly. Thanks for continuing to write with such honesty and humor.


It sounds like things are going pretty well. I'm so glad!


OK reading the sidebar just made me feel so sad! You are doing great! Keep it up.

I wish my work missed me. they do not. They are flourishing and probably plotting my ultimate demise.


Pumping does suck, going back to work sucks too. I hope it gets easier soon. Love the pic.


Ok..cracking up! My baby is 5 weeks old, and I am SO supplementing with formula and I am SO having problems with one boob. At least you can multi-task..last time I tried I dumped all two ounces (yes...two..) right on my lap. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks for making me laugh!


Those footies he's wearing? Are the BOMB! I love them. Do they come in women's size 6?

I found, with my son, that I seemed to have more quality time with him during the time I was able to spend with him. It's probably just the "separation/heart grows fonder" phenomenon, but I'm glad it's working out for you!


Oh - and YOU terrible terrible awful mommy liar! The daycare folks will be BESIDE THEMSELVES to find out about the formula. Gasp.



Amy, you are awesome. I love to read your entires and see the newest addition to the Noah Gallery. Those pants are too cute!!


I breastfed my son for a year. Don't feel bad, I never had any luck with the breast pump. Just could never get enough to be stocked up on.


Noah's stripey legging thingies are fantastic! Also, damn you with your skinny arms!

Heather B.

Good lord, I miss that little face.


Wait, so what did you get for your birthday?


my god, he is SOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!

I hope when I start popping them out, mine are as cute and smart and delicious as him!


Boozie: Shoes. Work shoes. Also a couple suits. Because Ceiba chewed the heels of all of my pumps in a fit of baby-hating rage and I forgot to seal my suits in plastic and a couple got eaten by moths. Fun!


Another apparent benefit of your big gorgeous baby is the exceedingly toned state of your arms. Well done!

(Apparently the birthday, the daycare, the back to work weren't enough to provoke a comment from me. But Madonna-toned arms? Merit a jingle.)

Big Gay Sam

Me and my sister were formula fed from day one (we were allergic to momma's milk). I don't think we are suffering from any long term effects. except maybe my third eye. Oh and fully functional and autonomous head hidden in my chest cavity. I just mutters, "open your mind! OPEN YOUR MIND!!!"

Other than that? We're fine. Although she is the polestar of pure evil. But that just makes her cute. :P

heather o'douls

I think noah is as big in the waist as you are.


When I returned to teaching after baby number three, I used to set a picture of the baby in front of me while I pumped. It really helped.
I supplemented with formulat too- it's all good as long as the little man is eating! : )
Happy New Year Amalah!


AMY! I have been out of town but am back now and did not realize you were going back to work this week until I read it HERE. Sounds like it's pretty much as expected - you are happy to be a MUCH needed grownup (believe me, I remember how much grownups were needed there!) and missing Noah so much! But you are doing such a great job of doing it all!

When Noah is 16 and on Xmas break you will see him one day out of 7 - like mine. Ahh, how things change.


Be grateful you could nurse at all. My son is 9 months ols and I never could.

Daycare will not pass judgement, they just won't.


Plus I forgot to tell you that Filene's at Mazza has totally cute suits on sale.

Lisa B

Gosh your arms are all skinny already. And Noah is thriving. :-)

Wacky Mommy

re: milk supply. Nursing went okay here, good supply and all, with both babies, but the pumping was such a drag. At its best, I could get four ounces on one side (we called that tit "The Overachiever") and two ounces on the other. Keep drinking tons of water, taking a multi-vit (if you aren't already) and lots of calcium citrate, 1,500-2,000 mg. a day. I can't remember, I'm sorry, does calcium make you puke? I hope not! I eventually did a.m./p.m. feedings only; supply and demand worked fine. Sorry for the long note...


Any pumping advice I might have to give will sound annoying and obvious so I will abstain. I'm glad things are going well. It's not that bad, right? And I totally get the whole quality vs quantity thing. I truly believe I'm a nicer Mother when I work.

I'm home now. My poor children.


For me it was all about the pump. I had an okay one, but lost my supply after the first few days. A super-duper-several-hundred-dollar one seemed to do the trick and was worth the investment. (Medela pump-in-style advanced or something like that).

Just like the daycare, the pumping gets easier too. The best part is that having your office door closed actually MEANS something now.

Wacky Mommy

ps i love the pic of you and Noah. and your hair looks soooo good.


I have known LOTS of people who have breastfed and supplemented from pretty much day one. Don't sweat it.

Sad, sad commentary how much guilt is produced over such things as daycare and breastfeeding. Wasn't the whole point of the feminism movement to give us CHOICES?

I do stay home but since my husband travels to your neck of the woods every week, I have hired a teenaged family member to babysit a few hours of the week so I can go to the gym. And at first, I felt guilty about THAT. However, I love that very feeling you described of being excited to get home to your boy.

Anyway - don't be too hard on yourself!

Ali G

ha! yeah, kinda realized once i posted that there were probably obvious differences between breastmilk and formula, but even so i bet i'd try to pass it off regardless.

but really, it makes the baby poop different? ewwww... i am so not ready for kids (or cats/dogs, or plants, or pet rocks), which is why i'm glad you all have such adorable ones i can oooh and ahhh over! keep it up, internet people!

Ali G

and amy, HOW can you have given birth practically yesterday and already be so thin! look at those skinny arms! such the opposite of noah's adorable chubbiness...

man, i have NO excuse... have got to get me to the GYM.


Thank goodness someone mentioned your hair, because WOMAN that is awesome hair! Oh and your son is adorable too.


This comment is only going to get lost amongst the plethora of other commenters. We're like groupies outside of a James Blunt concert. Still, here are my points:

*I had to pump when I was a middle-school teacher. I feel your pain.
*I know about tapped-out boobs and low milk supply. Poo on those who poo on supplemental formula. Those folks know nothing!
*You need diversion. It's okay to love your job and the lovely Noah, too. Here's a secret: He needs the diversion as well. You'll both be great.
*You're sharing your wonderful boy with--perhaps--some people who need to love on a perfect baby for awhile. Maybe they have some sadness in their lives. Maybe they have empty-nest syndrome. Whatever. It's a win-win situation.
*Still love your site.

Anne Glamore

You know, some of us can do a lot of things so well, but breastfeeding isn't one of them. With #1 I could have fed the city, but with the twins I was a drip drip drip of milk. No time for guilt! Bring on the formula and make up the difference with kisses & hugs!!
(I did borrrow some of my sister's breast milk and it turned out to be Juice of the Devil-- for my nephew and the twins!!)


It was difficult going back to work, however I needed adult people to talk to. Pumping only lasted about three months, however I had a freezer full. Good luck!


Is it terrible that when I saw that picture, the first thing I thought was: wow Amalah's hair looks amazing!

S. (aka junegirl)

Oh, happy birthday! I've been reading your blog for nearly two years now but didn't realize you shared a birthday with my Max boy.

It sounds like Noah is doing wonderfully in daycare. Please, please, please try not to feel too guilty about it. I know it's hard not to, but... he's happy. You're happy working. What else matters? You're both going to acclimate faster than you think.


I hope this is not overstepping any blog etiquette lines but...

Are you able to pump the one side after he has nursed on the other? KWIM? This used to work for me.

Also, I nursed the boys:
Boy 1- 10 mo.
Boy 2- 6 mo.
Boy 3- 3 mo.

They are all normal. If you consider normal running around the house naked while banging pots and screaming "Oklahoma, Oklahoma!" Totally kidding. Do what's right for you and no guilt!


I've only been reading your blog for a little more than a week (lizardek told me to read the post you were dreading) but I've quickly become a regular reader.

I have one bag of frozen breastmilk left. My precious boy (who is 4 1/2 months old) will probably be taking that with him to daycare tomorrow. And so we will end 2005.

That's one beautiful boy you have there!


My baby, Jaxon is 8 months old. I can relate to all that you are going through. Pumping, nursing, child care, work, sleep issues, etc... It all pretty much sucks, but is so worth it at the same time! I can tell you it does get easier & SO much more fun!! Hang in there! I love your blog by the way!


Honey, my heart goes out to you. I tried and tried and pumped and pumped at work, and it sucked a big ole fat one. It is hard to get the boobies happy in the workplace. But I started supplementing and then finally said, fuck this madness and went to nursing evenings and weekends, and you know what? My Noah (what an awesome name, BTW) is almost three and he is big as a baby linebacker and totally brilliant. So you do whatever it takes to make you happy and the baby will be just fine.

And also, HE IS SO GORGEOUS! But you knew that already.



You're radiant (see: hair, gorgeous and also: arms, soo, so thin) and enjoying your big people time. I think this will make you happy and thus little N. happy - so nobody loses, ok? You ROCK! Also - many things (some nice) on sale, up to 70% off at Macys' right now - I just got an awesomely high/pointy/impractical/dead sexy pair of BCBGs for like sixty bucks. No projectile vomiting on Amalah, folks! She's got boobs to pump, pictures to post and hats to sniff!


You're radiant (see: hair, gorgeous and also: arms, soo, so thin) and enjoying your big people time. I think this will make you happy and thus little N. happy - so nobody loses, ok? You ROCK! Also - many things (some nice) on sale, up to 70% off at Macys' right now - I just got an awesomely high/pointy/impractical/dead sexy pair of BCBGs for like sixty bucks. No projectile vomiting on Amalah, folks! She's got boobs to pump, pictures to post and hats to sniff!


Hey, yeah how come you don't have the giant linebacker nursing shoulders I always get whenever I have a baby until they are 18 months old..No fair


Milk? Milk?????!!!!!!!! What is that!!!!??
Have been trying fenugreek, pumping every 3 hours, hell, the damn suction thing is hanging off my right breast right now.....whatever you do for your baby is great- don't stress so much about it. If I stressed so much about the milk my body still refuses to make, I am sure my head would explode! Could my son get nutrients from that?......


All I can say is that ANY doubts (real or imagined) ANY of your readers may have had about your going back to work should now be kudos because you are obviously a loving and dedicated mother, you are blogging about your gorgeous munchkin from work, AND you are getting paid while doing it? HA! You get the last laugh. Take care and kiss that Cutie Pie for me. I love today's picture and his bored OhMyGodMotherNotAnotherPhoto expression.


i know you hear it all the damn time, but noah is a lucky kid to have you as his mom.


I have returned to say OMGWTFBBQ!!!one!!!one! CUTESY TOOTSIE NOAH PIC!

Lurve those footsie pants - LURVE your hair you lucky gal...

*teared up reading your sidebar*


I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! My little cutie pie was born 9/27/05 and I've been following along with your new mom adventures. I found your blog through a google search on HATE BREASTFEEDING. I go back to work next week. I've been dealing with low supply (we supplement with 1-2 bottles of formula a day as well, since she sucks me dry all day). I'm scared that the stress of going back to work and pumping will just dry me up. Good to know about the hat trick. Let us know how it goes and keep on writing. You rock!


Oh, and Miss Amalah, can you kindly suggest what you're wearing at work to make the pumping easier? I can't stand the idea of buying nursing clothes, and I've been living in t-shirts on my leave and am at a lost as to what to wear when I go back that 1) will be easy to take on and off while I pump and not look worse for wear; 2) will not show any stains if I leak; 3) will not show the outlines of my nursing pads; and 4) says Hey, I'm professional girl--I'm back 100% so promote me and give me a raise!


ummm... because everyone always needs one more piece of assvice for the day.

With #1 I had the whole toast-nips, rough start and general low supply. Is this sounding familiar? With baby #3 one month before due date crazy Dr. J puts me on Pregesterone Cream in hopes that my milk comes in better and it totally worked! So, ahhh if you ever decide to have another kid...


I LOVE his pants in this picture. so cute!


Hey Queen of Newly-Working-Again-Moms, wow, you really are so cute and little. Noah will soon be bigger than you! So cute, so pretty!

Oh, and the kid, he's rather spectacular too. Dig the pants!


Y'all are so nice. Just remind me to NEVER let you see a photo of my doughy, poochy abdomen.

Oh, and the stripey pants? Are from Old Navy, and your heads are going to explode when I tell you that they are VELOUR stripey pants. They absolutely slay me with cuteness.


Pssst! If you ran off to Mexico with Noah, you wouldn't need the breast pump.

I'm glad everyone's adjusting to your new situations. Having stripey velour pants always helps.


But Nancy, without the breast pump, how could I drink tequila?


Maybe when the actual lock gets put on your office door, the girls will relax and the pumping will get a tad easier? I hope so!

As a cube drone back then, I pumped in the ladies' room at work (not a very high-use one, thank the nursing gods for a wee bit of privacy). It took a while for me to feel relaxed enough to pump out anything worth keeping. I had to trick myself by going to a happy place in my head.

My fave part of nursing at work was the special little cooler that I kept in the work refrigerator. No work lunch thief dared touch The Cooler.


How on earth do you find time to make your hair so fabulous? that qualifies you as a super mom.


I'm liking the fact that Noah looks like he's attempting to gnaw his way out of that carrier thingy...

Young Noah shows initiative, he does. Far he will go.



haha, i just love your writing. makes me laugh and i always come back for more. so please, dont take too long breaks in between entries. *sweet smile. =))

-a from singapore.


Pam's post cracked me up, because we had a Fridge Felon at my school who helped herself to everything, labeled or not. She put my breast milk in her coffee and sixteen years later, the memory of her horrified, puckered face still makes me laugh.


ha ha ha ha! Noah your mom sure is funny! AND. You sure look like your daddy in this pic. :)


Re: daycare and wonderful babies and their wonderful parents...
Go read yesterday's entry at http://www.sweetjuniper.blogspot.com and then cry all over yourself like I did. Then tell the daycare haters where to shove it.


I go back to work Monday - I wish I could go half days! But, I think my students would run away if I disappeared half way through the day!! :)

Me - nursing/pumping/supplementing. My 9-week-old boy weighs 15, yes FIFTEEN, pounds and I just don't have that much milk! My daughter didn't weigh 15 pounds until she was like 6 months old.

Don't you just hate smelling like a pancake? People look at you like they know what you ate for breakfast. Ugh.



I just happened onto your blog by chance and have spent two hours reading and laughing. I have a 3 1/2 yr old boy (Aidan) who is the light of my life and without whom I would stop breathing. Baby Noah is gorgeous. Hubby and I are beginning to talk about commencing to begin thinking about baby #2. Yikes.


Your hair looks so pretty in that pic!


Hey Amalah!

I'm not a long time lurker. In fact, I recently found your site after I somehow stumbled across Snarkywood (Oh, the tears of hysterical laughter, streaming down my face)(oh, and the strange looks from my husband). And So I came to visit you. And read through your whole JOURNAL EXPERICENCE in about two weeks, in which time my spelling did not improve. Because I'm so totally an English major. Really people!
Anywho, I wish I could have stumbled across your site some time ago, as I could have jazzed with the baby stuff, what with delivering in AUGUST. in ARKANSAS.
But I just wanted to wish you the best, tell you Noah is ADOARBLE, and ponder starting up my own journal, because I also have an utterly adorable baby.

And great moms totally supplement if they need to. Because if we didn't, our child would starve, and that's not what a great mom does. Because I know some moms who breastfed foreverandaday, and I seem to have an abundant supply, until I try to pump. Stupid pumps.
Besides, the boobies need a break.


Aside from the 'Awwww!' and the standard 'Love the hair, ADORE the sprout and good luck with the daycare blues'...

I also wanted to toss in that I've sent an email your way with attachments. While a little on the large side (sorry :P) They're virus free, I promise. With the new net baddies afoot, I thought a warning might be in order least they get tossed in 'spam' by accident. :)


Real Girl

That bunny painted on Noah's windowsill? You know what he's saying?

Hoppy New Year!

RockStar Mommy

I love his little striped/footsie/pants. And the Bjorn. The Bjorn is the best baby invention EVER.

RockStar Mommy

psssst, by the way, you know you can flip that top part of the Bjorn down and button it so that Noah's whole face can stick out - but you probably already knew that and left it like that on purpose in which case, proceed and nevermind the bitch behind the curtain, bla bla bla. Just letting you know in case you didn't know like I didn't know for the first 6 months I had the thing.


Ugh! You're so materialist for getting suits and work shoes. Gosh! Hope you had a great b-day... your first as a Mommy! Wow!


The adorable baby continues to insult me... and for some reason it makes me unbelievably happy. What a cutie.


Long time lurker with similar situation. I am the mother of a one year old and a 3.5 year old. My first child was only BF for 2 months because I was such a crappy milk producer, among other things. The second...well, I went back to work this past March. For 4 months, I lugged my handy dandy Medela Symphony with me to work, only to spend a half an hour getting 2 freakign ounces. One day I collected 6 ounces and I thought the world was going to end. So, she got formula all day, boob all night and went on a nursing strike at 10 months.So, I lasted 10 months. Would I have liked it to be longer...why yes. But some people are really crappy pumpers, Amy. It's nothing you did wrong. Unless of course you take into consideration the fact that you are letting Daycare raise him...BTW, by Baby #2, that phrase STILL effing hurts, just not as much.
Many blessings to you and your beautiful boy.


My sister pumped for six months and she was beat having to hide in her office everyday pumping and storing it. If you can do it totally breast great, if not there's nothing wrong with half and half, you do what you've got to do.

Is there anyway you could only work part-time, at least untill he's pre-school age?

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