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The Post I've Been Dreading

Um, Hi?


Are you working again?

Can you tell the nice Internet people that I am not dead? And that it is ALL YOUR FAULT that I did not post today, because I totally intended to? And that I would post now except that I have to decorate my goddamned Christmas tree, which we have had for a WEEK, yet sits forlornly unornamented because we are lazy, and also maybe a little drunk, and anyway, what was I talking about?

Oh. Right. Typepad was down all day today. Pfft.


Noah thinks that he is SO OVER my excuses for not posting, and also this whole damn Christmas thing, like what, do we expect him to CARE that we waited for 40 minutes in the stupid Santa Claus line in order to give him a magical special childhood? Because he DOES NOT CARE IN THE SLIGHTEST. YAWN.



it will be better next year =)

cute Santa pic


What a great Santa pic!!! WHERE Is that Santa?!! That's much better than the one at Tysons!

Zoots Mom

Beautiful picture....I use typepad too and I wanted to kill them many times today... grrrrrr. I love seeing pics of Noah...he and Nikki...


Holy crap...I am so in love with Noah right now. Could he care any less about some stupid guy in some dumb suit?!

(Except that that really is a great looking Santa AND kid!)


YES, what the HELL typepad? i had people emailing me saying "where are you? are you okay?" Yes, i am okay, i am just TRAPPED IN EVIL TYPEPAD VIRTUAL HELL!

aaanyway, enough about that...umm, how about that yummy baby picture?!? i think he is asking santa for his own scanner and personal blog so he can write all his brilliant thoughts about max and ceiba not being as cute as him no matter how hard they try, and also to post pics of his mommy sleeping and making faces just to get even! ;)



That's the best Santa picture I think I've ever seen. Santa's a bit cross-eyed, though, isn't he?


Yeah, that Santa pretty much rocks my socks. :)


oh! that is so adorable though!
i'm 21 and every year since i was born, my sister (3 years older than i) have had our pictures taken with santa claus.
i'd made noah do the same, because the pictures? are hilarious!


I was just glad that Typepad didn't eat all of our posts for dinner... that would have been a tragic loss to the world. I'm sure.

Anyway--Noah looks adorably blase about the whole Santa deal! I'm bringing my dog to sit with Santa tomorrow, for I am a crazy dog owner who thinks he is my child. You may all point and laugh now.


I came to this site through the "company cookbook" and I love reading your thoughts on motherhood. The Snarkywood section is good too. I'm surprised Noah is so calm up there, but that is a nice picture of him and Santa. How do the cat and dog relate to him?


Actually, it looks like Noah is eyeing something... what is it? The nearest escape? But he does look pretty unimpressed with that Santa... although, I must say, that's one heck'u'va Santa... check out that beard!!


Looks like Santa needs to lay off the sauce. Noah probably just caught a whiff of his breath and was forced to seek out cleaner air to his right.


Holy cow! The Boy looks so tiny! I love the color coordination with Santa; you're so stylish. :)


P.S. Hope you're feeling better!


*sighs* I kept trying to leave a comment on Noah's post (which I adored) from the other day, but after I type in my little piece of immortality and hit post it tells me that comments aren't allowed on that post. I think it hates me. Really.

Noah's not fazed by much, is he? Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I'm way behind on the Santa pic thing this year. One more thing to add to my 'crap I don't want to have to leave the house for' list.

Ho ho freaking ho.


The picture is even BETTER with his bored expression. Hilarious!

My rule regarding childhood memories is that they can't be MADE - the very best ones merely HAPPEN.


Yo, I feel your Typepad pain. I was gonna kick Typepad's ass and take it's lunch money, but I heard it's been taking Karate at the community center.


That child is so cute.

He's so over Santa, clearly. Just humoring you, who is probably making silly faces behind the camera.


It's so nice to see a baby who is so totally not freaked out by the man in the red suit. My daughter still will not even go to the end of the mall where Santa's workshop is located. We haven't had a baby/Santa pic since she was 2, and I know this she will discuss this in therapy someday.

Yay for good-natured Noah!

Re - Typepad - you weren't the only blog down today. I thought I had entered a time warp and seriously considered returning to bed so I could try waking up on the correct day this time.


Why do all Santas in Santa pictures look like they're half in the bag. On the sauce. Nipping into the nog.

Noah looks above it all.


Is he wearing baby Merrells?


Very cute picture. He looks so tiny on Santa's lap!


you probably need to check out the links here, for the sake of comparison, at least:



Hey there, hello,
I found your blog when looking up "20 week ultrasound" on google- and you had yours a couple of days before I had mine (phnarr phnarr!). So now I have a gorgeous baby girl a few days younger than Noah, the king of cute baby boys, and am so much hooked on your blog that it's an essential part of my sore-nippled, dictated by a 23"-very-demanding-being life. All this to say I can no longer get your site to work on Safari, aaaargh! Am gutted. Have to boot up Explorer, which I will do, for you. But please please fix it if you can!
Thanking you muchly!

Lisa V

Are you trying to melt the internet with the cuteness of Babalah ? Because really, he is too friggin cute.

Our tree has been up for 10 days, with only lights and lone Smores ornament my daughter made in Girl Scouts this week. Because we have been too damn busy. Christmas programs, work, birthday parties, and we were drunk last night.

Ali G

yes!!! soooo angry with typepad! was trying to post all yesterday while stuck in boring 12-hr mandatory shift...

but i'm so glad you could post the pic of noah with santa... how adorable is that?!


I also don't think little babies like Noah really and deeply feel and/or understand the meaning of the Holiday and such, but being hold by an enormous red-coated candy-smelling friendly-speaking uhm, man, might give them a faint memory of having a good childhood.
Do you really decorate the tree NOW?
I mean, don't you wait until 24th December?
Is this a hobby or a general custom?
I am just asking.
Here we NEVER decorate the tree before the 24th.


Santa's got the crazy, googly eyes!

Noah, of course, so adorable!


Look at those wee little pants! Adorable!


Those do look like Merrells. What a stylish little chap! And he's already learning to play the whole disinterested and nonchalant game, as though he's totally unaware that everybody around him is ooh-ing and aah-ing over his glorious little self. Cutest of little munchkins.


Ceiba didn't get to see Santa too? That wouldhave been interesting!


I love it that Noah's looking off to the side at the other kids .. if he had a little thought balloon, it would be Richard Pryor in Stir Crazy going "That's right, we bad....."

Love him to bits & pieces! Sooo adorable. You're so lucky! :)


Very cute.


My oldest's close encounter with Santa shows him to be a purple-faced/outraged infant in red velveteen Christmas clothes. The word "apoplectic" comes to mind. Bored looks better from here.

Jackie Joy

Heh, again I say, Cutest baby boy EVER! Not at White Flint, are you? I don't think our Santa is that friendly. Nor does he have such a pretty background. Or maybe I haven't really looked because the effing TRAIN keeps trying to run me OVER whenever I go down that side of the mall.


O.k., you win. You officially have the CUTEST Santa picture. Doesn't even matter that the kid couldn't give a rip about who he's with. =)


Wow, that Santa is fancy. Ours are never quite so spiffy down here in YeeHawLand.

And Noah? As always, the epitomy of Cuteness.


Noah looks a bit bored.


Great pic but is Santa awake?


Amy, I think there's some kind of problem with your site--I can see it fine in Firefox but in Safari this is all I get for the front page:

'); // -->

What's going on?


Re: Safari. I'll look into it. Probably something buggy left over from Typepad's freakout.

(But seriously? The site is designed for Firefox. I heart Firefox. Use Firefox.)


Ayep, Noah looks a bit bored, allright, which is exactly how I look every time I visit your website lately.


I'm sad.


How cute is Noah! Be glad he just looks bored. Next year's pic will probably involve screaming & crying or bribing him to sit there for just a few seconds.

Hope you're feeling better now too.


Thanks for confirming that I did not enter the same time warp that Pam spoke about. I was very tired Friday and could not figure out why my favourite blogs all seem to have lost their last posts. Very freaky.

Lovely Santa pic.


Santa: Ho, Ho, HO!

Noah: Meh.

Love it.


Santa: Ho, Ho, HO!

Noah: Meh.

Love it.

Linda B.

Your Santa looks way nicer than mine.

Real Girl

Santa's inner monologue for the whole day:

"Please don't pee on me. Please don't pee on me. Please don't pee on me."


Pucca: Oh yeah, I'll be sure to issue you a big fat refund for your price of admission to compensate for your boredom.



Hey Amalah
Noah looks cute as always, even if he does seem a little bored!! I was just wondering: if Pucca thinks your site is boring, why does she/he keep reading??? (Love the site by the way!)


Sorry, but I've been a huge fan for a long, long time, and I've introduced a lot of my friends to your website. I just thought you might want to hear that some of us miss the old Amalah, that's all.


Why am I defending someone I don't know to someone else I don't? Lord only knows.

People change and grow, they have babies and move on with their lives. Hence their Web sites change. Hmmm...most of us know this.


Re: Your post today about going back to work

Noah will remember a lot of love, and he will have a very happy childhood. I don't know how can I say this with such certainty but if you and Jason are evenly remotely like you come across here, you can be sure of it.

I have never had a child, so I cannot really understand exactly how you feel, but I can imagine wanting the absolute best for your child and doing the absolute best you can to keep him comfortable, secure and happy. If that means sacrificing some face time when he is very young, it is a pity but it is not the end of the world (yours and his) and I'm glad you seem to realise that.

BTW if anybody does email you with critiicism or horror stories of their unhappy, lonely childhoods than I hope the bitch comes out with a snappy comeback, even if only in your own head.


Your post about going back to work was really touching. The compromises we have to make (especially as women) in order to PROVIDE for our families and ENJOY our families are heart wrenching. Over the years I have thought about this a lot, and I'm not even married or having babies yet. I've even ended a 3+ year relationship over the issue. I really identified with your post. Your observations were touching (as I've said), and the writing was superb as well. And then the picture at the end! Got me all choked up.
P.S. I know you locked comments, so I apologize if my comment is unwelcome. I did want you to know that it was an excellent, excellent post.


I found your blog a few months ago and just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying it. I am pregnant with my first son, due in mid-January, and find myself touched, amused, and outright amazed at your writing.

The struggle between going back to work and not -- something I'm dealing with also at this point, and I know it's a hard decision. Good luck to you and keep on being a great mama!


I tried to comment on the most recent post, but I didn't see any place to comment.

Your story about going back to work and connecting it to experiences in your own childhood struck a chord with me. And that must mean you're doing something right, bc I don't have kids or a mortgage to contend with.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

By the way, I'm here upon recommendation from Lisa Ann.


I tried to comment on the most recent post, but I didn't see any place to comment.

Your story about going back to work and connecting it to experiences in your own childhood struck a chord with me. And that must mean you're doing something right, bc I don't have kids or a mortgage to contend with.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

By the way, I'm here upon recommendation from Lisa Ann.

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