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Wednesday Advice Smackdown

Oh Internet, I was so looking forward to the first Non-Sleep-Deprived Advice Smackdown today, as our sleeping-through-the-night streak was up to five glorious nights in a row, but alas, it is not to be.

Noah has a cold and so do I.

Now I get why I'm sick: I'm exhausted, I haven't eaten a full, hot meal in ages, and I have a 12-pound linebacker leeching calories and nutrients from me at every possible occasion.

On the other hand, I've damn near killed myself to pump precious precious antibodies into Noah every two to three hours for nine and a half weeks and yet the kid still can't fight off the first cold that floats his way.

I'm starting to feel like I have been seriously beaten with the short end of the breastfeeding stick.

Anyway, last night involved lots of tending to a hysterical little baby who couldn't breathe and not so much sleep.

(He's feeling just fine this morning, of course, while I'm warmed-over phlegm on toast.)

(And that's THIS week's version of the same "why my advice sucks" song and dance that I preface every Smackdown with, blah blah, cough cough.)

I have dutifully read your previous smackdowns on the subject of hair, but I still have problems because, as you might say, HATE. Like yours, my hair is long, straight, and oily, but I have learned to style it, and I often get compliments on it. I still have problems, though. Oh, yes.

The main difference twixt thy hair and mine is that I don't really battle split ends as long as I get regular trims. BUT MY SCALP. I have had dry, at-times flaky scalp since I was 16. At the time, I was wearing ugly-ass navy blazers to my uniform-enforcing school and the flaking HAD TO STOP, so I used dandruff shampoos. First Head and Shoulders, then the foul/foul-smelling Neutrogena Tar Shampoo, expensive ones, cheap ones, designer, knock-off, nothing helped. This made me think I had some sort of cancer and was going to die of Massive Scalp Arrest. I studied up and, unless I completely mis-read my own symptoms, I don't have life-threatening issues, just dryness.

Recently, I tried PureOlogy Hydrate conditioner which MINTY FRESH YUM. But it costs so much (boo for first home mortgages, and then yay, I guess) and it doesn't really help as a hair mask weekly for ten minutes like the salon pro claimed. I thought maybe stripping my scalp of yuck by massaging Pureology Purify shampoo on it a couple times per week would help, but nah. I'm currently using this Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Special Conditioner (distributed by Paul Mitchell, GAH) sometimes, but meh. The problem is that I currently reside in Maryland and my hair is SO FREAKING OILY here. Gross. Just gross. I have to wash it every day or the second day I have to pull it up and pretend it's hair spray holding my hairs back.

I have tried to listen to fashion mags and know-it-all advice columnists sent from HEAVEN but what can I do? More moisture? LO, I AM FRIGHTENED! Conditioner only on the ends? THE PAIN, THE FLAKITY-FLAKING! As long as it's been cleansed and moisturized with decent product, my scalp doesn't hurt, but then there's still the oil and weighed-downedness and occasional flaking. Most of all, I still have the dream of some product that makes my hair and myself happy and not at ALL-OUT WAR daily. So, Oh Good-Hair Guru, can I give peace a chance with a good product? And what if it's a technique or weekly regimen? And if it's not that, is it because I don't drink enough water or get some nutrient in my diet, or because I sometimes kick my cat in my sleep?

Desperate Near DC

Get thee to a dermatologist STAT. Oh my God.

Listen, your scalp is screaming for a prescription-strength, medicated product. Pain? Flaking with excess oil? You've got yourself a nice little fungal problem there, and no salon product is going to help that, and BOO to your hairdresser suggesting the Pureology product as a solution, because NO. Just NO.

You could try the over-the-counter version of Nizoral, if you haven't already, but since this is a problem you've struggled with for years, you might want to skip that and go for the prescription-strength version, or perhaps a prescription steriod lotion or hydrocortisone cream.

Will these make your hair pretty and fragrant? Hell no. They suck, and you may have to use them quite a bit until your scalp fully heals (twice a day even), but it'll be worth it in the end, I swear.

After a nice, intensive scalp treatment kills the infection (and that's what even regular dandruff is, so don't feel all gross and dirty -- it's not like lice or something you could have prevented), you can keep it at bay by using the OTC Nizoral once in awhile or a hot oil treatment. And avoid the heavy moisturizing shampoos and conditiors -- opt for a lightweight clarifying one.

I'm currently using Rusk Sensories Clarifying Shampoo and Calm 60 Second Hair Revive Conditioner and am happy with them both. They're very gentle on your scalp and hair, which makes them ideal for girls like us who MUST SHAMPOO EVERYDAY lest we look like bedraggled oil patches. Like I look today! Garrrgghhh.

Could you recommend a good line of make-up brushes that isn't ridiculously expensive? I'm particularly looking for a good blush brush, and a good powder brush.

Also, is there a way to search your site, because I think you've answered this question before....

And btw, Noah is beyond cute.  Seriously. I'm not just saying that so you'll answer my question. Because I don't like lying, and let's face it, not all babies are cute, no matter what nice people say.


I have answered this before, and yeah, I'm really just too lazy to dump some code for a search bar into the sidebar, so I usually just use Google to find specific entries. Like "amalah makeup brush" or "amalah stupid dumbass moron."

A search for "amalah makeup brush" turned up this entry about Target's line of brushes by Sonia Kashuk.

A search for "amalah stupid dumbass moron" yields like, 300 results.

More questions to come, but now I must search those 300 results because I'm now oddly paranoid that other people are calling me a stupid dumbass moron.

Hello Amy!

Love your blog and your darling baby! What about 'Sheer Cover' the line that Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Gilbert hawk? It sounds good, too, yet, no way do I want to sign up for anything that keeps coming MONTHLY or whatever. Off to read comments to see if this is covered.


As a rule, I stay away from anything that's hawked via infomercial -- ESPECIALLY cosmetics.

(Although I admit I HAVE bought some stuff from informercials, but it goes on my tile grout, not my face.)

(God, I love the cleaning product informercials. It's like a horror film with a porn movie ending: OH NO! DON'T POUR ENGINE GREASE ON THAT POOR LADY'S COUCH! I CAN'T LOOK! WAIT! IT'S TOTALLY CLEAN NOW! OH MY GOD! DO IT AGAIN! AGAIN!)

(Rinses sponge, lights cigarette, sighs contentedly.)

But! Makeup? I don't trust any product line that isn't sold in a store where I can go and sample it before I buy. Or anything without a simple return policy -- so I'm not paying double shipping and handling if I don't send it back within like, 48 hours.

Rule number two is to stay away from anything that costs $29.99 A MONTH, PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING, whether you actually need them to send you more stuff every month or not. Please. No one uses that much foundation in a month, except maybe for this lady.

And rule number three: Leeza Gibbons and Melissa Gilbert? Schwaa? Hardly the beauty icons of our age, no?

More questions to come, but I am now overcome with the desire to crack out my old school OxyClean and scrub my bathroom tile for awhile.


Thanks so much for all the great links and recommendations on maternity clothes. I, too, drooled over the selection at Maternity 9 on the pike, and might have splurged a bit.  I'm closing in on 39 weeks, and looking ahead to days at home and attempts at nursing.  Do you wear nursing bras and/or clothes?  Are they worth the $$$.  I got a couple pairs of nursing pajamas from Motherwear, but frankly, the selection of clothes that allow for discreet nursing leave a lot to be desired.  And, my breasts have grown so much during my pregnancy, I'm cautious to buy nursing bras NOW for fear that they will be too small when my milk comes in. 

How did you handle this?  Thanks.  Love your site, love your writing and Noah is adorable.


(Note: Betty just submitted this question today, and I'm answering it because I hold a special place in my cold, tarry heart for 39-week pregnant women because it's the longest and most miserable week of their lives when there is little left to do except scan photos of radioactive cheese casseroles. Everybody else gets stuck in the Mysterious Black Hole Otherwise Known As The Wednesday Advice Smackdown Queue.)

The nursing pajamas are a good call -- I bought a nursing gown from Aimee and absolutely LIVED in it for the first couple weeks of Noah's life, until he pooped on it. Then I realized that I should probably wash it.

Other than that, I don't own any actual "nursing clothes." At home, I just yank my shirt up or wear a lot of cardigans and zip-up hoodies. And out in public...well, I've only nursed out in public twice because Noah is so laid back about eating these days. Boob or bottle, breastmilk or formula, he really doesn't give a damn, just long as I get SOME KIND OF FOOD SOURCE in his mouth within a few seconds of his initial demand.

The first public nursing experience was at the veterinarian's office, when Ceiba was getting follow-up X-rays on her poor Bionic Leg and they took a lot longer than I thought they would and Noah was SCREAAAAAAAAMING and I was in an exam room with this little window to the central pharmacy and all the pharmacy employees were looking through the window and commenting on the poor screaming baby and I finally could not take it anymore and cowered in the corner under a blanket and managed to get Noah latched on with minimal boob exposure.

The second time was just yesterday when I successfully (!) managed to attend a Reel Moms screening, but that probably doesn't count because it was dark and duh, it was just one big baby-feeding party in there.

You do need a couple nursing bras though -- they really are comfortable and convenient and blah -- but ignore everyone who says to buy them now.

I bought a couple cheap nursing bras from Target while I was still pregnant, and yeah, I completely guessed wrong on the size and ended up throwing them all away. (With the exception of a little nursing tank -- adore that one.) So honestly? Wear your sports bras at first until you can go and get properly fitted after your milk comes in.

I was lucky enough to get a coupon for 20% off at Sy-lene's in Chevy Chase from my lactation consultant, so I went there and got fitted and bought three nursing bras, and I have to say, I love them. They had pretty-ish ones with matching panties (and oh, how I hate that word, almost as much as "moist" and "blog," although if you put all three words together you get a fairly awesome name for a porn site) and without the coupon they were about the same price as your average bra at Victoria's Secret. Highly recommended, fine holiday fun.

For non-local readers, perhaps we could get some good online suggestions for nursing bras and brands in the comment section? Fire away, know-it-alls.

Good luck, and be prepared to wear these bras ALL THE DAMN TIME, EVEN TO BED, WHICH HOTT!

Also hott: colds, congestion and FIERY SORE THROATS FROM HELL. No more questions today. Ugh. Send your questions to and I will maybe answer them if I am not dead by next Wednesday. Send soup.



no one's calling you a stupid dumbass moron. (but now the search will bring up my comment.)


love the sonia kashuk brushes! I second the advice!


You're not a stupid dumbass moron (lol. i totally typed domeass... so i guess that makes me the moron. sorry!)... I ended up buying those Sonia Kushak brushes and I LOVE them! :) thanks for the suggestion.


ps. i hope you both feel better soon!


I have nothing to say...just wanted to be number three!

more likely ten by the time I am done typing this...


see, now I have something to say. I was an ass and forgot to send some get better wishes to the both of you, so...feel better soon!!

Heather B.

Here's to hoping you both feel better soon!


I use Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil shampoo for dry scalp, oily hair, and while it's pricey, it's a great product. I use various conditioners. I tried the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner as a less expensive alternative but they turned out to be the first and only shampoo and conditioner that I was so disappointed with that I threw them away after months of nonuse.


re scalp advice: I have the same condition and hair as your query, and your advice was SPOT ON.

I'd add only one thing: get a prescription shampoo with "ketoconazole" in it. Nizoral is an excellent suggestion too - you are right, that salon stuff will not cut it for this.

I had THEE WORST episode of flakes/etc. and this ketoconazole shampoo cleared it up. It's harsh but at least I don't have chunks of scab on my shoulders anymore. Eyyeeeech.

sorry to sound like some weird scalp evangalist, but I know how annoying the scalp problems can be!


Sorry you and Noah are not feeling well. I think it's just a bad day for most today (I know it is for me). Also, you are not stupid, a dumbass, or a moron. You are however, a fabulous blogger. THanks for a new post. It really brightened my day.


warmed over phlegm on toast . . .

that is stellar. i will attempt to use that phrase at least thrice in the office today (with due credit, of course). excellent.


I have the dry scalp thing when I have PMS, and my hairdresser suggested that I quit touching my scalp when applying hair product or washing it. This works a treat. (I assumed that scrubbing the hell out of it would get rid of the problem, but like your mom always said, scratching it will only make it worse.)

Still go to the dermatologist, since something prescription-y will clear it up, but not touching it helps it from getting all over your clothes. (Sorry. TMI. But hey, I share your pain.)


My alternative to "warmed over phlegm on toast" is "death on a trisket." Fun to say and leaves people scratching their heads...though that might not be a good idea with this thread topic. Hmm.

Anyway, feel better!


HAHAHA... "weird scalp evangelist"--LOVE THAT!!!

Amalah, hope you're feeling better soon, I'm currently sick, and I know how much it sucks without some kind of leech attached to my body, so I can't imagine how crap you must be feeling. Take care, and perhaps get some sleep rather than answering more questions? We shall forgive you!


I have a suggestion for Noah. When my girls were babies and had colds, I had them sleep in their carseats -- in our room, not the car of course. Since they were not lying flat, it helped them with their breathing and everyone got to sleep.

And now, for some reason, my scalp itches.


I am staying home from work today in sympathy for you and Noah. (And I didn't feel like going in. ha) Hope you guys feel better soon!

Just wanted to reflect on the fact that personal taste is so diverse and interesting. Via the brush link above, I ended up perusing old entries about handbags, and I just find it fascinating how varied personal preferences can be. I don't really have a thing for purses, and the ones you link to don't do much for me, but I say that with no judgement about your taste or what types of things you collect to make yourself happy, because while I'm not into shoes or purses, I totally freakin' love sheets and winter scarves. My husband doesn't get why we have so many sets o' sheets (he's still kinda back in that "you only need one set and sometimes you wash them" boy place) but a lovely set of periwinkle flannel sheets with a smattering of little white snowflakes just makes me really, really happy. Anyway, it's just interesting to me how varied tastes can be.

That is all. Feel better! I am going to put some snowflake sheets on the bed.


I read an article in InStyle a few months ago that recommended e.l.f. brushes. InStyle says they're well-made and, hello, THEY ARE A DOLLAR EACH. I have requested the nine-piece set for Christmas.


Ugh, I'm sick, too. I just got dirty looks and retardo conversation from a jerk-face co-worker. Anyway, hope you and Noah get over the cold quickly!

Real Girl

Ah! Flaky, itchy, oily scalp. Something I've been secretly battling my whole life. The dermatologist is entirely the way to go--it might be sebbhorea dermatitis (which I am CERTAIN I have mispelled but am momentarily too lazy to google), which can be treated with non-prescription strength Selsun Blue or with what my derm calls "prescription strength selsun" which must actually be some medicationy ingredient.

The treatment leaves my hair dry, so I choose the moisturizing Selsun Blue, which you're not supposed to use every day but I do anyway. The prescription stuff I use twice a week.

I've sampled Pureology and I've got to admit I'm not a huge fan. My fave drugstore brand is Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine, but right now I'm using Tigi Bed Head moisturizing conditioner which is great if you leave it on for a good five minutes. (And it's Amalah's fave hair brand to boot.)


I only returned 108 results for "Amalah stupid dumbass moron"... ??

Real Girl

269 google results for amalah+rat+dog
484 google results for amalah+ceiba
731 google results for amalah+noah

Poor little rat dog.


From one sassy goddess to another, I love this site. AND I love your sassiness...stay as sassy as possible...(Perhaps I just like to say sassy)...sassy sassy sassy!
Sorry to hear that you guys are sick. I'm just recovering from a month long stint of coughing up "bush oysters" and my daughter having her first double ear infection. Just lovely.

Ohhhhhh. And I forgot to mention the hospital stint inbetween where my neck finally just packed it in from lugging around a 40lb baby all day long.

Motherhood is the fucking best!
No, I kid. It really is....I just hate it when people pretend that everything is hunky doory when its not..."Ohhhh Charles, you just spat up on Mummies new outfit? Oh I forgive you anyway cause your the cutest most handsome little man" gah gah blah blah.

And bizzitch is my new word. Thank you.

Anne Glamore

I do like that Sephora foundation brush you recommended. So I have gotten some practical advice off this site. Plus my brother in law is ordering my sister a purse YOU suggested.

Meanwhile i am wondering-- why did nair make a special wax for the face? It is bad. I am trying to take photos so I can flickr it and show just HOW bad....

Kiss those cheeks (the top ones) for me!


I just went through my son's first cold at 4 months and I had a night much like yours. The second I tried to lay him down he would scream cause he was so congested. Nobody tells you that you will wipe your baby's snot off on your arm and forget about it until the next day when it's all hardended and gross.


I have tried Sheer Cover in the past. It's not bad, but it's certainly not worth subscribing to, and the coverage is not that great. Overall opinion? Don't bother. Go out and get thyself some MAC StudioTech or StudioFix if you really want amazing coverage in a powder.


Hope you and the little Antibody Sucker feel better soon. I am impressed by your devotion to the Wednesday Advice Smackdown!

I dread the first cold - 7 weeks and counting, Cold Free. I am debating whether to stick my own kid into the gym's nursery so I can get in a desperate workout but hesitate to expose him to any more germs than needed. Not that I am Germ Phobe, but the thought of him having a cold - yikes.


Dear Amy,

Have you run out of pictures of Noah?! Last week's answers were followed by baby photos, no more? Because Melissa is right, not all babies are cute, no matter what nice people say.


Tom: Any pictures of Noah from the past two days would have been of him screaming and covered in snot. Which, while I love the little guy more than anything, but that's just not a good look for the Internet.


Everyone's skin is different, even on top of your head, but Phyto's Phytosquame is a godsend for dandruff. It's about $48 for a tube, but it's a concentrated treatment you put on your scalp, so your hair doesn't get blamed for your scalp's issue in the process. They should have it at Sephora and Blue Mercury and all of the usual online hair places.


No suggestions yet for nursing bras?

Ok, here goes, here are the hands down, most comfortable and very easy to open and close bras I ever used (I have two kids- nursed both for a year).

bravado bras -google them and you will get tons of hits.

They are similar to a sports bra in that they are cotton and pull over the head. They are super comfy, expand and contract with the size of your boobs (unlike many bras where after a nursing session your boob loses its fullness, and the bra just does not fit any longer).

Best of all, it uses a snap closure at the top which is the only one I ever foud that I could manage one handed (which is essential in public unless you want to fully expose yourself while putting the bra cup back in place).

Finally they come in fun patterns as well as black and white- so you can be funky too.

Ok, that it all.


I just laughed out loud. I too hate the words panties and moist...almost as much as I hate the word purse.


Hope you're both feeling better. Liked the itchy scalp assvice, but I hope you never have to deal with lice. Although maybe you should sometime - I sure could have used some ideas on how to prevent it in my house with a 3 year old in preschool. Apparently, lice like clean hair.
who knew?


Hey? How the hell are Ceiba & Max?

Wicked Stepmom (a.k.a. Cathy)

You're my blogging hero! I was so impressed when you posted an update to your blog 3 DAYS after Noah was born. You inspired me to try to be as diligent with my own blog after my daughter was born (3 weeks ago via c-section), but alas I'm not that good of a blogger. :) I did manage a picture and her birth story, but that's about it. I've been stuck in breastfeeding hell these past 3 weeks (complete with crunchy toast point nipples!!) and keep drawing from your experience for strength and inspiration.

Noah is delicious. Hope you both feel better soon.


I have a few brushes from e.l.f. and they work fine for me. Of course, I don't know what I might be missing.

And on a somewhat defensive note, I actually had lice in college, which, I know, gross. But I got them from my suitemate who got them from her sister who got them in Hawaii (it just sounds exotic). The sis was sharing hair products without my suitemate knowing.

I'm actually very clean despite how it sounds. Actually, someone told me that lice only like clean heads/places. I don't know if that's true, because you expect the grungy kids at school to get them, but that may not be the case. Anyway, my point was: you can help getting lice but sometimes they're in the least likely of places. Or something.


Wow, that sounded overly defensive. The topic of lice brings out the crazy in me.


Ohhh, with the baby AND the cold. That really, really sucks. I hope Jason takes really good care of both of you. Eat/drink lots of soup!! And I'm kind of commiserating because Ella has an "acute ear infection and upper respiratory infection" right now, and she's completely miserable (which I feel really bad about) and completely whiny ALL the time (which thank heavens you don't have to deal with that yet!)


Note to Betty, I saw some adorable nursing tops at Zara while I was in Italy. Don't know if that translates stateside, but Zara! Cute, cheap, disposable!


Just wanted to add that I, too, have the scalp issue, and when it gets really bad, my dermatologist gives me a shot for it. I hate shots, but it kills the infection causing the flakiness and gets the situation under control in a day or so (with one or two "lather rinse repeat" sessions with Nizoral or similar.

Oh, and for the itchy flamy throat hell, make a cup of herbal lemon tea, melt two Halls Vapor action cough drops in it (the "medicine center" kind is best) and add lots and lots of honey to sweeten it. Then gargle (REALLY gargle, the unsexy, head thrown back, "just a minute, honey; I must close the bathroom door" kind) with antiseptic mouthwash. Kills the bugs back there and cuts down on the duration of your cold.


As someone who wears an economy-size, large-type nursing bra (36E), I had a really, really hard time finding something that would 1) fit, 2) support, and 3) not hurt like a sumbitch. I tried the Target nursing bras, and that was probably the most uncomfortable bra I've ever worn in my life. Not to mention, finding a 36E in *any* store is a rough shopping trip.

Motherhood was/is my savior. I have about 4 of these:
and they are totally awesome. My daughter is almost 14 months old, and I've been nursing her from birth, so y'all can see that the bras last well.


I'm going to chime in to second the comment about the Bravado bras. They are super comfortable and sized to fit a range of boob inflation states. Get at least two.


Get well soon!

Lt. Woman

Desperate near DC... if you're reading this.. I was diagnosed with seborrheic (probably didn't spell that correctly.. eek) dermatitis in HS. My blazer was dark maroon. Ugh. I feel your pain...

Anyhoo, Doctor Dearest gave me a big-arse bottle of Cetrimide (an anti-fungal shampoo) to use. It smells not much like anything & I don't have to use it any more. If I need treatment, I can use Nizoral, (get the 2% solution, the l% is really only for dandruff) & I'm fine in no time. It's just the initial "get rid of" phase that's amonumental PITA

Lt. Woman

Oh.. and you can't prevent headlice in children who live on the same planet as other children. I should know. I work with kids, and every so often, I get that lovely little side-benefit. When I was a kid.. NEVER. Now that I'm the grown up, here they come. The trick is get to it fast & find a good product. One that's easy to use, & doesn't stink like week-old eggs is good.. try Mr Nits if it's available in your corner of the world.

Amy also

Hate "moist" too. Also "tasty".

For Joke!

By the way, Amy, have you ever "gizoogled" yourself? Hilarious! Check this out:

Amalah . Com: In Which Photos Redeem Brotha Crappy Entry
See how amalah calmly juggles tha camera while her boi howls at tha indignity of yet anotha cracka picture so i can get mah pimp on! You've gots tha whole mother'n thing diznown pat and yo momma. ...


Sweetie, breastmilk won't fight off every single cold that comes his way. Besides, he's still brand new; a runny nose is nothing to sneeze at but it's not the flu. Those antibodies will kick in once he's over this and when he starts school (where all the jabbering snot-monkeys live) he'll be the one that never gets sick.

Buck up hon, been there, done that two times over. There is light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not a train.



LOVE the Bravado bras, too! Also, this is the very BEST nursing bra for lounging around the house and to wear at night. VERY comfortable but NO support for wearing under real clothes, though! Well, for my C's turned DD... Ugh.


SHE ANSWERED MY QUESTION! SWOON (thud). Thanks so much, Amalah. I will hie me to the dermatologist stat. Thanks also to the commiserating commenters who made me feel less, you know, ALONE AND DISGUSTING. Hopefully I won't remain "Desperate near DC" for much longer. HUGS ALL AROUND!

Oh, and get well soon, Amalah and Noah!

RockStar Mommy

No, you ARE a stupid dumbass moron! And you know why your kid is sick?! It's because you GIVE HIM BINKIES! And you fed him a bottle of {gasp} FORMULA!!!!

Sorry, I was looking through the comments for something like this and I was a little bit disappointed when I didn't see it (only because I take comfort in other people's hate mail because it makes me feel better about mine, the selfish bitch that I am) so I had to add it in.

But I'm sorry you guys are sick. Being sick sucks enough without a sick baby to tend to. No rest. No sleep. And alllll that snot. GAH. I'm very, very sorry. Get better soon.


I second the vote for Motherhood nursing bras. I'm currently breastfeeding baby number 2 (seven weeks old)... the bra's from number one are still holding up great! Very comfortable and fit well/comfortably no matter what size my ever changing boobs are today! Clasps are easy too!

Good luck with the colds... I've found with my older child that she got all the colds, even when breastfeeding, but never got any of the more serious things going around our house.


How did the Johnson & Johnson's Vapor Bath work? Did it help? It sounds like such a cool product that I'm almost looking forward to my first cold this winter so I can try it out.

I hope you guys are feeling better today, you poor things!


nizoral prescription strength worked for me. oTC version, not so much. get thee to the dermatologist.


I've been at home for 2 days now with a sick baby. He seems to be dealing with it much better than I am!

As for the nursing bras, I found some really great ones at Wal-Mart and they are fairly cheap which is great since I have now gone through 3 sizes since I had the baby. I also purchased some from Target that I was not impressed with at all, although I do love the nursing tanks. Very nice when you are nursing in public.


I hope you both feel better soon.

For nursing bras: somebody already mentioned this, but make sure you can open and close them with one hand because you'll probably be holding the baby with the other hand. I preferred snaps to hooks because I could never do the hooks with one hand.

Grumpy Princess

I really like the Belabumbum bras. They are cute and have one-handed clasps. I currently live in the Copacabana lace bra.


Great. Now my scalp is itching. And my neck. Scratch scratch scratch.

(Not badmouthing anyone with itchy scalp problem...any time anything itchy is mentioned, my scalp itches...weird, huh? Should I post an advice question about that?)


i am sick too. it's all about take-out.

esp. tom yum soup. (sp?) my god. delicious. amazing sinus clearing properties. all round good.


Long time listener, first time caller.

Anyway, Betty, on the nursing bras, what I did for both of my kids was to buy a bunch of cheap cotton tanks with built-in shelf bras -- I bought them at Costco and I think it was like $12 for two. I wore them under everything -- Tees, sweaters, blouses, you name it -- and when you want to nurse, you just lift up top shirt, pull down top of tank from over boob to just under and voila -- nursing baby and you're still covered up as the tank covers your belly (which post-baby is a far more frightening thing to expose than your boobs) and your t-shirt or whatever keeps you covered up on top. Works great.

As for "dedicated" nursing gear, I liked the Bravado bras for those first few weeks when your boobs are huge and sore and you need something that gives a bit more support. They are nice because they are really soft and stretchy and will accomodate your changing sizes. But they are UGLY!

Also, this product -- -- is pretty great. Its basically the tank idea I just described but with an official nursing bra built in. I had two and loved them. And its not ugly!

Finally, not a nursing bra, but make sure you stock up on these -- -- before you start nursing. I didn't have them with my first baby, but did with my second and OH MY GOD, what an amazing product for those first few painful weeks. Get them, you won't regret it.


Also, one last thing -- nursing clothing? Eh, forget it. I nursed both of my kids for seven straight months and never once wore a single piece of nursing clothing. Regular tops worked just fine -- especially in conjunction with tank top solution described above.


Pam: The Vapor bath stuff is great -- it's almost like Vicks Vapo-Rub for your whole body. Mmmmmentholy.

Also essential for baby colds: the snot sucker bulb (you'll get one at the hospital, but we bought one and found that having an extra one is nice), a good room humidifier and a rocker that lets you sleep sitting up with baby on your chest (Noah refused to be put down all night in his swing or carseat, and lying flat on his back caused the oh-my-god-I-can't-breathe freakouts).

Thanks for all the bra suggestions, ladies. I think I want another bra or two and will try Bravada. I had the opposite experience of everybody here though -- I can do the hooks one-handed but have a BITCH of a time re-snapping the snaps. Could just depend on the specific bra style I guess. Or I'm a stupid dumbass moron, which is likely.

And one note of caution on the plain shelf-bra tank top -- I'm not large (34C) by any means, but found that my shelf bra tanks leave me SORE by the end of the day and I really need actual bras. Also: insanely prominent nipples. Gah.

Anyway, it's all just personal preference -- no different than regular bra-shopping.

AND AMEN TO THE SOOTHIES. CHRIST IN HEAVEN. Expensive but worth it -- I always cut one circle in half to make them last longer, and putting them in the fridge for a few minutes was just lovely.

The end. God, I could have just made a whole damn entry from this.


What is up with Maryland making your hair greasy for gosh sakes? I've been having the same freakin problem.
So sorry your sick Amalah!


I like your assvice column, but I really think there should be a rule that EVERY entry you make should have at least ONE photo of Noah. Deal?

Jessica R

I second the car seat idea (as does my advice nurse), but I MUST also recommend the Vicks Baby Rub. God I love that stuff!
As for you... Tylenol Sore Throat. Great stuff.
Feel better soon!

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