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Drop in the Name of Love

One of my biggest parenting fears (besides SIDS, autism and dropping the baby into a volcano) has always been what would happen if I fell while holding Noah.

It's a valid fear, because I fall down a lot. Ahem. Cough. Yes.

After my c-section, I was given strict orders not to carry the baby while walking for a week. And no carrying the baby up and down stairs for a couple more weeks after that. I followed these instructions the best that I could, which is to say, not at all, because I determined pretty much five minutes after the surgery that I was Super Abdominal Surgery Recovery Woman, give me a couple Advil and I HAVE NO LIMITS, THOSE AREA RUGS WILL NOT VACUUM THEMSELVES.

When Noah was just a few days old, Lactaction Consultant v.1.0 told me to always keep a grip on his thigh when I carried him, because this would keep him secure if I fell. I followed these instructions to the letter and walked around with a vise grip on my son's chubby thigh for weeks, although I could never quite work out a falling-down-the-stairs scenario in my head that didn't involve me swinging Noah around like a cartoon, whacking his head a few times and then triumphantly holding him upside-down by one leg at the bottom of the stairs.

I also refused to ever hold him in the kitchen, what with all that hard ceramic tile and Siletone countertops and food processor blades and other assorted hard surfaces that I could smash his head wide open on.

I'm much better about that now, although I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

I fell down the stairs this morning with Noah in my arms.

Also in my arms: a tote full of bottles, a shopping bag full of bibs and extra baby clothes, my purse and my damn breast pump.

It wasn't a full ass-over-teakettle fall, but my heel got caught in my pants hem as I walked down our building's stairs. I saw the landing a few steps down and realized there was no way I could grab anything or put my hands out to break my fall, but it was monumentally important that I not fall flat on my face and crush the baby (who, looking back on it, was wearing his ridiculously puffy jacket and probably would have been just fine even if I'd just tossed him blindly on the landing) I just sort of gritted my teeth and bent my knees and BAM.

Full force, right on my knees. And then I was so top heavy with everything I was carrying I lost my balance and fell forward, so I stuck my elbows out and BAM.

And I lay there for a minute, propped up on my throbbing elbows, with the breast pump bag now sort of on top of my head, wondering WHO THE HELL TAUGHT ME TO DO THAT.

Noah just sort of looked at me, like why are we on the floor, Mom? And then he farted and sighed contentedly.

Kids. I SWEAR.


Who's paying for Mommy's kneecap replacement surgery in 30 years? Who? Is it Noah? Yes! It is Noah! What a good boy you are, Noah!

And now, I present Noah Storch: The Hugh Hefner of Infant Room C.


Noah would like to invite you to a party at his mansion. Perhaps you would like to meet him in the Grotto? With sexy results?


Noah may have had a few too many champagne cocktails.


However, nothing gets in the way of Noah's swingin', relaxin' good time.


Oh dear. Where is Noah's blonde companion who is tasked with keeping him upright and dignified at all times? Perhaps he should hire four or five more.


The party is now over. Please get the fuck out, you freeloading bunch of losers.



Clearly, Noah is a super baby with a super, naturally protective mommy. No harm can befall him!


Oh my God, just reading that was painful. Hope all your two thousand parts are OK.


Noah makes the girls in daycare drool.


glad you have a super-power for falling with grace. the pictures are great, and the captions are HILARIOUS


Oh my word, I'm so sorry.


the problem with carrying all that baby stuff (oh, and the baby) is that when you fell, you couldn't immediately whip our your camera and take a picture of the damage


My knees and 'bows ache for you, but the real burning question is did anyone see you fall?

If a tree falls in the woods (or If an Amalah falls down the stairs)... If no one saw you, it didn't happen. Your dignity is safe for another day.

Woo woo!


He's even cute when he's pissed. Gotta love that in a man.

(sorry about the falling down thing, that totally sucks, but your cute baby pictures lessen the pain for me somewhat)


OWCH OWCH OWCH!!! I hope your knees feel better soon! Glad to know it is possible to fall and still keep a good grip on baby (one of my fears too... actually, more that my husband will drop baby...).

That is the cutest little housecoat for Noah!


Please keep the Playboy Bunnies away from that child. They will be unable to resist, and I think he is much too young to be exposed to silicon!

Anyway, SO cute. I hope you aren't bruised up too badly!


I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten my heel caught in my pants cuff/hem and tripped down the stairs. I've taken to walking with my legs ridiculously far apart and not buying pants with cuffs.

I've never been holding something important when I've fallen -- only a cup of coffee -- so I am mad impressed that you were able to take that kind of fall and keep Noah intact. Very impressive. But sorry about the knees and elbows. I can only imagine the pain.


My Dog, those FEET! (Noah's -- very big and very cute.)

As a Clumsy Girl myself, I can sympathize with your earlier anxieties and am so sorry that they at least partially came to pass -- though you deserve many kudos for doing an excellent job not falling on your boy. Yay!

Hope your kneecaps and elbows recover very soon.

That is all.


I fell down the stairs when I was a kid and broke my arm (badly) and now I too have big fears of falling while holding the baby. BUT, in the morning I am usually in a hurry and have to grab the baby and go(!)...At least you'll have a weekend to recover. Hope it's not TOO bad!


This may seriously have been one of the funniest posts I have read in AGES!!! I had to shut my office door so as not to disturb my hard working coworkers with my falling out of my chair laughter!
Oh, and Noah? A total stud!

Lisa Ann

If there was an award for cutest baby pix & funniest captions you would SO win it. Well you and Sundry.


"Noah just sort of looked at me, like why are we on the floor, Mom? And then he farted and sighed contentedly."

As sorry as I am to hear you fell, and hope that your knees and elbows feel better, that line got me laughing so hard I'm probably lucky I didn't lose my job for slacking off instead of doing paperwork.


I'm so so glad you are both OK. My mom fell on some ice when she was carrying my brother and broke her ankle. He was fine though. I think that mothers must have some super protective ability when it comes to their children!


Just like a man to fart when the chips are down. . . .whatever that means. Love the pics!


My mom once fell down the stairs with my brother in the laundry basket. Same brother, about a year later, went down the basement steps in his walker. He was fine both times. Although now he drives an ambulance and likes to jump out of airplanes. Coincidence?


P.S. Found that volcano cam website in one of your earlier fall-y posts... the picture is totally not scary today, as it features icicles and nothing else but grey clouds. Just so you know.



I hope you're okay. That sounds pretty painful. Glad that Noah didn't really notice anything and just thought you were being weird.

My mom and I were talking not too long ago about the number of times she dropped us and the number of times I dropped my younger brother and sister. Suffice it to say that after hearing what I did as a wee child, I'm glad that my brother and sister are fully functional adults, because man, I dropped them a lot.



Sorry. I got carried away there, but they are so dadgummed cute.

And sorry 'bout your knees.

Nicole P

This calls for a relaxing massage to calm the frayed nerves and messed up muscles due to the fall. Tell Mr. Amalah to get thee booked to a day spa immediately! Or at least pout a little and get an Elmo bandaid or something :)

I'm sorry you fell, that had to be so scary while holding the little man. I'm glad you both are ok.


I'm terrified of falling with my daughter because I am a constant victim of the "carpet scuff." (You know...when you're walking and your shoe will scuff on the carpet causing you to fly forward. Maybe I'm the only one...)Anyways, glad to know that it is possible to fall and not squish the child. I'll just have to finetune my catlike reflexes.

Silly Hily

Ouch!!!! Oh gosh Amy, I'm so sorry. That must have scared the ever living shit out of you. I hope your heart has starting beating at it's normal pace by now. I think you need to give us pictures of those knees and elbows in a couple of days when they turn all purple and green.
And AWE, on that last pic of Noah. Poor baby, but proof that yes, he does cry.


It amazes me how your body will instinctively fall the right way to avoid crushing THE BABY. My fall occurred while also carrying a shitload of stuff from the car, parked what seemed like miles from the front door of the building. I hit a large pebble and went down like a Looney Tunes cartoon on the knee and hip side NOT holding the baby. Major bruises and a fav pair of jeans torn when it was no longer cool to have torn jeans. But my sweet boy? Had much the same reaction as your Noah. Kids. Sheesh!


Ouchie!! I'm a clumsy one too, I don't even try *not* to fall anymore, just perfecting the landing. I hope you're not too sore!

And Noah is gorgeous as always! You're gonna hafta beat the little girls off him in no time!


I'm loving the gunboats on that kid. And the phrase "ass over teakettle?!" It's almost too much for one entry.

Remember RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Make Jason wait on you tonight while you put cold packs on your weary knees and elbows. Feel better soon!


Oh my god - I'm so glad you both are ok (well, most of your body is ok)...

My cousin's husband fell on the steps w/their 4 month old daughter and dropped her from several steps up - they took her to the ER and amazingly, she was just fine. The babies, they are durable.

Hope you still feel good tomorrow morning after getting some sleep and rest.

Ali G

OMG... now I'M afraid of falling down while holding the baby...

and i don't have a baby. but now i am TERRIFIED since i am the most clumsy person ever.


I feel your pain (physical and emotional)! I fell down the stairs while holding DS2 once- I felt us falling and twisted myself in an effort to fall back instead of forward (in hopes of landng on my ass, since it's heft provides cushioning.) Baby's head bumped the side rail (hard) and I sprained my ankle as well as bruising various body parts. Stupid me did not realize that my ankle was sprained until after I had hobbled around the office on it for a few hours and then I had to wear a brace for weeks, causing none of my cute shoes to fit over my foot. The things we sacrifice for our children...


My little brother was a year old when my mother slipped on ice while walking into a daycare center with him in her arms. She says she doesn't know how she did it, and she did it without thinking, but she spun in mid-air to fall on her back (instead of falling face forward and landing on the baby). She ended up herniating three discs from the fall, so you be careful in the future! Awkward non-baby-crushing falls can be dangerous!


Okay, that little robe is like...PAINFULLY adorable. My ovaries are now throbbing. Much like your knees and elbows...take care of those. make Jason pamper you a bit...boys are good for that.


Ugh. I at least hope you get some really good bruises out of the fall, that way you can show people and they'll feel sorry for you.

Also, I've never seen bigger feet on a baby...doesn't that mean he's gonna be tall? Yes, tall like a basketball player who makes millions and who can pay for you to get new knees.


Those are the best baby feet ever. And I love your photo captions!


Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark, honey! Great post. I'm thinking of doing my own post on all the horrible, harmful, potentially therapy-inducing things I've done to my two Noahs -- just to make you new moms feel better.

Oh, and OMFG, is that child more adorable every day!!!!


Exact. same. thing. happened to me. Only I threw my weight back and landed on my tail bone and elbows and then proceeded to slide down six stairs with the baby on my chest. Took me about a week to breath normally again (or to sit down in a regular chair).

PS - You're going to Blogher, RIGHT!!!


From someone who has to ALWAYS look down at the steps and hold the handrail on stairs, even when I'm not carrying anything, you have just touched on my biggest fear.
I'm glad you guys are both intact. Must be all those mommy instincts you hear so much about.


Finally de-lurking to sympathize with you about falling, because I do it a lot, too. (People make fun of me because I often fall UP stairs instead of down them. Except I fall down stairs, too, generally in front of lots of people.)

Anyway. the bottom line is that I'm glad Noah's ok, and I hope you feel better soon!


ouch, i'm so sorry.

maybe noah's fart was a delayed reaction, a built-in baby defense mechanism to propel you back up the stairs instead of falling. too bad it was too late!

hope you're not too bruised up!


Damn, woman. I'm glad you and the boy are ok.

I once fell while holding Gabby, but um, haha. I was in a restaurant and was scooting over so Ethan could get out to go pee and I didn't realize the booth/bench I was sitting on ENDED and I just fell flat on the floor. In front of everyone. And held onto Gabby the entire time while she looked at me like "Seriously, mom, WHAT THE HELL?"

Ah, falls with babies.

Bozoette Mary

Just to riff on the first comment...

Not only can no harm befall him, no fall can beharm him. (Groan...)

800 mg Ibuprofen should take care of your knee and elbow aches.


That Noah, such a stud.

Bully for you for keeping Noah safe during your fall. Hope your knees are feeling better soon.


The only time I've ever ridden in a limo, I got the heel of my gorgeous 3-inch pump caught in the lining of my also gorgeous full length coat, and then spilled my dressed-up self onto the sidewalk flat on my face in front of like, 20 people all walking into the opera. Which just goes to show, you can dress me, up but you can't take me out.
Oh, and I've also fallen carrying a baby, but it wasn't mine, it was a friend's, and I kicked a crack in the sidewalk and went down, realizing I was going to smush that baby and because I wasn't about to let go of her to catch myself, I somehow did this twist/turn/pivot thing so that I landed flat on my back with the baby clutched firmly to my chest, her neck supported by my other hand. And then I blacked out from the head inury.


An impressive fall and recovery, yes, but did I ever tell you about the time that I started to put my friend's baby on my shoulders? Did I mention the ceiling fan?


I'm sorry you fell and hurt yourself --HOWEVER, that was so funny!! I had tears each and every time I read it. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who say, "Are you alright?" while laughing so hard that I would be completely useless if the answer was no.

On a serious note, I do hope there is no lasting damage to your knees or elbows. It's a good things babies are so resilient and also that designers realized the life-saving benefits of puffy coats. Who knew.



Y'all are a bunch of klutzes, and I love each and every one of you.


Traumatic! I remember falling with my now 15 mo old son. He was 6 mos at the time.I just instictively cradled the back of his head and took it in both elbows. I'm missing a sliver of bone in one. The say God looks out for babies and fools. That day he was looking out for both! (Uh, me being the fool for not noticing the giant walker planted in the middle of the living room floor.)
Glad you both are ok.


Oh, man. I'm glad you're both okay. I've done a few spectacular falls with babies-in-arms - it appears that the instinct to protect the spawnlings allows for acrobatic moves in, like, fractions of a second. Which would be awesome, if it didn't result in major bruising.


Wow, I thought I was the only one who ever fell down the stairs with a baby! (Seriously, I was so ashamed of myself I've never told anyone until now!)

I also managed the quick-twist-in-midair maneuver, so that the child only fell one step, instead of down the entire staircase. I, however, was a twisted wreckage on the landing.

I also took me a while to brave the stairs again, which seriously impacted my TV-watching (upstairs) and bathroom-going (downstairs). I finally chose to live only on the first floor for several days, until my heart rate returned to normal.

My daughter? Completely unharmed, and in fact, laughed at this apparent new game Mommy invented.


My husband fell down the stairs with our son just last Sunday. The only one hurt was me- I thought my heart might just pop.

And I know it's generally been said but: as soon as I'm finished nibbling my son's toes, I'm going to get Noah's. They are Irresistable!

Real Girl

Ouch to the joints!

Awww to the Hefbabe.


Nothing helps calm a rather tense situation better than a good fart, eh?
Liam wants to know if he can come hang out with Noah and the blonde babes?


Sorry about the fall, but the little picture story board is a scream.



I'm glad you're both okay. And Playboy Noah?

Totally priceless. As in, I snorted out loud here at the office in my pathetic little cube.

Anne Glamore

OK- the pix are still the greatest.

Not only did I whack one of my twin's head into the side of the door by whirling around too fast when I heard someone else fall (no blood from either child), I also once dropped my best friend's youngest child on her face. (We're still speaking)


One day last summer I was wearing a great pair of flip flops that I just bought. The problem was that the soles were the smoothest, slickest leather I think I've ever seen. I slipped down the stairs not once, but three times! The first time by myself, then the next two times holding my six month old son. Stairs-3, Abby-0, Baby-wondering why the hell mom won't change her shoes...


It is for this reason, that I'm buying a house with escalators. Or maybe elevators. I'm famous for falling down and UP stairs.


The Multi-Bag Downstairs Shuffle should be the first event in the Mamalympics. And you'd be the Nadia Comaneci of that shit.


OUCH! Glad the baby was okay. I hope you're feeling better soon. Any bruising? I'm assuming yes...


Falling down the stairs while holding the baby is one of my biggest fears too. I's so sorry about your fall; I hope you're ok.

Also, I loved today's photos/captions. Noah is absoutely adorable and the captions were hilarious (especially the last one).


lmao. I meant "I'm so sorry."


oh my GOD! do you know that i fell down our stairs the EXACT same way a few months ago? except for the elbow part. oh and the baby part. but my knees, oh dear god my knees. i thought in that split second it'd be less horrific. (and i, too had a damned shoe stick in my pants). um, yeah. then at work a couple of months later, i fell down in a room tripping over a cord under a desk as i got up to leave and BAM. knees and palms of my hand.

needless to say, i've had "issues" with my right kneecap for a long time now. if i stand or walk a long time it gets water under it and gets all puffy and disgusting. and if i cross my legs for a while on that side, it gets very hurty.

i can only say to you, bravo for protecting the child. you know that is my biggest fear when i have a baby, too - as i am also a giant clutzo. so i can only hope that i have the same talent and cat-like reflexes as you when i (inevitably) fall with child. ;)

good lord, all you did was knock a fart loose? good job, mommy!


As a supreme sacrifice, I offer myself to watch Noah of the Adorable Toesies while you go out for a nice, relaxing, non-falling dinner. It's just the kind of gal I am...

Sorry about your owies.


I remember when I fell with my daughter I tried so hard to fall some way where she wouldn't get hurt but instead I did fall all the way forward and bashed her head into the wood arm of our sofa and then I landed on her. Scared us both to death.

I hope your knees get to feeling better soon! Again, love the captions with the pics. Freakin hilarious.


I feel your pain. I work as a part-time nanny in this huge house with beautiful, yet very slick, hardwood floors. So the big staircase has wooden stairs, which are also very slick but thankfully covered in a rug down the center. Ok, so their big dog is laying on the stairs one day, I am carrying baby, try to step around the dog and my socked foot steps onto the wood of the stairs and of course down I go...tumbling over the family's precious dog while holding their precious baby. Not my baby=more scary.

I was sick with nervousness afterwards, but amazingly I did some split, crash on one knee weird thing and the baby did the same thing to me...gave me that look, as if to say, "Umm, why I aren't we still moving towards to the kitchen for my lunch?"

Stairs are evil. Wooden stairs are carved by the devil himself. I bought slippers with rubbery bottoms to wear in their house.

And that robe is the cutest things I've seen on Noah. I literally LOL.


That was the most hilarious telling of the most painful fall I have ever read. Too funny. But oh, how it must have hurt.


Good GOD, do I know what you mean about being clumsy. I fall ALL the damn time, and it mainly seems to happen in public places, with lots of friends around, so goes my luck. In fact, just today, I sat down on one of those single seats on the bus, and as it turned around the corner I slipped off the damn chair onto the floor and into the person next to me. It was truly a humbling experience - as if I haven't had enough of them.

But i'm glad you're ok! Judging by that last picture of Noah, he needs more tequila :)


when my son was a baby, I had the completely irrational fear that I would PASS OUT WHILE DRIVING HIM ALONE IN THE CAR. Which, of course, almost never new moms or anyone else. But you might want to get a crisis plan in place anyway. Just in case.


Poor Amalah! Amazing the reflexes that develop with parenthood, aren't they?

Here is something to make you feel a little better: my poor hubby fell in our parking lot last week. Slipped on some ice. He fell, hit his knee, and broke...his...kneecap. On his right leg.

So I'm glad you are okay, and Noah is okay, and remember NEVER to ask if things can get worse - because they can. LOL


Sorry about the fall. But the little man is looking so BIG ! in his bouncy chair! All that cereal is doing him right, I guess :)


Glad you and the adorable boy are okay, more or less. I have that fear, too, since I can't walk down a hallway without bouncing off a wall or bruising my shoulder or hip on a corner...


My husband fell down the stairs with our son in his arms, but he contorted his body in such a way so the baby wouldn't get hurt, he ended up doing some damage to his knee because he fell right on it. when i got down to where they were the baby looked at me like "what are we doing? is this a new game?" Mind you- the hubby was carrying the baby because I have a fear of falling down the stairs with him...go figure.
Hope you feel better and don't swell up too much.


If this isn't total justification for the outright abandonment of our antediluvian dress code, seriously, I don't know what is. ...


Hope you are feeling ok...


Ouch! Sorry to hear about the fall, and my knees send their sympathies to your knees, but I am SO glad Noah is okay.

It really is amazing that just being a mother you had those instincts, and somehow you managed to keep him safe and unharmed. You say you're clumsy? I think today counteracts anytime you might have fallen before, and is proof that you have the athletic skills of some really athletic person.

And little Noef? Always so cute. Makes my ovaries wake up.

mom on a wire

When my first baby was 3 months old, I was walking down the stairs with her in one arm and a basket of laundry in the other. Something caused me to miss a step, and I ended up stepping down hard, with my foot all twisted, breaking my ankle. I collapsed on the stairs, and the laundry went everywhere- but my grip on my baby was completely secure, and she landed on top of my body. I don't remember thinking about how to keep her safe, I just did it. Mothering instincts take over to protect our children when our brains can't be any help. I don't always trust my own mind and body to do everything right to keep my kids safe, but I trust my instincts implicitly.


Yikesyikesyikes. I almost dropped a huge pot on my son's head when he was like, 4 days old, and I still have nightmares about it.


Falling like that - you really are the Queen of Everything! If it had been me, I would have been flat on my face.


GOOD GOD. MY heart was in my throat reading that! My 3 Baby Fears are 1) falling down the stairs, 2) SIDS, and 3) catastrophic car wreck with ole Noodle Neck in the backseat.

Your poor knees......


Is it wrong that I am laughing while picturing that scene in my head? You are so fucking funny, and the Hef captions are the best. YOU HAVE THE BEST CAPTIONS EVER. Keep up the good work.


Dang! That kid's getting so big he should be totin' his own diaper bag up and down the stairs! :) (Feel better soon.)

Jennifer D

OMG, I am constantly worried about falling with Alex. I've fallen UP the stairs twice, both while not holding my little guy. Thank goodness. Like a previous person mentioned, I, too, walk with my feet wider apart while carrying him up and down the stairs.

Hope you heal well!


Your baby is pimpin'. I love the robe. :)


OMG, I just laughed out loud at my computer and my kids just stared at me wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

Those pictures say a 1000 words. But I do hope is not the next Heff. Heff is an ugly wrinkled pervert. But I do have a friend who is on the A list and attends all his parties. *sigh* I sure wish I was her so I could be cool like that.


I'm so sorry you fell but I'm glad you're ok. You'll probably feel it more tomorrow.

I fell on an ice patch a few weeks ago while holding my baby because I too am like you and fall ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. I basically did what you did except I did the awkward ice dance where you teeter back and forth while sort of moonwalking. Just remember to cradle the babies head and land just like you did knees and elbows out.


I hope that both of you are ok. Falling over, not good. I have the same problem with my feet. My boyfriend always laughs at my ability to trip over my own feet while just standing in one spot. What can I say, I'm oh so speshul.:)


I've been reading your website ever since my friend Jen (of introduced me to it. I think you might enjoy my site. Check it out.


As my kid would say, Uh Oh. Glad Noah is okay and hope you are, too. Ouch. My knees hurt just reading that. But they felt better after looking at the freaking adorable baby pictures. Unfortunately, those terribly cute pics made my uterus ache for another baby.

Thought I would take this time to tell you that my little boy just LOVES your little girl picture. If he notices me online at another site, he protests very loudly and demands that I pulls up "the GIRL, Mommy, the GIRL!!! I want my GIRL, Mommy!!!" and then he looks at your picture and smiles and runs his sticky little fingers all over it. You may have an almost three year old stalker. Sorry about that.


When I read this post this morning, I got sick to my stomach. I think we all have this fear. I'm so glad you were able to fall without damaging your sweet little guy.

I am so sorry that you hurt your knees and elbows. I hope they heal soon.

(what a playa' your boy is...)


OMG- falling must have been terrifying! Hope you are not too banged up.

Noah is, as always, adorable and he has the biggest feet I've ever seen on a baby- too cute!!


I'm sorry about your fall. That must have been very scary. I'm glad you guys are ok. I can sympathize. I fell in the parking lot at work on Monday. I slipped on the ice and fell backwards onto my tail bone. I am still feeling it today. Luckily, I wasn't carrying anything important, just the garbage.

Melissa B.

I did my big fall on the ice with my younger son. Knocked the wind out of me, but today at 9 years old, he seems okay enough.

I hope you feel better soon!

Oh, my ovaries completely burst when I saw those cute baby feet! Because they are cute! As pie! That I can eat!


Ouch. I bet next time you walk down the stairs it will make you cringe. I know this because last week I took a trip off the curb while carrying my 6 mo old. I feel like I'm going to have a panice attack just thinking of leaving now.

Luckily her fleece hood helped cushion her head. Oh and my right hand and both knees and shin and oh man that sucked. Something weird is still going on with my right shin. You care I know you do ;)

Oh and Noah in the robe? OMG the most silly adorable lookin boy creature ever. Seriously.

Hope all your bones are feeling super soon! Good thinking on the poofy jacket ;)


I am klutz-er-ific.

AT the end of September, my hubby and I were at a C-Mart to find directions to an appointment we had. Hubby parked the truck at the end of the sidewalk - or at least what we THOUGHT was the end of the sidewalk. I climbed out of the truck, and promptly faceplanted into the sidewalk in front of about 20 people in downtown Wichita, KS. I'd caught my toe on the edge of a wheelchair ramp. My leg is still numb from my kneecap to mid-shin, and my foot swells on a routine basis. The orthopod says I bruised nerves and crushed the lymph system that runs across my kneecap and it will 'take time' to heal. It's been 4 months.

When I was in highschool, I was coming down the inside stairwell to get ready for 7am band practice. My foot hit the edge of a carpeted stair, and down I went. My clarinet case flew out of my hand and embedded itself through the drywall in the hall at the bottom of the stairs.

God help any child I ever produce LOL


His feet are the most adorable little baby feet EVER!! No wonder you are always kissing on them!

Kate The Great

Oh! Poor Amalah! You are a very good mommy though =)

Nicole P

To Stacie and the others who are "still feeling it": In college I fell on some icy stairs and my tailbone/low back killed forever. I figured it would just work itself out. Umm yeah, about 3-4 months later it still wasn't getting better so I decided to ask the doc. Prolapsed my damn disc! And since there isn't a lot they can do for it except let it heal and forbid me from doing twisty things. I just got 2 epidural floods for pain control. Well, at least I'm not scared of the epidural portion of the labor now (now just afraid of dropping a deuce on the delivery table) but luckily I have a ways to go before doing the whole baby thing.

Just a convoluded way of saying, GET IT CHECKED OUT before it gets worse. There are therapies they can do to ease the pain/promote healing.

Ok, off soapbox for now.

RockStar Mommy

Okay, ummm, I tripped over my own feet once while walking my daughter in her stroller and fell over the stroller, yes OVER, and knocked that over along with me. Luckily, those seatbelt thingies actually do what they say they will do and she just sat in her seat, suspended upside down wondering why she could see up my nostrils.
Then there was the time that I slipped on a melting ice cube in the kitchen while holding her and landed right on my tail bone. That felt great.
Somehow, the kids always make it out of these scenarios without a single scratch on them.

And the Hugh Hefner thing? Hysterical.


I swear, I can NOT get over his expressions!!

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