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I Don't Care, the Dress is Totally Worth the Hatemail

Look! Posting! Happy now? FINE. Etc.

Absolutely nothing of note has happened to me since I fell down the stairs. Perhaps it was a symbolic fall! Symbolizing the general interestingness of my life and the quality of my website!

Oh. My GOD. My stupid website. That reminds me:

Yesterday, 3:15 pm: I caved to the peer pressure and registered for BlogHer '06.

Yesterday, 3:17 pm: Panic! PANIIIIIC.

I have actually been panicking for a good 22 hours now, up until about five minutes ago when I succeeding in convincing Zoot to sign up and be my roommate and person to hide behind and translator for whenever I meet someone fabulous.

Amy: Bwa fff grrapp gah!

Zoot: She says she loves your website. Or possibly that she needs to pee. I didn't quite catch her inflection on "grrapp."

Alice: Jesus God. (Backs away slowly.)

I am panicking because I went to JournalCon once, and...did not really enjoy myself. I didn't feel like I fit in or that anybody liked me. So I just stayed with my own little clique of friends and I knew this was obnoxious, but I just couldn't seem to get conversations going with anyone else.

And that was here in DC, just a cab ride away, and I was drunk the whole time, and yet now I am flying across the damn country for the opportunity for mass social awkwardness of Scalia-like proportions.

Here's the thing: I consider myself pretty extroverted and chatty, and I like to think this is a good thing. But sometimes when I meet new people I get RIDICULOUSLY EXTROVERTED AND HI HI HI LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE SKIN RASH I HAD THIS ONE TIME and I completely freak people out.

(Every DC reader who has recognized me out in public and introduced themselves just nodded in agreement so hard they may have pulled something. I'm...just not very cool in person. And I'm sorry. Especially to that poor girl I spilled wine on.)

So to anyone going to BlogHer, I will be the girl hiding behind a decorative planter who will probably try to hug you at inappropriate times. While spilling wine on you.


Don't look at me. My idea of a good first impression is puking on your shoes.


Well, that and being CRIMINALLY ADORABLE.



So I'm reading the archives when my notify comes thru. Does that make me a junkie? hmmm.


Me first me first!


Glad it's not just me who gets verbal diarohhea (sorry, can't be bothered to go looking for the dictionary) in certain social situations...and when the person you are talking to starts looking at you like you're crazy, and you're thinking "man, I really ought to shut up now", but the message doesn't seem to get through to your mouth and you just keep yapping...


wow-- i can't believe how much he has grown!


Is it just the angle of that photo or is he starting to fill out some?

I love his long 'n' lean look, but this is cute, too.


Ok, me second then!


i really have nothing to say i just wanted to comment because i'm like number two in the list. usually there have already been hundreds of comments by the time i read your blog and i'm like forget it there's no possible way i can be witty and charming. hello like 100 other people have already taken everything to say.
good luck at blogher at least people will know who you are.


He is criminally adorable. From what I read about last year's Blogher goings-ons, everyone will be too drunk or enthralled with Heather/Dooce to notice if you manage to make a fool of yourself. Plus it will be a lot of fun, I'm sure.

I'm so jealous, but also so not cool enough to go to Blogher. Have fun there for me!


ooh, i have been debating the blogher thing for a while now...i hate to a)disappoint people or b)have no one be disappointed at all because they have no. idea. who the hell i am.

do we ever really get past high school? ;)


You are brave.

I can't talk to people and when I do, I just come across as a mean bitch. I'm not sure what's worse...talking to much or talking trash.

Anyway, it's sounds like it will be fun. Will Noah be attending?


Do you realize that YOU will probably be the cause of some lesser others' bumblings and own rampant chatter, because YOU're a someone fabulous?


OMG, you and Very Mom are going? I'm so there, even though financial troubles restrain me from having anything but a Blogger account right now.


"Hi, my name is Missie...and I am a Noah addict."

What a cute little punkin.


I wish I could go to BlogHer too! How fun. Unfortunately, it's just not going to happen this year.

If I *could* go, though, I would hide behind the planter with you and we could tag team people with our oversharing talking thing, because I am guilty of that too.

Sometimes, when I've been talking, I'll stop to take a breath and realize it's reeeeally quiet and I've been talking for, like, 3 minutes straight, extremely loudly. And everyone is looking at me. And then I don't want to start talking again because I realize I've been totally monopolizing the conversation, so I just stop talking, even if it's mid-sentence.

Basically, just read this comment out loud to yourself in a not-very-quiet voice and you'll get what I mean.

mom on a wire

Have fun at BlogHer- and don't write about it TOO much or I may become very sad and jealous. And nobody wants that. ...Right?


I'm pretty sure I'm going to be there, which is funny because only two people care if I go or not (and one of them (sj) only asked me to go because I was crying that no one asked me to go) so, it's really just me wanting to be there to see what all of The Pretty and Popular people are like in person. HA. I'm SO going to be watching out for you.


Dude, I'd totally be tripping over my words if I met YOU. Have fun!


I am envious of even the ability to over-share in awkward social situations. I turn red and go completely mute. If I still lived in DC and I saw you I'd be lucky to get out "I like your blog" in a voice far to quiet to actually be heard by human ears, which would be ok because I'd be incapable of actually approaching you and would probably say this from across the street. And then I'd go home and blog about what an idiot I am.


Y? You better damn go to BlogHer, although be prepared to think that I'm an idiot. An idiot who has WAAAAY too much to say about her own boobs.

Noah will not be attending. I don't think all that estrogen will be good for him.


You're the one I'd get tongue-tied trying to talk to...and I'd be the one everyone else would be asking to refill their drink...it's very crowded here at the base of the blogging pyramid...


If BlogHer was in Barcelona, I would come to say hello.

I have an idea! Next year, you should all come to Barcleona! Amy, do your best to encourage everybody. The wine here is reallly good and cheap, and EVERYBODY talks very loudly and fast.


I'd love to go to BlogHer, but I think I share Sarcomical's fear that no one would have any idea who the hell I am. Oy. The high school phobias never go away...


It's funny that I just blogged about this a bit ago and actually questioned if Zoot and Amalah would be too cool to hang with me if I went to blogher.... so um... if you're hiding behind that plant, I'll be the nerdy girl wishing that I would get an e-vite to hide behind the cool plant with you...


I'm kind of jealous - BlogHer seems cool, but I would know no one and be a huge dork, so...

I bet you have a great time, especially with Zoot for back-up.


I hope you end up having a fabulous time at BlogHer!

Speaking of running into web celebs in real life, this past weekend, my friend Christina (who also enjoys your blog) and I were at Ulta, and I was babbling about something from a Wed.Adv.Smk. and interrupted myself to say, "Wouldn't it be funny if Amy walked by while I was talking about her website?" And Christina said, "Amy wouldn't come here. I have a feeling Ulta is like the country cousin of Sephora." Anyway, this is just to say that if you had walked by, I totally would have blushed and hidden behind the hairstyle aids and felt like a dork. Which is to say that you also probably inspire babbling idiocy in a lot of people, and I bet most are completely empathetic and still think you're cool when you freak out.

That is all!
She who lives out in the wilderness of Springfield and only has an Ulta for cool makeup and hair products


I react two ways in social situations I either clam up so everyone thinks I'm a snobby bitch or I become victim to the verbal diarrhea and often times settle on the weather as the ideal topic of conversation. THE WEATHER PEOPLE!! Who talks about the weather without irony??

Anyway, I'm in the boat with Sarcomical, everyone would be all... hey, who's that blonde girl over the where? The one drinking heavily and speaking to no one? And I feel that it would be quite disastrous. Although I would quite enjoy seeing all of the pretty people who comprise my daily reads!

Sarcastic Journalist

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of fond of people that tell me about their rashes. I'd totally let you tell me about your rash. And then spill your wine on me. Because? I'd be the half naked girl hiding in the corner.


My new goal is to meet Noah and Amalah on the streets of DC. Noah could not be cuter. He is so ready for Pilates.

Heather B.

Ha funny...because the first time I met you (ok, and like the 4th and 5th times) I could hardly form a sentence. But now I've mastered; yes, hi, thank you, and ok. I feel pretty good about my communication skills now.


BlogHer sounds like middle school. Blech. Since I am prone to making off-the-cuff remarks, though, I think I could listen to a rash story.

Queen Alison

Noah is so cute it's ridiculous.

And hi! I have never posted before, because a) I am very shy and b) I just started reading your blog. You are hysterical and I love reading about your life!

That is all.


Scoutsadie: I LOVE ULTA. It's where I buy all my BedHead products and snappy barrettes.

Also, PEOPLE. I AM NOT COOL. Do not be shy or intimidated by me. (THAT'S HILARIOUS.) PLEASE Come say hello and we can be merry dorks together and you will see that just because someone gets a lot of comments on her website it does not make her better than you. In fact, it probably makes her worse, because she can't do anything without at least 130 people telling her that it's okay.

And for everybody who is worried that people at BlogHer won't know who you are? Well, it's really THEIR fault that they are so Internet-clueless that they aren't reading the coolest blog on the Web, right? Like, honestly, where have they BEEN?


I've been tossing around the idea of going to BlogHer but haven't decided yet...Hmmm...

mama speak

You should work it out before you come to have a "chaparone" (sorry about spelling) someone local who will get you good & loaded at all the fun places, so you will be your "happy, chatty, drunk, self" (and not care!). I'll be on maternity leave during that time (and I live VERY ClOSE TO THIS), but you'd have to cruz w/the 37YO who drives a minivan (and I'm pretty sure I'm selling the Del Sol by then, so we can go to Disneyland.) So don't think I'd qualify for the cool factor (anymore).


You were very nice and easy to talk to at Journalcon DC. I'm sure you will be fine at Blogher.

Silly Hily

This is too funny! I almost peed my pants when you left ME a comment. I even blogged about it. If I met you? My idol? Oh my goodness. Well, I might possibly give you the best laugh of your life.
Just one thing about this little convention thing going on, will you PLEASE take tons of pictures!!!??? Oh wait, Zoot will be with you. I have nothing to worry about b/c I know if you don't, she will. Yall are going to have SUCH a good time!


Thank God you're as cool as you are in text. I hear you on the extra-extroversion.

Sometimes people accidentally think I'm an expert about something. Recently this has come to a disastrous end...

*when discussing a competing media company with a stranger at a bbq I said "oh, yeah, aren't they expanding all over the place." Reply: "No, I doubt they'd expand since going bankrupt last year."

*when trying to talk a fancy ad agency into the idea of working with a little media co the response I got after babbling, "Yeah, I suppose some stranger things have happened."

*Not mentally warmed up yet when walking into a networking event to promote damn media co. "Yeah, it's really weird, it's warmer in the garage than it is outside." I am retarded.

*And last, last week at the super swank Washington Business Journal party I kept thinking that the DC Chamber of Commerce had something to do with government, terrorism, and tourism. Over and over.


My god, that is one adorable boy!


Fun, I want to go! But I fear my 2-year old my go into shock from lack of boob for a few days! I'd love to meet the "internet rockstars" in person! Do you have your Sharpie ready for the common folk autographs?


You need to bring lots of Noah pictures to Blogher and when you feel yourself slipping into ramble mode pull one out and blind them with his cuteness!!

RockStar Mommy

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK! First I find out Zoot's gonna be at Blogher, now you? DAMN YOU, WHORES! How are you possibly getting away from your children and husbands for two whole days? I seriously think I would return to a whole in the ground which used to hold my house if I left for that long. And it's not like it's even remotely close. You're changing coasts! DAMN YOU!

Now I stomp away and whine about how much I want to go, too.

(If I sleep in the bathtub, can I be your guys' roomate, too? Thanks. Considering that I'll NEVER BE ABLE TO GO!)


Ali G

i'm surprised! i totally need a translator when talking to famous people B/C I AM AN IDIOT... (once gave the mayor of NYC the WRONG date for my college grad, and then CORRECTED MYSELF b/c obviously that made me sound smarter) ... but you're always so funny and witty that i figured you had no problem!

so... remember that you ARE one of the famous people! maybe they are nervous about talking to YOU?

or maybe you can pretend they are in their underwear or something...


It's funny how talking about your skin rash can be SO funny on the internet, and SO inappropriate in RL.....

Lisa B

Um hello. You are an internet rockstar like Dooce, Fluid Pudding, and Ms. Alice. You are totally in your league! GO and have fun. And drink wine.

I would LOVE to go. LOVE. Especially if someone would teach me how to not suck at this whole blogging thing. heehee.


OMG! You're going to be right in my back yard! I'm trying not to hyperventilate. I'm don't mean to sound like a jackass, but if I met you, I'd TOTALLY spill wine on you. And ramble incessantly about MY baby. You see, I'm convinced you and I are twins, separated at birth. Ok, that may be an overstatement, but I think you rock and are funnier than all get out. So don't you worry about rambling on and sounding stupid, because there will people like me who will ramble more and be stupider because they're talking to YOU.


I went to BlogHer last year and it was VERY cool and VERY inspirational. Plus, getting all hopped up on estrogen? Can't beat that with a stick.

I can also report that Alice is just as well-spoken as she is well-written. Furthermore, both her and Dooce were very, very humble about their fanship. I hope they both make this year's conference, too.

Also, if you haven't already, be sure to get your reservations at the Hyatt while they are still $75/night!


I came | | this close to going last year. I'm not sure about this year. I kind of felt like it'd be a granola fest, so I decided against it. I mean, I live really close, so it'd be no skin off my back, but uh, yeah. I don't think I had a point.

the kim half of glamorouse

If it makes you feel any better, I giggled like a girl when you left a comment on my blog. And while that may not be that unusual considering I am a girl, i don't usually giggle like one.

Giddy with delight I was. And I sort of danced in my seat, and tried to explain to Chef who you were and why I was acting like a 16 year old invited on her first day by a boy she, like, really really likes. And that.


see you there.


Noah looks like he is getting more hair - so cute!

Forget about envying your cute baby pics and witty writing ability - I'm with Rockstar Mommy over having a weekend to yourself. Lucky!

If I ever met you on the street I would totally babble and/or stutter while probably trying to invite you and Noah to hang out with me and my Little Prince. We love to go all over this city. Hey, he and Noah even have the same hair line!

Have a great trip!


oh stop with the unnecessary drama, mama! I TALKED YOU INTO THIS THING, AND BY GUM YOU'LL HAVE YOUR FUCKING FUN.

i tend, in real life, to be pretty much like i am on my blog. dry and snarky.



Wait, Wait, no snarky comments yet, so I'll give it a try. See this is further evidence that you are an uncaring selfish mother. Not only you are prepared to leave poor Noah behind, gasp, with his dad, for 2 WHOLE DAYS, are you telling me you will pay all that money to travel across the country and drink it up with a bunch of girls? You totally can afford to stay at home!

My god I am jealous. The first time I went anywhere alone was 14 months postpartum, to the exciting metropolis of Cleveland, to attend a mediocre conference in a mediocre hotel, in a freezing cold room, with the worst coffee known to mankind. I'd rather give birth again.

Have tons of fun! Drink one on us.


That's so funny Amalah, 'cause how you would react to Alice, is how I would react to you. Or Alice. Or anyone who writes something that I read.


Relax, lovely amalah - you'll have a blast at BlogHer. Seriously, it's totally relaxed and easy to socialize (er, uh, learn stuff)


Oh. My. God. You just indirectly said that I have the coolest blog on the web. That was for me, right? I know it was.

(Is that a sign of obsession? Attributing feelings to another person that they don't actually have toward you? Surely not...)

Anyway, I think I'm going to go faint now from sheer joy.


Sweetney, my original draft of this post called you a whore for talking me into registering.

You are welcome.


The Noah gets cuter every day and I think he has more hair now. Smackdown tomorrow! Yippie!

Real Girl

Am I really the only one who's never heard of BlogHer? Ummmkay, I'll imagine something like the movie Fame--the part where all the artistic people surge onto the streets twirling and singing. Only instead of dancing, now there are LAPTOPS, and women TYPING, in the STREETS, while Irene Cara writes about it in her legwarmers.


yes, well, my whorishness is well-matched to unbridled trampiness.

oh yeah, you heard me. SNAP! its ON!

i mean all of this in the lighthearted spirit of loving BlogHer sisterhood, of course.

you floozy.


that's YOUR unbridled trampiness.

just to clarify.




Hi. I'm new.

I was reading my piled-up-to-the-ceiling-back-issues of The Washingtonian when I saw you and The Belly out to here (!). I came, I saw (that was me elevating your stats Sunday night), I liked. I came back.

I realize I'm a stranger, but OH!, the damage we could inflict together. Me, with my inappropriate laughter and rattling on about myself in an effort to not pry and you with your inappropriate stories and wine-spillage... I'm having a great time already!


I'm so jealous. You're going to be hanging out with Zoot in real life for a Blogging Conference??!?!? Shit. I may come just to gawk.


I'm not even cool enough to know about BlogHer before this post or do anything but serve cocktails and sneak into the pool during the conference.

I get 0 comments post after post and have only been consoling myself by reading amalah archives back in the days where the comments were from Jason and Mom.

However, I am not so delusional as to hope for the comment explosions that occur here. One from my mom would be nice....


Amy: "I will be the girl hiding behind a decorative planter who will probably try to hug you at inappropriate times. While spilling wine on you."

You just described 99 percent of my social life. I win the social retard award. On the upside, I still manage to have a good time so I guess s'all good.


He IS criminally adorable!

suzanna danna

Save room behind that planter for me will you? Hell, I haven’t even worked up the nerve to go to Journalcon or the tiny little Weetacon... but a BlogHer Convention? That doesn't sound quite as terrifying.


Who am I kidding? I'll be here in TX waiting to see flickr pictures of the event and living vicariously though those of ya'll who went.


I was thinking about going - but like most posters - I am a) shy and b) have no readership so not sure I can sell it to the hubby! :) Maybe they'll have one in the east sometime!

Noah is adorable!


The second picture of Noah is so cute. You will do fine at BlogHer. It will be fun, I know it will AND I am sure it will be great blogging material.


Dude, I hear you on the blog-her. I think about going, and then I just think about how bad it would suck to be as shy as I know I am around a bunch of internet rock stars, including you.


I used to think all these blogger meet-ups were dumb as well, but I read about last year's conference and it sounded like a lot of fun, so I also decided to go this year. And Y is rooming with me, so I get to see the boobs in person! LOL


Noah = Deliciously Adorable!


he does commit crimes with the cute. that little head of his. how can a little head be so damned cute? it's SO cute.


BlogHer will be right around the corner from me. I'm going to have to restrain myself from hanging out-stalker-like-in the lobby of the Hyatt to see you and Zoot. Enjoy yourself--the first time I went away without the babies it was hard leaving, but once I was actually away I had a BLAST.

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