Not Quite a Year in the Life of Amy's Camera Phone

The Vomitorium Tour

I believe it goes without saying that there will be no Advice Smackdown today. I simply cannot deal with the thinking and the responsibility and the shampoo talk, and oh GOD, I smell shampoo now, and it's disgusting.

We are sort of emerging from Hell. We are sort of completely dehydrated and weak like weak baby kittens. The most grievious neglect of our son amounted to skipping his bath last night and dressing him in a red and GREY outfit today, instead of the requested red and WHITE for the Valentine's Day calendar photo bullshit at daycare, because RED and WHITE? That, by its very definition, would require TWO loads of laundry, and y'all can bite me.

I have not thrown up since Monday night. And in that timeframe I have managed to consume the following:

One banana
Two pieces of white bread
A half cup of rice
Two spoonfuls of vile, vile soup
17 Saltine crackers

So if anyone is looking to shed those last few pregnancy pounds, I highly recommend you go out and get yourself a raging case of staphylococcal food poisoning. You will lose 10 pounds, and also your dignity.

Anyway. I'm back at work today, if only to break the nasty habit of taking sick leave that I don't actually have.

CONFIDENTIAL TO MY COWORKERS: Is it really necessary to make popcorn in the microwave at 9:45 in the morning? Really? Especially when there may be someone creeping into the kitchen for a harmless, odorless cup of water? Someone who is just coming off of a 48-hour food poisoning bender? IS POPCORN FOR BREAKFAST REALLY THE LIFESTYLE CHOICE YOU WANT TO MAKE?


Anyway. I have nothing. It's actually National De-Lurking Week, and has been since Monday, but I've been hesitant to encourage people to overcome The Shy and say hello when all I've been talking about is vomit, and not the cute hopeful pregnancy vomit either.

So now I will change the subject. Behold my skills!

Have any of you have seen this show called "Starting Over?" I mean, people, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SHOW?

It's a lame self-help book crossed with an even lamer reality show, dumped right in the middle of your craptacular daytime TV lineup.

I might be in love. Just don't tell my TiVo.

Women with easily captionable problems and goals (like "Christina," who wants to "Drop the Hustle") live together (UNDER ONE ROOF!) and meet with various Life Coaches who spout inane psychobababullshit to help them achieve those goals, and then the woman all paint self portraits and...look for gold coins and...build backbones out of spools of thread. Or something.

(Now, I am no expert on this show, which is apparently in its THIRD SEASON, like, where have I been, so please forgive me if I get all the facts violently wrong. I watched exactly 20 minutes of it in a low-blood-sugar haze, but I swear to God, there was a BACKBONE MADE OUT OF SPOOLS OF THREAD.)

Anyway, I got to watch Christina (Goal: Become a Woman of Honor: Drop the Hustle, Break Hidden Addictions, Define Values, Discover new Path) try to sell a crepe paper flower she made for $500, so she could get naked pictures of herself off the Internet. This was actually terribly sad, because somebody (and I'm looking at the show's producer here) needs to explain the Internet to that poor girl. Also the going rate for crepe paper.

Oh, and Jill (Goal: Come out of Hiding: Build Personality Profile, Eliminate Chaos, Vision Correction, Claim Personal Power, Lift off) has a problem with all the "grocery shopping drama" that the newest housemate is causing! DUN DUN DUN.

Y'all, it's more suspenseful than Survivor! More real than The Real World!

At one point, Jason called out from his sofa of misery, "What the HELL are you watching?"

And I had to honestly answer, "I don't know. I just don't know."

But I could not turn away, because there was a Life Exercise involving handbags, and if there is a way to achieve emotional health and maturity through the power of purses, you know I am all up in dat. Life Coach Woman asked Lisa (Goal: Grow Up: Reality Check, Define Adulthood, Cut the Apron Strings, Walk without Crutches, Soar) to choose a purse that "best represented her" from a selection.

So she did. She chose a fairly cute one. She said it was fun. She was then asked to say what she didn't like about the other purses. She did.

And then Life Coach Woman had her open the purses to look for gold coins. The purse she'd selected had one, and the other purses had more and more, with the bag Lisa dismissed as "boring" holding the most coins.

"SEE?" Life Coach Woman shrieked triumphantly. "There is hidden value in someone YOU would call boring!"

Lisa's face said exactly what I was shouting at the television. "What the FUCK?"

But Lisa just hilariously kind of hmmm'ed and ohhhh'ed like her mind was totally blown away by this unbelievable life revelation. You know, the revelation that...she should have lied and purposely chosen the ugly purse so she could collect more Gold Coins of Personal Development? That a personal affinity for suede fringe makes you a useless, judgemental whore? That...ugly purses are people too?

And then the mixed metaphors came out of my TV and ate my eyeballs. The end.

It's probably kind of lame that I ask y'all to de-lurk today for no reason, when you've already come out of the woodwork by the hundreds several times since the last De-Lurking Day. You celebrated my big news, held my hand through some scary news, cheered for more big news and patted my head after I got some more scary news and then we celebrated the biggest news of all, ever.


(And you also de-lurked in record numbers to save the Smackdown, which apparently is even MORE exciting than a stupid old baby.)

But you know, if you'd like to say hi, today is a fine day for saying hi.

this is the same damn button she used last year



I loved that show its first season for all the reasons you mention. But then the producers LAMELY decided to move it from Chicago to LA, and if there's anything I'm really not interested in, it's LA.

So now I just have my memories of the chick who had to do an 8 minute dating service and the other chick who was pregnant and had her baby on the show (I mean, NO.), etc.

Wow, I'm a dork.


Noah is so SUPER CUTE!! Glad that you are beginning to feel better. And about the red and grey outfit... he will stand out from the rest of the kids.


hi! glad to hear you're feeling better.

that is all.


De-lurking to agree that people who make popcorn at work often do so without even an iota of consideration for others. Scandalous! My personal rage is often ignited when people seem incapable of making popcorn without burning it AND MAKING THE WHOLE OFFICE STINK LIKE BURNT POPCORN.


Sorry, I feel strongly about this. Apparently.


Glad you are feeling better. Noah is smiling in his sleep. Awwww. Now if you have time where did you get the couch?


Okay, on the de-lurk bandwagon. Love, love this site and am quite sure I will drop dead if work finds out how often I visit and blocks my slacking ass. Your bit of humor and baby pictures get me thru many days!


I seriously burned popcorn once. There was smoke and everything; the AC vent went directly to the large computer lab in the back of my working building, fun for them! But I'm not incompetent, I swear. It turns out a co-worker had microwaved something earlier and left water on the plate. So my popcorn scorched, it didn't just burn.

I rule.


Fine, you convinced me. I'm delurking.

Noah's so cute that he makes me want one. I'm glad you guys are feeling better!


Happy Wednesday! I hope you all feel better soon!


Just a meaningless hello and a "welcome back from the vomitorium".

blog newbie at http://www.livejournal.com/users/geechee_girl/


my dear. you have just NOW discovered this show and its fabulous life coaches from the brink of insanity? it's really quite entertaining.

i mean, i watched late the other night and i saw one of the coaches have one of the ladies clean up a bunch of rotting food from an old refrigerator. then when she finally finished the coach was like "how did that FEEL?" "i didn't like it" she said, "it was disgusting". then the coach started dumping a bunch of other crap on top of and inside this mini-fridge "what are you gonna do now?" she asked. "are you going to keep cleaning up other people's messes? are you?!? now that it's in your face are you going to run? or are you going to push me away and say NO!?" and she made the poor girl push her and scream no.



You could have washed the red and white together and then had a pink ensemble. Do-able for Valentines, and what's with all the men in pink shirts now anyway? Noah coulda pulled off that look.

Big Rach

I am de-lurking to admit that I have also been sucked into that show. I could not change the channel until I figured out what the heck I was watching. The power of "Starting Over" was too much. Freaky.

Thanks for always maknig me smile at work!


Why are you wasting your time on this touchy feely mumbo jumbo when you could be watching soaps? On All My Children, Erica is suspicious of the intentions of one Dr. Greg Madden, who has admitted to being in love with her ever since she was a young model and is currently treating the pregnancy of her product-of-rape-given-up-for-adoption-used-to-hate-each-other-but-now-adore-each-other daughter, Kendall, who offered to be a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan, who was presumed dead, only it turned out that Greenlee's eggs weren't viable and Ryan's sample was unthawing so Kendall had to get implanted with her own eggs and Ryan's sperm, only in the end it turned out that Ryan wasn't dead after all and Greenlee got pissed and left the show. Anyway, the rumor is that Greg Madden stole Erica's eggs and used them to make a baby for him and his wife, a baby who is now a grown (and very cute) man working for Erica and simultaneously trying to destory her fabulous new show, New Beginnings.

Now THERE's your drama!


Being the Comment Whore that I already am, I just couldn't resist the Call to De-Lurk.


Oh dear Amalah, Queen of all Amalahness, your site makes my day, no, my week...wait, wait, wait, maybe even my millenium! Thanks for the fall out of my office chair laughs and for the pictures of Noah...the King of all that is cute in babyland!


*De-lurking* Hi! Love your site.

That pic of Noah is sooo cute. Love his smile.


It's De-lurking.It's de-lovely.

Real Girl

Ok, so if you can "soar," doesn't that automatically mean you can also "walk without crutches?" Or are you holding the crutches while you soar? Get some non-redundant goals, people.


OMG, when I was editing and working nights I watched Starting Over all the time -- freaking hilarious stuff. Some of the stuff the life coaches say actually makes ME uncomfortable. I can't imagine how the participants must feel. Eeek.


I worked at a very terrible and tragic company before I started this job, the one of my dreams. But at that company of horrors, one of the presidents was an absolute fanatic about not making ANY food that had ANY odor. He freaked out if he caught a whiff of popcorn. It was quuite an insane place, but at least they had one priority straight.

Also, your "Starting Over" analysis reminded me of my boyfriend's recaps when he stays home from work and ends up watching Jerry Springer "by accident."


I've been reading since, oh, before your first Big News, and through all your Ensuing News, and it takes De-lurking week to get me to de-lurk.

But I read what you have to say every day, and I even made my boyfriend look at your Pregnantest Pregnant that ever Pregnanted pictures and we both cheered and were amazed at the size of the babalah you produced. Thanks for sharing your life with the internets. We love you.


Delurking to say I, too, have been sucked into that show. I remain fascinated by the "exercises" they dream up for the women. Well, that and the extremem cheesiness.


it baffles me, but i can't change the channel when that starting over show is on, either...i should have know to stay away from the equally craptastic book by one of the life-coaches, Rhonda. yikes.

Curly Haired Girl

Ha, last year I de-lurked and was all, "I live in DC too and am afraid I will be a spazz if I run into you." And then I ran into you. And I was a spazz. And now, a few months later, I am STILL getting mocked by my coworkers for introducing myself to strangers that I read about on the Internet. So I'm not going to say anything in here for fear of the mighty power of Delurking Day premonitions that come true. Keep up the great work and feel better soon.


Have already delurked. But I did want to say that I have been recently been reading the archives, specifically the pregnant months, and they are VERY reassuring. And funny. And well-written.


There should be special (extra) sick time specifically for food poisoning. Why are the corporations not on top of this?!

And yes, hello, you caught me, forever a lazy lurker.


Ok then - HI!


I'm de-lurking today, to confess my addiction to "Starting Over... life has never been this real". It's one of my favoritey-faves! Too bad you missed the episode where the Life Coach made Jill confront her father's abandonment through the magic of sock puppets. Uh huh. She did. It was tearful and tragic and everyone learned a lot about personal growth. Why Saturday Night Live has never parodied it, I have no idea.

Amalah: love you, love everything you write, love your family. Please pack-up from DC and move to Philly! I did it a few years ago... and couldn't love it more.
You could move to my neighborhood, and we could watch "Starting Over" together!


De-lurking to say hi. Don't let the televsision eat your eyeballs. You might need them for something later, maybe.


Delurking to say, yo. Love ya, Amalah, more than my luggage.


Hi! Okay. I'm going back into hiding now. Perhaps I need a life coach! Glad you and Jason are on the mend.


De-lurking, love your site.

I also have been sucked into the horror that is Starting Over, although I have seen it like 4 times I am quite ashamed that a twinge of glee is felt when I am able to watch (note:twinge may be nausea)A few weeks back they dressed up Lisa (Grow-up, pretty handbag picking, freak) as a baby, bonnet an all - And this helps her how??!! I think it would fuck me up more.

Again, love your site, and Noah is the best!! I also love your little dog, just incase you were thinking of posting pictures xxx


I *love* Starting Over.
Shamefully, completely, and truly *love* that show.


You have a tremendous gift for making me laugh and cry, often in the same post. So thanks for sharing your life with us, baby, Coach bags, vomit and all.




Not really delurking, but I just wanted to say hi!

Hope that you guys are feeling better soon. I went to Jason's site last night hoping to see rave reviews of meals consisting of saltines, water and bananas, but no, nothing of the sort.

And is there any smell more vile than burnt popcorn? I don't think so. Ick.


Also no longer lurking.

For a year I had a co-worker who made popcorn every day at exactly 9:50am every day. EVERY. DAY!

As far as I'm concerned, mornings should smell like coffee and perhaps a nice pastry. And maybe bacon on a Sunday.

But popcorn?? Every morning? It used to drive me so crazy, I don't know how I kept from choking that guy to death. (He still does it, but I got promoted to another department. I can sometimes still smell the morning popcorn when I'm in the elevator though.)

And though it goes without saying, but should be said none-the-less, your little boy is Awesome Cute!


De-lurking to say hi and I love your site.


Perfect description of that show (which I also watched for the first time while recovering from a stomach bug). I hope you feel better soon.

Heather B.

During my unemployment I watched Starting Over religiously. In fact I watched it this morning at work. Not gonna lie, I'm obsessed with that show.


It's easy to get sucked into that stupid show. *lol* I'm glad I work during the day again. :)

also, hi.




Glad you all are starting to feel better.
Enjoy your site very much and your writing is quite entertaining.

Noah is too cute!

for Joke!

Hi Amy!


Not really delurking, since I comment at least once a week, but


And good luck with a speedy recovery.


Hi, i'm de-lurking! i love your site - keep up the great work!

Also, thanks for your honesty in the whole bulb syring comment. I've been wanting to try that thing for a while now . . . .

Hope you keep feeling better and better!


Saying hello to delurk. I found you sometime after Noah's birth, which surprises me because apparently you've been on the internet a while. And I hate the smell of popcorn all the time, not only when I've been barfing my guts out. I hate when my co-workers cook some up. You have my sympathy.


Hi! I've never posted but I love your blog and I'm pretty addicted to it.

If you go back a couple of seasons, there is this young girl who is trying to get over the partying lifestyle and become and archaeologist... Well, Starting Over gave her a full scholorship to DePaul in Chicago, and I go to school with her... I'm also and archaeology student and its really funny to see someone who has "started over"...

Feel better!


Hi! I've never posted but I love your blog and I'm pretty addicted to it.

If you go back a couple of seasons, there is this young girl who is trying to get over the partying lifestyle and become and archaeologist... Well, Starting Over gave her a full scholorship to DePaul in Chicago, and I go to school with her... I'm also and archaeology student and its really funny to see someone who has "started over"...

Feel better!


Delurking! Just wanted to let you know how cuddly Noah is. With a two year old daughter, and a bambino of unknown sex on the way, I love to see all the cuteness that can be wrapped in little boy packaging.


Hi, Sweet, Funny, Amalah--

Delurking again. Thanks for being--you make the cube zoo a better place to be!

Also? Noah? Luscious-est. Adorable-est. Smartest. Baby. Ever. Do not tell my six grandchildren or three nieces or my one (really handsome, really badly behaved)nephew.

Feel better--Jason too!


Was hoping to see you and Jason out during Restaurant Week -- maybe if they serve saltines you could rally? Love the site.


Ha! This is Amy from Komi and I am De-lurking to say that I used to get to watch that Starting Over show when I didn't work 9-5. Now I do and I miss it! Office drama is never as interesting as sad ladies trapped in a house together.

Also, Komi will be open next week (with a new fancy face lift) and that baby is more than welcome to come for fancy dinner. I know everyone at the restaurant reads this blog (just most of them won't admit it...) and would all be charmed to meet him.


Even whilst (whilst!) suffering so, you are still the funniest mother of the cutest baby around.


delurking. hi. thanks for writing :)


Okay, well, I'm not "delurking" since I kind of comment rather regularly as it is, but I am going to say, holy crap I can't believe I've been reading this site for over a year now... I was thinking it had been quite a few months, but over a year? I think that makes you one of the longer commitments of my whole life!

Also, damn, everyone is jumping on this delurking train, maybe I'll be a sheep and follow along. Or maybe I just don't want to know, actually.


Was hoping to see you and Jason out during Restaurant Week -- maybe if they serve saltines you could rally? Love the site.


De-lurking again (twice in a week!) to say hi. Love you, love Noah, love the site...love, love, love.

Bozoette Mary

Hi hi! When you're ready to add to your menu, try applesauce. It's the A in the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. And those goals? Soar? For me, it would be more like Sore. And Lift Off? Umm, how about Fuck Off?


Hi from Germany! Love your blog and you have a cute baby.

Bozoette Mary

Hi hi! When you're ready to add to your menu, try applesauce. It's the A in the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. And those goals? Soar? For me, it would be more like Sore. And Lift Off? Umm, how about Fuck Off?


De-lurking for what may be the 2nd time to say "feel bettah". Just to let you know I also had food poisoning this weekend and was still feeling like crap Sunday night so I was eating my baked potato in the living rm. while the rest of the family ate hot dogs while feeding the actual dog pieces of bacon and hot dog when I wasn't watching. Needless to say that I'm the one who woke up 3 times in the middle of the night to clean up projectile diarrhea and vomit on our 2 white bathroom rugs. KILL!
Also, love the baby, LOVE HIM!


Officially de-lurking to say hello, say I love the smackdown, I love Noah, and I absolutely hate popcorn.
Hope you are feeling better soon!


If I had a penny for every time I had to answer, "What are you watching?" with, "I have no fucking idea, but I can't stop", I'd have a lot of pennies.


Just stopping by to De-Lurk and say hi. I am scared for my bad times ahead-- when my bosses see how much time I spend on Amalah.com and take my internet away. Your entrys make me laugh. A lot. Hope you're back on real solid foods soon!


Finally posting... been a long time reader of your site, and it's been so helpful. I can't tell you how comforting it is to be able to read about your experiences. It's kept me hopeful that my own pain and heartaches may have a happy ending. I've struggled with my own pregnancy issues again and again... and now I'm so happy to say I've made it to 23 weeks! Your posts always seem to hit the nail on the head, so keep up the great work!


de-lurking time! like the site, and i check in daily to see what you, hubby, too cute chubby cheeked baby, and pets are up to. keep up the good work and ignore all the mean chefs of the world!



Just de-lurking to say I've been enjoying your site ever since a girlfriend sent me your recipebook entry- hilarious!

I've since gone on the read a lot of the archived entries and have been thoroughly amused and touched.

Just to venture a guess- did you spent a horrible semester at Wheaton College, or "The Footloose College" as many of us uppity Chicagoans call it?

Keep up the good work, whether it be for your own sanity, amusement, etc. Noah is lucky to have you and as a mom to two small boys I can tell you that it only gets better... trust me!

Bozoette Mary

OH OH OH! I just read that and I did not mean "Fuck off" to you. I meant it to those ridiculous goals!




Ugh. I've had food poisoning three times. Twice I was told it was probably undercooked meat (I was a vegetarian at the time, go figure). But the experiences did teach me to appreciate a good piece of dry toast...

Hope you feel better!


Officially delurking today. I found out about your weblog through Snarkywood, which I found out about through The Manolo. I've been following for a couple of months, and I love reading about Noah. He is SCRUMPTIOUS. Also fabulous.


Isn't a bit too close to Christmas for red and white outfits again? Then again, post-Christmas, they probably figure that you haven't buried the outfit at the bottom of the "too small for next year" suitcase or passed it off to a relative with a smaller child.

Oh.. and Hi!


Strange, I thought I posted a comment on here about how I was having problems posting comments but I don't see my comment. Let's try again and see if this one works!


Oh, no, I'm just an idiot. You have two entries titled Vomitorium. Nevermind. :)


Oh my God, I was RIVETED by "Starting Over" last spring to the point where I was trying to force my 18 year-old daughter to watch it with me because I wanted someone to shriek & swear with as I listened to all the INANITY spewed out by those Life Coaches. Why, does one ask, was I so enthralled by such a piece-of-crap show? Probably the same reason I will watch again, now that I know it's back on the air: I'm entertained by virtually anything labeled "reality t.v."

And I have you to thank for alerting me! Thanks, Amalah -- when I watch tomorrow, I'll crack up thinking about your hilarious post!


popcorn is not a breakfast food, but I hope you're able to consider it soon


I found your site when looking for preg message boards in April and have been hooked ever since. I was working in Vienna when I found it, now have relocated to NC. I have ejoyed seeing and relating to your pregnancy experience and then baby experiences. Mine was born 12/31 and is perfect and amazing and I now can better understand what you were writing about when Noah was born. Best of luck, hope you feel better.


Starting Over is awesome and if I weren't in school I would watch it everyday. It's one of the few things interesting on during the day, as I have no cable television and I certainly don't have this newfangled Tivo thing.


I'll be your one millionth de-lurker. I'm a big fan who needs pics of Noah like crack.
And the Starting Over show is WEIRD.


De-lurking to say that I thought of you while in IKEA this weekend.

I did not buy the HEMNES.

The life coaches from "Starting Over" used to be on one of the morning shows here in L.A. every week. They convinced me that I should never ever watch that show.

I did, however, watch Jerry Springer yesterday while sick at home. I love that the women have to come out on stage barefoot.

Love the site, love that Noah!


de-lurking to say your site keeps me sane at work and Noah is adorable.


hi! this is me de-lurking.


Hi Amalah! I am a new lurker but I have to admit that I am hooked!
I love your writing style and your picture captions always make me laugh. The ones with Noah singing "I'll be.." made me laugh hysterically at my desk and I can only imagine how retarted I looked cracking up all by myself. Whatever, I'm sure you all can relate. Noah is a DOLL!


Starting Over is the best show ever!!! I have been waching it since season one and am addicted, for the same reasons as you are!

Happy DeLurking Week Amalah, and I hope you feel better!:)


I've been lurking here for months, so here is me officially saying hi!

This website kills me, but in a totally good way.


Here I am, Amalah! Delurkifying myself even when I'm supposed to be STUDYING. DAMN YOU.


I love reading your blog. Now that my baby has finally arrived, I try and check it once a day, but it gets tough. But I can totally sympathize with the breast pump thing and the supplimenting... I'm of the same mind as you! Keep it up! :)


Just delurking cause it seems like the time. And to say that you are funny, even though you are about 7,000 times girlier than me and I really, really don't understand the handbag thing. And that I once thought about sending in a Smackdown question about my eyebrows because I think they need serious help. But I didn't. Because I'm shy like that.

Wow, I don't just delurk, I do it with personal details. Maybe I need a banana.


Huge fan.
Glad you're feeling a bit better.
Popcorn smell is gross, even sans-food poisoning.
Cutest. Baby. Ever.

That is all.

Laura GF

Delurking. I love your site but don't comment anymore -- it seems like you don't read my comments and I'm all needy about responses to my responses to your writing, I suppose. Not that you need to agree with what I'm saying but maybe acknowledge that people are writing things to you, you know? I don't mean to sound mean about it -- this probably has more to do with me than with you. Hope you all continue to feel better. You really do have one of the cutest babies ever and are just hilarious and even if I don't comment I will remain a faithful reader.


I can't resist the urge to de-lurk and tell you that I LOVE that show. It's like watching a freaking train wreck. If only I didn't have to work, I would watch it every single day.


I wouldn't define myself as a lurker (I make comments often enough) but I'll use any excuse there is to tell you that I totally appreciate your writing and your humor.

And your hot husband and cute baby. I appreciate those too.

I also have no walls when it comes to personal stuff. I am an open book. Except I'm an open book on myspace, where the potential for Internet rockstardom is much much less.

So I salute you and the openness of your book.


De-lurking to say HI! Noah is a little doll. And I have gone through the baby withdrawals and totally understand! I'd leave my baby at daycare and he would be cooing and grinning as I was in tears. Totally sucked. I still get that way every once in a while with my 3rd baby, who is almost 2 years old.

I hope you are feeling better very soon!


De-lurked for your pleasure. Hope you feel better doll.


Well, if you have to be home sick, wishing you would die already, at least there's bad television to distract you a little.


Okay, okay I'll de-lurk already! Such a cute picture of your handsome boy! xoxo


Obviously I don't comment enough because every time I do, I gotta enter my darn info again! :)

Glad to hear you are making your way out of food poisoning damnation.

Style Gal

Hi Amalah,

I'll delurk to say something I've been thinking for a while but that I haven't said because I don't mean to cause any hurt feelings, just to add another view point.

I have been reading your site for a while now, during which I've been going through a strapping time financially. Although it's great to get a laugh from your funny writing, and I enjoy the site, I will admit that there was a time there when the luxury goods started shooting out like crazy:

New designer diaper bag! New coach bag (coupons don't make it cheap)! Diamond earrings! New fancy car! Totally expensive camera!

And while I don't mean to say that I don't think you shouldn't have these things, it did give me a moment's pause when you soon after started mentioning your dire-ish financial state and mentioning how you have to work to pay the bills.

It hit home with me especially because I have been personally scrimping and eschewing EVERY little luxury, even damn perfume, so to hear someone complaining when she's getting all these great things felt--to me, at least--like something I could not relate to. To my mind, it was like--well, why'd you get all those other things, then?

I'm hoping you won't get angry at this comment, which I've tried to use just to express how I'm feeling and not as any attack.

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