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This is Not the Post You're Looking For

Wait, did I say something about a Friday Advice Smackdown?

Um. No. No, I really don't think I did. That doesn't sound like something I would say.


Noah's daycare just called and for some reason, their power is out. They've been told it will probably be back on within an hour, and right now the crockpots are still hot and the refrigerators are still cool, but if power ISN'T restored they won't be able to heat bottles or keep them cool and the babies will need to go home.  I'm picturing mass hysteria, with babies crawling unnoticed from darkened rooms while warm formula festers and bubbles in the mini-fridge and teachers desperately trying to save the breastmilk and diaper pails overflowing like no-longer-dormant volcanoes because for some reason I always forget that you don't have to plug the Diaper Genie in.

I don't think it's that bad (YET!), but I will probably have to leave work soon and take Noah home, which LORDY, WHAT A SHAME.

To make up for it, I give you this...


I'm Sweet Potato Clownface Baby! Give me some starch!

We tried prunes first. Prunes did not go over well. Sorry, Dr. Poop.


But sweet potatoes with black pepper and garlic powder? Self-feedingly delicious!


Also, do you like how the spoon matches the food? I wish I could tell you that this was a coincidence. I wish I could tell you that I do not have a problem. I also wish that I had an orange bib, because while yellow is close, it is not close enough.




The pictures are adorable. And of course, it would be a total shame to have to go home early, on a Friday, to spend time with your son. Darn your luck!

Have a great weekend!


Sweet potato with GARLIC? This is something I have never tried.

But if Noah likes it, well it must be a delicacy!


Figures that the Smackdown is rescheduled on the day my July question was supposed to be answered. Oh, well. Enjoy an early start on your weekend!


Can I just say that prunes and babies, unless TOTALLY necessary for a constipated baby, aren't a good combo. You will be the one suffering after the prunes are digested.

I wish I could think up such a good excuse to leave work on a Friday...wink, wink!

Noah is adorable! Even if you had fed him with a white spoon, it would still be "sweet potato" colored in the end.


Funny, I picture the Diaper Genie bubbling over in the scene you described. Which is kinda....ew. Combine it with the mustard poo someone was talking about yesterday and that's grounds for hazmat suits.

If it makes you feel any better, the odds are good his poo will match the spoon and the food, making up for the absence of red in the bib.


I love it when babies get food on their foreheads, or anywhere near the hairline for that matter. Classic.

Teacher lady

Oh, take the afternoon off and go get the kid. It's Friday AND a power outage is everyone's favorite "go-home-early" excuse. It worked for millions of Americans in August of 2003 - and yet we expect BABIES to continue on with their baby schedules without power? Ridiculous!


Can I just delurk for a moment to say I read your blog everyday and I totally love it! Thanks for being so witty and fun...

Your son is adorable, and even though I am not a mommy I love the photos and the captions.

Anyhow, I hope you have a great day and I hope you know how many people just love your blog.


Today is my puppy's first birthday and I've decided that I need to leave early to take her to PetSmart and buy a new toy. Pathetic, no? It's just that the's freaking awesome!

Lisa B

Great post. Does anyone know how to get vaseline off of a keyboard. A certain little critter in my house has decided, apparently that my keyboard needs moisturization?


I think matching the spoon to the food is an excellent idea, if you'd have had a matching bib it would have been even better. I see nothing wrong with. Of course, I suffer from a little OCD. Just a little.

Silly Hily

He is getting SO big! I swear, it seems like yesterday we were all "refreshing" every five minutes to see if you were headed to the hospital! Time flies. Esp. when you start having babies.

Heather B.

Big? heh...he's giant sized, but so freaking lovable.

Oh and I bet his poops are going to be great after the sweet potatoes. Can't wait.

Anne Glamore

Wow, all these cute baby pix over the last few weeks were making me a little sad that I'm done with the baby stage, but these reminded me how frustrating it is to get the stains out of those bibs. And how the velcro catches on everything in the dryer if you forget to fasten them before you dry them, but then end up losing their velcro-ness anyway.

Summary-- miss the adorable babies. The bibs, not so much.


Just so you know, you aren't alone in the matching department. Can you belive that my husband will use any old color lid with any bottle or sippy cup and not the matching ones? He also will put two entirly different sock on my 2 year old so long as they are both white. WTF is that??


The sweet potatoes, they stain. Badly. If you don't have it already, get thee some Stain Stick. (I've given up on keeping the bibs clean, but my son apparently thinks that his long-sleeved shirts look better with a little extra color at the wrist. . .) The orange poop is pretty cool, though.

Babies are much, much fun, and Noah is super-adorable with his self-feeding, um, self. :-)

Have a great weekend!


My son had carrots and peaches yesterday. Today orange colored goo came shooting out of him. It also stained his butt orange for the entire day. I kept wiping him frantically thinking it would come off but no, it's stained. Nobody told me that was going to happen.


Calls from daycare give me a panic attack. When I see that number on my cell I freeze. But what a treat to have to (maybe) take him home early and not because he is sick!


Carrots are worse. Miss Pea's mouth, cheeks and everything else that came into contact were orange for days.
I also have the matching problem, but it's usually the bib to the spoon.
He's too cute!


Now see, I choose spoons that contrasted nicely with the food.


Has anyone told you about how is very cute little NOSE might even start turning a bit orange from all the veggie goodness?

I'm not even kidding.... it's called carrotitis. So, his spoon can match his bib and his food AND even his SKIN!!! Yaaaay!!! heheh


Pepper - did I hear you say PEPPER??? What are you thinking??? He's a BABY!

Ok - I know you were looking for someone to jump on this bandwagon - so I thought I'd help you out.

Seems to me that pepper and garlic powder is exactly what that amazingly cute baby of yours was looking for. YUM!

Did I mentiow how cheek squeezing cute he is??


How HIS very cute little nose. HIS, not IS. HIS HIS HIS.

I can't type a freaking comment today to save my life. Someone should send ME home for my lightbulb going dim.


When they yank the spoon out of your hand and start feeding themselves, you know it's some good eats.
He gets more adorable each day. Thank you for the Noah pic-fix.


That is most unfortunate to be forced into an early weekend. But you will just have to grin and bear it, I suppose.

About the matching spoon thing, I was so freakishy weird about accessorizing my first born that I would make sure his sippy cup was the same color as his outfit -- red shirt, red cup, etc. My rationale was I could keep track of which cup was the old one and which was the fresh one because I would converse with myself and discuss which matched today and which matched yesterday's outfit. *twitching*


His expressions are awesome on their own, and the food smeared all over his face just makes them that much better.


Also, stain-wise, my friend swears by Kids & Pets. It removes all those unpleasantries that accompany babies and pets (well just the stains and smells).


Awww, look at him chowing down! The best part is, not only is his face covered in orange, his bottom probably will be too in a few hours. As for prunes.....nope, we never went there. A non constipated baby got no prunes. The smells from the solid food diapers were enough by themselves!!

Just wait until he tries to share with you....or paints himself with the food. The dog will love him.


I would totally also match the spoon with the food. Also, I always match my underwear with the rest of my outfit, even though only one person other than me ever sees it, and he doesn't even notice when he does see it. It's not in case I'm in an accident or anything... I just feel better matched up and when I'm not -- like this morning when I was in a crazy hurry because a dream about vampires made me hit the snooze way too many times -- I feel a bit out o' sorts.

Yay matching.

(I also love matching stamps to the mail, and the season if possible; and I can't burn a citrus or floral scented candle in the winter, cos that's just wrong...not that I'm anal-retentive or anything.)

Lisa Ann

I'm not sure which I love more: reading Amalah's posts (and Noah's captions) or the comments section!
Both loads of laughs.


go pick up the baby!!! pick yourself up, and go get your adorable, iwannaticklehistoes, little man! :)

happy friday


Well, if YOU don't want to leave work, I'm sure there are dozens of others who would be GLAD to leave the ranch in your stead. Girl, take the excuse to run and, well, RUN!!!

Ali G

i like that you're getting noah started on the spices early... picky eaters are MADE, not born!

(as a former picky eater - who still has issues - i know what i'm talking about... why didn't may parents just feed me indian food or something growing up? other than the fact that they aren't indian, and i grew up in the 'burbs?)


I've gotten in the habit of sending Noah to daycare with a bib already on, because otherwise his teachers just USE A RANDOM ONE FROM HIS DRAWER, REGARDLESS OF COLOR.

And it drives me batty when I pick him up to know that he spent all day wearing a mint green bib with a blue outfit when JESUS, there was a blue bib available, RIGHT THERE.

And I always match my bra and underwear to my outfit. Doesn't everybody?

the kim half of glamorouse

You can come on over and laugh at me when it becomes a reality, but at the moment, as the start at daycare is one week away (for that 'settling in' week which is a nice name for 'go cry while you have some retail therapy rather than at your desk'), I'm secretly hoping he gets a cold from all those other festy daycare kids (their cute smiles and all round scrumptiousness didn't fool me for a MINUTE) so I have to either take him home or not at all.

Big Gay Sam

did someone say something about a dress?

(totally kidding)

You know you have it bad when you're dying of the flu and you color coordinate your medicine bottles and kleenex boxes. Illness is no excuse for tackiness.

Nothing But Bonfires

Personally, I like how the food matches the tentacles of the octupi on his chair.

Also, that I got to use the word "octupi" in a sentence. Like, FINALLY.


It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in the EVERYTHING-MUST-MATCH department. The Hubs doesn't understand. Nor does anyone else in my family for that matter. I've had to teach the boys how to dress because otherwise they'd go out in public looking like a clown.

Just wait until you have two kids (if you're planning to, that is) and you can't find a carseat to match and/or at least coordinate with the one you've got for the oldest.

You're Noah's just the sweetest thing ever!

Amanda Cowan

I'm a firm believer of giving a little spice to babys' life! I think it helps to expand their tastes later on.

My daughter LOVES prunes for some UNKNOWN reason. Very strange. Also, if you haven't found Stage 1 zuchini yet, thats a great one. A little something different from the normal peas and carrots regime. My little one also always loves the mixed veggies. To this day (now 9 mos old..I know, I'm a veteran right? NOT) she still loves the mixed veggies best...Love the pics! So Cute! You can see my little one on


I've never understood why most bibs are white. That just seems stupid. How about bibs with crazy mulitcolored patterns?


scoutsadie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks there are winter and summer candles! My husband thinks I'm crazy.


I am 3 months pregnant w/my first, so I haven't gotten to the spoon and bib matching stage yet, but I do match my colored plastic hangers to my clothes, as well as my underwear to whatever colored pants I'm wearing.

So, I'm wondering, when you first started feeding Noah solid foods, were you freakish about wiping the spoon up his chin to catch stray food? Because I know I'm going to be obnoxious about that, and I'm wondering if eventually I'll give up...I just can't stand to see food on a baby's face/hair! I don't know why...same reason my closet is color coordinated, perhaps?


not JUST a Sweet Potato Clownface Baby...
a Sweet Potato Clownface PIRATE Baby!


Feeding is FUN!

Forget about stain removers! I'm at the point where I just feed Owen in his diaper. He's all about sticking the hands in his mouth. Not as classy as Noah... dude, he's using a spoon!


I've yet to try to match bib with spoon. My guy's first feeding was with a PINK spoon.


I always think of Noah as a small version of a fully grown man (he always looks a little wise) and it kinda cracks me up to see him with food all over his face

the kim half of glamorouse

God, two comments to one post. I am officially certifiably obsessed with your life.

I am gathering that the lack of posts about daycare (apart from the armageddon moment today) means it is going well and Noah isn't thinking "who is this strange woman that takes me away from the fun place with bright lights and music! music! music!?"


Adorable! He is getting big fast!

the kim half of glamorouse

Third comment - and the matching underwear to outfit. Totally normal dude. I match pegs to the clothing item I'm pegging, and seeing as there is a limited colour range in the world of pegs (what's with that I ask?) I at least use the same coloured pegs on one item of clothing.

THe worst, when the grandmother, otherwise known as the Sock Police, choose a random pair of socks to go on the paddle-feet. No, the blue and white striped ones do not go with the navy outfit. For the HUNDRETH time.


About the bra and underwhere (oops, just read over this the typo. Kind of fitting though) thing? We often get changed in (ewww) group locker room after our physical training and there are PEOPLE folks PEOPLE who wear mismatched bra and undies! That dont! match! Unmatching. The hell? Is that even legal?


Chloe used to love the sweet potatoes with nutmeg and cinnamon. Yum! We always gave her spicy foods when she was tiny, too. Now she's 19 months old and will eat anything from salad to curry to gumbo. So, eat up, Noah! :)


My babe is a big fan of the prunes too. But she hates poopin' so go figure. I found you through a posting of your August BLOG re. Ikea furniture. Laughed so hard i cried. Consider yourself permanently bookmardked.

Mama C-ta

Wow I thought I was matched obsessed. I do like to match his cloth diapers w/his outfits just like my underwear.

Love the pic, gotta love messy baby faces. Makes me want to kiss them! Especially him, he's freaking cute!


Settle down there, NattyChick. Unmatching bras and undies are absolutely nothing to get worked up about.

Lisa V

I think somehow my 11 year old daughter is your spawn. Everything must match. She once cried and refused to go out with us because her younger sister was wearing a red turtleneck and orange shorts with thongs. She cried seriously. She said it made her so sad to see an outfit that not only didn't go together, but didn't match.


I loved the article you linked to on your last post about what you can feed your baby. It made me a little more confident about being a Mom.

Totally *not* weird to match the spoon and the food (and bib and outfits).

When I was in high school, my Mom would order me those cheesy pencils with my name embossed on them. They were all different colors, and my pencil ALWAYS matched my outfit.

I swear, I was cool.


I seriously love kids who look like pumpkins. All orangy and stuff.

Its funny how cute we think it is when our kids have food all over their face..."Aww look at my baby, do you love those sweet potatoes? I bet you do! I bet you do my sweet potato boy!"

But if we as adults do this food face smearing--not so funny.


Sweet potato with garlic. I must try this. I' a brown-sugar-salt-butter sweet potato-er. I like salty-sweet things, though, and that totally fits the bill.

Noah is perfect. Dying to know if you really did have to go get him.

RockStar Mommy

Ummm, are you magic? Seriously. Do you posess magical culinary powers? Can you tell me how I may posess such a thing? Because my THREE year old won't go near pepper, garlic, sweet potatoes, salt.... actually, she won't go near ANYTHING that isn't a chicken nugget or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


I'm guessing you threw in that bit about garlic and black pepper to see if we were paying attention.


....and it turns out I'm the one not paying attention because you wrote about adding spices and stuff in your last entry. Way to go, Noah, with the advanced taste buds! You've clearly got a foodie prodigy on your hands.

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