I am Utterly Obsessed with HBO's New Series Big Love But Was Unable to Seamlessly Weave That Into This Mess of an Entry
We Are All Totally Going to Die of the Chicken Pox!


Dear Smart People of the Internet:

Please tell the dumb girl this is not what she thinks it is.



I know I'm totally the Girl Who Cried Pox, since I freak out over every single rash he gets. One time I called my mom to report that Noah most definitely had chickenpox this time I really mean it, only to realize that I had red ink all over my hands and was simply smearing it on Noah every time I touched him, which was why the "rash" was spreading at an alarming rate RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES OMG.

My freak-out is completely selfish, as I'm all for Noah getting the pox over with before he's old enough to discover his fingernails and the Glory That Is A Good Scratch, but I NEVER HAD CHICKEN POX. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME.

I planned to sweet-talk Noah's pediatrician into vaccinating me at his next visit, which is next week, like, OF COURSE.

(The Sidenote of Controversy! I am not going to vaccinate Noah against chickenpox, because as an adult who has never gotten the disease, and who has known for the better part of a decade that she needs the damn vaccine, yet still has not gotten said damn vaccine, I prefer for him to get his immunity the old-fashioned way -- just so I'm not calling him at college to bug him about getting the booster shot, knowing full well that he already spent his vaccine money on beer.)

Anyway, I think I am maybe being stupid about a harmless rash again (AGAIN!), but I'm taking him to the doctor anyway, if only to use that awesome "infectious disease" entrance they have with the special intercom.

Amy: Buzzzz

Nurse: Hello?


Nurse: Yes, yes, please come in.


UPDATE! Not pox, just like you smart people said. While a couple spots were getting very fluidy-zit-like, the majority of the bumps faded by the time we GOT TO THE DOCTORS, BECAUSE OF COURSE. Looks like it's time to switch laundry detergents and for me to maybe chill the fuck out.

I'm getting vaccinated next week. God.

And Now, Some Non-Rash Excitement, Or Pretty Much The Highlight Of My Whole Weekend:

We went to Whole Foods and did the little thing where they send your groceries down to the parking garage on a dumb waiter and give you a number to claim them.


I take my organic prune juice shaken, not stirred.

HA! We're lame. Yes.

And Now, Um...Some Pictures, Because I Am Kind Of Not Doing So Well With The Writing Thing Today




Noah would like to give you a hug and possibly gum your face a little bit.



Just don't let him suck on your nose anymore. Or you know, ever, because who lets their baby suck on their nose? Not me, that's for sure, oh no.




Who, me? I'm just sitting here like some kind of TODDLER ALL OF A SUDDEN, thinking of fast and effective ways to pass varicella directly into my mom's sinuses.



I have never had the Pox either. I think we might be the last two people on Earth - who will hopefully STAY THAT WAY.


No 2!! WoHoo!!


I got to have them twice because I didn't get them "bad enough" the first time! Just wanted to say love the site - I have a parallel life to yours (except my dog is bigger and my baby is a week younger) and it is fun to read of you adventures!!! Keep it coming!


I, too, know the hard life of an editor and the panic that ensues due to stray, smeary red pen marks. Now whenever I suspect I have a rash, I just head to the bathroom and attempt to wash it off. So far I'm 5 for 5.

Good luck with the pox... I can actually remember having it when I was 3 and my parents said it was so bad that they started counting them on my face and just stopped when they got to 200 - that's how bad I had it. I HAD THEM INSIDE MY EYELIDS.


My daughter (who I too chose NOT to vax) had them (at least I think she did) over the holidays. She had about 4 days of a fever, was fine for about 2, and then got the rash when we arrived home.

Nothing major, small bumps, she was fine?!

I hate drs (except for Web, MD who has the most amazing bedside manner) and didn't take her in - hoping the picture will suffice when I try to convince school officials that she has indeed had them.

So, it was either that, or 1200 other rashes - so who the heck knows. She is the rash queen, but I had someone whose kids just had it and they were pretty sure that was it. You should see little blisters forming (although she didn't have those either) - that's a sure sign of zee pox.

And I would freak out as well if I hadn't had them. Buy some benedryl and get to the real dr. (JMHO)


My guess is Fifth's Disease. Sam had it a couple of years ago and I got it as well. It's one of those super common, how-come-I-never-knew-about-this until I became a mom skin rashes. Let me know if I win the prize of Smart Internet Person!

Sidenote of Controversy: I just read an article about vaccine vs. non-vaccine for the chicken pox. If you have not already researched it, do some more reading before you rule out the vaccine. That's all I'm sayin'.


That tooth is so cute!! And CP looks like little blisters, not just bumps. Also, I only scanned your post because I need to leave RIGHT NOW!! and don't know if you mentioned the blister part.


Out, out, damn'd spot!

Here's hoping you and Noah recover soon.


It doesn't look like chicken pox to me. But good luck at the doctor! :)

Thanks for all the pics... they are so cute!


Do Noah's bumps look like zits? 'Cause I got the pox in second grade and my mom thought I had pimples on my face at first.

Did I mention the second grade part? Because pimples? At 8? Silly mom.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are just being paranoid!


I'm guessing not chicken pox. My mom always told me the first ones appear on your stomach, and since these are on his back I don't think they're pox. Plus it kind of looks like a run-of-the-mill rash. But who am I to make that call?

Great pictures - he's adorable as usual. I can't believe how fast he's growing and changing!

random comment

Just make sure to ask if his daycare if they require the vaccine to keep him enrolled.

Heather B.

Dude'll totally suck your cheek off leaving you covered in drool and then he'll nuzzle you, thereby tempting you to take him home with you. Do not give in!


Oh, I had em my junior year of highschool,ahhh, right before prom. Yeah, didn't go.It really sucked. (umm..I don't think I ever really got over it, I had a rockin date, and I couldn't bring myself to go. All I can say is EXPOSE,EXPOSE,EXPOSE, you don't want him to miss his prom do ya??? HeeHee


I have nothing useful to say, really. But oh, how I hated the chicken pox. Ack, the itching. It makes me itch right now, thinking of it. Thank the sweet, sweet lord for calamine lotion.
I hope Noah merely has a mysterious non-poxy baby rash...


My kids get weird spots like that, too. Sometimes it's from the detergent, sometimes it's just skin being...skin-like. Weird little skin bumps. Did they go away after the evening? Ours do. Interestingly, my 1-year-old sometimes gets hives from his own poop! Yay, skin! And here in CT they don't let kids start kindergarten without the pox vaccine. I think that's stupid. But that's the way it is, here anyway. He looks adorable, by the way. Keep posting those pics.


I don't get the chicken pox vaccine, when I was a kid (and I'm only 28), if someone heard you had the chicken pox they'd have everyone over to let their children get it and be done.


Sometimes a rash is just a rash. We'll pull for him. Um. If it is that other thing, do you all end up quarantined? I mean, is that like free time home? Not that anyone's wishing that, but you know, make lemonade and so on...


Roseola? New laundry detergent? Sudden allergy to sweet-smelling baby products? Definitely not the pox though. No way.

I had to swear off the Whole Foods. Seriously. Because we like being able to pay our rent.


ktbug - I've done a lot of research on the varicella vac (well ALL the shots, actually), and the killer for me is the need to revaccinate throughout life. Its HELL growing up without the immunity, and I've read some pretty compelling arguments that the vac may just lead to more cases of pox later in life as people grow up and get lazy about the boosters. (raises hand, guilty as charged)

But that's just me, and I know some people probably think I'm crazy for preferring to let Noah get sick.

And no, the varicella vac is not required here, especially not in daycare, which has a reported case of pox every other damn week. Bastards.

(All other vacs he's gotten on schedule...just so nobody thinks this is coming from some kind blanket anti-vaccine viewpoint. Case-by-case, family-by-family basis I say.)

Oh! And yes, they look like zits. And they are also on his stomach. Bah.


Someone else who had them twice! I had them both times REALLY bad which was just dreadful. The second time I was in middle school too so...ew.

But I do really hope that you get that vaccine before you get the chicken pox because I'm thinking that grown up mommy chicken pox? Would kind of suck.

Sarcastic Journalist

We did the sucking on the nose thing, too. Then she grew teeth. And then, she thought nose biting was funny! FUNNY!

I'd like for my kids to get the pox the old fashioned way but dude, I just can't deal with it. They whine enough when healthy.


My Son had a rash that looked exactly like this! I took him to the afterhours clinic in a panic because it had seemingly gotten much worse over the course of one day. It turned out to be Excema (which apparently looks totally different in babies than in grownups) and it got worse because the poor monkey was too hot in his fleece jammies. The doctor gave him some cortisone cream to use for flare ups and recommended that we "air him out" and apply lots of hypo-allergenic lotion after his baths.


It looks like maybe a rash from sweating or rubbing or something. Not so much chicken pox.
My husband has never had Chicken Pox (at least that his mother can remember!) and so I freak out every once in a while about taking care of two kiddos and one BIG BABY at the same time. Ahhh, men are so much worse than children when they're sick.

We decided to vaccinate our 3 year old againt CP bc it doesn't actually keep you from getting it, just makes it milder when you do get it. So, we're going to make her play with the first poxy kid we find and hope she gets it over with quickly. :-)


I, too, had zee pox twice, because as another poster said, the first time I got them so mildly I didn't develop zee immunity. Hopefully Noah has them mild and quick, and you never have to worry about it again (except for ALL THE TIME, since YOU do not have zee immunity!).

Even if he IS rashy, that first picture compels me to pet his soft skin and sniff his little head. *squee*


Definitely not chicken pox. It's probably one of the many very minor chilhood ailments which comes with a rash such as Fifths disease, roseola or scarlet fever (which thanks to modern medicine is no biggie). Or if he's not running a fever it sould just be any old skin rash caused by heat, chafing or a reaction to detergent. If it doesn't seem to bother him, I wouldn't worry about it.


Could be Roseola. Especially if it was preceeded by a fever?

If that's the case, it's not a big deal, though it looks awful.


Love the tooth!

I don't blame you a bit for going to the doctor to ask about the rash. Our doctor has an e-mail practice -- she actually lets us ask exercise our paranoia on line and responds within 24 hours! And she'll look at digital pictures of things. How cool is that?

Good luck, and I hope it's not the pox.

Nicole P

I'm going to avoid the rash-related assvice, because in my book it could be anything from dry skin to fleas, but will share my CP story...

My family thought that it would be great to still go camping in the middle of the hot as Hades freakin' summer even though I had the worse case of CP my doc had seen (in my throat so I couldn't eat much and on bottoms of feet so walking sucked it hardcore). So I laid in front of a fan in the tent, gripping the calamine lotion bottle like it was the most important item in the universe and prayed for death while the rest of them were out boating on the lake. Bastards.


Ok -- one more unsolicited opinion. My son got CP when he was around 1. Even with doing everything the doctor said, a couple of the lesions got infected and he developed a generalized strep infection (equivalent of what they used to call scarlet fever). Had to RUSH him to the doctor and he was almost hospitalized. When baby girl came along, she got the vax, I can tell you that. One other thing to consider is that if you get CP as an adult, it's a lot worse. Taking care of a baby when you're down for a couple weeks is rough. But you know that.

Just sayin'...


P.S. Oh, and wait. The closeup of angel-baby in the drooly orange & white? Totally looks like a "little boy" and not a baby - sniff, sniff.


My husband and his brother and sister all had chicken pox three times. And every time was worse. And haha, their doctor told them that they could all get it again, and if they do, they would probably have to go into the hospital! And not that we're having babies anytime soon, but it just occured to me a few months ago that if we do have kids, could my husband someday catch chicken pox from them? It's all me being a paranoid weirdo, all the time.

How is it that Noah looks older than some toddlers I've seen? Huh?

spammit/ anne nahm

My entry into "What The Eff Is That Skin Thing?" Is... Roseola. If he's a little sick with it. PS? Roseola is totally not scary.


The pox tend to start on the warmest places of your body. I got my first ones on the back of my neck under my hair when I was 6. They would be more concentrated in the diaper area, creases of arms and legs, and under the arms. They're also raised and filled with fluid and what Noahlah has doesn't seem to be filled with anything.

That rash could be anything. My daughter is extremely sensisitive to everything that touches her skin. I've been to the doctor so many times I should be a co-owner of the practice. Usually they say "That's the worst case of whatever that is I've ever seen!"

Miss S

I don't think Noah has THE POX. It looks more like some other kind of rash - new soap? new clothes?
Chicken Pox, if I recall correctly is usually proceeded by a high fever - flu like symptoms, then you are good for a day and then break out in the POX for like 2 weeks, wherein you itch like heck and do not have a fever. Calomine? Cortaid? Oatmeal bath - they work, but only a little bit.
I'm sending pox-less wishes your way.

Sarcastic Journalist

Oh! And I also had zee pox. In zee ears, in zee mouth, on zee tongue.

Zee pox, it is zee lovely thing. I have zee scars to prove it!


I'm voting for roseola. Does it look like pin pricks without pus?

Lisa V

It looks like 5th disease to me. I'm not a doctor, but I play when on the internet. And for my husband's birthday. Anyway, it it's 5th's, all my kids had it and it's no big whoop if it is.

Silly Hily

I really don't think it's chicken pox. It could be a thousand things but I really don't think it's chicken pox.
The only kind of rash my daughter has had was Hand, Mouth, and Foot Disease but that rash shows up on their, well...hand, mouth, and feet more than anywhere else. I do know it is highly contagious. Sorry, that's all I got.
Can I tell you how much I LOVE the tooth picture! Priceless.

Vaguely Urban

Noah is so drooling over us as much as we drool over him.

His drool is a bit more literal, though.


I would have had no clue what that rash was, so I'm glad I read this after the update.

Did your Dr tell you specifically to switch detergents? We stopped using Dreft only a month ago, and luckily have had no rashes.

BTW - Noah's hairline looks similar to my sons. Although Matthias' hair is growing at an alarmingly fast rate just recently and my husband wants me to cut it already! OMG are you kidding? A first haircut at age 5 months? Are you insane man?!?!


My boyfriend's brother-in-law was just telling a story about letting his daughter suck on his nose, and she threw up and it went in his nose and flooded his cavities...ewww!


Ivory Snow detergent. My sisters stopped getting the pox once we started using that. Until they actually got the pox, that is.


I'm in FLorida- They make us vaccinate for chicken pox to be in any day care program. Unless your like me and you just duck and dance around the director of the pre school so she never catches up with you that second time to "remind" you that you have to get his vaccination.

Not saying i do that or anything.....


I am very glad you're getting the vaccine - I got it shortly after it was first available, and subsequently found myself trapped in a house with three poxy kids for an entire weekend. Aside from the fact that nobody believes you when you are 27 and have the pox o' chicken, it wasn't horrible at all, and that's because of the vaccine. :)


Hubby got the pox when I was 28 and pregnant with our daughter. He missed the first ultrasound because he was so contageous. He had 104 fever for a week and was literally off his feet and in bed for two weeks (speaking of feet, he had pox on the soles of his swollen, aching feet). It's something that gets really dangerous the older you are when you get it. My friend's brother in law DIED of the chicken pox when he was 42. True story. A little shot is nothing compareds to that for both of you!
P.S. People who get the pox as adults are prone to a second syndromw called post herpetic neuralgia which can cause psycosis, blindness, or death. good times!

BTW- Noah's rash? Def not pox.


And people wonder why I think about closing comments sometimes. Jesus.


I had adult chicken pox at age 21 and it wasn't too bad.


cutest pictures to date. that is all.


Love the wet t-shirt photo. Oh how I remember those days. You go from changing them a hundred times because of exploding diapers and spit-up to the gushing teething drool. My son (now almost 20 months-gulp) would be SOAKED. Bibs didn't even seem to help.

Ann Coleman

I had chicken pox at 9, with almost no scabs- but I got SHINGLES, a lovely by-product! I can't imagine a baby going through that- I think I would be vaccinating until kindergarten-age, maybe?

RockStar Mommy

I LOVE how everyone that reads your site is an MD! That's really gotta come in handy.

My kid has the most sensitive skin I've ever seen. This looks like the same exact rash he gets all over his body whenever he is exposed to anyone's clothes that have not been washed in hypoallergenic detergent or being held by anyone with any kind of fragrance on or whenever he comes into contact with our carpet or if he gets too warm.

And it spreads so fast and it's really kind of scary every time it happens. Sometimes he gets little welts if his skin gets too irritated.

So, I'm not saying it's NOT pox, only your doc can tell you that for sure. I'm just saying this looks just like what my son gets and his rash is eczema directly related to skin allergies.

Good luck figuring it out. I'm STILL going through hell with it, although not quite as bad as I was when I was trying to figure out what was causing it.


I have woken up in the middle of the night to find a baby (not naming names here. Nope, sirree) sucking on my nose. While I am not ready to blow his college education just yet, more episodes of Nightime Nose Sucking may compel me to do so.

RockStar Mommy

Duh, had I bothered to read where you said NOT POX I could have spared a whole useless comment. Sorry for wasting your time.


Well, I'm glad you got the rash thing figured out. I was told that even with the vaccine, you can still get Chicken Pox, it is just not as bad is all. My son had the vaccine, and got the pox after being exposed two months later... all he had was two dots! But our doctor insisted it was the Chicken Pox and how they look after the vaccine! I guess we're covered.

I think it looks like heat rash... maybe you're keeping him too warm at night? Just a thought.


gee, Amy, why on earth would you think of closing comments? the internets just diagnosed Noah with roseola, eczema (nay, "Excema"), Fifths Disease, scarlet fever, and a stupid mother! Why aren't you grateful for the help? CHICKEN POX CAN KILL YOU!


In Pennsylvania, you don't get your kid immunized against the chicken pox, your kid ain't going to public school. You might want to look into that before declaring war on the vaccine.


Absolutely no guesses here as to what the rash is. But I will say that I had the pox for two weeks when I was four, and I wish I didn't have the chicken pox scars that I do (two of them being right in the middle of my forehead.)


chicken pox ususally starts on the stomach. Just so you'll know next time.

Wacky Mommy

i love demented turtle boy.

Mrs X

When my daughter was 20 months old she got the chicken pox. I took her to her Dr who swore that I was crazy and that no, that's not the pox.

She promptly threw up on him and popped out a few more spots.

She still has a little scar over her lip from the one she scratched open (and that was AFTER I had taped mittens on her hands).


"Declaring war on the vaccine?"

Huh? I just want to delay it for as long as possible. If he needs it for school I will of course grudgingly oblige, although I hope he'll get CP on his own before that, just because of my own complicated history with both CP and the vaccine. That's all.

For simplicity's sake, I left out the part where I got the vaccine at age 20, only to find out at age 27 that the immunity had worn off completely and I was once again vulnerable. And pregnant! Yay!

Anyway. Vaccine debates are boring! Let's talk about polygamy!


Can we talk about Cheerleader Nation and Big World Small People. These are the latest shows that are eating away my brain. Actually the Little people one it quite good.


I just have to say we have that exact same Lamaze toy and boppy luxe cover. My little boy just turned 8 months and he went from only being able to sit in the boppy to full on sitting up in like half an hour one day so watch out for that. I'm jealous of the little tooth as my baby has none yet and I want to get the teething out of the way as soon as possible. Poor Noah must be pretty unhappy about it though.

Also, Big Love kicks ass.


Just want to say that I totally agree with you on the exposure to pox as a young kid being better than vaccinating all your life. Both my kids had the pox before they were old enough to remember.

Love the drooly, toothy picture.


I'm glad to see everyone is in agreement. It's settled, right?

"I will never, ever ask the Internet people for medical advice again!"

Poor Amalah.


All the pox speak is making me itchy. Hello, my name is Jenn and I am impressionable.

It's Y...from The Internet



I firmly belive you have to do what is right for you and your family. That being said, I felt the same way you did until I read this-


It's Dr. Sears on the chicken pox vaccine, just take a look, no judgement.

And if you are freaking out at 6 months, wait until you are lighting a "1" candle on a cupcake and signing happy b-day to your one year old, who is walking! What!!!!!

Hope the rash clears up-


Nicole P

I always swear I'm not going to spend hours watching Big World Little People and it so doesn't work. I flip around the channels and THERE IT IS and I get sucked in. Again.

And don't close the comments!! We all love reading each other's battle stories with the topic of the week, be it moisturizer or the dreaded Pox.

This is all that gets many of us through a long work day!


All this "war on vaccines" makes me want to take 3 husbands.

How's that?


I seem to remember chicken pox being bigger?
Looks like a heat rash to me...but I aint no Dr.
Dr of Love perhaps......what? huh?
I cant believe how big he is! he's the cutest turtle ever. I just want to bite him.
And damn sista! He looks like his Pappa!!!


My mom was so eager to have me have measles that she sent me to a classmate's house when he had them. She suggested we get "very close." That's the story of how I got measles and teenagely pregnant in one afternoon.
Except that I actually only got the measles.


Just jumping in to say..never had the CP..and ended up having to get the vaccine when I went into nursing school.

Now, to the important stuff..

Totally loving Big Love! And Big World, Small People? Fascinates me!


Also, holy crap, I love that Little People, Big World show. I thought I was the only one. Awesome.


Who knew Noah had one million worried mommies? The time spend diagnosing him is astounding.

Guess that's what happens when everyone wants to save world's cutest baby

P.s. I want to gobble him up, puss and all.


I SO miss nose-sucking. I loved that sweet milky breath.

Yes, they indeed grow up too fast.


Glad to hear it's not the pox. I, too, didn't have chicken pox when young, despite my mom's best efforts: whenever one of my friends came down with it, off I'd go to spend the night in an attempt to get the stupid diesease over with once and for all. Could the children who sat beside me, beside me, and behind me in third grade all get it without my registering any spots? Yes. Could I then get chicken pox when I was 30, on the last day of my honeymoon, because one of our groomsmen developed shingles? Right again. And he even dropped out of the wedding--I must have picked it up during the one night I stayed with him and his girlfriend before the wedding, even though I swear I touched nothing without practically bathing in alcohol immediately after. So, yeah, get the vaccine for yourself.


Hey, look at it this way... you'll never get shingles (which comes from the chicken pox virus which continues to live in your nerves after you've had it.) Those SUCK ASS.



Our little dudes have the same boppy cover and clutch cube. My son doesn't have red bumps all over him though (whew). Nor teeth. But he did shit so far up the back of his onesie today that we almost had to cut it off of him.

I'm with ya on vaccinating against The Pox. He'll thank you for it...maybe...one day. I still remember it vividly and awfully. And I have many scars to prove it. Hugs to the little guy!

Imaginary Grownup

Never had the pox either. When my younger sister had them, my mother made us sleep in the same bed for 3 weeks. I found them on 2 of my cousins. Now, I will know no one with the pox but will have declared my poxlessness to the internet and get them next week. My 89 year old grandfather never had them either. When the same sister had chicken pox she wasn't allowed within 5 miles of the man. Everyone figured she would kill him. Then, the guilt would set in. Bad News! Lots o' people tell me to get the vaccine, but an equal number tell me I will lose my "natural immunity." Is this true? I figured maybe one of these really smart people who know about Fifth's Disease and other strange sicknesses will read my comment and tell me other people are crazy. I hope to start a war like Amy. :)


PLEASE, PLEASE do an entry about Big Love. I am obsessed with it and it is loaded with great material for you to comment on-- heck, it makes the starting over crew look normal and that is really saying something.


Please, Amalah, please do an entry on Big Love! I do not have HBO (or cable, for that matter), and I would LOVE to know what this show is all about!



I'm sorry, but I cannot stop laughing at the up close and person view of Noah's drooling mouth. HA!!!!


My god, that is the cutest tooth I have ever seen.

Too cool on the Whole Foods dumbwaiter! I'm very jealous. Ours is just in a run-of-the-mill strip mall, and I have to PUSH MY CART FULL OF ORGANIC BANANAS AND BULK OATS TO MY CAR MYSELF!

Lisa V

I hear Bill won't let the wives get the vaccine, because he is a patriot, and likes the war and all.

My dog gave birth to two headed puppies after I refused the vaccine. For me, not her.


sounds like roseola. my boy child had it. it's minor and goes away within several days.



Chicken Pox talk bah. Polygimy? Excellent. I'll take three or four husbands please. A Mechanic, a foreman, a doctor and a wildcard (artist maybe?) Next week draw some green dots on Noah and see what the internet recomends... hee


Desiree - It's leprosy!


Ahh, leprosy. That sounds like fun! I SO have scenes from Monty Python running round my head now.

"Alms for an ex-leper!" Tee hee!

Why does it never stop being funny? And also, it's like midnight here and I really need to go to bed, but now I REALLY want to watch Life of Brian. *sigh*

It really amazes me that Noah still looks so cute with all the drool, cos ewww, but also awwwwwwww! Hope the teething is as painless as poss.


Sweet Jebus... please take the child to a doctor and find out what this is so people will STOP with the ASSVICE! I only read halfway through and my head hurts...

Hope the Noahlah feels better soon.


Hee! Should have gone back and reread with the update! Glad it's not the pox.


Oh, sweet Amalah...

I got the pox at the ripe ole age of 16 and it sucked, sucked, sucked. Please, please do what YOU can to keep yourself from getting them. Seriously, not to scare, but they can be dangerous when you're older (in my case, I got chicken pox and then mono and then a strange virus related thing).

However, having said all that...I don't want to be giving assvice, just loving concern...so take good care...(and I haven't read all the comments, so perhaps there's more news now)...


Since the Internet has solved the problem for you, I will not comment on the pseudo-pox.

But I will comment on Big Love, and how much I love it, and how sad I am that I missed Sunday's episode. What happened?

Big Gay Sam

my GOD that boy is just too adorable for cable t.v.! Damn it! Now I'm all squishy and need to pinch some baby cheeks.

I think I'm just as jumpy as you are about the chicken pox. Everyone keeps warning me about being on Chemo and being exposed to Chicken Pox.



Amalah learns her lesson regarding internet medical advice postings. Next week Amalah learns to not ask about home equity loans (..."this one time my sister's best friend's cousin got a home equity loan at a fixed rate and and died. I swear. totally")

How on earth did you get in close enough for the tooth pic without the camera becoming a casualty of the drool?


okay... okay. I brought up the thing with my husband getting really sick from the pox to try and keep you and that sweet baby from getting sick.
If I ruined your lunch, I'm truly sorry.


I hate when I have to actually work and not read your blog. Glad Noah doesn't have the pox. Since everyone else has shared their story, I guess I will be a lemming...

My oldest got them when she was about 7 months old , she broke out 2 days before Christmas with a zit on her forehead which I promptly popped because no child of mine was going to have her first picture with Santa with a big ol honking zit on her face- the next 4 days sucked, he only saving grace was she was so young that she didn't figure out how to scratch them. The only scars she has are on her cute little tush and one in her hair.

My youngest was got the vaccine and got a very light case when she was 4.

I had 8 pox when I was 6 - yes only 8 spots and have been exposed multiple times since then and have not gotten them again. My immunologist doesn't think I will get them again.

Please quit killing me with the most adorable turtle pictures. Everytime I state I am definately not ever having any more children you post the most ovary aching pictures ever. YOU.ARE.KILLING.ME sloooowly.

Any updates on momalah?


You might want to seriously reconsider the pox vaccine for Noah. If he gets them he will be so miserable, especially if he doesn't get them until he is older.. the older you are the worse they are.. just ask my hubby.. he got them as and adult when our 4 year (at the time) got them. The were both so pathetic. I was due anyday with number 2 and all I could think of was "please get over this before I go into labor!"


THANKS for the little toothy picture! It's been such fun to see Noah growing up.

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