Freefalling, part two
Mommy Dichotomy

Gearing Up For Writersblockapalooza 2006

Apologies for the lack of updates, but every time I see the whitey blankness of the New Post screen, I suddenly become completely entranced by those bright shiny oncoming headlights.


Mama, please write something already. I want to go to college. How can I go to college if you don't write something already?

No pressure though. I'm cool.



Never fear...we'll take whatever you've got!


He looks like a tiny, pouty, Greek Statue.

Or a cherub or whatever.

Anyway, he's too cute!


I have no idea why I capitalized statue. I do know that randomly capitalized letters are obnoxious, so I apologize.


I wish I could write some super encouraging comment right now, but I have to say, I'm mighty curious for more details on your new life! Bring them on.


Awww, Noah is making such a sad face! Is he not feeling well? Or just sleepy? What a cutie.


Amy, that picture of Noah is precious! He's such a doll! And did you notice that
he looks just like you in the picture at the top left of your page?! At least I
think so...



Aren't those headlights really just the bright, shiny eyes of your sweet boy?

P.S. State universities aren't THAT bad, right? I hear they have some good ones in Kansas. :-)

Silly Hily

I have been a little out of blogger land for a week now b/c I had a baby but I just wanted to give you my congrats on the wonderful news of you freelancing. It's about time you got paid to do something you are so good at. You are very lucky! All the best and good luck. Can't wait to hear more.


He's, what, 6 months-ish!?? He looks like he's one already. Tell him to slow that growing business down now, please, thank you.


He is so freekin' adorable - what an angel :)

Sign him up for some mag ads and


Goodness, Noah looks like he's a toddler already. What are you feeding that kid??

I second Paula's recommendation, put him in commercials already.


oh my gosh how cute is noah! no need to write just put pictures with cute captions. If you write it they will come. Okay lame I know.

Nothing But Bonfires

Often, I forget Noah is a baby. I just think of him as this little man-person (a little man-person who hangs out in an exersaucer, I guess.) And then you post a picture of him wearing a diaper and being all babyish, and suddenly I remember that he's only 7 months old.


He's got SUCH a serious face in that picture - its like he's saying, "Mom, Dad, I've got some news... it looks like we have a pooey diaper forecast for the immediate future."


Yay, a post!

Honestly, I think you could post your shopping list and we'd be plenty pleased, so no worries there! :)


I find that there is usually a never ending supply of poop to talk about, that or you could always just post pictures of Noah.


It must be the weather. I'm feeling a bit blocked myself. But, seriously "no pressure," right? I find the pressure's the #1 blocker. Just enjoy, right? "Enjoy" was the best advice I ever got for beating the block.


You know that because he looks at you that way, he'll get everything he wants and more.

Just a daily smidget of what you do daily is good enough. And then there are pictures of Noah.

Y from The Internet

Here is my advice to you.

Everytime you get writers block, think of The Meat Club.

Surely, something will come to you. I mean, most of my life's greatest moments have involved meat of "some sort", you know what I'm saying?


Miss W

Oh my damn he's such a big boy!


He looks like such a little man. So serious! Seriously cute?!


How could you not write something with a plea that cute, and that sweet, trembling lower lip?... oh, the baby yumminess!

Best of luck with jumping past the writer's block!


Wow, look at your skinny self! My kids are 13 and 17 and I still blame them for this roll on my belly when I sit.

Love Noah's pouty face! He looks so grown up in some pictures, and so baby-ish in others.


It will come to you -- you know it always does. It will probably be last minute, and you'll be astounded at your brilliance. Then you'll think it's shit, but when you look back several months, or years, later, you'll marvel at the fact that it was actually pretty damn good! Well, that's what always happens to me when I write -- particularly in undergrad - I always thought it was shit, and then I'd look back at it several years later, marvel at it, and be sure I could never write that well again!


how could anyone NOT love that kid? I mean look at him... GAH! :)


He is precious!!


I'm beating a dead horse again. Read "Pure Drivel" by Steve Martin. There is a brilliant essay on writer's block. It will get your juices flowing. If you need a copy I will send one to "AMALAH, WASHINGTON DC USA". The post office will totally find you. That, or I'll send it to Ceiba restaurant, washington DC, Care of Jason Foodie guy and his adorable family.

Don't stress about posting here. Pictues of the baby and shoes will hold us over for a bit :)


Also? Noah will land a modeling contract to totaly pay for college. Those good looks will not be for nothing.


That picture is SO adorable.

Vaguely Urban

All the Judgey McPointyFingers are right! You quit your job, and now Noah is running around wearing nothing but a diaper. Before you quit your job, he had such darling little clothes. What a sad state!

p.s. You will totally get past the blank screen and achieve literary greatness. No question.


So forlorn! The trials and tribulations of being less than a year old. Next thing you know he'll be complaining that you don't hold the mirror still enough while he's snorting his coke. Some children are so ungrateful.


you do realize that Noah could support you all if you got him a baby modeling contract? Gerber would love to put his cuteness all over their stuff.




That is probably the most adorable picture of Noah yet. He's like a little cherub angel, but with a little look of mischief in those eyes.


ARGH what is it with all the best bloggers and writers block this week? It better not be contagious. I know where you live.

Okay, I don't.



it'll come, it'll come, it'll come....
repeat 23 hundred times, mix with vodka...


Your boy is A D O R A B L E! He looks just like you in that pic!


I have it too. but I am supposed to be writing a paper on obstetric concerns in human evolution.

It's due this morning.

So i cleaned up my bedroom and took some pics and then I finished my bathroom that has been waiting FOUR MONTHS for a second coat of paint.. and took some pics.. and posted them to everyone and everything.. you know.

Because that was necessary.


That picture is beyond words...


Wow! That little guy really, REALLY looks like you in that picture!

Of course I've only ever seen each of you in pics, but the resemblance is striking there!


Also, may I suggest Wednesday advice smackdown as writing material? You know we all love that, and with our letters half the work's done for you!


Okay, I love that photo. That is the best face.


I had a teacher once who, after hearing about my writer's block, assured me there was no such thing. There is, I argued. I just can't write. She said - do people get algebra block? reading block? physicist block? No? Then you can't have writer's block. Just write.

And, she might have been write. (right?)


You truly are the queen of the blogosphere. You write a very short post about being blocked, and the comments pour in. All hail the mighty Amalah! Or perhaps its the cute baby picture that keeps them coming back. Whatever it is, I love it. Can't wait to hear about your adventures as SAHM.


Oh my goodness, I'm melting with the perfectness of that picture. Oh my goodness, I need a son.


That's an adorable picture! Also, I love your revalation about magical healing powers. Do you archive your "Nobody tells you..." thoughts? Because they're great. :-)


Wow. I think this is the cutest picture I've seen of Noah.


I'm a total random capitaliser and I had no idea it was Obnoxious. The things I learn thru your site.

If you need some inspiration here's what the inquiring minds what to know. How are you coping with freelancing and what's it like to be back home with that cutie pie kid of yours?

I so envy you right now. I wish there was such a thing as work from home registrar's assistants.

the kim half of glamorouse

I'm just commenting because I'm here and there are less than 50 comments. As opposed to over 300. So, hi.


Emily is right, according to Frank McCourt, who caused me to soak the seat at a talk he gave at a local university. Just sit down and do it. Good luck, Amy!


Don't you love when they are in that kind of mood, all calm and precious? Makes your heart melt.

Hope Roth

You know you are good when you put up a post about how you are having a hard time posting and you get over 50 comments!

Writing is hard stuff, but it sure does get a lot harder when you worry that you will fail at it. Self fulfilling prophecies and all that crap.

You are a great writer. A writer that has made me, a 24-year-old geek with no plans for kids anytime soon, care about how you did with your breast feeding, etc. If that doesn't show that you have talent, I don't know what does!

When in doubt, I bet you still have more scary baby clothes that you could post pictures of...


Your readers are right! I think putting Noah to work in the modeling industry is a totally sweet trade for you getting up and putting on the biz-naz attire.

Just think of all of the ways you could be one of those completely insane stage mothers. Or, maybe Noah could do pageants! Yes, Pageants! It is a much safer world with the big-haired southern pageant moms than the smack addicted baby-modeling racket. I mean, it's not like Noah would look bad in sequins and (bonus round) you would never lack any material for blogging.



That may be the most adorable picture I have ever seen.

Hope the writers block fades soon. I always have that problem - I can think of plenty of things to write until I actually have to put something down on paper and then *poof* it's gone. For me the secret is writing early in the morning when my brain seems to be less distracted, but who knows if that would work for anyone else but me. Good luck!


No need to write anything. Just keep posting pictures of Noah ; )


Love the serious man photo of Noah.

How about doing a Q&A aka mini Smackdown? That could be funny.


Such a serious (yet adorable) little guy! That may be the cutest picture yet.


Could Noah host a Wednesday smackdown, cause I am thinking that would be awesome.

have you seen the previews for Starting OVer today? Seriously, funny.

Real Girl

Look at that sweetie! Long and lean indeed. My dear friend (who also had major infertility problems and did in vitro) just found out she's having a boy, and I'll be doing a lot of babysitting. Gotta comb thru those Amalah archives for a brush up!

She has also informed me that she wants a "Peepee Teepee" for a shower gift. Of course the Queen of Everything must know whether these actually work or not!


Peepee Teepee = Urine Rockets.

Just, trust me.

Heather B.

OH my gosh, my little baby looks so cute. I so totally forgive him for that whole puking incident.


OMG what a face! I just love him.



I mean, unless you plan to enter the boy in professional projectile pee contests. But Noah OWNS the circuit, as he once sent the teepee sailing a good five feet and it hit the cat on the head.

(And for everyone requesting the Advice Smackdown, please imagine me grinning deviously and whistling la laaaaa...)

Nicole P

Yay for possible mainstream Advice Smackdown!!! You better be getting some sort of cut from Sephora and Coach for their boost in sales after each smackdown! Just sayin' you might want to squeeze that into the as-yet-unknown-to-the-masses contract with the as-yet-unknown-to-the-masses-genius-who-will-pay-our-Amy.

Is it just me, or should I think about teaching English with my amazing grammar? :)


noah is getting so long, er, i mean tall!! what a big boy!!


Don't worry Noahlah, I'll adopt you when you're 18, after you have eaten your mother and father out of house and home, then you can get free tuition at wherever I'm teaching college by then. Hopefully you won't mind having a degree from Lower Baboon's Asshole University. I hear they have a great male modeling program.

For whatever reason, I am only now noticing just how much Noah looks like you.

--a frequent lurker.


Dude, I totally dated a guy from Lower Baboon's Asshole University.


oh my gosh...You have the most precious child in the world! That is my favorite picture I've seen so far (and I'm a FREQUENT refresher!)

Whatever you do will be fantastic. Anyone who has random people all over the world refreshing her blog all day long is obviously someone special. OK..I sound like a stalker now. But, we all are your "fans".


Just keep posting pictures of that adorable child. We won't notice you haven't been writing for at least a few more days.


Poor Noah looks like the saddest boy who ever experienced sadness.


I know where my inability to post would come from if THAT hunk o' adorablness were on MY lap.

Just sayin'...

Real Girl

THANKS for the peepee teepee warnings!

Of course, we could always rubber band it around the little fella...


spammit/anne nahm

title or description

I keed because I love. Hope you get your mojo back soon!

anne nahm

.... and your comments wouldn't let me post a picture of Simpson's Nelson in full-on "ha-ha!" mode. Damnit.


holy crap, I turn my head for, like, 2 DAYS, already and you've quit yer job!! you're gonna be just like dooce! I had to back up to catch up. well done, you. I am an artist, so I free-lance, and also stay home with my beautiful red-headed Zoe-baby (9 mos.), who is baby no.3, and it could not be better: anyone who has a CHOICE is so lucky, and it could not have been a better choice for me. CONGRATU-freakin-LATIONS!


Don't send your self on a mini-freak-out over a little writer's block. It happens. If I had a Noah I would write him a bed time story to break the blockage, but as it is I break mine by pacing, rearranging household items for no reason, writing bad haiku about my two Rottweilers and two cats, and pacing some more.


Said it before and I'll say it again...

Love me some Noah!


He looks like he is getting tall. Such an adorable little boy. Your writers block will stop and the words will come to you. You always find a way to entertain us.

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