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khfkshyl! and also zzzzzzxyiaf

We're home after a super-extra-exhaustifying weekend in Pennsylvania. My mom is doing extremely well, considering.

We'll get biopsy results on Wednesday. Then we shall all breathe a big fat collective sigh of relief, because I think everything is going to be FINE.


Right now, I must go sleep for a few dozen hundred hours, because the child, the gorgeous golden child light of our lives, did not sleep all weekend. AT ALL. NO SLEEP. He screamed instead. He screamed for so many hours that Jason and I were sent back in time to those horrific first days home with a newborn when we sang lullabies with the words baby baby baby why won't you fucking sleep already and then we walked into walls during the day in desperate hope of knocking ourselves into a nice blissful coma.

Also: Do not permit your in-laws to buy your child this toy. DO. NOT. Walls will not be enough. You will soon contemplate sticking the silverware into your ears.

Anyway. We're home. We're tired. But...honestly...



Even when it's bad, it's never that bad, you know?



You're right, everything is going to perfectly fine! Thinking tons of good thoughts for Mamalah.

Noah is still ridiculously handsome :)


Glad your mom is doing okay.
And: Awwww! Love the pictures.


Very glad to hear that your mom came through the surgery well, and I agree that the universe owes it to all of you for the biopsy results to be F-I-N-E!

Noah just gets cuter every day, even when he's not letting you guys sleep!


Thinking good thoughts about your mom, but evil thoughts about that freaking toy. Great photos! Love the bare piggies and shit-eating grin!


Glad all went as well as can be expected. Those are some rockin' Noah photos.


Very very cute photos. I like the apple prop.
Speedy recovery wishes to your mom.


Where did you get those pics taken? They are so cute! We just got done with picture hell at Pic people.

My daughter has that lion. She ADORES it! Try putting it on bedtime mode if it gets too annoying.


Shaking a warning finger at the universe regarding Mamalah's results...also marveling at the marvelousness of Noah.

Heather B.

OH MY GOSH...I so want a picture.


That's so great! And Noah's pictures are wonderful. I can't believe there was a time when you guys didn't have him.


The feet!


That is one CUTE boy! Soon you will learn that only toys with volume controls and on/off switches are allowed in your home. And even that won't be enough. My boys could play with a cotton ball loudly. So glad your mom's surgery went well.


Yes, the universe had better be listening. It was certainly listening when (I assume) you demanded the cutest baby boy EVER.


I love the pics! Especially the one on the bottom. He just looks so COOL. :)

I hope everything with your mom turns out a-ok. :)


love the pictures!! The crying must have something to do with that evil second tooth...


He is just so CUTE. Can't get over it. :)


Noah is so handsome..


He's totally Baby AEO!!! So very cute. :)

Hannah B.

Glad your mom's surgery went well.

I'm thinking my brother is lucky they didn't have that roll & rhyme lion thing when my nephew was a baby.


I wuv the Noah. What a cute little stinker.

Also, I think a just punishment for not sleeping would be to send him and my Alison to a desert island and let them scream at each other until they fall into an exhausted sleep in their respective babyjails (playpens).


I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you mom in all her fine-ness. Cause, you know, she's FINE. Everything is FINE.

The Dlug


kelly jeanie

So cute! My 1 year-old has the elephant...unfortunately, he loves it. Loooooves it. If we let him sleep with it we'd probably hear that darned thing singing all night long.


Yay!!!! Glad to hear that nanalah's surgery went well. Awesome attitude about the results and will be waiting patiently with you on Wed for results - the waiting, it sucks but if it brings good news we will all be rejoicing with you.

I love the midde pic on the top - he is such a cute little man.


I just have to turn the welling tide of remarks about your son's cuteness by saying, "YOU'RE CUTE, Amy! YOU ARE!"

There. Equal time, you know?


Oh, the pictures! The cuteness! I love it. He's adorable. I love the one with the blue background, where his little cute toes are right there in the middle of the shot.

I'm glad to hear everything with your mom went fine. I'm thinking of you guys as you find out biopsy results.


He's a total cutie patootie, but what I'm wondering is, how the hell did you manage to get a baby photo with no tears, drool or snot? Oh, and he looks just like the pic of you in the sidebar photo.

Big wishes for a full and speedy recovery for your Mom. I'm confidant everything will be just fine.


Sending wishes for a good report and speedy recovery to Nanalah.

The noisy toy thing? Yeah, maybe it could become a tub toy. Or the special toy we only play with at the home of whoever gave it to him so you can all fight for the silverware together.

Also, it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) Cute, CUte, CUTE baby.

reluctant housewife

I'm glad that your mom's surgery went well.

Here's to everything being fine...

(I won't even mention how cute Noah is because it's pretty darn obvious.)


I kind of want to print out a copy of Noah's picture and put it in MY wallet and pretend he's MY kid/nephew/whatever. Just to pretend that attractive people like that would exist in my family.

Happy vibes for your Mom!


best wishes and happy thoughts for your mom.

also, as the once & future non-parent, can I tell you that the cuteness of your spawn creates a small ache in my uterus. That is power right now (fortunately, I know that the cure is more trips to Disneyland).

Very very cute.


I'm so glad he's barefoot in those pictures. I hate adult feet, but his are just adorable.

I'm glad your mom's doing well!

Vaguely Urban

He's all, "You can put props anywhere you want - in front of me, behind me - wherever! And I'll rock those props, but I sure as shootin' don't need them, because I brought the best prop of all: my FEET!"


Noah is the most handsome baby I have ever seen! And those feet! Adorable!

weaker vessel

That's right, Universe! Move along, now! Nothing to see here! *whistles innocently whilst skipping along sidewalk with hands clasped behind back*

I just knew that the combined force of 78978907023 good vibe streams would have to do some good. Also, that baby is key-YOOT!


The last picture of Noah looks incredibly similar to the picture you have of yourself on the site as a child... ;-) He looks like you, which is a good thing, cuz mama... you're pretty sexy!

Glad to hear your mom is doing well.


The only really heart-felt prayers I ever prayed were when my daughter would not sleep (oh, and labor). I sang the song of prayer and apologized for not going to church.

Very catchy, however, not so effective.


oh my god! the toes! THE TOES.


Glad to hear everything is ok.

See you soon!


Mental note: must buy toy for sister-in-law.

Bozoette Mary

I'm so glad to hear that your mom's doing well. And Noah has the cutest feet in the whole entire world.


Glad you're back. I'm sure the Universe will happily comply to your demand! (at least it better, or I will be helping you kick some serious butt!)


oooh, the wee little man!

prayers fer yer mum...

Anne Glamore

Baby toes
Are cute.


I am really loving that you chose such an adorable picket fence for your URBAN baby. :-)


the cuteness cannot be real! AHHHH!!!

(but is it just me, or are his tiny feet really big? I Don't have a babykins, so I could just be out of the know, but aren't his turtle feet, not so much baby turtle feet? But the toes, they are cute!)


So glad your mum is doing well. Hope you do get some good sleep and feel much better.

Those pictures of Noah are so adorable. He does just get cuter day by day.

Still sending good thoughts and prayers your way

Nothing But Bonfires

My favorite is the one on the far right. He looks like a little CEO of a very high-powered firm making important decisions at his desk. On a farm.


Caption for the top 3 photos:
1 - "Mr Photographer, I find you somewhat disturbing. Please go away before I throw this randomly placed apple at your head."
2 - "Look at the toes people, succumb to the cuteness of the toes, resistance is futile, mwah ha haaa!"
3 - "And that concludes my lecture on the cuteness of me. Thank you all for coming. Refreshments of milk and rusks are available in the foyer at a reasonable price."

Tee hee. x


Photogenic little guy, isn't he? I guess he gets a lot of practice at home. ;)
Will be praying for your Mum, Amy. Everything'll be okay...because you said so, and you're the Queen of Everything.


Oh the adorableness...it's too much. He looks like such a little MAN! Glad Mom's doing fine -- fingers & toes crossed! Prayers en route.


I feel like I don't even know Noah without his ever-present Exersaucer.

Sending lots of good thoughts to your mom.

Wacky Mommy

Glad your Moms is doing well. Sending good thoughts from the West Coast to the East Coast for Weds. Cute pix of little man N.


Is that an arm I see in the far right photo on top holding Noah up? Wayyy cute! he looks like he is very pedantic in that photo.

Good thoughts and prayers to your mother. my father in law is going in for his biopsy this Saturday, but he is doing so badly, I am afraid...

Down with the C-word! up with the cutie toes of Noah!!


Mmmmmmmmmm...Noah toes. Scrumptious, that boy!


Also... never let your in-laws by your golden child THIS:



OMG--whave the same hideous toy! And my husband's mom played with it non-stop for the week that she was visiting. When we were in the car (having left the god-damned thing at home), she sang the songs to my daughter. Amazingly, after having heard the songs a frillion times, she still didn't know the words.

Also, there is a book that goes along with it. After some searching, though, she was not able to find it, so at least we don't have them both.


We're all thinking fine thoughts for your mom. But yah, your last line says a mouthful. Beautiful.


OMG those pictures!

I'm saying a little prayer for your Mom.


You must tell us the secret of getting Noah to smile for the camera! The minute my daughter sees a camera she gets the most serious look on her face and no amount of shaking stuffed animals at her or squealing her name gets her to smile.

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well, sorry Noah didn't sleep. Sometimes when you take them out of their familiar surroundings they just don't know what to do.


Am waking up just long enough to say that those pictures were taken at a BabiesRUs in PA (no sales tax on pyjamas! whee!) on the spur-of-the-moment when a kindly photographer offered us a free 8x10 if we'd let him "take some practice shots" (ha! haaa! suckers!), and since Noah was in a good mood and wearing spit-up-free clothes, we figured it was worth seeing if we could get one good picture out of it.

And then Noah decided that he loved the kindly photographer more than anything, ever, and was an absolute smiley delicious angel and I sat there telling everybody that seriously, THE CHILD HAS NOT SLEPT IN 48 HOURS, HELP ME.

Jason's site will have another photo, a photo that Noah will one day SUE OUR ASSES OVER, posted tomorrow morning. Haaaa. Back to bed now. Gah.


Awww! Are these the first professional photos? Geez either that photographer is really good or Noah is totally used to having a camera shoved in his face :o)
Thinking good thoughts for your mom.


So glad to hear that the surgery went well. Wil continue to send good and healthy thoughts to the mamalah.

And also? Love. Ovaries are pulsing with the cuteness of the boy.


Oh, good golly! Screamer or no, that child is adorable.
My adorable child is also a screamer of late. It's the teeth, methinks.
Ah, the fun of it all!
The sleep-deprivation-induced hallucinations!
So fun!


so precious!!


oh my those feet. That is just not fair.



I am a lion I roar all day...I jump up and down...

yes, Nanny and Poppy bought one for Nell as well. I will never rid myself of the song.



Ah! It remembered me, yay!

I couldn't even read the post, there was this glowing blur of insane adorable-ness coming from below the words.

He is so flippin' CUTE!!!!!!


Your mom will be fine!!

And you and Jason are so lucky; I am so fully happy for you that you have such a beautiful, brilliant, healthy son!!

Wicked Stepmom

Ooh... the baby portrait cuteness. I gotta get me one of those. ;)

With the entire Internet behind your Mom, she can't be anything else but FINE.


He's a miniJason.
Toys: my husband and I have instituted a "no electric toys" policy. Because really, they're more annoying than necessary. I've decided that if someone buys us an electric toy we will call them up early one morning while our child plays with it and allow them the opportunity to enjoy the noise. Many thanks to Fussy's husband for this great idea.


Noah looks like a perfect mix of both you and Jason. Sometimes he looks more like you, sometimes more like his daddy but I must say good genetics were at play.

On a totally unrelated note: Read "Pure Drivel" by Steve Martin since A) you will love it B) I've read the archives in entirety (am not stalker, swear) and know you appreciate his work and C)You can read it while you are waiting for those silly doctors to tell you mom that she is fine, because she is

Oh baby toes! It makes me want to drive 2 hours for the soul purpose of squishing my neice! (whose toes may not be nearly as cute)


Your son is so adorable. He looks so much like you did in your posted baby photo.

Glad to hear that your mom is going to be ok! Thank God!


All my best to the momz.


Oh MAN is he cute!! I agree, he looks just like the picture of you in your sidebar, although he does look like Jason too. You'd better get an unlisted number when he starts school and meets girls. I have a nice older woman for him, LOL. Persephone says she likes bald boys, too =)

We're all pullin' for Nanalah. Hey Universe, listen up...it's almost Mother's Day, and you'd better get with the grandma's-just-fine program, or I will stick my unpedicured Sicilian foot up your black hole.


Happy thoughts and fingers crossed for the upcoming results. Also, love the professional pics!


I'm glad to hear everything with your mom seems okay. I'm thinking of your family and sending happy thoughts.



Love the photos. Those toes.



Excellent news about your mom, Amy!! So glad to hear it.

Noah's cuteness factor is off the charts. If he's this cute at only 6 months, can you IMAGINE him at a year? 5 years? 15 years?? You need to start shopping for 1) an agent and 2) a bodyguard.


If only we could look so cute after 48 hours of no sleep!

The. kid. is. adorable.

I hope the results come out as expected for your mom. :-)


I so glad your mom is doing well. My fingers are crossed for good news on the biopsy results.

Noah continues to be cuter than cute.


That kid takes a great picture! Too cute. Hope he sleeps extra long this week to make up for being such a pill this past weekend!


Awww! He's such a cutie. I'm glad your mom is doing well.

Mama C-ta

Glad to hear your mom is doing well, you are right everthing will be FINE. But I am not sure I believe that sweet looking face was screaming all weekend. There is no way, just look at him, pure innocence ;)


I'm so happy to hear that things are so far so good.

I always find that family members like to give "noisy" toys almost as a way to punish us for something we may or may not have done a very long time ago.

And Noah! Did the photographers just swoon over that cutie pie or what?



Glad to hear that your mom is going to be fine. That's great, great news.

Total side note, all of the pictures you have posted of Noah, I have always thought he was a spitting image of you...but when you posted the most recent photos...OMG, he looks like Jason. Regardless...you have the cutest baby on the face of the earth.

I don't post hear often, because I am not nearly as witty and interesting as the rest of the people that post. Just want to know I love your blog and Noah is delicious (no matter which parent he looks more alike).


Thinking good thoughts for your mother.

How can a child so young have such chiseled cheekbones? I'm a sucker for cheekbones.


Not a frequent poster, but I just had to say....that pic on Jason's site?


I Love it! and yes, he will probably sue you some day!

Silly Hily

So, those perfect photos were taken on a spur of the moment thing. No appt, no preparation? Bitch!


My son got that same stupid lion toy from my sister who hates me. I was thankful at first because it was the first gift she'd gotten any of my kids that actually had a sales tag on it. Usually she gives my kids clothes that have no sales tags and sometimes even have some other kid's name written on the back of the tag. But I guess she still got me.


So relieved to hear about your mom.

My best friend just bought the little angel "band in a box" for her second birthday.

Nicole P

Oh my god, I just saw the other photo of Noah on Jason's site. Noah is *so* going to sue your asses, but it will be totally worth it to show that to his girlfriends. Bwahahahahahaha.


That's wonderful! I'll make sure to remember that toy thing. I remember having one of those circly, disc-like things you sit on, and then turn your self around, make-shift merry-go-round style with that steering wheel thing in the middle that made me puke everytime. I'm sure my parents were stoked they bought that.


I love the photo on Jason's site.

When Noah objects, you can always tell him he should be glad that it isn't a glamour shot of him naked on a bear rug.


I love those feet!!

Noah is too cute!


mr. cute. what a sweetheart with that little smile.

i am glad your mom is doing well. i'm sure the results wednesday will indeed be fine.

Erin O'Brien

It is never as bad as it can get. I have had it bad, then I have had it worse, then I have had it worse than that.

Then my daughter smiles at me, and the world fills with light.

Life is beautiful.


Love those toes!


oh my GOD! THE THIRD PICTURE! To me? It looks as though he's about to bust out a "one handed" "raise the roof."

Am I wrong?


The Learning Lion is evil.

Didn't you know that?

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