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We're home after a super-extra-exhaustifying weekend in Pennsylvania. My mom is doing extremely well, considering.

We'll get biopsy results on Wednesday. Then we shall all breathe a big fat collective sigh of relief, because I think everything is going to be FINE.


Right now, I must go sleep for a few dozen hundred hours, because the child, the gorgeous golden child light of our lives, did not sleep all weekend. AT ALL. NO SLEEP. He screamed instead. He screamed for so many hours that Jason and I were sent back in time to those horrific first days home with a newborn when we sang lullabies with the words baby baby baby why won't you fucking sleep already and then we walked into walls during the day in desperate hope of knocking ourselves into a nice blissful coma.

Also: Do not permit your in-laws to buy your child this toy. DO. NOT. Walls will not be enough. You will soon contemplate sticking the silverware into your ears.

Anyway. We're home. We're tired. But...honestly...



Even when it's bad, it's never that bad, you know?




I just got kicked in the ovaries by a campshirt- clad bundle of Cute.


so glad to hear that your mom is doing well!!! I'm sure the universe will be on your side on this one! :)

I had a muppets "piano" as a toddler and I think my father seriously considered putting me out on the sidewalk with it and walking away sometimes....baby toys should be quiet! they make enough noise themselves, right?!! :)


Where is Jason's site so I can see this other picture?

Oh, and here they always say that "practice shot" remark. It's called luring you in so that you end up buying all the "extras" they took. ;)


Such cute pictures!

Good thoughts for the mom...


LotionBarBunny: www.dcfoodies.com

There is a plastic lobster involved, is all I can say.


I'm sending healthy mom vibes your way. And you are right -- that is the darn cutest kid ever!


Good GOD that picture on DCFoodies is awesome! I, too, have fallen victim to the "free 8X10, no strings attached" ploy at BRU. Yeah, yeah. Then they take a cute picture of her in a flower pot and some cute black and whites of her tootsies and I decide that I really NEED 5 month, one week and four day pictures. I mean, isn't that a standard milestone?

I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.


DCFoodies pic--HA! I have that same pot!!!

And yes, he does look delicious enough to eat!!!

Real Girl

You photogenic little pisser!

And many postitive thoughts for Momalah.


yeah, I know.

He's adorable!


That little twerp is good enough to gobble up. Hugs to your mom.


Okay, I think I've already told you that Noah is the cutest baby EVER. And I don't really like babies. But he is the cutest EVER!!! I really hope your Mom comes through this latest thing fine. I was 25 when my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The day my dad had his bladder removed at Mayo Clinic, I found out my mom had multiple mylema, which is incurable. My mom lived 6 more years, but every 6 months when she had do go in for a bone marrow test I would get sick to my stomach. My dad lived 16 more years. So I guess my message is cherish your parents while you can. Thanks for writing your blog and can we have more pictures of you, Noah, the cat and the dog? Love you Amy!


Madonna, were you or someone in your home a recipient of "wholesome wear"? Because that is some messed up swimwear. GAH!!


You've been TAGGED! Check out my latest posting for your mission, should you choose to accept it. ;-)

Thanks for the info on the pics too. I'm just sad I wasn't at that Babies 'R Us that day! The pictures are adorable. The one on Jason's site is so cute too.


Ok, in those pictures? Looks exactly like Jason.

Continued good thoughts to da momma.

Karen Rani

Cheers to your Mom being alright! Thanks for the advice on the toy. Cute pics!


postitive vibes for those results. it WILL be fine (honest).


Thinking of you, your mom, and family today!!


Praying and happy thoughts for you all!!

Noah is so going to be a great model. You should sign him up. A natural, I tell ya!


He's gorgeous...of course...but his FEET...are HUGE!!!

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