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Freefalling, part two

Plot Twist

So in case anybody was wondering which diaper bag I ended up going with...

I didn't buy one.

I quit my job instead.

I quit.

My job.

Just now.

Somebody tell me how to stop shaking.

And maybe get me a paper bag to breathe into or something.

I would also accept ideas on how to get this damn Tom Petty song out of my head.

And I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...freeeelancing.





Holy plot twist Batman!!

Way to go Amy, good luck!


Wow! I don't know what to say because Wow!


I'm sure you debated long and hard about this decision, not an easy one, so good for you and with your talents, you'll do fantastic.



Good for you! And relax, it will all work out for the best. There are tons of freelancing gigs in this town.


That's a big step, but I KNOW you can do it. Just keep reminding yourself of all the positives. More time with Noah! No more commuting! Things will work out.

Best wishes for you and your posse.

BTW- what made your decision?


That's huge! You can breathe... you can do this. You are a very talented lady and I know a lot of thought went into this... Aaand Tom Petty is in my head too... Good luck y'all! And give your hubby and cute boy some squeezes!



Now I'm dying to know what changed your mind. When I did the same thing everyone was SHOCKED too - it came out of left field. I just woke up one day and said, I can't do this anymore.

It only took a week or two for my pulse to return to normal.


Congratulations! You will all be fine. I'm sure you will be able to make some money to buy new fancy purses and shoes by selling all of Noah's toys and clothes.


Congrats! You'll do wonderfully. Now, breathe...and go finish that chocolate bunny!


Oh. My. God! Wow! You are really such a fabulous writer that you will be a huge success, I think. Anyway, I will buy what you write! Unless you are freelance editing?? Maybe? Anyway, congratulations.


yay!! that's SO much easier than deciding on a bag. hehe :)

i'm happy for you :)

now, go forth and write an kickass book to occupy the place of the 3rd snarksister spot. i'm ordering Jen's this weekend, and awaiting the release of marthas :)



Just more day care, no more day care germs! No more incessant infections! More time with the Babalah! More time with Ceiba and Max! No commute! You will be happier!

You go, girl. Big, big step. And please let us in on what changed your mind. Was it the ear infection?


More chocolate should help with the shaking . . .
I know this is a huge decision for you, but I'm confident you can handle this (after all, if you can handle baby puke down your bra, poop on your jeans, and your dog eating some really cute shoes, what can't you handle?)
That said, this may not be an easy transition and I'll be sure to send plenty of positive thoughts your way.


Congratulations! All will be fine.



Yes, definitely breathe! Everything is going to be fine. You will be an incredible success freelancing, I just know it! I am so happy for you, that you are able to do this.

Congratulations, and good luck! (Not that I think you'll need the luck...)

Heather B.

Finally woman! Now go drink yourself some wine!
Like tomorrow though...


Congratulations! Sometimes quitters do win!


I concur with Tory!! I was waiting for the punchline. However, since you are serious there is not punch line. I quit my job one day with no thought. I just told my supervisor I was giving my 2 week notice. I shocked myself, too since I hadn't really given it much thought nor had I discussed my decision with my husband. But he was very supportive and I have not worked for 11 years (AAAAAGH!!!) I had no kids at the time but now have 3 to fill my days.

And all of your faithful readers know how you agonized over this while on maternity leave. We also know that you and Jason came to this decision together and not light-heartedly. Having said all of that, I truly wish you much peace and happiness, and a job (if you desire) that meets the needs of your family and your desire to be at home.



I've been reading forever, and recently I've really been worried about how you were holding up with the work/mom balance, especially with the sick kid.

Best of luck to you!


spammit/ anne nahm

ohmyfreakin'muthereffin'gggggggeeeee! Is this a 'praise halleluiah' or 'pass the Haldol'Moment? Either way - shit!


I just read your Project Babalah sidebar note. Isn't that awesome how kisses really do make your baby feel better!! I LOVE it!


Wait, so this means you're not going to tell us about the diaper bag?

I quit my job once. No plans. Just like you, my plan was "freelance." Best move I ever made. It led to so many opportunities and so much fulfillment that never would have happened had I not taken that leap of faith and stepped into the void.


congrats :) in my own selfish way, i'm happy you quit b/c now we'll have more fun posts with more fun pictures and oodles of fun stories from around the house! :)


Wow! I know that was not an easy decision to make. I've been struggling with it as well but know that there is no way we can make it without my income right now. Best of luck to you. Now you'll have lost more time to kiss bumps on Noah's head...and there will be lots of those in the upcoming months!


Wow! Go you. Just keep breathing. All will be fine.

And damn you, now I've got the Tom Petty song in my head!


WTF? That's awesome Amalah. AWESOME. Im going on maternity leave in about 2 months and have often wondered wheither I will come back or not. Ive seen what its been like for you (the good and bad) and I guess you felt pulled in two different directions and something had to go. Hey! Think of the day care money you will save!!!!




its an occasion for champagne and cake!

for Joke!


Am I the ONLY ONE who didnt see this one coming????

AMALAH!!! Welcome to a new chapter in your life! We'll be here for you!


Wow! Congrats! All the best!


I, too, freelance (with a 4 1/2 month old baby girl, Lola). Oh, and 4 teen-agers...

Keep the chocolate comin. Tres handy.

Good luck - how exciting for you and your family!


Frahoo! I'm happy for you. You lasted longer than I did when I returned to work. It will be good in a different way.
I had a feeling something was brewing due to the repeated anti/hate daycare comments. Now you've made the decision--have fun with it.

Laura B.

WOW! It must be scary now but it seems like this move is going to make you so much happier. Noah must be very happy about this, too! :)


What?!?! Noooooooo -- this place needs you! (Lord knows it provides wonderful blog fodder on occasion.) Say it isn't so!!!!

for Joke!

Comment continued....

I'm a faithful reader too...! I am just not good at anticipating big plot twists!


You are awesome, and awesome things will be happening for you! Making such a change takes so much courage - good for you! Now, have yourself a nice glass of red wine and practice your deep breathing excercises!


Um, DETAILS please?

btw, I'm positive you will be just fine.


Hooray for quitting jobs! (My last day here is next Friday and no, I definitely haven't been counting down the days since last month.)

Does this mean you'll be posting more often? Hooray!


You can totally do this. You're a strong woman and you know what you want.

I mean, HOLY SHIT AND WOW, too, but you kick ass, Amy. You are going to make it work for you and Jason and Noah.


Wow, I wish I could quit school and work to do something I love (unfortunately, I'm not an insanely good writer, a hilarious person, or anything like that, so it probably wouldn't work). Congratulations.

If you are doing freelance writing, just post it on here, and I think you have about five bazillion buyers already. Including me.


As they say, no one ever lay on their deathbead and wished they had spent more time at the office. Congratulations!


Congratulations! I hope this will all work out exactly how you want it to. Now, allow yourself a couple of days to freak out, and perhaps break out a couple (5?) of those chocolate bunnies.


Wow! That's awesome! Huge change, but the biggest changes are usually the best kind.


Um, whoa. Holy crap! But, good for you? I'm not sure, did your job suck? Either way, you're such a damn awesome writer and person that you'll be a resounding success at whatever you do. So don't worry.

And yay for job-quitting! I just got a new job at a corporation that sells something that's addictive, expensive, and full of sugar. It rhymes with "moffee". And "Barlucks". I'm so damn excited, even though I'm a computer dork, it'll be cool to be working on computers for a company that will give me free moffee. So if you need a pick-me-up while you're getting your free-lancing self off the ground, let me know. I'll mail you some barlucks moffee.


Breathe in

Breathe out

Wait for your heartrate to calm down and tell us all about it.


erin rae


This is an awesome step. Assuming you are still at home with the sick little one, take a deep breath and just relax. Think of the fact that you won't have to be dealing with all the other crazies at Whole Foods on the weekend and timing your life based on beltway traffic...


Congratulations and good luck! I'm sure it will all be wonderful. Now I have that Tom Petty song stuck in my head.

erin rae


This is an awesome step. Assuming you are still at home with the sick little one, take a deep breath and just relax. Think of the fact that you won't have to be dealing with all the other crazies at Whole Foods on the weekend and timing your life based on beltway traffic...


Congratulations! What was your final decision? I'm curious about this because I feel I'm going to be in the same boat soon.

Write a book! Write a book!


Rumor has it that Holly at Nothing But Bonfires also quit her editing job yesterday...

Either this is Psych Out Your Readers week, or great minds think alike.


Wow, congratulations! =) That is a huge decision! I loved the fact that my mother worked from home when I was a kid. =) It was so nice always having her there.


Holy Hannah! Wow! I think maybe I need a paper bag to breathe in too!

Irony Queen

OMG! That's fantastic! (I hope.)

Ok, now BREATHE. No, really, the breathing is going to be good for you.


Ooh! Yay! Seriously big yay. It's not as scary as it seems now, and later, you'll be shocked that you waited this long, SERIOUSLY.

I quit my last job somewhat on a whim with no prospects, no desire and just...couldn't take it anymore. And PS, there was no Noah at home for me. And it was all FINE - better, even, than I ever could have expected.

Congratulations. This is going to be great.


Wow -- big, huge news! Congrats! Now please breathe.


Congratulations Amalah! Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I'm a loyal reader/daily refresher and I do believe this is the best thing for your little family.

It's all good. Just breathe!!


Ah yes, Tom Petty's Freefallin, its our generation's Take This Job and Shove It. When I quite my last corporate job almost seven years ago, I played that song, as loud as my car stereo would go, every single day on the way to and from the office for my last two weeks. It just sort of reinforces what you did, and that it was right. Congrats.


Freelancing! Wooo! I think we should all celebrate with cake. And maybe some booze.

(Are you still breathing? Keep doing that. Breathing = good.)


Wow, you are so totally going to have to expand on this when you get over the initial shock.

How lucky for Noah. And you. Welcome to the freelancing world of "may or may not have a job tomorrow." It's kinda sorta wonderful.

Liberal Banana

Holy crap! Did you get your inspiration from Nothing but Bonfires? Because I think she just resigned from her job as well. Again: Holy crap! And: Good for you!


Holy shit! Congratulations! Your life is *so* going to rock from here on out. Yay you!


You can afford this. Just sell me Noah.

Seriously though, very courageous step you've taken. Kudos.

P.S. Breathing is overrated anyway.


although i am disappointed there's no diaper bag.



everything is going to be fine. just keep breathing.


Oh my! How totally brave of you! Flex those muscles, Chica!

Y from The Internet

I have no idea if you allow images in your comments, so I may end up looking like a giant jackass, but...

Look! It's me! Celebrating with you!



WOW! This is awesome! I am so happy for you!! Good luck!


I was so hoping you would do this!!! Good for you! It's going to be just fine, but does this mean you are moving to Kansas? (Not that there's anything wrong with that).


Does this mean you'll be blogging more often?! Like multiple posts in one day kind of blogging? It'll be like Amalah TV!

As scary as it seems, you'll be fine. Congrats!

Y from The Internet

Ah, crap, well, um, ok...

Look! It's me! Celebrating with you!


Hey, I'm new here . . . but I know part of the reason why! ;) Congratulations!


Holy crap!


Hooray, Amalah!

You should freelance for my magazine (well...not MINE...I don't own it. But I work for it.) ...what do you know about art and antiques?



Quitting jobs is like the most exciting thing ever! I just quit MY job too! It felt so exhilarating I've decided to quit my job every six months!

Congratulations. I hope you're happy. :)


And already you're saving money by not getting the diaper bag. See? It's all going to work out juuuuuust fine.

Exciting news! Congrats!

Nicole P

You rock hardcore! And that whole breathing thing is *so* over-rated!

Better make Mr. Amalah take you out to celebrate!



I'm wishing you the BEST of luck. I know it's SO hard not to completely freak out because JEBUS, what a big step. My sister did it. I wish I could say I did it but I wasn't ever really working to begin with. *blush* But working for yourself? Really hard because you find you make yourself a really MEAN boss. :D Anyhow, just wanted to toss my support into the ring. Yay!! More Noah time!! :)


You rock. I tried to quit my job, but somehow it didn't happen.

Congrats !

Nicole P

And of all days for Notify to take a cigarette break when it counts...seriously Notify, we need to talk about your job performance issues.


WOW! Good luck in your new adventure. You have got GUTS. And also, crazy writing talent, so I am sure that you will do well with your freelancing!


Congratulations....And I'm supremely jealous. Now where will I turn for working mother guilt/drama/tribulation validation?


Just sending (((hugs))) and calming vibes.

Enjoy the time with Noah, he'll only be a baby once!


Wow seriously? More power to ya kid- they never deserved you!


Whoa! That is QUITE the unexpected twist! Can't wait to hear more about it. And congratulations!!

Vaguely Urban

Rock on, Amy!


I did that when I was pg. We did not think there was ANY way we could afford to live, but it has never been a problem. My husband got an enormous raise the next month. I thought it was God's way of telling us we were doing the right thing. (If things are tight for a little while, that's okay! It is worth it! Breathe, breathe!)


Having been doing the freelance writing/editing thing for about 5 years now (the last year with a baby), I'll let you in on the secret of my success: consulting for your old employers. Yup, quitting and coming back as a consultant can be a surprisingly advantageous career move. Seriously. Knowledge is power, after all. Doing things you've always done for more money whilst being able to walk away at any point. How great is that?! Of course, you could go glad-hand new clients too, but personally I prefer to schooze people who already like me and recognize how valuable my brain is to them--even if I do have baby poop on my jeans.


Rock on sista!



Home with Noah. Congratulations! You'll love it. But it always starts off scary.


When I left my job I couldn't get this song out of my head the whole way home in the car:

"Schoooooooool's out for the summer...
Schoooooooool's out FOREVER!"

Best of luck to you! Can't wait to hear more.


Congratulations! My parents raised two kids and paid their mortgage off while they *both* worked as free-lancers. It's possible - and scary - and wonderful!


Wow, good for you! I am only the teensiest bit jealous, but mostly happy you're able to give this a shot.


Awesome. I'm proud of you.


Wow! Actually, I'm not all that surprised - you've been torn over the last few months, really. It seemed like it was more a matter of "when," not "if."

Good luck to you, and many blessings.


You will not regret this decision. Fact is, you do what you need to do when you need to do it. I know, for me, the last straw was the umpteenth cold/ear infection/yucky runs bout my son had in daycare...he was only 6 months old as well. It's scary as hell at first, but you have your talent and skills to fall back on as a freelancer. Yeah, Amalah! Yeah, Noah!


great choice - I made the same one once my mat leave was up. and have not regretted it for a second.


oh. my. god.

can i say i'm happy for you? i mean, can i say that without sounding indifferent to your skeeered nerves right now? because i totally think you'll be happier this way, and IT WILL BE OKAY! once you settle a bit, you MUST give us full quittage detail.


Holy shit.

I second, third, whatever...


You'll be fabulous! Don't worry! So easy to say from here!

You are doing what's right for you. Congrats baby!

Nothing But Bonfires


And then do you have a bar near you? Because you'll want to go. Like, NOW. And what do you mean, you can't leave your desk in the middle of the day? What are they going to do -- FIRE YOU???

(I just got back from a two hour shopping trip. My reasoning with myself was just the same: I cannot get fired, therefore I will drive to the place where the Banana Republic and the Ulta are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.)


No. More. Crate. Races.


Very very sad. But very very good for Noah! I assume this means no more daycare, no more virus exposure, no more chaos, just lovely pleasant home environment and wonderful one-on-one attention from the momma to properly encourage and develop every possible aspect of his wonderful baby self.

Until you both go friggin crazy, whereupon you can call us, the ever so supportive webworld, to help you in your times of need. Because every SAHM has been there a few million times. Or is currently there.

Anyway, congrats to kissing off the machine.


Holy Shit! I was not expecting that AT ALL! But it's awesome! Good for you! And for Noah!


You did not.

DID YOU!?!?!!

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