The Big Fucking Sigh Of Relief
Sacred Beliefs

And the Reason is You

Reason Why I Haven't Posted In Days:

Baby's first ear infection. Awesome! Thank you so much, daycare.



Along with the ear infection, we've also got more snot than should be allowed to come out of a single human head, even a 90th percentile head, and a internal-organ-rattling cough that means Milk In, Vomit Out, But Only If Mama Is Holding You, Preferably With Your Mouth Aimed Down Her Bra.

Reason Why I Kind of Hate My Dog Right Now:


Reason Why I Love You Guys:

"I want you to thank all your readers for those lovely comments. I read one that wondered how I felt about 125 'Strangers' talking about me. It just plain amazes me is what it does.  That people out there still take the time to care about a stranger!  It is really heartwarming and does bolster my spirit."

-an email from my mom, who is officially 100% cancer-free

Reason Why I Love Spring:







Oh dear god, could he get any cuter?!

for Joke!

It's kind of like... the "turtle" is growing up!!!


Man! So close to being number one! Why does that matter? I do not know... As far as strangers across the world hoping for your mom's best I like to think nice people are attracted to your blog and that the world is more filled with good than the media would have us think. We need some pics of the child in a bunny costume via easter. muah ah ahhhhh


Aaahhhh!!!! Swinging Turtle!!! Weeee!!!!


The shoes? OUCH!

The 2nd swing picture of Noahs smile..priceless!

Hope Noah feels better soon!


also: ohhhh the shoe carnage! I remember those from a previous post.


100% cancer-free! Words every person should be lucky enough to hear.

Also, damn that dog! Those shoes are the bomb diggity. You've posted a picture of them before, yes?


Our little girl (9 months) just had her second ear infection. She's averaged one per month since we started her at daycare. For that, I too love daycare.

Also, of all the strangers I read each day, you're my favorite.

Heather B.

"that means Milk In, Vomit Out, But Only If Mama Is Holding You, Preferably With Your Mouth Aimed Down Her Bra."

Ha, it went down your bra. At least he only grazed my face and got my pant leg.

I'm really hoping he's feeling better soon.


Ear infections are hideous. My 3rd spent the whole winter she was 2 on an OTC cocktail of Dimetapp, Benadryl and Pediacare just to keep the infections at bay and avoid 6 months of penicillan and possible tubes. It worked well, but I should have bought stock in all of those companies first!!

Noah's little red shoes are (were) adorable, I'm sorry Ceiba liked them so much,

So happy about the 100% cancer-free news. That is so awesome!!

Great pictures, too!!


Okay, Noah's shoes or Amy's shoes? Love them no matter what!!


I had so many ear infections as a child (thanks, daycare!) that I grew terribly fond of the pink medicine they gave. I used to sneak to the fridge and take an extra sip when my parents were asleep. Then I got tubes in my ears and that ended the fun.
The Noah/swing pictures are too cute to be allowed.


Baby swing pictures! He looks so happy!


Ohh noo, poor baby! We JUST went through a fun filled weekend of ear infection in our home as well. The levels of crankiness shot through the roof and it's only a matter of days before I come down with the nastiness myself due to the large amounts of snot sent my direction. *sigh* I feel your pain.

Bozoette Mary

I always suspected that Noah was a swinger!


LOVE the swing photos. He is so adorable!

Happy Spring, Mamalah!


Those photos of Noah in the swing? Are the cutest thing ever, especially the first two where his legs are inside the swing. He looks like an adorable ball of baby cuteness.

I hope he feels better soon, though. Sick baby = no fun

Just Linda

OH MY GOD -- warm spitup down the cleavage!! How well I remember that.... I'd just dab a little behind each ear and then OFF TO WORK! Ah, the cologne of those baby months...

Look at that boy swinging... how cute is he?? Hope he's feeling better.


I have shoes like that!

And hats, and gloves, and jackets, and a freakin' COUCH, and a table, and two chairs (but not matching ones) and, and and...

Don't envy you the ear infections. We've been through that more times than I can count, and thank god it seems kids can grow out of it before high school.


Believe me, anyone who has been touched by (or diagnosed with) cancer would be inspired by Nanalah's story.

Equally inspirational are the spring pix of Noah. HOLY HELL - that second swing photo just about put my ovaries into overdrive. Seriously.


Praise God for that wonderful news of your mother! We can stop holding our breaths and relax now. I know you are thrilled at that news!

Daycares bad, swinging babies GOOOD.

J's Mommy

My dog does the same shit! Do you know how many stuffed animals I have surrendered to her?? Damn chihuahua!


were those your coach shoes or the baby's?


He is so cute. Just let us eat him up. The first two swing photos are great.


Noah sure did go from lump of baby to the most adorable kid in the park rather quickly, didn't he?

And sorry to see those shoes. My dog chewed through the cord on my boyfriend's cell phone charger which resulted in a high-pitched 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'. Not helpful for sleepy time. Also, she ate poop again this weekend. And I let her kiss my face. Who's more disgusting?


OMIGOD! Smiling baby photos are SOOOO cute. Thanks for brightening my workday with your baby's adorableness! I love the pics!


Look at that face! I have to say my've got it pretty good.

So happy about your mamalah! Very good news!!!


I went into the coach store this weekend for the first time. So for that reason I hope those shoes are Noah's and not yours. Because a) they would have cost less if they were his b) he would have outgrown them in no time, where as you... would have been able to wear them FOREVER. c) i hope you kicked the dog (yes P.E.T.A. i said kick the dog)

Even little dogs can survive a good swift kick once in a while... ESPECIALLY when it comes to chewing up expensive things.

And those swing pics are AWESOME.

***disclaimer: i do not kick my dogs and i am not encouraging amy to kick her dog... unless she already did, then i say hell yeah he deserved it.***


Best photos of Noah yet, and your mom was very gracious to acknowledge the Nanalah fans worrying about her.
This is shaping up to be a great spring, isn't it? (Except for the puking and the ear infections and the *sob* chewed Coach shoes.)


Yes, it is true that I am a stranger to you. Yes, it is true I found your site one day while wandering the internet wondering if my computer could download something any slower.

What I found was a normal woman going through life making humor out of things we all go through. (Thus, the 100+ comment posts relaying similar stories every time you post.) It is great to find someone who can vocalize our everyday struggles, highs and lows, and make us feel a little more normal for actually considering giving the dog away everytime we come up one shoe empty.

So as a stranger who you've let peak into your world, it is only fair I continue to hope the best for you and your family. So glad to hear your mom heard our prayers.

Noah makes me smile everyday so I can't imagine what he does to you.


I am so glad to hear that your mom is OK. Funny, I don't even know you, but I am incredibly happy for you. Huzzah!

And your son is adorable!

Lisa V

Oh the smiley picture in the swing is too friggin cute.

My kids had so many ear infections that I think a new strain of antibiotics were named after us. And we didn't go to daycare, we breastfed, we sacrificed small live rodents to the gods. Nothing helped until they outgrew it. It is such a drag. Some kids just don't seem to be able to avoid it.


aw, he likes the swing! my son HATED the swing. still, to this day, at almost 2 and a half, he's not very much of swinging type of kid.


2nd pic of Noah would make me ovulate if I didn't already have my hands full with PrinceKnowItAll (age 10) and PrincessDoWhatIWant (10 months). I just want to kiss his chubby cheeks!


That. Child. Is. Too. Cute.

Seriously, those could be the best pictures you have ever posted of him!

(Love the one where his feet are inside the swing instead of the leg holes. he looks like he's in an egg)


Okay, now my hormones are playing tricks on me, and it's all your fault.

Must... resist... charming... babies...

Damn, he gets cuter by the second!

Zoots Mom

OMG> Absolutely nothing more beautiful than an infant having the time of his life....Congrats on the good news about your Mom too


Someone is going to make millions selling ONE shoe to replace those attacked by pups. I have mourned the loss of many a pair, and seriously considered not throwing the "untouched" shoe out. Instead, I just beat the dog with it. (Okay, kidding here).

And, I'm pretty good a snot-diving. It is an art. Hope he feels better soon.


at - damnit - AT snot-diving. For god sakes. All the damn peeps have gone to my head.


oh my lord. the utter JOY! in the turtle smile ;) i love it.

and that note from your mom is so sweet. aw. glad she's feeling good. ;)

Lisa Ann

What Jess said.


Tell Noah he is never allowed to grow out of his squishy baby face.


How is it that they have such good aim when it comes to vomiting down the cleavage? I've been cleaning spit-up out of my navel all weekend. It's getting a little old.

Noah in that swing is too damn cute.


Oh my goodness!! He is so cute with his feet all scrunched up like that in the swing. Weeee!


Oh my gosh, the Noahlah is transforming from a baby to a little boy before our very eyes!! I'm so thrilled for your mother's good news, and as always thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. I'm rooting for you all!


i fall squarely into the single 20-something in-no-rush-to-have-kids category, but those pics of Noah grabbing at his feet while happily swinging away make me overflow with warm and fuzzy feelings. that double chin is pretty killer too. too bad double chins aren't as cute on adults, eh?


The goofy smiles from Noah in those last pics totally melted me. I am a pile of goo right now.

Glad to hear your mom appreciated the comments, and so very happy that she is cancer-free.


i feel for you - son: 15 months - double ear infection, cough and cold from hell - and he's not in daycare. i must say for a kid with a bad ear - he seems so damn happy!


Cheers to Mamalah!!

A good preventative to ear infections for babies/toddlers is cod liver oil - you know, the whole omega-3 thing. Now, if you can actually get him to ingest it in some way...well, that's just a damn miracle.

In the meantime, he is just get cuter what with the holding of the toes in the swing!!


My kids never loved the swing at that age. Even my fifteen month old still acts like I'm putting him into the Iron Maiden when we try to use the swings at the park. Noah is an awesome little kid.


so i've hit refresh like 9 times today (because i'm a sick puppy who loves torture...), and decided i wouldn't check anymore for like a week, as a "take that!". thank goodness i have no willpower. haha. click #10 duely rewarded me with the cutest lil pictures!! i hope he starts feeling better soon, and your boobs go back to being...normal scented? instead of spit-up scented :P lol. nevermind.

poor shoes :(

and lastly, if he keeps growing like that, it wont be long before he hates that the internet refers to him as noahlah. that'll be a "MOOOOOM!!" thing. :P


Oh sweet Jesus is Noah super stinkin' cute or what? Thanks for posting the pictures.


Oh, Noah is so delightfully chubby on the swing! Love it! Also, you can't be mad at your dog for too long, as he's only projecting his anger for lack of attention onto the shoes. And it got your attention, didn't it? I mean, Ceiba was number one at one time, no? And it was your funny Ceiba posts that got me hooked, by the way, as at the time, I was a new dog momma, too.

Her Bad Mother

Cancer-free. Springtime. Adorable-est child in swing, wind in his hair (er, fuzz? My own WonderBaby is follically - sp? - challenged. Fuzz is good).

When the world's this good, who cares about dog-bitten footwear?

(Tho' as the owner of a shoe-eating Siamese cat, gotta say, I too have felt the low-boil frustration at the destruction of yet another pair of shoes.)


I didn't know Coach had baby shoes! The things you have taught me! :)


OMG - Noah gets cuter with each day - please keep the gooey smiley pictures coming so that I can live vicariously through him! Do you have any pictures of him in some amazingly adorable easter attire? Did you let him try his first peeps?

Also, so glad to hear 100% cancer free - sweet music to my eyes. Blessings to you and yours!


I just started nawing in the corner of my monitor because Noah is so darn scrumptious looking.


God I love babies swinging. That's Pure Unadulterated Baby Joy© right there.

And I also love your shoes. Will you post a picture of the front of them, so that I can lust for them from all sides?

My float

The only thing cuter than your baby is my baby. But not by much!


Your mother is so great. And that second picture of Noah on the swing is absolutely fabulous.

EIs most definitely suck rocks. After a first child who NEVER got sick, my second has had five EIs (three double EIs, two singles). To be fair, the first two happened before she went to day care. The ENT consented to wait another month before scheduling tubes, in hopes that she won't get another EI and all the fluid will clear up. Hopefully Noah will escape the summer without another one, and by the time next fall rolls around, his little tubes will have grown and opened up enough to drain on their own.

In the meantime, I hear ya. Why do they want to sleep (and puke) ON US? I'm stuck at home, but I can't get a damn thing done with a 18lb person attached to my chest.


He is just soooooo gorgeous. That sucks about the shoes. My aunt and uncle have a dog that eats everything in sight (remote controls, mobile phones and many, many shoes) and cute as he is, it really does suck!

So glad your mum is fit and well, and glad also to be part of the one trillion comments that she appreciates reading.

Hope Noah feels better soon xx

Bethany Coffey

OMG, Amalah, this is going to be your best Easter ever!!!! Moms healthy, check. Adorable baby's first easter, check. You've got it all girl. Sorry about the blessed Coach shoes, that HAD to hurt the soul.....I completely understand!!! Noah looks so precious. I love your life!!! I love mine too though:)


Oh no she didn't! I can't believe Noah's Coach shoes got chewed before I even bought my first pair!!! Glad your mom's a-OK... hope you had a great Easter.


Heh. Those shoes were MY shoes. My comfy flat buttery Coach pregnancy shoes that I loved so much I kept wearing them long after pregnancy. And now they are gone. Sob.

Noah does not have Coach shoes. Honestly, he's lucky if I remember to put the 10-pair-for-5-dollars Old Navy socks on him.


OMG! You wear coach shoes but only put socks on your baby?


Not really, but I am seriously going to try to have your meatclub membership revoked!


Amy, isn't there some shoe repair place in DC that can fix those babies? It doesn't look TOO horrible from where I sit. (But I still laugh a little inside when my ESL families ask me about "cobblers.")


Damn, what a cutie pie!

(glad your mom is cancer-free!)


That second picture of Noah in the swing? Made my uterus hurt.

And thank goodness about your mom...that's wonderful news.

Real Girl

*Totally* thought those were Noah's shoes.




you must stop it with the incredibly cute boy in the swing because my ovaries just screamed in delight. my ovaries are not allowed to scream in delight. therefore, no more cute in the swing thing.

becuase oh my god CUTE!

and tell your mom i said YAY CANCER FREE!!!


Yay for Cancer Free!!!
Yay for Spring!!

Yay for the wee turtle in a swing- He is so cute!!


I so thought they were Noah's shoes and thought he was the stylishist baby ever. EVER. But they *are* adorable regardless.

And if I send you my address, will you package up Noah and send him via overnight delivery? Thanks.

Sparkles Anon

Holy crap... the baby pictures! SO FREAKING CUTE! The second one just makes me want to rush out and get sperminated right NOW.


Yay for Amalah's Momma and no cancer!!

And, for double chins!!!!! SWINGING!!!!!


The cuteness... it hurts! it hurts!


Thank goodness my pediatrician was a family friend, I had ear infections so often it got to the point we would drop by his house regularly s so he could write us a prescription.


I'm glad your Mum liked the comments. Also - Noah = awwwwww!


So glad all is well with your mom. And so sorry about the shoes. My pup ate the front of my new couch.


I'm so glad everything's okay with your mom. My mom just had a biopsy which found something "wrong". Not fun!

You have one happy, gorgeous baby. Hope he gets better soon.


Honest to God, Amalah ... That delicious little munchkin is better than a glazed ham. Too gorgeous. Hugs to your mother.


Your poor shoes! Gaahh!! Ceiba is sure lucky she's cute.

And could Noah get any yummier? Those cheeks! Sephie practically climbs through the screen when I show her "the baby in the computer". I told her it was OK to date a younger man, because they never grow up anyway ;)

Tell Nanalah that grammas are never strangers and that cancer always should be.

the kim half of glamorouse

OH DEAR LORD - the complete sheer joy on that baby's face. Divine.

And dude, you must have the smallest feet on a grown-up ever.

Mama C-ta

That's wonderful news about your Mom!! Great pics, why can't I find one of those frigin' swings around us for Cricket? And my dog prefers my underwear which makes me ill, sometimes I wish it were shoes just b/c it seems a little less disgusting to me!

Divine Calm

The little red shoes. SO ADORABLE!!!


Awwwwwww I love the swing.....I need to take my daughter to the park NOW!


My bad. Obviously Noah doesn't take after you in the foot-size department.


I too HATE daycare. My boy (10 mo) brought home his first Cold-That-Ate-The-Whole-Family. Which turned into a sinus infection then on to ear infection which won us a perscription for pennicillin. As a free bonus with puchase it came with exploding diarrhea and a raging yeast infection WHICH the daycare will not properly treat b/c I dont have the original box with the perscription label on it! That is my rant just so you will know you are not alone in the hating of daycares. Your little man is adorable!!


Congrats on Mom being cancer free!
Congrats on having one of the cutest babies ever, besides mine!

I always used garlic drops for the ears. When they first start to pull and turn red, as soon as the kids were asleep I would drop a couple of drops in both ears.
Thank you for all the humor!


Swset! I love the photos of Noah on the swing! He looks like he is having a blast. C won't let me near the swing - he hates it! Loves the slide though. He feels very protective of said slide and will let no other child slide while in the vicinity of the slide. Pretty cute. Meanwhile I am very sad about the swing - no cute swing pics for me! At least I get to see Noah having fun!

P.S. Poor shoes. I hate to see a good pair of loafers ruined! :(

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