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Sacred Beliefs

I believe that if you are stuck at home with a sick baby for the third day in a row, are getting sick yourself, are spending most of your time cleaning either 1) snot of various colors and consistencies, 2) antibiotic-fueled diarrhea or 3) hacking-cough-fueled vomit, and then the rest of the time trying to entertain a furious child who! will! not! be! entertained! and your throat hurts and the baby threw a spoon at your head and there is poop on your jeans but you aren't even going to change them because WHAT IS THE POINT ANYMORE, I firmly believe it is perfectly acceptable to eat a chocolate Easter bunny for breakfast.


In fact, I think it should be downright required.



Of course. Did you give some to Noah too? Because he looks extremely satisfied in the background. Maybe


aww poor Noah - I hope he feels better soon.
and you as well.
and I think chocolate bunnies for breakfast are always acceptable!


Better still if said bunny were to be filled with peanut butter.

And I think the actual requirement part of it is that you wash the bunny down with a couple of margaritas...

Feel better!!


I think you should eat a chocolate elephant. That's the only way to survive baby ear infections. And the margaritas from the previous commenter. You'll feel much better. I do.


Hmm, he doesn't *look* furious.

At least it was a good Lindt chocolate bunny...mine is Russell Stover so I haven't been desperate enough to eat its head yet. But then, I don't have poop on my jeans either.


I totally agree. But instead of cake, yesterday morning I ate bunny cake (not a real bunny, just yellow cake in the shape of a bunny). And now your can see why I don't post ever - b/c I sound like a TOTAL DORK!


Two! Posts! In! A! Consecutive! Row!



That is soooo acceptable. Don't stop till the jellybeans are gone..


i think you might need to crack into the smirmoff to knock it back, lady. it'll make your throat feel better. and the poop will smell oh so sweet.


Jeans? At home? I start to itch if I'm inside my house for longer than 10 minutes and I haven't taken off my underwear and put on a pair of sweatpants. Perhaps I'm buying the wrong kind of jeans.


Sorry about the sickness- hope you are both feeling better soon.

I don't blame you about the bunny. In fact I am slightly jealous because that is no ordinary chocolate bunny...but the illusive Lindts bunny...the best bunny out there!


Psst...put some vodka in the chocolate bunny (or other liquor, I think maybe Bailey's), and stick a straw in it. Bunny Fou-Fou for adults!


Sounds perfectly acceptable to me! One must do whatever it takes to retain sanity in the face of antibiotic-fueled diarrhea. Good luck and feel better!


That sounds just about right to me! I completely agree with your logic.


With a glass of sweet red wine, right?


De-eared bunnies = Happy Noah. Pictures don't lie. Feel better!


I had coconut cream pie for breakfast, but no one was sick. It just was a good breakfasty food. Of course, I can turn many a dessert into a breakfasty food -- does it have milk? eggs? flour in the form of crust or cake? That equals eggs, toast and milk in my book!

I also wanted to share something I have posted on my refrigerator with you. I don't know why, but all the talk of booze made me think of it, so here goes:

"The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started." So I looked around the house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished... and before leaving the house this morning I finished off a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, the Bailey's, Kahlua and Wild Turkey, the Prozac, some valium, some cheesecake and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freakin' good I feel...

Now that would be an awesome crossstitch!!


I totally agree! But I also think you don't even need an excuse that good.

Here's hoping for better days to come!


I completely agree. My version of this is that if your husband decides that he doesn't need to buy Easter candy (which was his job) then you deserve the full fat version of shrimp scampi for dinner along with a nice fat slice of cheesecake for dessert to make up for all the candy calories you have missed out on.

Hope both you and Noah feel better very, very soon.


i believe it is perfectly acceptable for you to IM me all afternoon so we can SQUEE about SQUEEEEEE!

if i had a chocolate bunny, he'd be living in my belly by now.


OMG, absolutely eat that damn bunny! I will eat half a bag of Cadburry Mini-Eggs, just to show my support.


Not just required, but admirable. Hang in there.


But don't eat too many sugar free chocolate bunnies and eggs. Trust me. They mean what they say about "high consumption of sugar replacement products can create a laxative effect..."

not a Relaxing effect. A laxative effect.

Or maybe that's how you got poop on your jeans. Hmmm.


Yes! And pretend that it's "chocolate" on your pants, too, if anyone dares to point it out!


If that's the chocolate bunny I gave you, would now be a good time to tell you that I laced it with a flu virus?


I hope everyone feels better soon....

Heather B.

I had the same Lindt bunny and ate so much of it last night, that I threw the rest out.

Think happy thoughts...


LOL. I was just eating that SAME bunny a few minutes ago!!


I had cadbury mini eggs and a coke for breakfast and I don't have any excuse other than it looked good and the mini eggs were on sale at the drugstore for like 20 cents a pkg so now I have plenty and I am not sharing with my hubby or kids but would send some to you if would make you or sweet little Noah feel better.


That was a dang long sentence. LOL! Chocolate makes a perfect breakfast item and I hope everyone is feeling much better VERY soon. Because poop on the jeans is just WRONG.


I firmly believe that there is little in life that cannot be solved by chocolate. Preferably high quality dark chocolate.

Hope everyone feels better, soon!


Did they give him Zithromax? Please tell me they didn't give him Zithromax.

I ate two humongous peanut butter filled eggs last night (after an entire bag of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, so not so bad, right?) and neither of my kids are sick. I think there's a few more chocolate bunnies lined up for your lunch enjoyment.


I think that taking care of a sick child while also being ill is one of the hardest jobs out there.

You deserve some chocolate for breakfast.

Why do I suddenly have a craving for Cream of Wheat? I make no sense, what so ever.

I sure hope y'all get better soon.

Vaguely Urban

Perfectly acceptable, so long as you honor the sacred protocol of starting with the ears, which I see you have. Carry on.


Girl, you need you some Godiva. And you need to have it for lunch and dinner, too.

Seriously, Dave gave me a book of home hints and cures a while back, and chocolate syrup is listed as a cure for a sore throat. So just melt the chocolate in your mouth for awhile before swallowing it =)

Does Noah like bananas? (Does any baby NOT like them?) Try some Yo-Baby organic banana yogurt (it's whole milk) mixed with some mashed up banana and baby oatmeal all together with a little cinnamon. Yogurt to give him some new flora for what the antibiotics took, banana and oatmeal to bind him up a bit, and cinnamon is not only delicious but a proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. (Like garlic, but it tastes better with bananas).

Feel better soon =)


Absolutely!!.. and just to make it entirely fair, I think I should send you some of those liquer filled chocolates. You know, just to take the edge off. :o)

Wacky Mommy

I had chocolate crinkle cookies with my coffee this a.m. and they started the day off just right. Get well soon, Noah and his ma!

Chocolate Bunny

Wait. Wha?


I think the funniest thing about that post is just how happy Noah looks in the background. Like he knows he's tormenting you. Like a two-year-old already. He's gifted.


Oh, how I hate antibiotic fueled poop! There is nothing worse. Is it augmenten? I'd be willing to bet. It's so fun getting babies to get meds too, isn't it? I FORTUNATELY have not had to deal with it yet for my little one but I've been there done that with my eldest multiple times.

If you ask me, chocolate bunnies are appropriate for all meals of the day when dealing with a sick child. Hope he feels better soon!


The poop on your jeans? It's Noah's...right?


Amen to that!


I ate a non-Easter related Cadbury Roasted Almond chocolate bar this morning, so yes, YES, it is perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast.

You poor thing. Isn't it crazy how easily they get bored ALREADY? They're just BABIES. What happens when they become toddlers?

Hang in there!


Um, wanna watch starting over together?

mama speak

I'm for the alcohol filled bunny & lots of them!

Starbuck, I think you made me pee myself a little.

Nothing But Bonfires

Um, I actually think the Required Chocolate Bunny Count in such situations is THREE. Which means you have yet to fill your quota. Get to it, woman.

But when you look down at your jeans a few hours from now and think "oh, I must have dropped some chocolate from those three chocolate bunnies! I'll scrape that off and eat it," REMEMBER BACK TO THE POOP, I BEG YOU, THE POOP.


Definitely a requirement. Hope things improve soon!


It's not just a requirement, it qualifies as a prescription!!! Every four hours, girl, or it's gonna get ugly around there!


Damn you! Now I want a chocolate easter bunny! I ate my own weight in pie/cupcakes/chocolate at my grandparents' house this weekend. Now I will have to eat nothing but salad for the rest of my natural life... or until our next trip to see my grandmother...


I'm with the chef -- must have peanut butter with that bunny!
Hope you both are feeling better soon =)


I do not even want to talk about how many of those bunnies I have eaten this Easter. I am ashamed. Shamed!


I think it is also a lunch requirement.


Just don't let the dog get any part of that bunny. Or you'll be guaranteed never again to have your shoes chewed.


I spy a bottle of wine. I hope by now, that thing has been polished off. A perfect accompaniment to chocolate!


Oh thank God for you. I was consumed with guilt yesterday for eating my son's leftover (amazing) chocolate cake from his birthday/easter party for breakfast *and* mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I was convinced I, and they, will die of cancer b/c of the terribel nutritional habits I am modeling. I have been sick all week. Can I do it on the weeks I am not sick, too?


terrible - sorry


I had no idea those were the rules for eating chocolate bunnies for breakfast. I've consumed such delicacies for far lesser things.


Hilarious--you should totally send that in to NPR! They have this series called "This I Believe" where members of the public can write a short essay about their "sacred beliefs" serious or otherwise. Maybe some national airtime would make you feel better?

reluctant housewife

Wait! I had one for lunch and my son isn't even sick!


Amen, sister! You are preaching to the choir!


For Easter every year my Step-Mother-In-Law sends us a Chocolate Egg filled with chocolate goodies. This year she was a little late and it arrive yesterday. Even though the box said "do not expose to heat" the mailman chose to leave it outside all day (it was 100 degrees in Texas yesterday.) I'm sad to say only had the option of liquid chocolate for breakfast this morning!


Sister, I think that once you become a mom, you can eat chocolate for breakfast anytime you want to, sick kid or not, feeling well yourself or not -- no holds barred.
That goes for cakes, gooey desserts & frosting out of the can as well.


Surely you weren't referring to the smiling happy adorable child in the photo as the one who was sick and not-entertainable? Because...well.. just look at him! Would he ever cause you a moment's worry or distress? That face? Never. I think you are putting us on. ;)

My daughter does the same thing. I will tell my family, "Take her, she is being a pill!" and then she is all Miss Smiley Happy Pants for whoever takes her. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya, a conspiracy.


I didn't have any of those things happen yet that didn't stop me from just inhaling 3 giant chocolate chip cookies, so you know I wholeheartedly agree. ha!

Hope you all feel better soon. And that you have enough chocolate to see you through these "dark" days. :)


And feel free to chase the chocolate easter bunny with a giant glass of merlot...for breakfast!

Hope you and Noah feel better soon!


Hm. I do that even if my kid isn't sick. Seriously, is chocolate that much worse than cereal? Hello. Carbs.


Oh good god. No. Easter bunnies for breakfast are for day two. By day three you're allowed to have straight vodka for lunch.

The poop-covered jeans? That's how I feel when my baby spits up a metric ton of milk all over the shirt I've changed for the third time. I figure if I don't have to go any further than downstairs to take the garbage out, being covered in partially digested breastmilk really doesn't matter anymore.


Wow. You need an excuse to eat a chocolate bunny for breakfast?

You're doing a lot better than me.


Preach it, sister!


I'm with you on that 100%. Eat away!

Anne Glamore

Personally, I'd recommend the tropical jellybeans, but they don't go as well with milk.


It looks like ya done good. The boy looks pretty entertained to me...

Zinc! Herbs! Vitamin C! Fight it! Spring's almost here! No more colds!


I love how he's just mocking you in the background by smiling adorably. Like, "I don't know what she's talking about. I'm a snot-free angel."


I think you are a genius...look at that smiley boy in the background! He liked you eating the chocolate bunny, what a marvellous thing. Perhaps that is why I am so fat, I have six children, they are 20, 18, 17, 5, 4 and 2....I have been eating chocolate to cheer them up for all those years. I am a selfless woman indeed. We mothers are truly marvellous.

Dr. Johnny Fever

That bunny is so hosed. If I was there I would totally snarf his little bunny ass.




I'd like Noah's recipe for looking so very, very handsome when sick. Youth is on one's side for such a very short time!

Feel better soon.


You still had a chocolate Easter bunny two days after Easter? Dayum.


sorry, can't bother with rabbit, must look at gorgeous child. ::gobbling cheeks::

Those swing pictures sure made me smile yesterday. I want a Noah.


In my book, with that line up, that bunny wouldn't even be big enough. I'd be going for the jumbo SOLID critter.

Hope you feel better soon.


Somehow I imagined you'd eat the butt first, go figure.


Feel better, Noah!! Sorry, Doomed Bunny.


I've been living under a rock lately so I've just been catching up and find that your Mum is cancer free. That is such fantastic news! I'm so happy for your Mum, for you and your whole family.

kerri anne

And all of Amalah's people said "Amen." :)


I think the fact that you lasted until day 3 before de-earring the bunny is admirable. Hope everyone is better soon.

Just Linda

Hey, ANYTIME you want a good excuse for eating chocolate for breakfast, you just come see me. I got a million of them.

~ Sprouted a new wild and random chin hair? Chocolate.

~ Stubbed my toe? Chocolate.

~ Birds tweeting too loudly outside? Chocolate.

See? In fact, I think all that poop, snot, and vomit is worthy of something WAY past chocolate. Maybe a trip to Paris or something.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


well yeah. duh.


Chocolate is made from cocoa, a perfectly acceptable breakfast drink in many nations..... and it has caffeine, no less acceptable than coffee!

Eat away woman! No excuses needed!


I want some of that yogurt/banana/oatmeal thing that DebbieS suggested. It sounds good.

Noah looks so cute even when he's sick. Poor Mama, you eat whatever you want.


Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me, but what do I know, ice cream sandwhiches are a staple for breakfast around here.

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