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This Entry Mentions Vaccines and Chickenpox but Not Daycare

Fear not, gentle readers, as I now have chickenpox antibodies COURSING through my veins.  Noah's pediatrician also talked me into a pertussis/diphtheria/tetanus upgrade, although I did say no to the meningococcal undercoating and a LoJack.

I am pleased to report that I handled my shots like a champ, unlike SOME PEOPLE, who honestly can be such babies about a couple of needle sticks, GOD.


He also wouldn't trade his Snoopy bandaids for my Tweety ones. Brat.

Six-month stats
Weight: 17 pounds, 15 ounces
Height: 27.5 inches
Head Circumference: 18 inches
Brilliance: Obvious
Pediatrician's Awareness of this Blog: Oh, crap



My kids love shots, even beg for them. Me? I avoid them like the plague.


Be honest, you are the one that cried like a baby when you got the shot.
I hope you fare better with this vaccine than you did the last time you got it.


My almost six month old weighs 22 lbs (was 10 lbs 4oz at birth) - so he got the pleasure of the bigger needles to be sure that the vaccine made it into the muscle as it hurts less...???

Bigger needles hurt less - of course...

Give the boo boo a kiss from me!


Also, doesn't your Ped have an adorable-ness scale? Because Noah would be in the stratosphere.


your pediatrician reads your blog?!

now what's better than that?


Ooooh Amalah Varicella Vaccine? Finally? Lucky Girl. I love those bandaids. I will have to look out for them. We have some very brutish and burly soldiers who I am sure would appreciate the tenderness implicit in those little circles of vinyl/plastic.


Well, it was nice knowin' ya...chicken pox death vaccine and all.

Lisa V

I hope you got a sucker too.


Now, if only your pediatrician would contact you directly after reading one of your rash-related would save you an office visit and a co-pay!

Noah looks almost as big as you now! What a cutie!


I love that picture of you and Noah. It's so cute with both of your little battle scars.


That picture is INSANELY gorgeous! Also? You are such a trooper! I'm HIGHLY impressed. I'm that adult that they have to chase around the doctors office...or...maybe something about someone like that once...


Fabulous. Even though I have had the chicken pox - twice, yes, I am one of those freaks - I am now convinced that I, too, need to be vaccinated against all of this stuff. Because i am a self-centered crazy hypochondriac. And I could get them a third time. Why not? WHY NOT?

The look on Noah's face is priceless, PS. Freaking priceless.


Selfish baby.

Wacky Mommy

Tell me the ped does not really have your blog address?


Oh, that is special. Mom and baby getting shots together. I might set myself up for a tetanus booster while my sons are getting their shots this summer. Hmmmmmmmm...

And I'm Jonesin' for a Fresh Snarkywood. Jen/book; Martha/move; you/lifeinablur; Lauren/cleaning her own house. Hmm, maybe I'll just be a little more patient.

Congrats to Noah on his new teef. Smooch his lovely cheeks - both sets! ;)

Sarcomical cute are your "band-aids"? ;)


Something about his little arm folded around yours is beyond sweet :)

Glad you both survived all the needling.


Something about his little arm folded around yours is beyond sweet :)

Glad you both survived all the needling.


On a serious note, THANK YOU for sharing the Travails of a Chicken Pox-Free Existence. Seriously. It has led me to think long and hard* about what I will be doing with my own kid. In the 2nd grade, I had a classmate die from complications from chicken pox so when I first heard about the vaccine I was all over that shit. BUT, I didn't realize there was a need for a booster. There's more to it than I thought and thanks for sharing that. At this point, I am hoping he gets it the old-fashioned way. Thanks again for sharing......

*I giggled when I typed "long and hard". Just a little.

Dr. Johnny Fever

How about rabies and distemper?


Such a big girl! I shouldn't make fun since I am the biggest weenie in the world when it comes to needles. Heck, I even have to snort my drugs because I'm too afraid to shoot them.

All the other junkies make fun of me.


This whole vaccination thing sure stirs up some interesting comments...

Tell Noah if he trades you his Snoopy for your Tweety, I'll trade my Pebbles for his new Tweety. No seriously. That was the band-aid my doctor's office gave me yesterday. What????


Too bad they don't have vaccinations to heal broken toddler bones (sans huge-ass cast) and mom guilt. I'd be all over those in a heartbeat.


I fully intend to get the chicken pox vaccine myself. I never had it and at 31 I no longer want to get it. I figure with two kids I'm just tempting fate so I want the vaccine now!


Poor Mama! He is just so cute - and such good stats. How tall do you think he's going to be?

Seattle Baby

Sorry, just read the Goose post. Am crying. Goose punting! HA! Drunk Naked Geese!! HAAA!!!!

Vaguely Urban

Jon Bon Jovi and Vaguely Urban have a sweet Noah addiction!!!


I ain't got a fever got a permanent disease
And it'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy
And I got lots of money but it isn't what I need
Gonna take more than a shot to get this poison outta me
And I got all the symptoms, count 'em 1 2 3



you know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds? well, it adds at least 15 pounds to Noah, cause he looks way bigger (in height and weight) than 17 pounds. You have the most adorable 6 month old toddler!


He DOES look bigger than his stats indicate. Him and Anna Sofia are the same size, I think. Trippy. Love the bandaids. On both of you. lol


Oh, geez, if my ped knew about my blog I think he'd fire me. No, he'd sue me. Now I'm a little paranoid.


If you can do it, I can too, hell if Noah can do it...
I've had to get a MMR booster for a year since I work in a hospital. I'm scared. Don't tell my boss I haven't done it.

You and Noah really are too cute, bandaids and all.


Ah, c'mon, how in the world did your ped find your URL? Kiss the bandaided boy for me - he's HUGE!


Just wait til July. I'm going to give you a shot...of tequila.


Man, babies have big heads.


Ew. I am that baby. Would have been passed out on the floor. Not even a dozen peanuts bandaids would have saved me!


Just seeing "a couple of needle sticks" would have me bawling like a baby.

The soft focus on the photo gives me the warm fuzzies.



That's an awesome picture! Good job on getting your vaccinations. I always hate it, but the suspense leading up to it is usually worse than the actual shot. I always manage to have to get stitches exactly when I should be getting my tetanus booster, so I get stiched up and stuck at the same time.

Anne Glamore

Once I realized my pediatrician read my blog, I started referring to him as "My wise physician."

He's about to find out I'm removing Porter's stitiches myself tomorrow-- I don't have time to go to the doctor when we have both art AND drum lessons!

Silly Hily

All I can say is "some people" are adorable. You must do a whole post on the pediatrician knowing about your blog. There are so many, when, why...oh crap is right. Did you immediately go home and read back through your archives to see if you had called him/her an idiot or anything?


ow. grown ups shouldn't have to get needles. that's why we get eight hundred as children, so that we don't have to get any when we're all growed up. dang.

and now, i will be controversial about vaccines.

har har. kust kidding.

Wicked Stepmom

"Nobody tells you about the gobbling of the baby toes and the big mouthful of baby sock lint."

Haha! Your sidebar quotes are priceless.


What a big little guy!

The nurses at our doc's office here in CO have a shot routine that appears barbaric but is actually quite merciful on all involved. Basically, CJ lies on the table while I hold her head and arms, one nurse holds one leg, the other nurse holds the other leg, they count to three and stick CJ at the same time. Then I pick her up immediately while they apply Band-Aids. It's the quickest procedure I've ever seen and really seems to minimize the trauma.


My pediatrician (whom I love with the heat of many hot suns and want y'all to love him too) found out about my blog because I NEVER STOP TALKING SOMETIMES.

We were just discussing my work and writing and he asked what kind of writing I do and the next thing I know he was writing down my blog address on Noah's chart and excitedly talking about sharing it with the other doctors in the practice because he just loves the whole mommyblog thing and thinks we can change pediatrics in this country by being honest with each other and sharing our own stories and it was all great until I realized that I now cannot talk about letting Noah play with peanut-butter-coated plastic bags anymore, like DAMN.


the tweetie bird band-aids make it all worthwhile. I hope you also got a lollipop for your troubles!!


What an adorable picture. Just wait until he is 5 and gets his shots and is UBER pissed that you took him there and he tells he would never have agreed to go if he knew they were going to stick a needle in his arm.

Hope Mommy and Big Boy are doing alright today!

Heather B.

Y cracks my shit up.


Maybe I'm strange, but I kept all of my kids bandaids in their baby books with the dates of the shots written next to them.
Yes, strange.


Should've gone with the lojack. That could come in handy some day. I know I'd take that offer.


My Ped. does the same thing as Julie's, maybe there was a big "how to give three shots at once" convention or something.

Did your tetanus booster hurt? I remember the last one I got made my bicep feel like someone had punched it over and over. And I did not get a Tweety bandaid either, bummer.


Dude, no barbie bandaids? You poor thing! I'm impressed that you didn't need Jason to be there with the smelling salts. I get all weak and weepy at the pediatrician. My husband knows better than to send me alone.


The poor fella-- Shots totally suck! Or I guess they poke and sting and hurt! :-( He's a tough guy!

My 6 month old baby took off her little dot bandaid after her shots-- snoopy I might add-- and decided to eat it while riding home in the car after her appt. Scary choking noises from the rear-- I yank car off road-- sweep the throat-- scary, scary-- heart pounding, adrenaline pumping moment= No-More-Snoopy-Dot-Bandaids, DamnIt!

We both survived it! All is well. I think I sprouted a few first grays though! :-)


You should have asked for SpongeBob bandaids.


Amalah, I hate that feeling I get when someone I know says "hey, I just found your blog!" My first thought is always "crap! Now I can't talk about you!"


Ooooooh snoopy bandaids! Those make it all better. Way to step up and show a good example for Noah!

Kate I see a band-aid right near your armpit? I bet that smarted...that's a sensitive part of the arm! Brave Amalah!!


This is random, I know, but are you officially retiring the Wednesday Advice Smackdown? My left arm is starting to twitch from WAS withdrawal.


Go Noah!

Matthias has his 6 month appt next week. I'm guessing they are about the same size. I'll let you know. (cause, yeah I'm sure you are just DYING to know this, right? LOL)


Big, beautiful boy you have there.
*runs away as her head explodes from the alliteration*


Adorable EVEN with boo-boos! What a sweet expression on his face, huh? God he looks like you! Well, at least the blog-you.


Did you at least steal his lolli?


All my daughter got at her 6-month vaccinations were those regular, skin-tone band-aids. (Three hypens in one sentence, wow!)

She cried more when I took them off than when she got the actual shots. Go figure.


Frema: Stay tuned. Big Exciting Things are in the works...


Big exciting WAS? Bring it on.


I was just going to "second" Frema. But alas, I will stay tuned. I love Big Exciting Things.

Love the matching band-aids. (I love all things that match and am afraid my child and I will be wearing matching outfits well into his high school years!)


Look at this Post chat today- Parent Blog-off:

Mama C-ta

Yeah I wouldn't trade bandaids either. I have endured many hours of needles poking my flesh for tattoos but hell if I'll get a shot.


The last line is always a shocker for me. When I am out and about, I am always surprised when someone I know says, "Oh I was reading your blog the other day..." and I am thinking, "Oh crap! Did I say anything to embarass myself????"


My HAMMY would feel better if you would POST SOMETHING ALREADY.


Am working on it, Y. Cool your damn rump roast already.


I'm crapping Beef Logs in anticipation.


i think this is the cutest picture yet...and there have been many cute pictures.
but, in this one, you can totally hear a little noah whimper in the background, and he's hanging on to you you're his mama.
so, i guess it's not all that surprising.
but cute, nonetheless.


Oh man is he cute!! He looks so trusting and sweet twined onto your arm like that =)

And yay for Snoopy bandaids..I saved Sephie's Snoopies from her first shots and pasted 'em in her baby book. Yes, I am strange.


Ham? Rump roast? Beef?

Am just a wee bit curious now.


I want Tweety Band-Aids too...

But, please, oh god... No Shots!

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