The Wednesday Advice Smackdown!
Class of '96



aahhhh!.. the cuteness! It's blinding me!!


I love the view of him "sneaking" up the stairs... Too cute.


What a cutie pie! I just started reading and working my way through your history!

I am from PA as well right outside of King of Prussia, actually Collegeville!

Your baby is adorable but you already know that!


Oh dear.

*falling over from high cute emissions*



My God. He really is turning into a little man.


I miss him.


What a ham he is, smiling for the camera like that! Thanks for recognizing the crime of keeping such cuteness to yourself.


I think I am going to m-e-l-t r-i-g-h-t n-o-.....

Heather B.

Not only does he make "red faced flatulent poops" but as an added bonus, he climbs stairs. Awesome.


mmmm..... tasty tasty tables

Black Belt Mama

They are adorable pictures. I love the close up. I have to tell you though, the stairs picture is scaring me half to death. I am so not ready for that yet with my little one.

The Village Idiot

I just read your starbucks at the end of the universe post and needed to say here, while you only have a puny fifty or so comments and there's a chance you might read this, that that is among the funnier things I've read in a while. My wife and I were talking the other day about how totally screwed we would have been if trying to cluelessly raise our kids in the spotlight like Britney. (toss the baby up! Wheeee! Oooops! Low Ceiling!).
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.
The Idiot


Oh, well, then. The last one made me cry. At work.


Flickr froze up my whole system today. Hmph. I should have done a post like this instead.

Mama Kelly


almost makes me want another one




Okay, I am usually quite able to refrain from ovulating at cute baby pictures, but Noah on the stairs?? I think that did it. I will no longer look at him (at least not for today). I just love the chubby legs!!

As long as I think of diapers and spit up, I should be able to keep my ovaries at bay.


2 words for you that is going to get you through the next 6 months........

baby gate


The third one down is perfect!

This almost (!) makes me want a boy. Almost. But then...the frogs in the pockets, the burping, the farting, the dirt, the eating of boogers,


the video games, the peeing in the yard, the burping of the alphabet....


But then again, there's Noah. Who's perfect. In picture #3. So, I kinda DO want a boy. My hubby will be thrilled, since he's always wanted one.

Yummy boy Noah.


He is so unbelievably beautiful. I hope my kids are half as gorgeous as he is.


Have you ever noticed that your table (seen in the first photo) matches your floor exactly? Bizarre...

At first it looked like Noah was had fallen in a crater created by an earthquake? furniture falling? something..and was trying to chew his way out to the little donut (do you ever wonder if he'll grow up to be the police?).

Or maybe its just been a really really long day. Which makes the extra Amalah entries very nice!


Holy cow, that is one cute baby. Maybe I'm the only one, and I've never met you in person, seems to me like he looks more like you every day.


Is he doing a PUSH-UP? Looks like he's about to go one-handed! Oh so cute... Especially the last photo.


He's so cute I just might let him marry my beautifuly baby girl when they are both 30 or so. ;)


Is that silly baby eating the table again? Seriously though. I could die from the cuteness. He is SUCH an angel.


He is sooooo adorable! It almost makes me want another also! That's why I volunteer in the nursery at church. I get my fix holding the babies and then send them home w/their parents. :)


Oh. My. God. I'm pregnant and STILL my ovaries are twinging after those photos. He is the most blindingly adorable child ever.

The chewing of the table, the grinning...oh, i can't take it.


Okay, that third one? Makes me want to have another baby, and I'm thinking it would be okay to have a boy. Eeek! So cute! Your sites are better than ever in your WAHM state...


What a doll!!

But... but... where is the witty commentary?!? I long for the trademark Amalah snarky, italicized comments...

Jessica A Kirkwood

That is one cutie patootie!


I just love the last one of him smiling. He's so cute!!!


I think the first photo just saved someone's life. Viva la Noah!


The last one? Heart melting. The second-to-last one? Must have been before the Ikea Incident. I want a baby. Or a niecphew.

By the way, I read an article that links milk consumption with birth weight. You must have consumed a lot of milk when you were pregnant with Noah!

Vaguely Urban

Waaaaaant a turtle.


Am dead from cuteness overload. 'Specially that 3rd picture. God, I want another one, already!

So is Noah seriously climbing stairs? My son didn't do that until recently (he's 5 months older than Noah), but then, we had gates up to keep him away from the stairs, and we just recently let him explore them. He went from "hey, what's this" to figuring out how to climb all the way to the top in 2.4 seconds.

Beware, though, that learning how to go DOWN the stairs without falling? That takes a while longer. Just trust me on this.


That last one made this exceedingly long afternoon at work a bit more bearable.

Mrs. Why

I love the table-eating one. I just posted a similar, highchair-eating one of my daughter. The angle makes their eyes look so puppy dog. Best.


I'm thinking we may just have to issue you a citation for holding onto them this long.

Jennie Lee

This is the link to Wilhelmina Kids modeling agency. Noah is 100x cuter than those kids on there!!


I actually caught my breath when I saw him exploring the stairs! I cannot believe he's at that point already. It seems like just last week you were pregnant. Now look at the beautiful little boy you have!

Children truly are a wonder and a joy.


Okay, third from the bottom. Classic. Noah the turtle at his finest. That, Amalah, is some DAMN cute baby!


SO CUTE. So, so cute. That's all I can come up with.


Stop. it. you're killing me with the cuteness!


definitely a crime to not share those photos...
and dear god the cuteness is too much!


It definitely would have been illegal to keep those too yourself. Too Cute! (Yes, most definitley with a capital C)


Ok, we've never met of course but could he look any more like you? I'm so jealous because my son is my husband's little clone. Lucky you, he is so adorable.



Lord, girlie. The Cute, it paralyzes. My ovaries are aching, and I want to dress the cats in baby clothes right now. Noah commentary on each picture? That's always the best part!

(So demanding I am. Sigh, sorry. Noah makes me squishy in the brain parts.)


He is so adorable. I can't wait for my munchkin to start moving around like that!.


I see you broke and gave Noah THE BLOCKS.


Dear Amy,

The third photo. My God! The cuteness is just too much.

I have no more words!



Aahh ... That last one with the impish grin and the little bangs. *sigh*


Good god. It's kind of impossible to say, "no!" with those enormous, liquid eyes looking at you, isn't it? (The gnawing on the cellphone photo that you posted a week or two before comes to mind.)


Do you ever get sick of hearing how darn cute that kid is? Because seriously...SO CUTE!

Silly Hily

Yes, jail would have been in your near future if you did not share those. Adorable!


I prefer this format to Flickr. The pictures just look better. Of course, the model is awfully sweet!


He is a little doll! That smile is going to
break hearts!

Margarita Mama

Holy shit, not the stairs already!!


He is just a gorgeousmous cutie pie!!


Look at those teeth! Too cute.


THANK YOU, Amalah!

He is the cutest baby EVER!


You mentioned crawling, but nothing about stair navigation!!! You poor thing!

YT Ophelia

Finally coming out to say what an adorable little man! He does look a lot like you, although his hair can still turn on you! My brother was born with perfect blond baby hair and by the time he was two it turned dark brown, and now it is black. I had jet black hair that turned blond and then settled into an auburnish light brown.

But so darn cute! And such a ham! I hope my little girl loves the camera as much as Noah when she's born.


Why must you do this? I have this GREAT SCHEDULE all worked out for having kids, which includes NOT trying for at least the next six months.

Now I've gone and poked holes in all the condoms. Damn you, woman, and that precious offspring of yours!


I'm so jealous that your little guy is up and moving. Mine scoots across the floor like no one's business, yet refuses to get up on his knees and crawl like a baby gentleman.

By the way - your son is unbelievably cute. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Dude, what's with this climbing up steps crap? Mine is unstoppable. I had to put gates everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

That last picture makes me want to have another. YOU SUCK.

Laura B.

Cutest. baby. ever. OMG.


Very cute!



Oh he is too sweet!


Oh my, your little man is simply ADORABLE!!


his face is changing a lot as he gets bigger (at least thats how it seems from the pics). still cute as ever!

Lisa Ann

How can one baby be so freaking cute??


That first one is my favorite. And that last one is a close second. Hell, they're all good. You can't take a bad picture of that little guy.


Once again, Amalah swoops down and saves humanity...

Real Girl

Crawling up stairs! That's some crawl skill.


Oh my Lord, how cute is he, for realz.


It's so cool seeing him evolve from squishy lump (albeit a cute one) into a real live person.

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