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The Wednesday Redirect Smackdown!


Hey! Kids! The Wednesday Advice Smackdown is up over yonder at Alpha Mom.


The Alpha Child, seen here being raised in captivity.

And there's actual original content that will probably include a lot of bad words coming to this very site later today.*

*No warranty is implied by use of the word "today." Today is void where prohibited and your mileage may vary. The author of this site takes a very subjective view on the definition of "today," because to hold the word "today" to some kind of set block of hours would be attempting to define time itself. It would also be incredibly insensitive to our overseas audience if we were to automatically assume "today" fell into a North American time zone. And it would not take into consideration the unpredictable sleep habits of the average eight-month-old human or the fact that the author of this site is a lazy, lazy bitch.



I think 8-month olds must have some kind of massive gravitational force. They warp time and space around them. It's Einsteinian and stuff...


Lazy Bitch? Definitely not even a little bit. Nobody who raises that cute of a baby could ever fall into the "lazy bitch" category.

Out of curiosity, what DO you do when the baby pukes on the cat?


Nice to see you slipped a bad word in there anyways...

I love the second picture. He's all, "Me? Me with her? That AlphaMom lady? Nah, dude, I came here alone to mack on the gorgeous honeys like yourself!"


Kisses to The Noah. Hugs to The Noah. Fan mail to The Noah.

Love The Noah.


Bwaaahahahaha. I have to put my ad up here again, you just keep getting funnier. :)


Ok, so you know we are all going to want a picture of the two of you in your shirts together. I know, I know, no one will admit it because it's ultra cheese, but I'm stepping forward to demand the mother-son shirt display. Anyone with me?



I second Amy!

Real Girl

Perfect Alpha Mom onesie!


No, I am a lazy lazy bitch. I have an office job and all I've done today (two hours and counting) is refresh Amalah.

so so lazy.


What do you do when the baby pukes on the cat?
PS...LOVE Noah's shirt!


I third Amy!

Bonus points if you are both wearing your Chuck Taylors.

Is Noah standing more than he is sitting these days?


Yes! Lots of bad words ahead!

And, since you're not using NotifyList anymore...it gives me a good excuse NOT to do work this afternoon! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amalah!


Amy I think I am obsessed with your baby! Is that going to be a problem?

My friend sent me a picture of his back side the other day (no not his little hiney) and I knew who it was right away.

He's a little delicious internet celebrity!


Love the disclaimer. Perhaps at some later "today" you could really get into the theoretical discussion of say, space. :)
And yes, the baby's adorableness continues to grow.


I have the same playyard and LOVE it! I wish I could get my 3 year old to stay in it and play quietly rather than my 7 month old!

It's also wonderful for protecting Christmas trees and presents from curious little fingers.


I have the same play yard, too - and I hope it contains my son more than it did my daughter. Chloe, the ever inquisitive, figured out she could LIFT the gate and walk with it, deftly placing it OVER the off-limit items. Then the coveted magazine, remote, sharp pointy implement of certain death would be IN the play yard - no longer off-limits, right?

PS - Noah's little mouth is absolutely perfect.


You're not a lazy bitch. You're just creative. And creativity takes time. Or at least that's the line that I use. :-)


I should be paying my bills, but instead hanging out on this site with a lot of lazy 'b's'.
Love the post!
Jill from Silicon Valley Moms!


See your 'today' is actually 'yesterday' for me - its currently 1.31am, Thursday June 1 as I type this. Hence, be as liberal as you please with your definitions of today for all of your adoring international posse


See, your 'today' is actually 'yesterday' for me - its currently 1.31am, Thursday June 1 as I type this. Hence, be as liberal as you please with your definitions of today for all of your adoring international posse

Kelly M.

Can I eat your child? He is just too damn cute. I know he must taste like candied apples!!

The disclaimer made me laugh so hard I might of peed a little!


*eagerly awaits the Bad Words*

You may (or may not) ask why zorgon, a (eww) guy, reads the Smackdown? Because, beneath all the creams, lotions, powders, and shoes, there is the chocolate, the nachos, and the vodka. It is to die for, the funny. The so very (Bad Words) funny.


I love that Noah never seems to be in pants. My kind of guy! He looks like a wee bebe like that, not the little old man in sagging pants that my sister had.


And when you say "Bunny Rabbits"... you meant me right?


Y from the internet

I just got back from a spelling bee and I am tempted to say everything in Official Spelling Bee Form.



"OMG. You said Bitch."

Bitch. B-I-T-C-H. Bitch.


P.S. I love Noah.


Your clever disclaimer has not stopped me from refreshing.


If you actually wrote this entry you alluded to "today" in the literal sense? The blog/time/space continuum would collapse and we'd all be eaten by the trolls. So, don't do it.


I will just keep checking "today" for the original content post -- whenever that is....


I simply must have one of those baby containment units for when mine develops his ability to pull dangerous chemicals and heavy objects down from great heights.


I am excited about the upcoming content, but I really wanted to write to say that Noah is the freakin' cutest!


So I may or may not have have ignored the disclaimer and checked back several times today. All I know is when I first read today's post there were 3 comments. And now there are quite a few more. I've been watching the number grow.

Come on with the bad words already!!

And Noah is the cutest!!


Hoorah! Smackdown ready to go when I finish another day of teaching angelic little cherubs. Ha!

Something to look forward to..



You are a lazy bitch? Sweet. So am I.

Let's be friends.

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