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The best sound in the world, your own baby's laugh!


I can't view the clip at work...but I can imagine it!

My husband started a lovely little joke when our daughter (now 3) was a baby. He will cradle one of her dolls lovingly and gently say "nice baby, nice baby..." and then "OOPS!" as the baby suddenly pops up and out of his arms flying several feet to land on her head somewhere! HYSTERICAL! Or atleast it is to a baby/toddler.

And she has never once tried to do that to her brother!




he has such a cute little laugh!

and no, i don't think you should be worried. well, maybe ceiba should. kidding!

Melissa F.

He is so cute! I love the laugh!!


My ovaries just exploded. Cutest baby video ever. Send that into America's Funniest Home Videos and you might win enough cash for his first year of college!


Love, love, love the punchy baby laugh.

Was it followed by a mean case of the hiccups?


Oh my gawd! That made me laugh my ass off!


That clip pulled me out of lurker mode. Noah's laugh is contagious! My 4 year old said "hey, he laughs like a big person." So cute. Thanks for all the humor, you brighten my day.


oh my goodness. Every time he got to the throaty part of his laugh I practically fell out of my chair laughing, myself! I can't get enough.


Will breaks out the big laughs when we "hit" him on the forehead with a soft block. Thinks it is hysterical.

Also I totally had that doll when I was little - where did you find it???


Oh God, that made me laugh so hard. What a great way to start my Thursday.

Heather B.

Kid cracks my shit up.


Oh, the lengths we'll go just to hear our child laugh. My bet is that you continued this trick long after the video was over...


So cute! Your voice is cute, too! I love when bloggers put their voices on video so we can hear them!!! Sooooo cute!


Omg. So funny! Our son used to do that when you put a sock on his head. I would love to tell you it was always clean, but, umm... Ah memories in smell-a-vision.


I love baby laughs and Noah has a great laugh! So so funny. I will have to watch it again. And then I'll go home and try that doll falling trick on my son.


OMG, I will have to watch that every morning, it's too fantastic! What a great laugh that boy has - it's like therapy, I started cracking up myself. He's just too adorable :)


There is no way to resist laughing along with a baby. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Don't even try it. You'll injure yourself and perhaps those around you.

Oh, and I'm not entirely sure that total crazy homeless people actually wear bras.


So lovely to hear both your voices. What a handsome little fellow he is, and with such a throaty laugh! Hilarious.




Is there anything better than baby laughter? He is just too darling!


OH MY GOD! He sounds so cute. A little devious too. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll grow out of that in a decade or two. My baby was mesmorized watching it.


He is just precious!
Girl- Savor every single second, because before long, he's going to be a cat-kickin' dirty little boy trackin mud in your home..........


Holy sweet hell, that is the funniest laugh I've ever heard in my entire life.

And, yes, hide those Nirvana CD's!!!!


that has to be the cutest laugh ever!!
Noah is so adorable!!

Another Pam

GOD He's cute. I love to hear a baby's laugh.


Baby laughs are the best things EVER! Thanks for that, I'm going to have a big smile plastered on my face for hours now. He's just too cute!


my favorite moment is the one where he puts his hand on yours -- so sweet! can't wait to get to know him better at da beach.


I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. That's AWESOME.


haha, i had to watch that two times in a row just because it was SO FREAKING CUTE.

i started out today in the worst mood, but noah giggles made me giggle and now i'm feeling good!

thanks noah! (and amy)

p.s. i'd hide the beatles cds just in case he figures out how to play them backwards. haha

Y from the internet

I was trying to be strong, but towards the end, I lost it and was crying. That was hilarious.


LOVE IT. And love how you shake the baby in front of him to show him "here's the baby. let's have her fall from the ledge again!" heeelarious. I'd be doing the same thing all day long to get that laugh!


Dammit! Must wait until I get home from work to watch. Cannot have sounds of baby laughter emanating from cube. Can barely get away with blogs glowing brightly on unnecessarily large monitor.


There's nothing like a baby laugh to remind you that sometimes life is okay...


Wonderful laugh -- I agree with whomever it was that said you can NOT resist laughing with a baby. Just not possible!


His laughter is contagious.

Nicole P

Baby belly laughs are the best! And you always feel like the best person in the world when you make a baby laugh that deep laugh.

Thanks for sharing!!


Eh, it's ok.

(ha! Just kidding. I'm bummed I can't view it at work....I'll have to wait until tonight!).


Oh, that is one wicked little laugh :-)


This? This is why the Internet exists. Thank you!


He really does have a big boy laugh! how adorable!

Dr. Johnny Fever

That made MY ovaries ache.


Oh my God. There is nothing that could have made me smile after the morning I have had. Nothing except this clip of Noah laughing. Thank you!

Black Belt Mama

His laugh is so adorable. If you weren't watching the video and just heard it, you would think it was a grown man laughing. Too funny! My 8-month old climbed on top of my laptop to try to grab Noah out of the screen. When that didn't work, she pushed the screen down to look behind my computer to see if he was there. She LOVED it!


I had that doll when I was little!! Okay I stil have it and she's on a shelf in my office.

Lisa V

That kid needs to be in a Gallagher audience.


GOD that's great. Laughing babies = key to world peace.


He totally has an old man laugh! Too cute!

Katie Kat

Okay... can't... quit... laughing... HA HA HA!!! That is priceless!

I have always said that if we could just bottle up the laughter of little kids, we could cure ALL the ills of the Universe!

Gotta go play that one again!

P.S. When I played it again, my own 9 month old started laughing!!!


Love how he slaps his thigh in anticipation. Also love how he's trying to stop laughing and then totally can't help but start again as soon as the poor (naked?) baby falls... priceless!


whatev, that's the coolest laugh ever.

Serenity Now

That was hillarious. I love how he slaps his thigh and also grabs for you. Too cute.


That is the funniest baby laugh! I love it!

And I love how he is watching you just as much as he's watching the doll, like he wants to see your reaction or to ask you to keep performing.


By the end of the video I was laughing just as hard as Noah.


(where did that baby doll come from and how did you come about finding out it makes Noah laugh so hard??)


Total crazy drunk babies and total crazy homeless person was just what I suspected Jason of having to put up with.


Total crazy drunk babies and total crazy homeless person was just what I suspected Jason of having to put up with.


I am running home now to start growing another one in my body now! TOO CUTE!!!!!


That was wonderful to wake up to this morning!


Dude! That is so cute!! Whenever I'm around a baby and find their 'laughing' point, I repeatedly do whatever it is, over and over, just to hear that sound. Noah's got a bit of an deeper giggle than what I have heard to date - very MISCHIEVIOUS!! LOL ...


Hee! The kind of laugh you just have to laugh along with!


OMG, I love Noah's laugh! My husband and I had to listen to it twice. :)

Now, could you remind me how long I will have to wait for Whoorlito to makes sounds like that?


I don't have sound at work, but it sure was cute to look at.



Oh, Amalah, dahlin' plunging babydolls to their death from two feet is no big deal. We used to throw our dollies, spinning towards the ceiling, before allowing them to crash to the carpet. And then say "oops."


That doll was actually Jason's when HE was a baby, and his mom gave it to us with full instructions on how to use it for maximum laugh potential.


I love when they laugh like the little crazy people they really are. My kids laugh so hard they get the hiccups. That's when I know my job is done!

Silly Hily

Kids laugh at the silliest things. You can buy them thousands of dollars worth of toys and yet the little baby doll falling from the top of the gate is the funniest thing ever!!!!
Do you know how hard it was to watch that and NOT laugh with him? (I'm at work...shhhhh) The more you did it, the more tickled he got. I think it was around second 40 or so that he REALLY started laughing. You know, the high pitched giggle followed by the deep laughter that is so genuine.
Thanks for that Amalah! Thanks for sharing.
Now, I dare anyone who saw that to say they are having a bad day.


You have been my Summer Reading and I have enjoyed starting at the beginning of your archives as much as any fun novel. More.

The juxtaposition of this video clip with the entries about the pit you were in as you waited for this laughing little piece of heaven make me wish you could have seen this back then, perhaps in a dream, and KNOWN how good it would be.

Congratulations on making it here (and thank you for sharing it with us).


OMG I look forward everyday to coming to this site and that totally brightened my day. Noah is adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE


CUUUUTE! Squeee!!


What a way to start my morning! I started off okay but by the end of it I was grinning like an idiot...no wonder I get strange looks from my office mate. Noah is so delicious!




What a doll...uhhh I am a dumbass....thanks for sharing....reminded me of my daughter's first laughing fit at Eeyore


That is TOO hilarious! And adorable!! I totally forgot what those precious baby laughs sounded like!


He is so adorable. Those are the best belly laughs I have ever heard. Too cute.

Teri M.

Uh-yup... I pretty sure I just ovulated.

Mostest preciousest manical laughter evah!


Cutest thing ever! I'm sitting at my desk cracking UP! And now my co-workers think I'm a crazy drunk person!


That is the best sound I've heard all day.


LOL He sounds JUST LIKE my daughter Althea. 8 months old, almost 9. They are real close in age I think, right? And funny enough she thinks that when dolls and stuffed animals meet their doom or hit their head it's freaking hysterical. I do the same thing with her little stuffed frog. In fact if he hits his head on something on the way down.......BONUS LAUGHING!


so FRICKIN' cute! I love the baby belly laughs.


Oh my god, when he reaches over and puts his hand on your knee like, "Holy shit, Mom, are you getting this? It's just too much!" I think my ovary turned on. Adorable.


1st time commenting, just had to say OMG I had tears rolling down my cheeks laughing with him! He's adorable (reminds me of my 11month old) and his laugh is very infectious! Gotta love him!


So effing cute!


Baby belly laughs are the best!!!


I can't watch the video because my stupid work won't let me, but that doll looks like one that belonged to my cousin that he gave to me when I was born. My cousin was born around '78; I was born in '82. Is that the era for your doll? We called ours Honey. I do hope it's the same one. Now my cousin's 3-year-old daughter has Honey.


I love how Noah gets all excited like "Mama and I are sharing a joke" and has to touch Mama for emphasis. You guys look like good buddies.

Then at the end, he looks like he's feeling a little sick from all the laughing, and has to swallow carefully. But he keeps it up!

Cutest little guy.


My ten month old was mesmerized by this. Thanks for the laugh.

Bozoette Mary

Well, that was WAY MORE FUN than hearing a competitive analysis of our chief rival. Thank you Noah!

Occidental Girl

OMG he's so cute!!

And check it out...A Fisher-Price Honey doll from 1975! I totally have mine, still, not for collectible purposes, mind you. I'm too damn sentimental to throw the thing out.


Oh my gosh. I'm crying. Crying. That has got to be one of the funniest baby videos I've ever seen.


I cannot BELIEVE y'all recognized the doll. Fisher Price seriously needs to start making them again. Because they are 1) Indestructible, and 2) HILARIOUS.

Jason was born June 22, 1976, which means both he and that doll are officially 30 damn years old now.

Happy birthday, baby. I am baking you a cake right now. FROM SCRATCH. (Well, not RIGHT now, but you know.)


Ok, so I wasn't the only one with a Fisher Price "Honey" doll growing up. It was my security blanket. My parents aparently didn't know that this was a BOY doll (he is rather effeminate, right?, so I named him Patricia. She's still around, but with a big hole in her plastic head.


Oh yeah...I'm so glad I came home for lunch because I just CRANKED IT UP! What a sweet, sweet sound. Love the baby laughs. And, happy birthday to your Jason.


Thank you Amy! Today is my birthday and there is no sound I like better than baby belly laughs.

Noah is so freaking adorable. Both of mine would laugh like that if you sneezed or pretended to sneeze. Allergies equaled uncontrollable laughter in my house.

Anne Glamore

Can I please come over and listen to Noah laugh in person? That's the funniest, happiest sound I've heard in ages!!!

Wacky Mommy

Oh, hee, that was good! My kids were cracking up, esp. when it sounds like he's saying "whoaaaaaaaa" in the middle, trying to catch his breath. My four-year-old just told his sister, "Sometimes after I finish laughing I cry." He can relate.


Hey, happy birthday to Jason, too! I'm exactly one year older than he is.


I had that doll! That's HONEY!!


Why does that make me giggle uncontrollably in my apartment alone? I am the oldest of seven kids and my mom did daycare in our house my whole life, and you'd think I would NOT BE THIS ENCHANTED by a baby.

But I am. And any time I think life sucks too much ass, I will come and watch this a few more times and I'll feel better, without a doubt.


Baby laughter = best sound ever. Thank you for sharing.

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