Catching Up On My Correspondence
Live! From New York!

Further Correspondence, Perhaps Actual this Time

Actual email that I sent to pretty much every person on the planet yesterday:

From: Amalah
Subject: omfg andrew!

Andrew Shue likes my blawwwwwwwwwwwg!

Actual email I received regarding this Saturday's reunion:

From: Person who was apparently our class president, although I don't remember voting
Subject: Reminder! Class of 96!

Reunion this Saturday! 6:30 pm!
Attire: Casual - What you feel comfortable in - no fancy dresses or ties.

*shakes fist*


But...what if I AM comfortable in fancy dresses? What if my husband looks particularly hot and out-of-my-league in a tie?


So after the reunion on Saturday, we're heading up to New York City for a few days to visit my sister and meet my newish little nephew. I'll also be meeting with ClubMom and AlphaMom and reveal myself to be a big dumb fraud who is really boring and stammer-y in person.

Supposedly, Andrew Shue has been invited to the ClubMom meeting on Monday, but I really, REALLY won't be hurt if he doesn't attend, because I have a truly horrific track record when it comes to meeting even the most minor of celebrities. (A track record that includes 1) shrieking, 2) pointing rudely, 3) crying, and 4) flinging my camera into a garbage can at the sight of Jay Leno in Vegas once and being forced to reach in and dig it out RIGHT when he walked by me, and he didn't even make a quip about it, because I think he thought I was homeless.)

Seriously. I just kind of socially implode, and I don't know why. I am completely unable to hang onto any semblence of Cool. Or... you know, just get a fucking GRIP. But I do know that if you put me in the same room with someone from Melrose Fucking Place, I guarantee that I will either 1) throw up, 2) injure myself, or 3) inadvertently call someone a whore.

I should have Internet access for most of the trip, although I might not have a lot of time for posting.

But I'll make sure to let you know if I accidentally call Andrew Shue a whore. Or if I am suddenly back in the market for a new freelancing job. Or both.





Y from the internet

I thought I was the ONLY person you sent that email too and I felt so special and close to you.


(Can you ask Andrew if he likes me? Thanks.)


I love Andrew Shue.
I hope you have a great time at your reunion. Wear whatever makes you feel gorgeous and to hell with the "dress code."


Excuse me while I socially implode just a little bit because OMG I'm gonna be in the top ten comments unless the million people who are also typing feverishly at this moment manage to click the submit button before me! Squee! (that was my first ever squee. I was a squee virgin)

I dearly hope you get to meet Andrew Shue, because it will make for a great post from you and I am a selfish whore. Ask anyone.

Have a great time at the reunion and wear whatever the hell you want.


Make sure you lie at your reunion and say you have a really cool job and you're so successful at it.

Wait, no, that's my lie.


i'm pretty sure that having andrew shue read your blog means you win at your high school reunion.


Why do people hate to dress up for dress up occasions? That bothers me to no end. If you're almost 30, you need a little black dress or a nice suit and tie in the closet, loser.

I feel your pain.


Just do what I do when I meet a famous person.
I simply say the following:

gh;alierj 9edituh9rwtua['0r9gusdnkl.

And, it becomes horribly obvious that I?


Good luck at the reunion, and give Andrew Shue a big SLOPPY wet kiss for me -K-!


How could he NOT like your blog? I mean, hello! He's Andrew Shue and you're Amalah. Duh!

(Never before have two stranger things been linked together on the history of the Internet.)


The nice little note about the reunion doesn't say anything about wearing shoes that cost more than their annual Taco Bell salary, so I'm still backing the shoes. Knock'em dead, at that reunion AND the meeting with Andrew!


Dress up! dress up dress up dress up! Do not let them dictate what you should wear. Bastards. Or should I say, Whores.


The conversation I would probably have with Mr. Shue concerns Marcia Cross and Desperate Houswives. More particularly, whether he keeps waiting for her to rip off her wig and reveal a nasty scar and go after Matt Fielding, who is still married to Sydney.

Also? Would like to see more things with Daphne Zuniga and his sister.

Stick with soccer - I seem to remember he was a very competitive soccer player.


That is SO cool, Amy! I can't wait to hear how it goes and I frankly hope Andrew Shue *is* there so we can hear about how you called him a whore. :)


What a strange thing to read today; I was just looking through Dooce's photos on Flickr yesterday (was really really bored) and saw she has met Andrew Shue. It looks lke he's a fan of her as well.

I guess Shue has great taste; he reads the only two blogs I look at outside of my livejournal friends.


Screw calling him a whore, I think he needs a lap dance or something equally sexually based.

And, I'd like to watch if I could.

Too bad the reunion wasn't AFTER the meeting so you could brag on how you shook your tits in his face etc.

That would score some serious points.


Double mentions?? You got DOUBLE MENTIONS!!!!

Way to go!

And I Would totally dress up for Saturday because you know that others will. Personally, I'd rather be overdressed and look awesome than be too casually dressed.


Haven't you ever heard that it's impossible to overdress? I don't think that's a myth. Well, OK, maybe a ballgown at a soccer game, but a fab dress at a reunion? Nevah.


Okay, now I feel stupid considering the fact that I thought the whole Andrew Shue thing you mentioned was just another guy who happened to share the name with, you know, ANDREW SHUE. THE Andrew Shue. Damn! I think I'll have to go bang my head on a brick wall now.

And I vote with the other lovely Amalah-ladies - go with the dress! AND THE SHOES. Yes.



Listen to me very carefully, and I pray you are reading the comments: DRESS FORMAL. It is a diry dirty lie when they say not to dress formal. You KNOW that every stuck up wench you had to deal with is going to show up with their (chrisitian) boob jobs hoisted up in some slinky (read:skanky) formal gown from the Venus or Fredericks catalogue. Jason needs to show off his responisible fatherly hotness in a nice tie as well because those people LIE. Please, Amy, I beg of you, do not fall for the lie. Wear shoes that cost more than my rent, carry a bag that could pay off my student loans and for the love of all that is holy DRESS UP.

Ahem. I am now going to read the other comments but it was absolutely imperitive that I get that off to you ASAP.



You picked a good weekend to come up to The City. After way too much grey and rain, it's supposed to be lovely. (Though I'm sure the weather has been the same in D.C.) If you get bored Sunday, check out the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party at Madison Square Park. Yum.

And if you want to have a prepared line in case of any Shue run-in, ask him what he thinks the USA's chances are in the World Cup. (He is a soccer fan, as Kari pointed out.)


Oh I cannot WAIT to hear about the reunion! What's with the dress code restrictions? Fuck that. Sounds like someone's Member's Only jacket is still at the cleaners, and now they don't know what to wear. Who cares-- you'll look more fabulous and ARE more fabulous than anyone else.

Um... Andrew Shue. I'm already TALKING WAY TOO LOUD AND SWEARING AND LAUGHING WAYYYYY TOO MUCH just thinking about you. Good luck with THAT.


I met Margaret Atwood once. Well, "met" isn't quite right. She was speaking in Ann Arbor and signing books and I went up to her to get my book signed and the only thing I could think of to say to this brilliant author whose writing I lurve was:

"I, um, teach your books in my class."

She barely looked at me and said "Really?"



I met Dave Barry last year and told him I had also met Mick Jagger and that Dave was waaaayyy cooler than Mick. And it's true. But Andrew Shue--Ivy League, soccer-player, bonestructure you could hang your little black dress on....Mmmmmm.


OMG Andrew. And also, reunion! Yay! New York! Double yay!


Once, I chased Billy Baldwin through the student union of my college to get an autograph. When I caught up to him, I just thrust the pen and paper in his face and stood there, mute.

muy impressivo...

have fun at the reunion & in NY! I cannot wait to see what postings ensue from this adventure...


Squee! I was so in love with Andrew Shue when I was 14 it was not even funny. I now Tivo Melrose Place reruns everyday so that I have something to watch in the middle of the night when I'm up with the baby. Although now it's the last season after Billy left. Bah. My main celebrity encounter was with James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy. He told me I had pretty eyes when I took a picture with him and all I could manage was a thank you followed by a few liitle noises and a big goofy smile. So good luck if you meet Andrew. And ask him if he thinks Billy dumped that bitch Jennifer in Italy and went back to Alison. Cause I always like to think that he did.


A guy I went to prep school with once worked as Andrew Shue's dog walker. True story!

And please, for us, wear some great shoes to the reunion. Then have one too many drinks and post some pictures of the shoes!



Okay, so I'm way too young and had to look up Andrew Shue, but Day-um. I would be tongue-tied just from looking at his amazing bone structure. (On his FACE! There was no double entendre there.)


Congrats. That's awesome! I love your blog, too. But...I'm not famous. Not yet anyway.... ;)


Oh, just call him a whore and get it over with. But, film it. We all want to see.


I didn't get the special e-mail about Andrew Shue ...

spammit/ anne nahm

See if you can meet him in front of the pool. If this happens, you *must* call him a whore and bitch slap him.

Then a building will explode and Aaron Spelling will make you hang out with one of his troglodyte spawn.

But whatever you do, don't get mess around with Richie Sambora - Heather will fuck you up. Not playin', just sayin'.


You're a much cooler wh0re than you give yourself credit for being. Camara flinging and all.


maybe Andrew will even comment on this here blog!

Have a great time at your reunion and an even better time at your sisters!

Laura B

OMG, you are going to be in my city! I am going to keep my out for an Amalah sighting. Wouldn't that freak you out if someone recognized you in Manhattan? I know you will be busy and all planned out but you have a fan here in the Big Apple that would totally buy you lunch or coffee. :)


Cannot wait to hear all the details! Yes, I live vicariously through Amalah. What's your point?!


My roommate made out with him at a club a few years ago. She never watched Melrose Place and had no idea who he was. He introduced himself as Andrew Shue with anticipation. She asked "can I call ya Andy?"

We later informed her who that was.


Ah ha! See, my husband didn't believe me when I told him there was an Andrew Shue connection with ClubMom. I am so giving him a link to this post!

Damn girl, from someone who lived for Melrose place, I think you've hit the big time.


le squeeeee!


OK...I'm sure you get comments like this all the time...but YOU ARE WRITING MY LIFE!!!!!My best friend sent me your link and I have practically died from reading your entire archives. I feel a stalker-like obsession coming on.....
I have an almost two-year-old girl and I am always complaining about how no one thinks parenthood is funny...and especially how no one writes about it. I feel like every young parent I know got konked on the head with an idiot stick when they left the hospital.
You are great great great! Thank you for writing!

Real Girl

I'm on TopTenSources too--with their beauty editor (thanks, Marni). But as far as I know, she was never on Melrose Place! Truly, when I thought of Club Mom, my first thought wasn't, "Oh, Andrew Shue's website!" Who knew!?

Mrs X

I think, given that Andrew Shue is just so.... HAWTT, I think anyone would stammer and possibly make an ass of themselves.
Can you get it on video? kidding. Sort of.

Have fun!


Or if you accidentally throw ANDREW in a garbage can.


You'll do fiiiine. Don't be silly. ;p


ANDREW SHUE!! You rock.

I vote with the other Amalah-atics. Dress up! There is no such thing as overdressed.

Oh, and don't forget to take lots of pictures especially of Shue if you meet him.

Have fun in my hometown.


but andrew shue IS a whore. right? in which case you could claim accuracy and no one can begrudge you that.

(dear andrew shue, i know you are not a whore. i was only joking. do not put me on a list of blogs you despise. or, do. any press is good press. love, honestyrain)


"3) inadvertently call someone a whore."

you slay lol lol


Andrew "Whore" Shue needs to make an announcement that your comments (and the people who leave them, of course) are the Best Ever.


When you live in NYC you see celebrities all the time (my husband saw Julia Stiles walking in front of our building the other day! my friend was at the playground with Jill Hennessey last week! I see the woman who played Flo on "Alice" 2-3 times a week). The problem is that you see so many people over the course of a day that sometimes you can't remember why the celebrity looks familiar. One time I almost walked up to Mario Batali and started talking to him, thinking I knew him from somewhere and just couldn't place where. But then I remembered that the TV only works one way (dumbass), and that made me start laughing hysterically. Right in his face. Which has to make you feel crappy, even if you're a celebrity chef.

He probably thought I was laughing because he was wearing shorts with orange clogs in the middle of winter.


OH MY GOD. Andrew Shue likes the blog of someone I sort of "know" (I pretend I know my little internet friends. Makes me feel good inside. Do not mock me). Am all aflutter. I was at Dartmouth once at the same football game as the blessed Mr. Shue and I told everyone I met for, like, a month that I shared the same air as Shue. Now if I had actually seen* him there? I may never have recovered. I was proud of you for Alpha and Club mom. But, let's be honest. They're no Shue.

Good luck at the reunion!


Hee. The exclamation point-y class reunion e-mail amused me. They would be that way.


1. You've had your own magazine spread, and rocked it.

2. Andrew Shue is the president of your fan club.

I'd say those 2 things alone make it perfectly fine for you to wear your most expensive shoes and prettiest dress. With cleavage.

Wacky Mommy

omg, can't talk, too excited for you!!! have fun, bahy-bahy.


Wow. So he lives right next door in New Jersey. How un-celebrity of him. I think that's great. My husband's boss's next door neighbor is Queen Latifah. I'm still trying to convince him to get his boss to invite us over.

My only brush with a celebrity was in 1987 at Epcot and Michael Jackson waving to me as he boarded a ride....with a little boy.



Gotta' be honest here: don't really get the Andrew Shue thing ...

But I'm happy for you none-the-less.


Have a blast at your reunion -
So what has Andrew Shue been up to lately? Haven't seen him since Melrose Place.

Anne Glamore

When I meet famous people I get all confused like "I know you from somewhere-- did we have Calculus together? Do you shop at Publix?"

I spent a whole breakfast in Jackson Hole looking at Kevin Costner and trying to figure out his name before I was all "Oh, Dances With Wolves. Star. Oops."

Had no idea Andrew had 3 sons. Wonder if his medical bills are as high as ours are?


heh although you are already probably done with the reunion thing, I would have dressed up. How many bitches were like "oooh...I can look better than that bitch [insert name here] because she will probably be wearing jeans!

Of course, you are not a bitch. You're fabulous. At my 10 year reunion, better believe homie is going to be doing some over compensating ;)


Please tell me you guys are still dressing up? As my Mom always said, "it's better to be overdressed than underdressed".

And damn it, you guys need to be the best dressed there.

Can't wait to hear all about it (and see pictures of how fat everyone is now)...


Celebrity tourettes syndrome! I love it!

Meanwhile, I bet Andrew isn't the only 90s tv star to love Amalah. I wouldn't be surprised if Urkel were on here right this very minute.


wow, that Andrew Shue is a seriously great feminist dude. I mean, not only does he appreciate *you* (natch) and founded ClubMom, he's also producing a film that is utterly girl-sports (American "Bend it Like Bekham?).

I like the Shue. I do.

Lisa Ann

The City of New York has been put on notice. Amy is in the house.

I can assure you that if I see you in the street I will act like a dork. And if you're with Andrew Shue? Double dork.


Andrew and Amalah? I live in NYC and I'm not sure we can handle so much awesomeness all at once! Let's meet at the coach store on 5th and 57th!


OMG!!! You get to meet Billy! I SO loved Andrew Shue on MP. He seems like such a nice person, and he likes you!!! Hope you dressed up, pictures are a must :)

RockStar Mommy

Oh no. I've lost you to the Andrew Shue dark side, too. Sigh. Another one bites the dust.

Teasing!(Kinda) But dude, what's with the 'casual attire' for the reunion? I'd be pissed to. What a great excuse for a new dress and shoes and they completely stomp on it. When we hang out, we should totally hang out in Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus. Although then the world might spontaneously combust from all the girlishness...

Have a fun/safe trip!

RockStar Mommy

"be pissed, too."

It's not a good day for grammar and syntax. (Is it ever for me, though?)


Eek! Have a blast and if you get a chance get a cupcake at Magnolia's, they are seriously worth it. Plus it might distract you enough by it's sugary goodness that you may be able to avoid social disaster (although I'm sure you'll do just fine).


Hope the reunion went well and that you are enjoying our fair city. Just wanted to suggest Justin Robert's music for the boy. It won't make you want to kill yourself and it is great for wee ones to jam to.


My parents forbid me to watch Melrose Place when I was a teenager, so it wasn't until I discovered SoapNet that I learned he and Alison had a baby together. But then I got too poor for cable and didn't find out what happened. I don't even know if it was a boy or a girl! And he left the show? Why? What happened to Alison? Can anyone shed some light?


Just keep talking to Andrue about his sister Elizabeth I am sure he will like that.


Woohoo!!! OMG you are going to have so much fun.... after you call Mr. Shue a whore and break the ice w/ him, I mean.

I have to tell you - definitely wear a HAWT dress to the reunion. Not skanky-hawt, but just hawt hawt. It helps w/ the whole ego boost, and let me tell you why: I went to my 10 year reunion about - ahem - 4 years ago and wore an awesomely elegant low V neck black dress. Everyone else covered up their cleavage. I did not. For the first time since I've known all these people, they saw my cleavage. I occasionally look at those pics, especially after a particularly sad/mad/whatever day, and I'm happy. I'm so proud of myself b/c I was one of those girls in school that covered it all up and tried to hide, like I wasn't pretty enough. Little did those kids know what I actually had, and I can't believe it took me 10 years to get the balls to show them!!!


I met Joan Baez for like the frillionth time (my dad was a famousish folk singer) and i cried. i cry every single solitary time. its like "i!..."


ps- i just got a livejournal with not ONE person reading it, maybe you could stop by. tell a friend. pass it on. blah blah blah.


Awesome. Good luck! Remember - casual = reunion. New York = fancy dress. Do not become confused. hee hee


Andrew Shue...sigh... I'd probably throw up on him out of sheer nervousness.

You're so my idol.

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