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Weekend Report: I Got Drunk & Fell Down a Hill

I have no need for anger with intimate strangers

I really can't write the entry y'all want me to write about the reunion.

There are a million reasons: I have no anonymity among my classmates. My email address is listed in the alumni directory. I have to assume everything I write will get back to pretty much everybody.

But more than any of that, who the fuck do I think I am to judge anybody there?

That's not to say that I didn't judge the hell out of everybody. I glanced through the directory and snickered at how so few of us ventured beyond the Bucks County cornfields. I was shocked at how many babies people have, and at how very close together they've been having those babies. I was taken aback at how many pastor's wives and how few career women my class produced. I was furious when people wouldn't let me finish my sentence about quitting my job to pursue a writing career before jumping in to tell me how wonderful staying home is.

Ugh. It's a wonder anybody spoke to me at all.

As I was getting dressed, about 30 minutes before we needed to leave for the reunion, I realized I'd left all the underwear and jewelry for the trip at home, in a different suitcase. I borrowed a necklace from my mom because I realized the one I was wearing (an heirloom chain from my grandmother) was the very same one I wore every single day in high school.

(As for the underwear situation, I went commando. Top and bottom. Yes.)

The area around my school (about 25 miles away from where my parents live, 45 minutes straight on into bumblefuck) hasn't changed. At all. The farms and tiny houses are completely untouched by sprawl and new townhomes and Super Targets. It's like time has stood still.

While negotiating the directions to the reunion with Jason, I suddenly remembered a left turn we were supposed to make because it's where my friend's mom ran over a chicken one time.

I had a mini-anxiety attack as we passed the driveway where I crashed my car and started hyperventilating as we passed my school.  We sat in the parking lot of the restaurant for a few minutes while I tried to chill the fuck out. Jason offered to drive me home but I said no.

A couple people didn't speak to me. A couple others said gracious hellos and introductions but then seemed to actively ignore me all night. After I left I realized there were a few people that I'd made absolutely no effort to talk to.

I loaded a plate up with food and could barely eat a single bite. I ended up at a table with a bunch of people I'd never really been friends with.

I made a joke to a girl (someone I'd had a rocky on-again-off-again friendship with) about being drunk, and she laughed dismissively and remined me that I was the girl who gave her a hard time about watching Dirty Dancing at a sleepover.

There was something about her delivery -- or maybe something about the fact that it was HER -- that threw me back 10 years, when I was the girl who JUST WANTED THESE PEOPLE TO LIKE ME, and instead of telling her to fuck off, people GROW UP SOMETIMES, IMAGINE THAT, I just smiled and laughed and although she'd clearly turned her back on our conversation, I kept following her around.

Once again, I was just a pathetic baby chick flapping its wings, chirping "LIKE ME! LIKE ME!"

I drank too much. I swore a lot. I went into the bathroom and yelled FUUUUCK at no one in particular. I huddled in corners with a few friends as we cast nasty, bitter eyes across the room at who had gained weight, who was still a bitch, who was lecturing people about smoking cigarettes at the bar.

I didn't especially like myself by the end of the night.

When someone asked how long Jason and I have been together, I realized I'd completely forgotten that I got married when I was only 20 years old.

The only teacher who attended was our old chemistry teacher, Mr. Bauer. I thanked him for being the only teacher to realize that I had a learning disorder. I struggled with math and science my entire life, but it was okay because I was good at English and math was hard and I was a girl. Mr. Bauer figured out that  I wrote numbers backwards and upside-down. He had me take my chemistry tests using graph paper, writing each number in its own box. I took this habit with me to college, where I got straight As in my Algebra classes. I told him I'd even been a financial editor, and that now I was a writer. He hugged me and told me how happy that made him. All night it seemed like everybody was swapping stories about how Mr. Bauer changed their lives.

He was fired the year we graduated, incidentally. They said his teaching style was too "unstructured" for our school's rigorous educational criteria.

A bunch of us bonded over just how fucked up our high school really was. We joked about taking four years of Spanish instruction only to get placed in Spanish I in college. I admitted to changing my degree to a Bachelor of Science just to get out of dealing with the foreign language requirement. I made a joke about not knowing anything about evolution either, but that didn't really go over quite so well.

When I told someone else that I'm a writer now, they responded, "Of COURSE you are!"

My classmates look great. Some look better than ever. Most of them seem very happy.


I don't belong there anymore, and that makes me happy.



How painful. Now it is done, and you never have to attend another!


This was a better recap than anything anyone else would have wanted you to write. It fits, and it fits YOU, and you didn't have to get in any snarky potshots for it to be perfect.

I love Mr. Bauer. And I'm sure you really did make him so very happy.


You looked beautiful. Isn't it amazing to see how much you've changed?

Mrs X

I'm not sure really what to say. I'm glad that it wasn't too bad. And I wish it had maybe been a little bit better.
I don't think I could ever go to one of my classes reunions.


Shit... didn't mean that to seem like you WEREN'T gorgeous before. It was sort of two separate thoughts... 1. That you looked gorgeous. 2. Isn't it neat to see how you've grown and changed since your high school years. Yeah, that's better.

Ah, whatever. I just sound like an idiot. :)


Shit... didn't mean that to seem like you WEREN'T gorgeous before. It was sort of two separate thoughts... 1. That you looked gorgeous. 2. Isn't it neat to see how you've grown and changed since your high school years. Yeah, that's better.

Ah, whatever. I just sound like an idiot. :)


so, do you regret going?


Ugh. I didn't go to my reunion because that's pretty much exactly how I imagined it would be. Only I would be wearing underwear. Hee!

Real Girl

Man, I felt out of place at my high school too. It's *great* being a scholarship kid.

And...I'm feeling you on the underwear dilemma! Last night I had my first reading for my novel, which was thankfully right near where I grew up. Because I realized about ten minutes before I was to leave from my parents' house that the lacy white underwear I was wearing completely showed through my white dress.

I did my first reading in my mom's underwear.

*That's* how cool I am.

GOOD FOR YOU for getting thru the reunion, which takes bollocks, Amy. Giant balls of steel.


Obviously you have matured so much you have out grown your peers. I would have been way snarkyer. Is that a read word? Hmmm any way congrats on surviving your whirlwind weekend.


I have never been to a reunion and probably never will. There were only 4 of us but I do keep in touch with one former classmate.

Hopefully the rest of your weekend was so awesome that this glitch in the fun barely registers on the radar.

You did look awesome and I liked looking at all of your pretty drinks!!


Awesome! You look great! Alcohol-eyed and all--it just makes you look THAT much better than those people! Yay! Sounds like it was quite the experience, but you came through okay!

That's great that the teacher who made a big difference in your young life was there and you were able to tell him. He probably didn't get that kind of support when he was fired 10 years ago...


Hurrah for growing up! and out! and away! from the old high school crowd, while not judging them (and thereby having nasty gossip come round the world to bite you in the bum).


I am drinking a toast to you and Mr. Bauer right now. God bless you both. Jesus doesn't care that you went commando, and he REALLY doesn't care about Mr. Bauer's unorthodox teaching methods.
I'm sorry you didn't have fun. We all wanted you to.
Great post.


I'm not sure what kind of entry you thought we wanted you to write about the reunion.

I just want to see the shoes.


I'd like to be able to say something snarky...funny even.
But I can't.
My reunion was exactly like yours.

I even yelled fuck in the bathroom.

But I'm pretty sure I wore underwear.


Fix up a tub of those martinis and watch the movie Grosse Pointe Blank. The bonus is that you can drool over a hot John Cusack the whole time, but the movie is FUNNY. FUCKING FUNNY, even.

You talking about following that girl around reminds me of the guy in the movie that walks around saying "Hello Jenny Parker, hello Jenny Parker, hello Jenny Parker" (or whatever her name is).

But my favorite is the hardass who still acts like he wants to kick Martin's ass.

"Do you *really* believe that there's some stored up conflict that exists between us? There *is* no us. *We* don't exist. So who do you wanna hit, man? It's not me. Now whaddya wanna do here, man? "

Great movie...



Guess it just shows how much you have changed and grown up. And how little the close-minded people how changed.. and grown up. I think every high school reunion is very similar.

You went, you mingled, you conquered. And to do so going commando is pretty damn impressive. ;)



Take comfort in the fact that the people you cannot rant about here probably died when they read that you were naked underneath your clothes. ;)


Amanda Brown

You survived, and escaped with some deep thoughts, even! I hope you're glad you went and are proud of how you've grown and changed.


It's strange, going back to your old home town. I grew up in a small city in the middle of redneck, oilfield, fundamentalist Christian Alberta, and despite the population growth, it still gets smaller every time I go back.

And it's weird, seeing the people who never left -- the ones who are still telling the same stories they told 5 years ago, 10 years ago. And how all the echoes of who you used to be come crashing down around you, trying to pigeonhole you back into that old mold, the one you no longer fit. It's funny, too, meeting your old friends and realizing that all you have in common now is the past.

Ever seen Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion? (I don't understand how people thought it was a comedy; watching it I remembered how brutally, emotionally wrenching high school was.) At the end, all the characters realize that, just as someone tormented them and they idolized someone else, they were also someone else's idol, and someone else's torment. And it was hell for all of us.

By thweway, your pictures is very pretty (despite the bored look of disdained loathing in your eyes at being surrounded by the witless morons of your youth).

Nicole P

Well said, Amy. And well said, Sweetlethe.


Am drunk right now, thanks to our company ra-ra fest in the parking garage. Anyway, you just helped me make up my mind about attending my class reunion next year. No thanks. I'm in your boat.


And you can still go commando on top after 10 years and a baby ... how many of the classmates could make that claim?


Strange, isn't it? How you become a mixture of then and now when submerged in the old environment.

I wrote about my 15-year reunion last summer. I drank too much too, but I was damn proud of some of the things I did and said. Including telling a former football player to stop staring at my tits.

Lisa V

So jealous you can go without a bra. The last time I went without a bra and looked good, Tatum O'Neal won a Oscar.

I went to two high schools. One was in my homestate, where I had gone to school since 3rd grade. I went to high school there two years. I knew all of these kids a long time. I had a boyfriend for six years- junior high and high school. At my 20 year class reunion he barely spoke to me, neither did anyone else, with the exception of my best friend. I had a crummy time.

My other high school where I breezed in as the new girl when my mom moved, had a great reunion, I hung with people that I was friends with and people that I just made friends with that night. It was a great time. One of my best friends (male) from high school told my husband he had always had a crush on me, and that my husband was lucky.

Moral: You can't go home- just like the guy said. But sometimes new places can feel like home.


Nice reference to the Indigo Girls song. Love it...


how come there was alcohol at a Christian school reunion? That SO would not have gone down well with the old church school and Bible college I went to!! Lucky. Although I was the only graduate in my year at my ultra conservative Christian private school so I could organize whatever the hell I wanted!!


Jane-Marie: Luckily the reunion was held at the back room of a local restaurant and not at the school itself, and there was nothing to stop anybody from leaving the back room and hitting the bar.

Repeatedly, I might add.


I would never attend my reunion. Too many weird memories there. We grow up and move onward, there is no need to visit that again. Those years helped shaped me, but they don't define me. And I avoid interactions with them because I already know how that interaction will turn out or how it will only succeed in making me feel yucky. Is it curiosity that tempts us to go? The desire to show them how new, improved, smart, and sexy we became despite them? It surely isn't genuine concern and caring that we go back, if we had that for them we wouldn't have run like bats out of hell to get away! I guess the whole reunion tradition baffles me. And I don't shake fingers at anyone for going because, honestly, I entertained going. But only if I could first buy a totally sexy dress, get my hair done, wear my favorite stilettos. Why? What do I have to prove? I'm successful and happy and beautiful with or without their acknowledgement or exceptance. I say "screw em". They don't add to my life.

Where did that come from!? Gosh, I guess I needed to air. My 10 year reunion was supposed to be in 2004 and those dorks didn't even start planning the stupid reunion until this year. So, we are (Um, THEY are) having it in 2007. Dorks.

Sorry, this was about YOUR reunion and I started foaming at the mouth. I'm sorry that it was weird or uncomfortable. But you looked FAN-TAS-TIC and they can kiss-your-ass-thank-you-very-much! Hmph!


Sounds like not a good time. But your hair? Would kill for it.

Suburban Turmoil

I love the picture. Totally indicative of how we all feel at the reunion, after weeks of giddy anticipation. The old "Actually, this sorta sucks" face.


You know what they say "You can never go back".
Thank God.


I realize this is totally missing the point, but... you got married when you were 20?!?!?


Because I am 100 years old, my 20th reunion is coming up next year... I am torn between DYING to see people and RATHER DIE than see people.


I didn't go to my 10-year, and it was worth missing I think. By 20 years, we had all grown up and people mixed and mingled with none of those old teenage emotions cropping up. The ex-football players didn't even try to pound the guy slowdancing with his life partner.


My 20th is this summer. I haven't been to one yet but I am planning on going to this one. The only reason I'm going is because a classmate of mine died last Fall and attended his funeral was kind of a mini reunion. I had such an encouraging time chatting with classmates there that I decided to try the actual reuion. We'll see what happens.


Went to my 10 year reunion and there is NO WAY I could ever be coorced into going to any more. Dreadful stuff all the way around, and since I no longer drink I cannot see how I would ever survive a trip down THAT memory lane.
I am deeply envious of the "top half commando." I haven't been able to get away with that since puberty hit.


So sorry that it didn't turn out to be a more pleasant experience for you. You initially suspected, with good reason, that some old classmates would not be able to extend compassion or understanding beyond the tight/rigid little circles of judgement people tend to draw around themselves in like-minded communities such as this. It reminds me of the movie "Blazing Saddles" where the black sheriff (Cleavon Little) is being comforted by the Waco Kid (Gene Wilder) after being verbally accosted by the bigoted pioneer townspeople. And I quote:

'What did you expect? "Welcome, Sonny?" "Make yourself at home?" "Marry my daughter?" You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the New West. You know......morons."

I hope that this gives you a laugh (as well as all the other commenters who've used movies to make a point). You went. It took guts. You let your freak flag fly and more than a few people couldn't bring themselves to salute it. Don't let their small-mindedness affect your ability to be who you are. We love you just the way you are.


The photo speaks volumes, and I adore it.

To digress, you like A LOT like my sister in that photo.

Anywho! Glad you survived the reunion. I've been to two of mine, and it has been a visit to the Twilight Zone. Surreal and scary.


I haven't read the other comments yet so I'm sorry if I'm repeating. It looks like MOST of the people dressed up! haha.

Y from the internet

Wait! You can go out in public without a bra on? WHAT?

I would have had to cancel had I not had a bra. Seriously.


Mine is coming up and I have thought about going, but deep down, I know it's only because fifteen years ago I busted the girl who is organizing it shoplifting when I worked at the Limited.

You looked great, even with the pout.


Thank you for that! You just gave me a flash of what going to my own 20 year reunion would have been like.
There is a reason I never kept in touch with any of those people.
And I love the pic!


You look all glowy in the picture. Must have been the drink. Or the commando-ness.

I have another year until my 20th HS reunion (gasp) and I really don't think I want to do it. I joined a reunion listserv and even though all my old classmates insist they are different now, there's SO much of the same dynamic going on, and we haven't even met in person yet. I'm not sure I want to relive that whole scene again.




That does it! I'm going commando to my high school reunion!


What a wonderful treat that you got to see Mr. Bauer and give him a hug and let him know what an impact he had on you. That, alone, was reason enough to attend. But now that you've done that, email him next time, and forget the trek on the John Deere to your 20th.

Four letters to the beehive girdled types who are sneaking away from PTL on TV to read this blog:
E.N.V.Y Girls, you need to get the fuck out of dodge once in a while, meet with Andrew Shue, hobnob with Antonin Scalia, hang with the most delicious little munchkin named Noah ever made, be married to the foodie expert, be an awesome writer ... Gee, any ideas who could show you the ropes?


I'm a daily reader who doesn't comment much. I loved the post about your High School experience and the fact that you were brave enough to be honest about it and share. My High School wasn't a church school, but being involved in a teen church group was the thing to do. It always amazed me how everyone got together and claimed to be so 'holier-than-thou', then reverted back to being complete assholes the next day. I didn't go to my reunion because I didn't want to have all the old memories and feelings come flooding back.

I applaud you for going and for being so strong. People do grow up and change and as a recent quote my sister gave me when I was down about 'back then' says:
"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are" E.E. Cummings

I think that totally fits you. The real tragedy of the reunion is that those people couldn't understand what a truly beautiful and wonderful person you are and have even more so become. Their loss.


What I'm wondering much as you hated your high school experience, why even attend the reunion? It sounds like you had a miserable time, with the exception of being able to see that wonderful teacher and thank him in person for what he did for you. Seriously. I didn't have nearly the horrid experience you did in high school, and I have no plans to attend any high school reunions. seems like it was something you felt you needed to do, and it is behind you now, and you survived. So that's a good thing.


This is only further evidence that high school reunions are events designed by the evil overloards of self-loathing to make people feel bad about themselves.


Patchie -- exactly. I guess I was looking for closure. Or maybe just blog fodder. I guess I got a tiny bit of both.


So painful. I cringe, I really do. This is why I didn't go to mine. The wounds may heal, but the scars remain. I'm nowhere near as fabulous as Amalah, and to see your pain, so beautifully written, shows me that I can never go back. Entirely too painful. Thank you so much.


I had forgotten you hobnobbed with Nino. Cool life.

Anyone ever tell you look like the DNA of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennie Garth kinda all fused together like?


I meant the above comment in an admiring kind of way, it came out sounding very flat because I am tired.

And don't have a job. And am living in an Extended Stay Hotel.

Okay okay, this is not my blog. I'll take it elsewhere. :-)



Reading that was like reading something I would have written after mine, had I gone. (I homeschooled myself) But middle school for me was the same way, I hated it. I had one best friend and when she moved away, my little world crumbled. I was terribly insecure and seem to find myself feeling the same approaching social situations now. It's weird, reading you and Linda, at would never know from your writing how you struggled with similar issues unless you reveal. I appreciate your honesty, it always hits home with me. I SO relate.

Take a deep breath, it's over...thank the GOOD LORD.
You look the best of them all anyway, I am sure.

Allison Malady

I am in deep admiration of you for attending your high school reunion. There was no way I was going to my 10 year one that was 3 years ago. Plus, I was in Europe with my mom. But that's a different story. I have zero desire to ever see any of the people I went to high school with except for one and I keep in contact with her multiple times during the day! Sometimes I even hate to go see my parents who still live in the same town. There's always the chance I'll run into someone at Kroger. Ugh.
Also, Indigo Girls RULE! :)


At least you had gorgeous hair!


this is why i am NEVER going to my H.S. reunions. EVER. NEVER EVER EVER EVER.


It's awful sweet to leave the past behind, isn't it?


Sit back for another 10 years now, hon.

By the way, you look hot. Alllllso, insanely drunk.

Her Bad Mother

Sounds like the top-secret, never-produced, John-Hughes-eyes-only straight-to-video sequel to Pretty In Pink. Pretty In Pink: The Reunion!

With a female Ducky.

That's a compliment. A big one.



"I killed the President of Paraguay with a FORK; how've you been?"



Reading that made me really happy with my decision NOT to go to my 10 yr reunion last year.

I thought maybe I regretted it but what you described would have been my experience. Including the bar at the restaurant. ;)


So did you rub it in that Andrew Shue likes you?

Black Belt Mama

Going commando is like telling all the not so nice ones to kiss your ass. The look on your face in the picture is exactly why I haven't gone to my 5 or 10 year reunion.


Ugh - I also grew up in the middle of nowhere and my 10 year reunion is this year as well. I don't plan on attending ... just too icky. I've moved away and moved on.

Two comments - a friend of mine once ran over a chicken in high school! Seriously. We were skipping school at the time, driving around on some back roads. I guess the chicken was in the road and she somehow didn't see it until it was too late.

Also, WOW is that really your hair in the pic because it looks amazing! Golden waves make me so envious.

Or a halo, perhaps?!!?



That was exactly the reunion post I wanted you to write. Who knew you were catering to me?

I especially love the story about Mr. Bauer and the graph paper.

Also-your hair and expression. Both fantastic.


you have just articulated precisely why i never have, and never will, attend a reunion.

i've moved on. period. end of sentence.


My Catholic high school fired my class' favorite teacher the year we graduated, too. Same reason - DEITY FORBID, he told us to THINK!


You couldn't pay me any amount of money to go back to my high school reunion. I just want to forget those days of being totally insecure and caring what everyone else thought.... I can't believe I ACTUALLY CARED.

Good for you showing up and at least participating .... even if it was painful....

ps. you really look like you wanted to be somewhere else in the picture.....

Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog


I went to my 20th!

quotes from the evening:

10 people:You don't have any kids YET?
me: How come I've had 3 diet cokes and rum and I'm so wired?
me: I can't believe I paid $45 dollars plus cash bar and all they have is lousy finger food
me: The same old people are ignoring me.
former best friend: No, I don't really want to drive over to your house with you and catch up.
me: Never again.


ugh. this brings me back to my 10-year last summer.

...uhh, yeah. never doing that again. EVER. blech. i never felt comfortable in that town and couldn't wait to get out. and thinking that people would actually EVOLVE as much as i like to believe i've tried to? was a ridiculous - no, HILARIOUS - assumption.

there's just no words to describe my horror when the "DJ" played Sweet Home Alabama. and everyone freaked the hell out whooping and dancing. FOUR TIMES through the night.

i grew up in ohio.

people like us are too awesome for our hometowns. ;)


It's too bad that you can't tell us everything, for fear that it might be read by fellow reunion attenders.

But I love that you went commando. It's like pulling something over on all of them. I don't know why....but that's how I see it.

You looked great. Even if you were having a crap-tastic time.

(and dude, what's up with there being another Isabel?? That sort of freaks me out!)


How about that horrible c*ntlike teacher who made you feel rotten because you couldn't go on the faraway class trip? Did you get to flip her off!??


It is official -- I am so not going to mine. Thanks for scaring some sense into me.


my 10 year reunion is next month.
i don't think i'll know if i'm going or not until the day before.

but, if i do go, i'll go commando.
i'll consider it a stenghtening manuever. i'll be channeling amalah-ness.

except, i only mean commando on the bottom. because, if i had to walk around holding my tits up all night, who would hold my drink?


Well, I don't post very often but am an avid fan. More like a maniacly laughing, totally addicted reader who sits with tears in her eyes from the hilarity of the comment du jour [for example "hot fucking whores on a platter" -- God that was funny!] Anyway, my 15 year reunion is in August. Puke, vomit, hurl! No way, no how! The teachers are the ONLY ones I would want to see! I hated 99.9% of all the snotty ass bitches I went to school with. I was a "brain" and ended up being an exchange student to Australia my senior year and came back to finish high school the next year. So then I ended up being in the class of 92. God what a bunch of prissy, perfect, snotty bitches they were! (Quite a number of pastor's wives in that bunch - plus a few missionaries) Blech! So I hung out with the guys in the class of 93. They were fun!

My point is... had no plans to go anyway (it does make things a little awkward that I am married to the cousin of our class president so I am going to have to come up with a FANTABULOUS excuse to get out of going), but I am sure it would be just as miserable of an experience. Hell, I went to the opposite end of the PLANET to get away from high school -- why the fuck would I go back?!?!

Amalah -- I feel your pain sister!


Amalah, I had my 10 year HS reunion about two weeks ago and it was as much of a disaster as yours, but I had planned mine so I was obligated to go. I hated it. I hated that people hadn't grown up. I won't be going to another one. It's good to see people, but I was thankful for the life path that I've chosen. You should be too.


All I know is that in my head your chemistry teacher is Kiefer Sutherland and I am wishing that I could have had a learning disorder so as to, um, experience some Mr. Bauer Power Hour.

I'm not really a believer in the whole karma, universe in balance mumbo jumbo, but just think, you spent one night hanging out with the holes of your youth and one afternoon hanging out with Andrew Shue. Hmm? Yep, seems to balance in my ledger!


You're a glutton for punishment!

If you liked the people from H.S, you would have stayed in touch!

Never attended any reunions with people who made you feel inadequate and insecure. It always comes flooding back the minute you step back into their company.

The few people I liked in high school we continue to be friendly.
Everyone else I hated so I never attended a reunion

It has been more then 20 years since H.S. I'm a better woman for not attending any High school reunions...


Glad you got closure and some blog fodder. Sounds like it was just painful enough to the point that it was still tolerable. Hope you're glad you went.




*making mental note to remember to pack underwear for my reunion tomorrow*


I didn't have time the other day to add my 2 cents about having an only child.

Having one-kid rocks!

I love city living and with one child, it is easy to continue living in the city (we are in Manhattan) and you can more easily afford private schools for the kid and we get to travel to Europe and where ever we want easily as a family, and we don't have to always eat in the family shit hole restaurants. In addition, the child has the advantage of a rich emotional life from their parents. Do not forget that cities are filled with tons of only kids and they create intense friendships with each other, and never miss having a sibling.


Because you and I have very similar high school experiences (small, religious, judgemental) and turned out kinda the same (anti-our-highschool) I figured your reunion would be a lot like mine was. A fun party where everyone got drunk and danced to Vanilla Ice. I'm sorry you weren't so lucky.


Reunions suck plain and simple. I have gone to my 5 year and 10 year, and will probably attend my 15 year too. I have attended with my 2 friends [who I still talk to]. Afterwards we like to make fun of everyone and how much they haven't changed. I just feel like saying to them "seriously grow up" we aren't in high school anymore. It is amazing to me how people can revert back to their "high school roles" so quickly. I went to a small (450 students), private, all girls high school and let me tell you what a bunch of you know what's they are. I don't know why I keep going...

Thanks for sharing your experience Amy!

Suzy Q

At my 10 year reunion, I got the pleasure of meeting one of my boss's "side" women. (read: hooker) We were standing in a little group, and her voice sounded really familiar, so I asked her if her name was Bonnie. She said yes, and I recited her telephone number to her. She looked at me in amazement until I told her who I worked for. Amazement turned to horror. Truly priceless. She was at the reunion as the fiance of one of the guys, who, of course, was clueless as to her "side" work. She dragged me to the bathroom and begged me not to tell. And, yes, I DID get pictures.

The 20 year reunion was better. People actually HAD grown up. Plus, I looked fabulous!

And my 30 year reunion is next fucking year! I can only hope there will be hookers. Gah! How can I be this OLD??


"Once again, I was just a pathetic baby chick flapping its wings, chirping 'LIKE ME! LIKE ME!'"

And that's exactly why I didn't go to my 20-year high school reunion earlier this year.

(Although there are times I still find myself chirping.)


*just read the Smackdown re-runs*

Any chance we could get a photo essay of your purses?


God, that made my stomach hurt just reading it. I suppose this explains why I have never attended one of my own high school reunions! You are a stronger person than I.


*cringe* Exactly why I will never go to my high school reunion.

I'm proud of you for going, and I think that the majority of those people don't truly deserve to "know" you in any capacity!


I didn't go to my 10- year reunion and I'm not going to my 20th. Your entry sealed the deal. At this point, if I saw the girl that used to bark at me for no other reason than to completely rob me of what little self-confidence I had, I think I would have to punch her in the face. And I don't want to be the girl who punches another girl in the face at her 20th high school reunion. I realize now, almost 20 years later, that I am better than that. And WAY better than her.


But Andrew Shue thinks you are fabulous!!



My ten-year reunion is coming this October. I'm on the planning committee. And honestly? That's about as close to the reunion as I want to come.

Everything I hear about these reunions - everything makes me want to jump ship - it scares me. How everyone is the same...How everyone, despite becoming an adult gets around their high school friends and they slip into those same roles: bitchy, catty, eye-rolling, prove-that-you-deserve-to-inhale-the-same-oxygen-as-me roles.

And I hate that.


What a brutal recollection of painful memories and feelings, Amy. I don't doubt there are more people who feel the same way you do than otherwise, though!

Big huge hugs for some seriosuly honest entries as of late.


"Living well is the best revenge."
--George Herbert

Good for you for facing the demons and going to the reunion. I hope it brought you a bit of closure, and reminded you of how fortunate you are to have a kick-ass career, an awesome husband, a deliciously adorable baby, a rockin' bod (I'm still reeling over your 30-up/30-down after only 6 weeks post-delivery!) and a-may-zing hair.


Oh, Amy, you look SO sad in that picture. Are you sorry that you went?


Please don't ever bow to the pressure of writing what you think we want to hear. This isn't my blog, it's your blog. I have a blog of my own and can publish all the things I want to hear on it. Write what you want to write. That's what's drawn most of us to you. You. Not the you someone else wants you to be, but the you you are.


MoMo: No, actually I'm not. There were a few people that I'm really, really glad I got to catch up with, and I plan to stay in touch with a couple of them.

The whole thing was just...surreal and weird. Not as bad as I'd feared, but not as refreshingly cathartic either. Just...weird. And blah.

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