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Gone Beachin'

Pool Boy

Still have not made a final decision about the nanny. Still have not even started to write an entry about the nanny.

Decided to go to the pool instead.


Here. Have some thighs. Does that make up for it?


No? Then how about some delicious beefcake?

We had a wonderful time. Noah adored everything about everything -- the water! the big kids! the community toys! -- and I forced myself and my HIGHLY DESIRABLE FRIENDSHIP on another mother with a boy Noah's age and then tried to poach some poor defenseless babysitter who was totally having none of it and the vending machine ate my quarters. (Universe to Amy: Karma!)

We swam until we were pruney, which was precisely when Noah hit The Wall. The Wall of Nap.







Tomorrow: Nannies. Probably. I think. Maybe? Argh.



So cute!


See? And I thought I was the only who posted angry baby pics!


The "woe" picture is KILLING me. Look at his wee little arms!


SO cute.
my little guy has those same swim trunks.
hi from vienna, va, by the way!


Oh, he is de-lish!

Um, pretty sure if I had a choice between lounging by the pool with a little slice of heaven like Noah, or sitting inside, staring at my computer, racking my brain about the several nannies I interviewed previously, all to please a bunch of people I've never met, I'd choose the former.

Hoorah for summer!


I don't even know you in real life and yet we are on a first name basis. You had to go and name your blog Amalah, didn't you? I just noticed this weirdness when I called my roommate over to look at this post. Yeah, what a cute kid. Shut up Mary. Ok bye!


Precious! I especially like the way the turtle matches the green in the towel.


Turtles! We have a blue and green turtle, just like the one Noah is holding, and CJ gnawed on that turtle at the pool all last summer.

Something magical about those turtles. Maybe it's like licking toads...


or just more photos would be great, too.

Vaguely Urban

There's always room in my cabana for a pool boy like that!


Dude. Could your kid BE any cuter?


I lurve Noah's agony adorable! He's a sight for my sore eyes, which have been looking at and filing boring legal documents for far too many hours today.


Is Noah participating in cannibalism here? Also, your thighs are very nice but baby thighs are delish!


Looking at this site is very, very bad for me as it makes me want to have another baby! A baby boy! To wear cute, cute swim trunks! Thanks a lot Amalah. Sheesh.

Wacky Mommy

Oh damn he is cuter every single day. How does that work? We're living at the pool this summer, it is great.

Y from the internet

Dude. Your thighs are preshus.

(The highly desirable friendship thing made me laugh so hard I may or may not have let one out.)


OH MY GOSH! TOOOOOOOO CUTE! Love the facial expressions!


Amy. Those are not thighs. Those are tops of legs. Those are delicate little stems. Those, my dear, are nearly as adorable as Mr. Noah.


Turtles make everything better.

Nothing wrong with forcing your highly desirable friendship on someone. It's really for their benefit. You're only thinking of others.


HEHE GOSH HES SO CUTE:) i wanna take jack and jas to the local waterpark but its just to hot!and theres not much shade well anyway have a great night!

Sarah Louise

Ooooh the Wall! How the mighty crash with no nap!

I hear ya.


I'll be your nanny! I have 4 of my own kids and they are all still alive. Um, except I live in wouldn't mind dropping him off at my house would you? I just love babies!


Ok I have to say...I'm kind of glad to see Noah gets upset, because I was getting bitter. Jojo was a nightmare at an indian restaurant tonight AND had a diaper blowout, which he had not had in months.

I'm SO glad Noah liked the water & the pool! Good luck making friends-- I know it can be difficult, but then again, I'm not royalty. ;)



please look at this it sits next to the top of your sidebar....could he *be* anyones kid but yours?


I'm jealous.

With my son, when people meet him the first words out of my mouth are "We're still trying to figure out who his mother is" b/c he looks NOTHING like me.

Too cute.

Rock on.


Is it okay to hate you because 1) we are the same age 2) you have a baby and I have never had one and 3) your thighs look better than mine ever have?

A little hate? Just raging jealousy? I'm fine with that.


Baby boy chub boobies.



What E. said.

Hope Roth

I had no idea that turtle could be an emotion! I stand corrected. So cute!

Dr. Johnny Fever

Amalah's thighs: The Other White Meat.

mama kelly

write in a blog about a nanny hunt
sit poolside with an attractive man like Noah


you gotta go with B


Dr. Johnny Fever: The Biggest Asshole On the Internet, Yet I Love Him Anyway and I DON'T KNOW WHY


Nannies are like heroin... making that big leap to try for the first time is tough, but once you're there, you are HOOKED. You gotta have it, can't live without it. There is no turning back.

I love my nanny so much and we've only known each other for a month. I'M HOOKED!!!

Suzy Q

Just a great entry. Soooo jealous of your tiny, white thighs. I have the bigger version of same. Only, without the cute Noah to make everything better.

The other white meat, indeed.

Dr. Johnny Fever

I love you back, peanut. I tease because I love. And also because my milky thighs are creamier than yours.

Real Girl


Black Belt Mama

Very cute. Love the melt down pictures.


Look at your skinny little thighs! Are you sure you had a baby less than a year ago? Wait till you have 3 like me! Nope, you'll still be skinny. Ah... well.... I'll just live vicariously I guess!


i don't know, but i think your thighs are smaller than mine. skinny bitch.

i kid! i kid! (about the bitch part, not about the thighs.)


I am LOVING the agony picture. So afflicted! Yet so adorable!

Nothing But Bonfires

Those are your THIGHS? Those look like my ARMS.


Noah is so preshus!

The agony photo is killing me.


I'm kind of scared of me because I know this, but that first picture of Noah, Jason makes the same face.



Unless the nanny story includes lots of pictures of Noah, don't bother.

I just adore that little munchkin!


What can I say about your tiny, tiny arms that hasn't already been said? You suck immensly.

But aside from that, I love the first pic. Noah is the perfect mix of you and your husband. Too cute. And that "Agony!" picture is killing me.


damnit! I had to retype that entry three times and I messed it up the last time and typed "arms" instead of "thighs." I suck immensely.


Those crying faces of his just completely make me melt. He's too cute.


Turtles make everything okay.


well of course turtles. who wouldn't.


We took NikkiZ to the pool for the first time this week and she was FASCINATED by the whole go-under-water-and-disappear thing. hehe.

moonstruck mama

why are the cutest pictures when babies are crying? cutie p. tooty!


Oh my GOD! He is the cutest thing in the world!

But Karma, you are right about her. Good luck with the nanny hunt, I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating it must be. I'm sure you have already thought of it but maybe someone (a parent or a worker) from the day care place he was in while you were working would be able to help you out...?

Heather B.

One day, many years from now, he will make a group of girls on spring break, very happy. He'll be known as the "hot" cabana boy.


Gawd, Noah just keeps getting handsomer (is that a word?). He's such a little man!! I bet he got tons of phone numbers at the pool, right? That babysitter you were trying to poach should have been seeking HIM out.

Glad you had fun at the pool. You both deserve it, and it sounds like way more fun than the nanny decision, even with the Wall of Nap (which, let's face it, is a daily experience anyway).

Bozoette Mary

Turtles and beefcake -- it doesn't get any better than that. Well, except for creamy thighs.


OK, you know how much I adore you, and I hope you don't take offense, but I was surprised to see you considering a nanny for preshus Noah. I have 3 kids. 3. And I work from home doing a variety of things (some of my A Girl's Gotta Spa! posts have been picked up by an online fashion magazine yippie!)...oh where was I? I just work a routine around the kids and have never even considered a nanny or babysitter for them while I am home working. I realize you have bigger gigs than myself, but I guess I was just surprised that you only have one child and want a nanny.

Please don't send me hate mail. lol. I'm just surprised.

Silly Hily

I love the "agony" picture. I'm so glad y'all had fun at the pool.
I have to know, do the nannies "know" who YOU are? Do they know Noah is a famous internet baby?


the agony picture is priceless. noah is just freakin' cute.

hope the nanny thing is going well for you. most of us will be refreshing your sight, waiting to hear!


My goodness, he is a cutie. Turtles do make everything better.


I swear I'm not a perv, but kid in bathing suits is my crack cocaine.

I just took my little guy to the pool this week to. He loved it.

Okay, he was confused by it. But I loved it.


Yeah, the Wall of Nap - it's great that our kids sleep, but the downside of it is being tied to the crib! Mine refuses to sleep in the car or stroller, little beastie. She clearly doesn't understand as yet this interferes with my shoe shopping schedule.

Lisa Bo Bisa

Holy Cuteness Batman!! I love the Agony photo! Made my face get all scrunchie...I could just feel his pain :)

He's such a beautiful boy Amy.



Noah and I have the same towel!!!

But different suits.


Thighs is good. Yes.


I love the pics! I take a ton of my daughter and am getting to the point where I take the camera everywhere. Some day it'll happen when I have to decide whether save the kid from danger or save my camera from destruction.

I'd totally save her, but the camera is pretty cool.


Unlike LotionBarBunny I found it impossible to work and care for a child at the same time, so I completely understand the Nanny thing.

For the mere 12 weeks I was home with my daughter I got absolutely NOTHING done during the day. I had tons of designs to do online and after 12 weeks? They were all still waiting.

So - if I were to "work from home" and actually get anything done? Like, you know, to make money? I'd have to have a Nanny or a sitter - even with just ONE baby like you have amalah. As a matter of fact, I think when I first heard you were going to do this I just ASSUMED you'd get one. So - don't fret - there are other of us like you out there!

Ca-Ca Hewes

I hate to be "Debbie Downer" but those community pool tools are probably nasty and infested with germs....SORRY. HE IS A DOLL!! How much does he weigh now?



I need to find the nearest attractive man and procreate, like, nowish.

He is absolutely adorable!

I love the "agony!" face. Precious.


ok- a list for you (like this is my blog or something:
1. Your baby is adorable and I want him to marry my baby.

2. Don't you love the nap wall? Its my favorite.
3.Those are not thighs. They are perfectly dandy little yardsticks. Really, how DO you get thighs like that?
4. You closed comments on the Noah laughing post before I could say that I, too had that doll. His name was Coca-Cola, and he was so loved that his lips and some of his hair have been rubbed down to the rubber. I'm gonna pass him down to Isabella, and if she doesn't find him amusing, I'll take my cue from you and plunge him to his death over and over.

I need to come here more often. I need the laugh.


Thighs? Them ain't no thighs. Little sticks of pre-pregnancy goodness, maybe, but thighs!?? Pffft. I show you stinkin' thighs.


The woe, the agony! He is so cute I can't take it!


If there was ever a doubt about who the baby daddy was, people could just take a look at the Woe picture. Holy DNA, the kid looks just like his dad in that shot.

And I love his little man boobies. Maybe he needs a "bro" or a "mansierre"? Or would that be a "tot-sierre"? Not sure.


Hi Amy,

And you didn't even say good-bye :)

My first visit in some time. Saw the cute video clip. My only comment: GET THAT BOY OUT OF HIS CAGE!

I hope you are well and drop me a line some time.



Hi Amy--
I just wanted to chime in with my experience. Our son has been cared for by a nanny since I went back to work when he was six months old. The hiring process was quite eye-opening. I had to come face to face with a lot of my personal biases, because it can be hard to differentiate between your "gut" and your internalized classism, racism, etcetera. Towards the end, I interviewed the woman who became my son's nanny. Honestly, one of the things that attracted me to her was that she presents herself very well. She is someone I can imagine taking my son to the ER and successfully advocating for him there. That ended up being a criterion for me. Also, she came across as confident, with a lot of her own ideas about taking care of children. That ended up being important to me too. I wanted someone who took ownership and would be a true partner to my husband and me in raising our son. In the end though, I didn't end up relying on my gut, which was giving me a lot of confusing mixed messages quite honestly. I relied heavily on references. After I talked with three of our nanny's past employers, I was overcome with this strong sense that I needed to call her right then and make her an offer. And I did and the rest is history. Two pieces of advice that kept me calm along the way-- it might take 20 interviews (I ended up only doing 15) and a lot of people don't find the right person the first time around. Good luck!


Zoot--I never said I accomplish anything with my kids being around. lol! My gosh one only has to visit my blog to hear my Terrible Two's Stories of how I am slowly going insane. ;)


Man, those pics make me want to drop my whole life and fly to another continent to be Noah's nanny. Can I Amy? Please? PLEASE?!

He is so cute it should be a crime!

dutch from sweet juniper

answer to question #1:



I wondered how long before someone said they had those same towels!!:-)

Love the "agony" picture. Get that boy a nap!! We are just all so sick of rain, it was nice to see a sunny day.


Pools! Such fun!

Amalah, your skinny thighs make me want to cry. ;)



alrite, now that i finally have a fairly adequate blog (well, at least the beginnings of one), i figured i'd de-lurk and say:

Noah is the king (well, maybe the prince.. my son is the king!) of gorgeous babys!

I absolutely love your blog. It is a part of each of my days. :)



Aw, what a cutie! Its amazing how kids show their emotions in their entirety, no hidind behind social masks or anything. When they're hungry, theyre hungry NOW and when theyre tired, well god help you if you don't have a nappy space prepared!


Good luck probing the nannies (oooh that sounded dirty)....though the pool sounds like MUCH more fun. Noah is just adorable!!
I've been reading you for a while now so I thought I should probably delurk just so that you are aware that I'm here. LOL :o)



De-lurking to say
a. wow- awesome thighs
b. I have no kids, but I work at home. I wish I could get a nanny for my husband and he knows how to use the bathroom on his own. I do not think people realize that work at home is just that- work. But in elastic-waist pants.


Those are your THIGHS!?

My foreams are that big.

And sweet, sweet baby photos. I love angry baby and fussy baby photos.

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