BlogHer: Night One

BlogHer: Night Two

Much less dead than before!


Me, looking all fresh-faced and glowy after getting mah face done up for a video interview with LeahPeah for AlphaMom, which was super fun, even when I told the makeup artist that I write a little column about makeup sometimes, to which he responded by saying, "Oh, you're so cute," as he furiously scrubbed all traces of my own crappy makeup job off my face.

Things took a serious turn for the haggard and oily later in the night, apparently.



I don't know. I just don't know. I woke up this morning and Yvonne was skulking around in preparation for a BlogHer walk of shame, there was stray pizza crust on the floor, pepperoni slices in the bed sheets and about seventeen half-drunk glasses of red wine scattered around the room.

It's official: I'm a drunken frat boy. Bring on the beer bong.

Anyway, I don't want to do one of those long name-dropping posts about how I partied with Dooce (omg i totally partied with dooce) and made Zoot's baby cry (omg she hates me) and had a heartfelt and evocative discussion with Marrit (omg i don't remember what i was talking about AT ALL, but damn, she is so pretty), so instead, I'll leave you with just one word.



Yeah. Maybe you can make some sense of my night.



I love love love that grey blouse on you! [/fangirl]


OMIGOD! I've never seen so many drunk women with pasties and digital cameras before. It's like a night at the Peppermint Lounge where they let the ladies have cameras and all the free jello shots they can muster. Let the debauchry continue and keep posting sweet Amy!

Black Belt Mama

Oooh, I am so jealous! I want to be a drunken frat boy. I had a beer last night, while hanging out with my kids and parents. . . Those pictures? You are just totally rubbing it in aren't you???? Not fair. I'm hoping for a BlogHer east coast next year!


Well, having had my share of like, oh bus dancing and other such alcoholic moments, at least you have an excuse-- because I haven't drank in years. And If i was there, and actually present, I could have made sense of the night for you :)


is someone trying to make shadow puppets on that girl's butt?


That looks like so much fun.


Heh. I read "beer blog" instead of "beer bong" there for a second.


You do know she's at - right? ;D


OMG - of course I can't go to BlogHer because I would sooo be outdone in the cuteness department! Look how adorably cute everyone is.

I can't believe how many people I recognize. It's kind of weird to never have met or even really interacted (other than by commenting on their blogs, your blog) and to spend time flipping through pictures going "Oh, there Yvonne! There's Zoot! Isn't Heather's haircut adorable?" hahaha


Where there is Jennster, there is ass grabbing and debauchery. This much I have learned in just a few short hours.


The cameras! They are everywhere!

Oh, the post BlogHer pictures that will circulate the internet!


Looks like so much fun! And you partied with Dooce!! If only I had something interesting to blog about...although I have been known to party like a frat boy!
I found your site through an ad on Dooce's, now I read yours daily too! Awesome job, love the site! ;)


Fun, fun, fun!

And please let us know when we can expect that Alphamom interview. I love that site!

Occidental Girl

Hey girlie - I can help explain that last picture, since I was standing there when it happened.

You had SO much wine...there is your explanation.


Wow, I almost feel like I'm there, except I'm not because I'm here, which is not there and now I am all sad and feeling left out.

But I'm so glad you are having fun. (You must be having fun because you look so happy and also beautiful!)


This sounds like one hell of a party - am jealous to be a million miles away.

Have a great time and keep us updated !!!


Suzy Q

You're so pretty. I remember being all young and glowy, too. *sigh* The years, they do pass by quickly.

Then I got all caught up in your Flickr photos. So sweet.

I may not be all young and glowy anymore, but the party hasn't ended yet, so there is still more to look forward to.

Enjoy BlogHer!!


I took a break from my crying baby and laundry to see what's up at BlogHer. It looks like I'm in the wrong place...I should totally be there with the rest of you!

Next year....


next year...

next year.

it's hopeful to see that you guys all like to rock the wine, too from time to time. ;) i shall be there. glad you're having fun.

the next pictures i see had better be of some tequila shots. i'm just saying. now THAT would produce fabulous drunk blogging results.


Well, it you looks like you figured out how to work the shower. Wish I were there with you guys, it sounds like a blast.


Oh, to have a vagina and to belong.



Amy, if it wasn't for the odd shower curtain background, that's the best picture we've seen of you. You look gorgeous! Glad you're having fun :)


I'm loving all the pictures everyone is posting!

Mary Tsao

If I had gone to college with Jennster, I'd still be in college. I love her.

Here's a cute pic of you and Miss Z. This is when you two were totally laughing at me and not with me. But I can live with that.

Until next time...

Mommy off the Record

Great pics of you and Jennster! She's one of my favorites...

I didn't get a chance to say "hi" to you at the conference. I was only there for Sat night, but I admired you from afar (not in a stalker way or anything). I don't comment here often, but you have a wonderful blog. Hope you had a great weekend at BlogHer. From the look of those pictures, you had a blast!


It was great to meet you. You looked fresh and dewy all night, IMO...but I was drinking Lili's gin and tonics from her special recipe (3 parts gin, one part tonic! As a special treat!) so my recollection gets a little fuzzy after 8:30 or so.


you + my ass= love affair.

Y from the internet

Like! OMG! You're so popular! That when I am with you! I do not exist! And people do not! Even acknowledge! Me! Because! Like! OMG! It's! Amalah! And! That fat girl! Sitting!Next to her! Is just! An Illusion!


I love you and OMG! Wait! Til! You! See! My! Pictures! Drunk! Boobs!

(why didn't we take a picture of us spooning.)


Hello. I love you. Let's do it again next year, shall we?


I remember something about the hall outside the bathroom and a brief discussion of shoes.

Did this weekend really happen?


Holy pulchritude, Batman.

Having grown up in San Hosay I can say with authority that there has never been so much of a concentration of hot mamas in that ... place.


ack! jealousy!



You do look gorgeous there! Yay for gorgeousness!

Honestly, all I heard out of BlogHer was how nice and gracious and pretty you were. Seriously. What a pleasure to only hear nice things of someone you read about.


Next year I'm going to have my own blogging conference. It's going to be called "Hang-Out-With-Me-Her" and all the debauchery will take place at my house so I don't have to buy a plane ticket to go anywhere.

You come, 'k? Tell your friends...


Damn, I miss everyone already. Can we do it again next weekend?


I want to be a drunken frat boy! (Or at least have a drunken frat boy.)


I bought People Magazine yesterday. Guess who is on the cover? I have been distraught ever since. Damn, stupid Reichen from the Amazing Race. He stole my only true love.

I am so glad we met face to face and so glad we shared a moment with the purple book. You are beautiful, funny and so cool.


whoooooo! hot!

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