Container laws, anyone?
Fucking lost






The last thing I recall you ascribing that title to was Doritos Rollitos.

I love cinnamon and I love almonds, so the sound delicious. However, you have never tried my most delicious decorated sugar cookies. They put other cookies to shame. I can send you a sample, unless you fear poisoning or something.


Hey, you must've been on Santana Row because I consumed about 3000 calories in those nuts yesterday. Also: try Blowfish Sushi! Right now!

Dr. Johnny Fever

I can see your nuts.


Those are unfortunately delicious.




Mmmm.. german roasted nuts are the best, covered in cinamony-sugary goodness.

There's a stand at my farmer's market that makes them fresh, right in front of you. Perfect breakfast on an autumn morning.


Ooooh, those sound yummy!

Are you having a GREAT time?


OOOH now those sound good. I myself developed a severe affection for boiled hot peanuts when we visited my b-i-l in Pensacola, FL.


And now that you have me on a food kick, I realize that in 36 hours, I will be able to consume the joy that is Tim Hortons. *happy sigh*


YUM. I made some candied, cinnamony almonds to give out at Christmas one year. I think I ate most of them long before anybody else got any, because DAMN, them there's good nuts.


At Christmastime, the malls around here make those fresh, with different kinds of nuts and different flavors. They charge 5 bucks for about a cupful, but they are sooo good. I'm loving the moblogging!

Katie Kat

Oh yeah... those are one of my weaknesses... I can eat them until I get physically ill and STILL love them! Couldya bring me some???? :)

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