Hi tipsy girl
Cinnamon nuts



They're in a container. Good enough for me.


Are you in San Martin for wineries? It's pretty out there near Cordevalle, but if you're staying in the area, you guys could head up into the Santa Cruz Mountains...(Highway 17) more wineries and prettier scenery! Stop in Los Gatos for food and shopping, then you can go over the hill to Santa Cruz! How weird that you are so close by...I keep wondering if I will have an Amy and Jason sighting! : ) Have fun!!!


You are having way too much fun.

(Good for you guys!)


Ahhh! I could be going up to Monterey tomorrow, to - so close! Yet so far away! Y'all let me know if you're down in Santa Barbara, y' heah? (Don't ask me why I just developed a southern accent).

Cheers! Glad you had so much fun, erm, I mean, wine. I mean...fun.



This shot looks like the contents of my purse.


looks like so much fun. I went to a wedding up there last fall before baby was born. but no wine because I was pregnant. sad.


Would you find it at all humorous for me to tell you that the actual name of the road I live on is in fact "LaChance". No joke. Also? I am shit faced right now. Pinot gris.


At least you're staying hydrated.


At least you're staying hydrated.


I used to work at a winery in San Jose - I miss it!


#1 - Too few wine bottles

#2 - Wine bottle too small

That is all.


As a native Californian... I feel compelled to inform you that yes, we do have a law against open containers of alcohol. Please, be careful!


Container laws? We don't need no steenking container laws!

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