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I Hate Moblogging



Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Amalah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wacky Mommy

I am more confused than you at this point. Ha! Nice photos.


Be CALM! he he! You were here, in Kalifornia! It's all god!


Stop and ask! I am sure someone knows. Something. Maybe at least where to go for directions. Maybe if you zoom in close to the map and tell us the last sign you saw, we can help!


Sooooo, are you pointing in the direction you wish to go?


Is that your hand, or Jason's?
Because it could sort of go either way.
And I like to think it's Jason's, because while he's proven to be quite the sport about your whole 'blog' thing, I would just be pleased to know that he flipped off the map for that photo.


Okay. Be calm. I bet atleat 100 of your readers can help you right now. I'm from California. Where are you going and what is the last street sign/landmark/broken down shack you saw? If you broadcast it we will be like onStar, only all amalah fan style.


Amy! I'm in the Bay Area! I can help (if you are here, because it sure looks like you re chucking the South Bay the bird)!


This makes me laugh, not of course because you are lost, but because Chris and I were making similar hand gestures yesterday. Bloody Portland and their nonsensical downtown maps. Or you know, my inability to read them. ; )


i totally do not get what this picture thing is all about...


lol. I posted a similar picture the other day, but I'm flipping off my dishwasher. Which is now appropriately located in the city dump.

Hope you found your way!


Ok. I'm lost again! Repeat please! ;-)

Real Girl

4 8 15 16 23 42

Take a left at the third finger. That oughta do it.


I often feel the same way about the Dumbarton Bridge. Take that!

Or, you're collectively flipping off the newish area known as Alviso which is a curious gathering of companies that do tech stuff and are located near Great America. The traffic along there deserves the wrath as well.

Sorry you're lost in the South Bay.


Robbi - a couple of posts ago, Amy said she was going to try to do some moblogging (blogging with using cell phone, blackberry, etc.)


We hate lost. Grr.

Are you ok?


hey welcome to LA! Everyone get's lost here. I live in El Segundo, right by LAX. hope you have a great time here, when do you go home? You must be missing your wee boy?


I always get lost in the Bay Area too! LOL


I think I recognize that map! That's the Budget rental free map isn't it? Yeah. Those are useless. We got very lost in Arizona about a month ago.


Oh, Amalah, I know your pain. Fucking Santa Cruz! *Shakes fist*

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