BlogHer: Night Two
Moblawwwg testing


BlogHer is over, Jason is here, my sanity is restored.

I spent most of the weekend lamenting my baby-less state that I totally didn't realize how much I missed Jason until I saw him standing in the hotel lobby. I didn't realize how much I rely on him to help me process things when I get overwhelmed and overstimulated.

And I now have new heights of appreciation for the gentle signals he sends me when I NEED TO STOP TALKING, because I seem to lack my own internal off switch and will talk and talk and talk, wondering why no one is telling me to STOP TALKING, or at least to bring the volume back down to a low roar, but mostly, to STOP TALKING. NO ONE CARES AND YOU ARE SCARING THAT BABY OVER THERE.

Now that Jason is here, he can pat me on the back or squeeze my arm or deliver swift kicks under the table -- and I know these are my signals to shut up. (AND STOP TALKING.) Apologies to everyone I met at BlogHer while lacking my anti-idiocy failsafe.

Anyway, contractually-obligated postings will continue all week at ClubMom, while around these parts I'm going to try my hand at this "moblogging" thing all the kids are talking about, so if you have not gotten your fill of Really Really Bad Photos of Amalah*, please check back in now and again. We're touring wineries, so...yeah. Durrrunks with camERa phoNees! Woooo!

And maybe if you're lucky I'll post a Noah-related meltdown or two, but I have to say? Um? The sleeping thing? The non-mommy thing? Damn. Is kind of fun. Plus Noah has two grandmas taking him to the pool every day and two grandpas spoiling him every day and zero mean mamas putting him in the baby cage every day.

*Yeah, I know. I asked Alice for a photo and then refused to STOP TALKING while the photo was being taken.



I don't know when to stop talking either. Or typing, for that matter. I just ramble on and on and on until even I become embarrassed for myself.

Y from the internet



I'm glad Jason doesn't read your blog. We might miss some of these preshus moments with your friends from the internet.


Hey! I get to comment before 5358792347 other people have already commented and no one is reading comments anymore cause there are just too many, and post again already!

I rely on my husband to tell me when I've said enough, too. That's why I'm not friends with people he doesn't like... I don't know how to make friends without him there to coach me!! :-)


You are going to hate me but the only reason I am commenting is because I am in the top ten not the top thousand and therefore I WILL BE SEEN!

I am sure you didn't talk too much. I am sure that everyone was so drunk they don't even remember you talking much less that you were there. That is what I disern from the flickr photos anyway. Much drunkeness.

Real Girl

BlogHer looked like a ton of fun, but compared to wineries!? Enjoy the grapes hard core!!


i scared your husband. lol you are too cute and your love for other people's kids is INSANE. i wish you could see your face when you see babies. LOL

Petra's Shadow

Enjoy the wineries! If you get the chance you should head up to Sonoma and try some zinfandel from Alexander Valley....yummmm!


were you like me in elementary school? did you get in trouble for talking in class? did your teacher write nice things on your report card but then add at the bottom "she just is very chatty sometimes and distracts other students"? did you never finish your lunch in time because you were too busy talking at the lunch table?

just wondering. ;)

Nap Queen

It's a good thing I wasn't there, or we might have had a talk-off. I get so damn chatty when I'm drinking, and although my internal monologue is telling me to SHUT THE F*CK UP, my mouth just runs and runs and runs......


I am a crazy talker too and a crazy typist and I just SAY things that I don't necessarily mean and then I CANNOT TAKE IT BACK and lo, it is too late.

I know. I know! It's terrible! And embarrassing! And sometimes? I get so panicked and nervous that I never let the other person say a word, NOT because I'm not interested, but because I'm too nervous and just TALKTALKTALKTALKTALK.

Like now. I'm talking and I can't stop. God, I wish I could have met you. It would have been hysterical.


Don't get too used to it, the non-mommy thing. Just savor those moments, and REMEMBER at strategic times. Even though time is practically standing still, they still grow up Way. Too. Fast.


I'm so jealous of the wineries - probably more jealous than I am of those that got to go to Blogher. Hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see drunk camera phone pictures.


Did you not realize that we were ALL talking to much??? My biggest problem was trying to stop laughing. (especially when Heather B. flicked the slug off your cell phone - she kicks ass.)


Love all the pictures! SOOO freaking jealous that you all got to meet each other. Zoot's baby is just so delicious! :)


Oh no no no no. People like me depend on people like you to do all the talking. Otherwise I might have to form sentences out loud, or something.


Have fun at the wineries sans baby!


Can you get me a Jason? I need that!!!


I wouldn't care about your non-stop no one cares what you are saying incessant talking. I do that too.

Mrs. Flinger

Mr. Flinger actually has a standard line he uses in front of people. "You still talkin'? Hrm?" because he starts ignoring me after some point and that's my que at parties. I think a swift kick might be better.

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