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Stuff On My Kid dot Com

Because stuff...


Plus kids...


Equals awesome.*


You might think...


This might get a little old...


After awhile, but...


You would be wrong.


Although I am thinking...


That leaving the house every now and again...


Is probably a pretty good idea.

*If I was the brilliant person who came up with that confoundingly simple equation, I would indeed, be brilliant.


Nicole is Pgh

You are too too cute!!


Hillarious. Was it one of those things that made Noah do an adorable baby-belly-laugh (a la the doll repeatedly falling to it's death video from a while back)? Because there's nothing funnier or cuter than that.


Great pictures!! He looks so happy :-)


That kid is SO cute!!! I can't get over how sweet he looks in all those pictures! And the one where he is leaning back laughing with his arms up is hilarious! Thanks for the smile on a boring Friday afternoon!! :)


Wow, that website is awesome?


Amy you look so adorable with stackable rings on your head!!


That is quite the talent, with having ALL the stacky rings on your head and taking a self portrait.

I'd totally drop them all when I lifted the camera.

I am impressed.



Genius! And so much more compliant than the cat... He's so adorable!


Brilliant! I don't care whose idea it was (and I totally think putting stuff on cats is completely different from putting stuff on kids. Or oneself, for that matter).


I'm impressed. You can balance so many objects! Noah? He's just learning.

But! What about Ceiba?


thanks for the big, huge smile on a rather boring Friday afternoon. I Noah!


That is hilarous!!


Even better than putting the dog in a long-sleeve shirt and watching her try to walk on hard wood floors. HOURS of fun.


Oooh! I second Jes!


Hilarious! I just discovered stuffonmycat.com like, yesterday and I love it. Also, Noah is such a cutie! I think we will need more stuffonmykid.com pictures for sure.

Imaginary Grownup

Seriously... when did know become a real life little person? He looks like he is 3 or 4 despite the whole not quite walking thing. He has grownup in a matter of days. I don't know how you function with that much cuteness!


I honestly think that this is the cutest post and group of pics you've ever posted :)


heh heh heh! I was doing the exact same thing with my daughter this morning (same stacky rings even!) Didn't get the camera though, will have to try that next time.


I just discovered stuffonmycat dot com a mere few hours before your post! A bizarre cosmic coincidence? Or maybe that it was featured in the Boston Globe today. Perhaps the Washington Post too, I'm guessing.


Is that on the mommy aptitude test? How many plastic rings can you balance on your head...


I totally have pics of my son with the rings...on his head, on his wrist, looking through the middle like a donut hole. Sigh. My son is turning 6 years old in 10 days...Man, they grow up fast. Sounds VERY cliche but it is so very true.


It makes me really happy to see that kids still play with those rings!


You have one criminally adorable kid.


Good lord. He is so cute.

And your unfinished and unpublished posts were cracking me up!! (Actually, I mostly enjoyed all of the "today's take" sections...)


don't you love that game, it gets even better once they are walking!

Sparkles Anon

Oh man, these pictures remind me of how my nephews looked at about 11 months old. Soooooo freaking precious!


Who IS that grown up baby? You borrowed a baby, didn't you?




Awww that idea comes from Oolong the rabbit in Japan. Oolong has since passed on.


Oolong was so cute.


omg, I just don't think he could be any cuter.


Wait...that is a self portrait?

AMAZING balance, grasshopper... :)

Check out Cute Overload. Crazy cute stuff. A lot like stuffonmycat.


I so love that webpage!

And a kid webpage seems so obvious! Where is it? Start it! In your free time :)


a) Hilarious. Just what I needed after a ridiculously long and terrible day.

b) Noah looks like such a little man in the second photo! When did that happen?!


That's awesome! He is so cute and look at allll of those teeth! He's looking less and less like a baby. My goodness!


wow, he looks so much like you in those pictures!


Oh, and how they giggle when whatever you've put on their head falls off. Such a great game.


Wait, so there can be stuff on my cat that isn't dander and dried remnants of puke? Who knew!


Too cute! I especially love the pic of Amalah at the end. It's so Dr. Seuss-y! LOL


Noah is the cutest baby ever! I think every Friday from now on should be Stuff On Noah Day. At least until he revolts.


Every time I see Noah I am amazed at how cute he is. He is SO cute.


Bless! Noah looks rather like he's letting rip maniacal laughter in that one photo though. Did he turn and play a dramatic organ solo a la 'Phantom of the Opera' right after that?!


lol to cutE:)


Absolutely, by far the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

He's got great hand-eye coordination. Nice!


How funny is that? I was doing the exact same thing with my 8 month old this afternoon while sharing cheerios. I think I even made Zach resemble Princess Leia with that toy as well. Good times.


and anyway - exactly how did he get so big? Are you doing the countdown to "Noah's first birthday"? One of my all time fav pic is of me (too long ago to mention) on my first birthday - picture this - sitting in a high chair, in a very fluffy princess-y dress, with a home-made crown on my head, deciding that it would be a very, very good idea to touch the flame of the candle on my cake. My dad got the before and after pic. He tells me that he was yelling at my mom the entire time to pull me away from the candle, yet, he did get the picture. One wonders where the dad ends and the artist begins:-)

Real Girl

Haaa. I am such a Stuff On My Cat addict and have been meaning to get Real Cat on there for a while.

As I'm sure you know, they LOVE babies on cats over there. If Noah ever feels like hugging your kitty I might keel over dead from the cuteness of it.


Now you could make a companion picture shooting _through_ the rings, as I just saw done here: http://ispeakfilm.dpblogs.com/2006/07/30/using-toys-as-camera-accessories/


Did you know that there's a Stuff on Cats calendar? I just discovered it while perusing the web site of my company's sister publishing house. There's something very wrong with the fact that this idea is making money. Though Stuff on Noah (or babies, in general) would probably make money, too. Too funny.


Some of these comments..."how did Noah get so big?"? I guess a grasp of basic biology is missing. (sorry, could not resist).


This cracked my shit up. He is concentrating so hard to keep the rings on his head!

Stephanie A.

Those rings are totally for puttin' on the head! That's all we ever use them for around here.


wow. Can I just tell you that the page I was visiting in my bookmarks before clicking on yours was STUFFONMYCAT.COM??? Imagine the freakiness that shivered up my spine when I read this entry!

And.. your kid is way cuter than the cats, I have to say ;)


LOVE IT!!!! Just think, when Noah is old enough you two can go outside and play with diet coke and mentos like my kids and I did today. Although when they get older they tend to put stuff on their own heads...



For some reason, I am delurking now (I have been reading since the Washingtonian pic/feature) after these pics. Just wanted to say thanks--for the gift of--absolutely all of it.
My husband and I just separated after a long, painful time (mostly me wanting a life, and baby, with him, and him not being sure). You and your site (and your great wriing especially) have been, really, a joy and solace after some hard days. Thank you, Amalah...


My sons are six and four now. We STILL play put-stuff-on-their-heads. But now they compete to see who can keep the Star Wars figures balanced up there the longest.

It's a good way to kill a hot afternoon.


Oh my GAWD, he's adorable. Elle, my 4-year old, is here saying "Mommy, that little boy is so cute."

I want him to be Anna Sofia's (10 mo.) boyfriend!!! ;)


Oh Amalah, he is getting more and more handsome every time you post a picture!

Damn baby toys and their addictiveness.



This is my favorite post that you have created on this site!

absolutely darling....

Jill from Silicon Valley Moms Blog


Hours of fun! And the one of you is priceless.


How is it possible to be cuter than your own cute baby? But you are. That was so funny. Just your eyes peeking over the edge of the photo with ALL the rings stacked. Ha!

Suburban Turmoil

It's nice to know where he got the amazing balancing powers from...


Next thing you know, you'll be putting him in sinks. :) http://catsinsinks.com

Heather B.

I can see why you resorted to putting plastic things on his head; it beats the hell out of searching for another damn blue paw print.


How can Noah possibly have so many teeth? My son is only 2 months younger and doesn't have 1 tooth yet!

BTW: Noah is adorable and so are you!


I laughed until I cried. How do you do it?!? My kids had this switch that turned them from jolly and filled with personality to sour and suspicious at the appearance of a camera.


Duude! How on earth do you stack those on your head like that? Brilliant!


OH my god, that cracked my ass up! Very amusing. More please.


I love stuffonmycat.com! I think I love this post even more. That picture of you at the end is great. It's like you're wearing one of those fancy hats that women wear to the Kentucky Derby.


He just has the best hairline.


that boy is some kinda scrumptious. truly adorable with a smile that melts even this jaded heart...


Awesome! This made me LOL!!!


Noah is just a few months younger than my son but they both do that stuff-on-the-head thing and yes...it's cuter than cute. And yes, we need to get out more, too :)


dude. we play hats with EVERYTHING in the house.

because? it never stops being hilarious.


dude. we play hats with EVERYTHING in the house.

because? it never stops being hilarious.


oops. I get to be the re-posting idiot today. sweet.


Too funny! And, how talented you are for balancing all those rings on your head! That is just WOW! And, yeah, that Stuff on My Cat site is totally brilliant!


Reminds me of that pancake bunny, only cuter. Oolong! That was his name!


I've said this before, but this is the cutest set of Noah photos EVER. Totally raises the bar for babies across the nation.

He has your eyes. So damn adorable, I want to squish him.

Helmet Head

Great pictures. Our youngest daughter, Ella (1 year), loves to put just about everything on her head and walk around. It is quite funny and cute.
I'm fairly new to your blog and think you do a great job.



Amy, is that the newly-painted orange wall behind you? If so, it is gorgeous.

I was looking at it and thinking how pretty the wall/sofa looked together when I remembered you mentioning painting a wall orange.

la agua fresca - happy...???


You two are just soooo funny!

Your little one reminds me of mi nephew...


shy me

I'm oh so very excited that my brother is bringing my niece over for a visit next week. Why? Because now I can try balancing rings on her head! Hurrah! You rock most excellently. : )

Bozoette Mary

Aw geez! Thanks for the great start to a Monday.


Yup, looks alot like what we do with the Fisher Price ring set....though my husband likes to model the ring on his head first and then let our daughter do it! :)

Shelley M.

Most excellent!


OMG, pic #2 is the best yet. He looks sooo cute, yet evil. Delish!


the pictures are beyond adorable. my son worshipped those rings. probably the best $5 toy ever purchased.


I love Deal or No Deal, and used to make my ex-BF watch it with me. Hmmm. Maybe I should think that sentence through completely.

And! baby in a soup pot! Genius! I'm glad you reposted.

Silly Hily

No, don't leave the house. Ever. Not if this is what we get when you stay home. He is too cute for words. Literally. I got nothing.

So, the big birthday is right around the corner. How are you coping with that?


the teeth! omg all of his teeth! He's getting some serious choppers there


I know this is not a unique thought at all, but I just had to comment to say how incredibly cute Noah is! Oh man, do I want one!




Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome!


Flippin' Sweet.


That child is adorable, but you can tell he's got an impish streak, which is just perfect.

I truly enjoy your blog and the Wednesday Advice Smackdown, even though we have little in common (well, I don't have any kids and am probably older than Noah's grandma, but other than that . . . ).


somehow with those things on your head you remind me of a Who from Whoville with a funny hat on.

...i don't know why, or what that says about my mental state. but that's what i see. not that anything else about you is Who-Like, what with those weird bulgey eyes and starving children in africa tummies.

god. i'm going to stop talking now.

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