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What kind of a Tire Owner is Jason? Leaving the tire all alone like that!!

Friend of Mermaid

Poor Baby..


Aw! So cute! Possibly thinking, "Wait! Take me with you! Waaaaaaaaaaiiit! Where are you goooooooooooooooooohhhhing!??"


well, at least she isn't chewing shoe straps, eating cat poop, or puking on the scientific laundry pile!!

anne nahm

That is heartbreakingly cute


She is the tiniest animal ever. A hamster could eat her. I guess I just needed this perspective shot to be reminded of her weeness. Are you sure she is a real dog and didn't escape from a leprachaun or hobbit colony somewhere?


Too cute


Awwww, poor little girl! (that tire is AWESOME.)


That is so cute. Does Jason know she misses him so? My dog gets ZERO attention from me. So, when hubby is gone she is pathetic as well. I just can't take care of EVERYONE, you know?


That is so very sad. My pet runs toward the door when I try to leave for work in the morning and it's enough to make me throw down my purse and stay home with her all day. Granted, it doesn't take much for me to feel that way, but STILL, the pets, they do break your heart with their devotion.


I feel compelled to help Ceiba before she turns into Grey Friar's Bobby.

This is actually obsessive behavior (like, duh.) and she needs to stop before she takes to washing her paws 5 times an hour.

I feel the need to invoke Cesar Millan here. The man knows what he's taking about. Plus, he's totally hot.


That's such a cute picture! Hopefully Jason will pay lots of attention to her when he gets home!


Too cute for sure. Either she really misses him or there's something really interesting about that door.


Awwwwww. She makes me want to scoop her up and cuddle with her all night. I hope you're giving her plenty of treats to ease her loneliness!


Oh that makes me sad!!!!! Did you share the pic with Jason?


Maybe she is guarding the tire. You did say you lived in the city, no?

a Random Person

Poor neglected puppy! All alone with only a tire for a friend!

... or so she would have us think, anyway.


Faithless beast. My dog does the same damn thing and frankly it ticks me off, because WHO FEEDS YOUR ASS, DOG? Who consistently lets you inside when you're sorrowfully pressing your snout against the glass door that *I* have to clean? Yet when the MAN leaves, it's "O misery, I must stare at this door until his return, for I am so very very sad". Bah.

Also, your dog sort of frightens me with her crazy smallness. She's like a furry mosquito, dude.


My cat does the same thing. It's like they have a sense for stuff like that, and it's freaky.

Have fun with the old man gone. Order pizza and sleep in! :-)


Is she maybe intimidated by the giant tire next to her?


That dog has willpower. How can he sit next to that tire and not pee on it? Come on now, give her credit. That is pure restraint.


That damn tire is not going to guard itself, woman!


Y'know, put a receiving blanket in that tire and Ceiba could sleep there.... I'm just sayin'.


The tire, it moved, didn't it? It looks more lean-y in the newest picture.


That's not a too bad of an idea about the receiving blanket!!! LOL


Aww! Everyone needs to leave Ceibas size alone. My baby is the same way. She is half mini-dachshound and half chihuaha. She is only eight pounds and is adorable. She and Ceiba could be long lost sister, or just really good friends. So everyone needs to back off about her size because if she and my Cocoa have anything in common it's that there size is an advantage, not a hinderance. Plus they're the best to cuddle with!


Reasons my dog would never ever EVER sit next to a tire?

Oh, maybe because he fell out the window of my car last week while we were driving home from my parents house. WHILE. WE. WERE. DRIVING.


I am still recovering. He is acting like nothing much happened, but that is probably because the tire knocked him on the head and he had minor soap-operaish amnesia.


awww. poor ceiba.


OMG, she's so cute! It's like she's holding a little vigil for Jason (or possibly the tire).


1. That Ceiba is a funny girl.

2. Here is my comment about your earlier Target experience of spending hundreds of dollars on what you didn't go in for: my sister and I call that "Plug-ins shopping," as in, "I went to Target today and spent $800-eleventy dollars on Plug-ins." Sometimes real Plug-ins are actually on the list when the Shopper enters Target, but most of the time, no; they just sort of happen into the Shopper's basket along with all of the other things the Shopper hasn't gone in for but will leave with. *sigh.* Target.

Teri M.

This brings to mind the end of Blair Witch Project.

Or is it just me?


Maybe Cesar Milan could meet you and Ceiba at Target. He is soooooo HAUTTTTTTT!


Awww Baby!

Real Girl

man, it's a bit embarrassing how ferklempt I get at dogs and babies.

Poor sweetie misses her daddy.

Heather B.

Ya know I think I actually like Ceiba now. Not that I loathed her before, but she is actually nice and polite now and quite cuddly. I kind of feel badly for her now.


This brings to mind the end of Blair Witch Project.

Or is it just me?

Those shoes peeking out from the tire remind me of the house falling on the Wicked Witch of the East, so um, no. It's not just you.


I don't know who looks more depressed, Ceiba or the tire.


Is she expecting a package from UPS?


Ummm... I don't know much 'bout city dogs, but sometimes when a dog sits by the door it needs to take care of business outside. Just a thought.


I was thinking it rather looks like she's pointedly ignoring the tire. "Yeah, I know you're there Tire but I will NOT aknowledge your presense in my space!"


"She's been sitting there, just like that, for HOURS."

For just a second, I thought you were referring to the TIRE.


My dog is currently doing it, too, and damn, is it frustrating, because: who picks up her shit and gets up with her at 6 a.m.?

Oh that's right. NOT MY HUSBAND.


I see someone else beat me to it, but that tire is WASTED just sitting there. You've got a doggie bed right there!!! Once you pop a pillow and blanket in there, you will never have to look at the tire-in-limbo again with dismay or ambivalence - it will be of use! And if you aren't into the doggie bed idea, why could it not be a magazine rack? A little creative positioning of a stretched out coat hanger and you could have yourself a handy umbrella stand. The possibilities for multi-use of the spare tire are endless, really.


Get used to it, Sundry. When the kids get old enough, they start doing it too. You do all the work, and Dad gets all the glory... Just sayin'

"She's been sitting there, just like that, for HOURS." - I thought you were talking about ye olde friend, TIRE, too.

Dr. Johnny Fever

I've had boogers bigger than that dog.


That has got to be the cutest thing ever. Except Noah, of course.

shy me

But if she moves, he might come home. And then she'll have missed him! And that would be tragic. Sometimes I stare at the empty chocolate bar wrapper...just in case the chocolate decides to come back.

Oh, and I agree with Y. How can Jason just leave the tire there all by its lonesome? Did he explain to the tire he'd be back soon? Does the tire need counselling? Are we all going to be ok?


That is adorable!


It looks like Ceiba is waiting for you to turn your back so she can use the tire as an exercise wheel. I would check it periodically to see if it has moved.


I am still laughing from yesterday's comment about someone putting a BEEFLOG in your Foyer Tire (which should be capitalized and is now officially in fashion thanks to your enlightening us on their many organizing possibilities) You should check the Foyer Tire for a possible BEEFLOG, because if its made of mutton, Ceiba may have been snacking on it while she waits for Jason to return home.



Now realizes that a BEEFLOG is made of BEEF not mutton and goes to bed.

*still, you should check the Foyer Tire for foodstuffs."


It's a scene from Strongbadia! And oh god please don't let me be the only one here who reads Homestarrunner.


I love wee dogs. This is so sweet yet so sad.


She's just like my dogs when the father goes away - sickening really. Considering it's usually us gals who WANT the dogs in the first place, but then the men go and spoil it by stealing all their affection. Typical.

No I'm not bitter.

-Aly ;)


Can I tell you how sad that looks? Can I tell you how often I stop by because I need a laugh, some inspiration, and to feel like I am NOT some oddball of a mother? Can I tell you that you are all of the above? Betcha didn't know you filled NEEDS like that LOL. OK so I will tell you.

You rock even with the odd accessory in the foyer or maybe WITH the odd accessory in the foyer. And the dog. Either way, we love you Amy!


What a cute doggie! The tyre's not so bad, either, so far as tires go. :)


Patrick has been out of town too and our dog, Belle, has just been sitting staring out the front door waiting for him to drive up. Its kind of heartbreaking actually. And by heartbreaking I mean "Damn dog. Why don't you love me like that you fool?"


I love the tire.

Everyone should have a low profile tire just inside the front door. You never know when you'll need one.


Tracy--Hell yeah, Strongbadia! My thoughts exactly.


This picture could only be improved if she was sitting IN the tire! Poor little thing missing Daddy.


Wait - the doggie or the tire? OK, I'll go with the dog, so the picture and the post are all "awwww - poor baby", but the *comments*! I'm LMAO here! Your readers are beyond cool.


Please tell me what breed your adorable little dog is!


She's not pining for Jason while he's gone. She's standing guard at the door to prevent you from leaving, too. She can deal without Jason for a couple days. YOU are the one she NEEEEEEDDDSSSS.

She's such a cutie.


That is so precious!!!!


Okay, until I saw this picture, I thought the tire was in the hallway *outside* your door and I felt very bad for your neighbors... *am dumb*


Donde esta Senor Jason?

Is she STILL waiting? Little beacon of hope.


I don't know who looks more pitiful...the dog or the tire.

PS. I was totally remembered this time. Mmmmm....cookies.


I would love it if my dog would get out from under my feet long enough to stare woefully like that. Lucky.


My little dog does the same thing when I leave. It is so sad.


I want a MinPin. She's so weeny and cute, and she looks so lonely...


the dog is cute and all, but i'm here to tell you that i LOVE that purple door!


what a cute little boodge.



Ya know, if you wanna get RID of that tire? A quick Craigslist post'll do it.

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