Confessions of a Gymboreeaholic
Preserving the Evidence


Hours Our Condo Has Officially Been On the Market: 5

Minutes of Notice Given Before Very First Showing: 27

Number of Showers Taken Before That Moment: 0

Number of Beds Made Before That Moment: 0

Number of Toys Strewn Across Spacious, Light-Filled Living Room: 4,278

Number of Naptimes Officially Fucked With: 1



you may as well move to Gymboree until an offer is accepted!

no one important

Am I first to cooment?

That is so cool Amy. I'm impressed that you actually got a call instead of a knock on the door or worse, just someone standing in your foyer.

Good luck for a non contingent fuul-price offer!


Holy crap.. it's only been up for 5 hours and someone is coming to look at it? That's freakin incredible!


Aw hell, that sucks. And it's also upsetting to get a glimpse into my own future. ACK.


Oh the fun of house-showing! I can imagine we are in for many creative posts chock-full-o newly invented swear words, as the traditional ones will no longer bring satisfaction.


Wow, that was fast! Hope you got out to somewhere fun, at least, during the showing.


Fingers crossed that your next post goes like this:

Number of days our condo was the market before we sold it for more money than we ever imagined: 1.


Dear God. And I thought it was hard to sell a house when we had 2 dogs to vacate from the premises every time someone came to see it.

I'll be thinking about you--good luck!


Doesn't surprise me that your first showing is today - it's a very cool condo.


Awesome! That's really good news about the first showing (except for the not-having-a-shower thing, and the house-is-a-bit-disorganized thing).


You know, once they see that you have a Noah, I don't think that they would expect a perfectly clean house, would they? I mean, what do they expect, you keep him (and Ceiba and Max) in a bubble?

I hope that they give you an offer, and a GOOD offer. BETTER than good. And then you cam move on with your life, and live someplace where people won't come barging in to evaluate your house on 27 minutes notice.

Amy W

First off, congrats on your showing. That's good news. And good luck, it isn't fun having your house on the market with a toddler as I am sure you know already!


It is Newton's Law of Real Estate-the only time anybody will EVER want to see your house, is when it's f'ed up. When it's clean, no one will want to look at it.

Good luck though. Having somebody come look at it after 5 hours is awesome. I hope it sells quick. Then you have packing to look forward to...


Hopefully this early showing is indicative of how fast your condo will sell! *fingers crossed*

I thank my lucky stars that the townhouse I'm selling now is basically vacant. Once we finsh getting it ready, it will basically continue to be show ready with only minor touchup cleaning. However when we put the townhouse we actually live in on the market? O.M.G. That will be an entirely different story. We have 2 German Shepherds, which means hair.Everywhere. But I don't have to think about that for at least 6 more months. *crys*

Heather B.

Wait, they just show up without notice?? Really?

Lady S

I was on the phone when our landlord called to say the agent was coming to see the apt. (So much for a day's notice.) The next thing we knew the agent was unlocking our door and walking into our apt without knocking. Mind you there were 4 cars in the driveway of the 2 apt/3 tenant apartments.

Fingers crossed.


What? You mean it doesn't always look like those photos?


But that's good, right? People want to look at your house! And then maybe buy it!!


Hey - that's awesome. 5 hours on the market and someone ALREADY wants to come see it? I hope it was a buyer and not just a realtor. Good luck!


You going to post a link to the listing? :)


From what I gather, that's totally how it is.

Hopefully one of the barely announced visitors will buy the house!


I'd take a messed-with nap and a quick sale over keeping the kid's schedule intact ANY DAY. Here's to a constant parade of people and a bidding war within weeks!

(Can you tell it took three months for my big-city apartment to get an offer...?)


Ugh!!! Good luck!


We had our house listed for 6 months, which was 6 months of H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, let me tell you.

On the listing it said: Call homeowners before showing. Give one hour notice. Apparently realtors are unable to tell time, because many of them showed up at 20 minutes instead of 60. But my favorite? The "we are in the neighborhood now and my clients really really want to see your house, so we'll be there in 10 minutes" call.


When my parents put their house up for sale years ago, I was home alone, dressed like a slob, making lunch when the realtor and some family just randomly showed up. I just kind of let them wander around on their own; I'd rather run the risk of them stealing our stuff than show them around while looking like a total hobo.

Oh, and my room was a complete disaster area and the pool hadn't been cleaned that week. Oops.


Oh, I remember the pain of showing a house with a toddler/baby around. It truly sucks. Fingers crossed for you!


We sold our home last year. A few months on the market, several occasions that our notice consisted of "we're right outside, can we look right now", and three kids to pick up after, dress and get out of the house----I'm NEVER moving again!


Ugh, do I remember that. My son was 12 mos old when we put it our condo on the market and it was a pain in the ASS always having to run home, clean up toys, wipe counters, etc.

One word of warning nobody ever gave us. Hide away your medicines! People will STEAL medicine from you. I had a 3/4 full bottle of leftover Vicodin from my c-section which I kept and when I went to take one for a massive throat/tonsil infection I had, the bottle was empty.

Best of luck to you.


My brain is mush, I don't know what to say that is coherent. Good luck. Will that work?

Mrs. Flinger

Oh, lord. I think selling is the worst part of moving. But hey! You have people coming by! (Please don't shoot me. That's WAY to happyhappyjoyjoy, isn't it...)


Yeah! It is so great to get a showing so soon. Hopefully it will be done quick and you won't have to endure many more no showers and naps fucked with days. Good Luck!


Welcome to showing hell. Been there about 3 months now. Sucks. Especially with a 9am morning wake up call on Saturday.

Good luck!


I am a little behind in your posts...

Good luck with the house, LORD I hate that showing phase!

I really wanted to post to say that I think you are cool for loving Gymboree and it sounds like a really good place. Your a good mommy!


The whole buying and selling process totally sucks! And what do you have to look forward to? Packing AND moving. Ugh. At least getting all settled into a new place makes it worthwhile. Or maybe after a few years you just sort of forget how incredibly awful that whole stage was and it just seems worthwhile.


Oh, honey, I feel your pain. I've done the house on the market with a one year old and the entire stock of Toys Backward R Us in the living room. It was 25 years ago, and I no longer wake up screaming.

Your place is gorgeous, toys and babies are part of life, and if I knew someone moving to DC I'd send them your way. I hope it's a quick and painless sale and move.


When we were selling our first place, our friend that was our agent recommended we list with another guy that knew the area better and could market it better. I kept the place pretty clean but one morning I left with my pajamas and underwear in the middle of the bathroom floor.

He showed the place without asking permission first.

I 'bout died.


Welcome to the DC selling market.


Since when does "notice" consist of them calling from their cell in your FREAKIN' DRIVEWAY?? True story,it happened to me!! House was bad,I was hungover as hell,it was bad.

Good luck!!

Suzy Q

Shut the fuck up. I had NO realtor, and people would call me from the driveway wanting to come in and see it, immediately. Ugh. A pox on them! A 27-minute headstart would have been a godsend.

PS: Your place is really quite lovely and all cleaned up and stuff now, so that should help it sell, even in this suck-ass sellers' market now.

But, what about all those beautiful paintings that your mom-in-law did, with the tree and stuff? Please tell me you didn't paint over all that!


OH YAY. Sorry about that. I'd imagine that it's not the first time it's going to happen either. Tell them you need atleast an hours notice next time or something. It's worth a shot!


feel lucky. 3 houses around me (yes, i'm in the va burbs) have been on the market for 3-5 months, and 2 of them have NEVER had anyone come look. the other one = only 1 looker.

we sold our house when my son was right around 12 months. i remember the nap carnage a little too well. good luck!


don't people know


Here's a last-minute "OHMYGODTHEHOUSEISAWRECKSHITSHITSHIT" showing hint...cram as much as you can into your washer, dryer, and the trunk of your car. Instant decluttering!


Yipes! That's either a mighty big living room, or a shitload of toys.


totally understand the being a slave to the naps.

don't you just also love the toys that come with a zillion pieces FOR THAT ONE TOY!


I remember those days - we sold our house in Feb. Once someone called to come see the house - I was home with 2 sick kids. Woke them from naps and we all piled into the car to go sit in the grocery store parking lot for an hour. Came home only to find the realtor never came. Now THAT pissed me off!


I sent your info to my friend Elena who has been looking for a condo. She emailed you and is interested. Anyway- hope it sells fast!


We tried to sell our house last year, but the stress of keeping it in showing condition when we have three teenaged boys and many animals was too great, so we took the house off the market after three weeks of showing it.

We were selling on kind of a whim, though, so it was no great loss when we changed our minds.

Next time I put my house on the market, I'm moving out first.


I had a client that drove around with dye in her hair so that someone could see her house. This woman was committed, I would have told them to stick it because.. i LOVE my hair and there are way to many variables in the hair dying process. Of course they bought it! I know it's hard but your doing a good job, it's going to sell quickly.


Since we will have a new baby in, oh, any day in the next three weeks, and we will then have 4 kids age 7 and under, we will be going the bridge loan route and selling our house once it is vacant.

Don't fuck with THE NAP.

Hope this is a sign your condo will sell super fast.


Number of offers you'll probably have for your perusal by the time you get this comment: 5 (at least!)

Best of luck, even though you probably don't need it cause that condo is bee-U-T-ful!


I have never commented before, but there's something about real estate that really brings it out in me. We just sold our townhouse in VA after more than 2 months on the market and my favorite memory of this time was when an agent brought a family by WITHOUT bothering to call at all. Even though it was a Friday morning, I was home preparing for a weekend trip. There was stuff everywhere--I was in my pajamas. I was upstairs packing and didn't even hear them come in. The dog was barking crazily, but he just does that sometimes. I just yelled at him to stop. All of the sudden a family of four and an agent was in my bedroom with me. Good times! Good luck with selling the condo, I totally feel your pain.


Been there! Had NO PHONE CALL! And the the family looking at my rental were kids from my school! IN.MY.CLASS. Can you saw bras hanging from every available hook? How 'bout a pack of cigs on the ledge over the coat hooks (that my daughter couldn't see)....I felt INVADED! Good luck selling the condo!

Silly Hily

Oh jeez. I hope your house sells fast. That's the sucky part about selling (well, one of them)...having to always have the house spotless. I somehow did it with a one year old so I have faith that you can too. Mine sold in a week. Thank God.


I hate the showings, the constantly tidy house, eating out, people touching your things...

I wish you a speedy offer miles above listing price.

shy me

Yeah, showing your place sucks bigtime. Maybe moving to Gymboree like Lisa said is the best plan!


Good luck to you guys! The house looked great in the pictures.

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