365 Days


Noah's first birthday was a day full of joy and wonder and balloons and wrapping paper and big toothy baby smiles.



Sometime between Friday night, when we drove up to Pennsylvania to my parents' house, and his party Saturday afternoon, Noah came down with all of the following:

1) A cold
2) A fever
3) Diarrhea
4) Diaper rash
5) A possible ear infection
6) One molar
7) Another molar
8) Hey, anybody want a couple more molars?

Photos from his party are very...moist-looking, to say the least, and feature shots of me wiping his nose and checking his butt, all while looking like hot exhausted ass. Noah, being the brave little toaster that he is, still seemed to enjoy himself, or else he merely chose to reserve his rage and misery for our own personal enjoyment between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.

(His gums are black and blue, people. BLACK AND BLUE.)

We've traveled with Noah multiple times over the past year, and multiple times I have dutifully packed up every possible baby necessity into clearly-labeled Ziploc baggies. Nose bulb, infant Tylenol, infant Motrin, Hyland's teething tablets, Desitin, burb cloths, extra outfits and 17 million diapers.

This weekend I decided to streamline. We ran out of diapers by Saturday afternoon. We had no Tylenol or Pedialyte or even diaper rash cream. I washed the same cotton romper three times. We made four trips to the drugstore, one trip for each new symptom. The possibility of new teeth never occurred to me until Saturday night and I caught sight of Noah's bruised and swollen gums by accident while he was screaming his head off on my lap.

At least I always have the Corbett Family Parenting Brain Trust to depend on:

Amy's Mom (mother of four, step-mother of three, general knower of all): I thought babies didn't get molars until they were two?

Amy (mother of one, professional obsessive): No, I know they get one set around a year old, but why are his gums all black?

Amy & Amy's Mom: *baffled confusedness*

Amy's Sister (mother of one 18-year-old and one six-month-old): No, I read that some kids get bruising from molars.

Amy: But he still doesn't have his eye teeth? I thought he'd get those next?

Amy & Amy's Mom & Amy's Sister: *baffled confusedness*

So for anyone else out there who may be wondering, please benefit from the wisdom I have since gleaned from the Internet: Babies get their first molars BEFORE their canines, and sometimes the gums appear bruised. Some babies, particularly those named Noah Corbin Storch, get all four molars at once! Joy!

Oh, and you may also be happy to know that, according to the Texas Children's Pediatric Associates's website, "teething does not cause fever, sleep problems, diarrhea, diaper rash, or lowered resistance to any infection.  It probably doesn't cause crying."

GOOD TO KNOW! We've just hit on a remarkable string of coincidences, then.

Fuck off, Internet Research.

Anyway, Jason is home sick today with Noah's cold, and I'm kind of scratchy and blechy.

We're going to need more chocolate birthday cupcakes. STAT.


PS: Oh commenter-type people, thank you so very much for all your lovely birthday messages to Noah. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. I mean, I could try, but the entry would probably be very very long and very very mushy, and things around here are mushy enough, what with all the mucus, you know?

PPS: Also, a big thank you to Unexplored Territory, who gave Noah's birthday entry a Perfect Post award for September. Dude! So it's a good thing I went back and fixed all teh typoz thenn.

PPPS: What's that? You want to see more disgusting pictures of my child with chocolate cake smushed all over his face? OH, FINE, IF YOU INSIST.


(I made it myself, by the way.)


(Well, okay, I used a mix, but I still VERY LOVINGLY broke the eggs and measured the oil and water.)


(And canned frosting just plain kicks ass, especially if Mama gets to eat the leftovers with a spoon.)



So sorry to hear about the molar-pains-ness, but very happy to hear (and see) about the lovely-birthday-with-cupcakes-ness!

P.S. You totally deserved that award for that last entry, by the way. Made me sob like a little sissy girl.

P.P.S. Another Happy Happy Birthday to the bestest, blondest boy around!

P.P.S.S. there's no way I'm really one of the first comments here, is there?


I think I have to go eat a cupcake RIGHT NOW.


Yay! Chocolate cake and a baby. Perfect mix.


Don't you just hate teething? And a cold? Ugh..that's just pure misery..for the whole family!


I gave your post an award too, but it was only in my mind, so you had no way of knowing about it, except like now when I am telling you, so...Yay, you!

and I love Noah's face in that last pic. He looks very bored and French and very, "Eh? Molarrz? Zeh diareeah? I spit on you for coming on my day of birth, pah!"


Yeah, I love the way the doctors always tell you that teething causes none of those things. Then how come they always seem to show up at the EXACT SAME TIME?!


Teeth are the bane of my existence. Yours too, I'm sure. Hang in there.

Nolan is delicious, moreso than the cake, I'm sure. Happy Birthday to him. :)


Apparently getting names right is also the bane of my existence.

~blushing profusely~

I was thinking Noah. I typed Nolan, as I was just reading another blog about a boy named Nolan. My apologies.

Slinking off now...

Bunmaster L

Yummy chocolately goodness smushed on sweet baby face - could there be anything cuter? Happy belated Birthday Noah! Sorry to hear about the molars dude.

Sarah Marie

Noah looks completed satiated in that last photo. Or did you drug those cupcakes? Now Noah's gums are black and blue and chocolaty. A definite improvement.

Hope you all are feeling better!



My oldest daughter had roseola on her first birthday. Fever, rash, grouchy-ass baby.

My youngest actually had open gaping wounds/holes in her gums when her teeth poked through. I was ready to take her to the emergency room and my family was ready to have me committed.


Dude, I look exactly like that on my birthday.


That research on teething always irritates me. Its not just an old wives tale that teething causes all of those listed symptom. Beaux got a lot of teeth at one time as well and the silver lining is that at least its over!


My girl got 3 molars on her B-day as well. I am so sorry I feel your pain girl. Baby motrin is the best thing ever, I now keep it in my purse at all times. I hope all the gunk is gone soon!


Ya know, I have that SAME look on my face, as Noah does in that very last photo, when I eat chocolate.

It's that combination "chocolatecrack fix" mixed with "touch-my-chocolatecrack-and-you-die" look.

Yup. Know it well.

Happy Birthday Big Noah!! I have some nice doggy chew toys I could send your way...help get those molars in!!

Mrs. CPA

I am already dreading the teeth coming in pain. At six months I expected my child to have all of his teeth, be forming complete sentences, and using the potty. That lady's kid down the street was doing it.


dude. you were in town and could have saved me from my inlaws.

Yeah. I know. weird blogger girl at your son's 1st b-day party but still.

My in-laws.......



Yeah, I love how the doctors tell you that teething doesn't cause fever, yet every single time my boys were cutting teeth they had a fever, and damned if baby tylenol didn't relieve the suffering (mine more than theirs). I can tell in those pics that he had one, by the little red-rimmed eyes; that's always a giveaway.

And mine also broke multiple, simultaneous teeth. With bonus bleeding! In retrospect, I really thought it was better that way: having an episode over in one fell swoop rather than doing it for individual teeth. Of course, wine in the afternoon helped, too.


The Dr. told me the same thing - that teething does not cause diarhea or anything else. But I quickly learned they were just wrong. When the new pediatric resident moved in to the house behind ours I told her that I didn't care what she had been told in med school - that teething DOES cause all that stuff!

Oh - by the way - the 2 year molars are FAR FAR worse. My DS started getting them around 17 months. Pure hell I tell you.


Aww poor Noah and poor you. He still looks totally gorgeous though, despite all his symptoms. I could just eat him up!


Mmmmmm. Cake. I believe I hold an Official Blog Record for the number of times I myself have mentioned cake in the last three weeks. Which is why you should be glad I didn't get invited to Noah's party. I probably would not have been able to restrain myself from licking it off his face.

Wait, that sounded totally creepy.

Happy Birthday Noah!


Oh God, the teething 'statistics' that the doctors toss out irritate me so. Our first got all of his teeth--including molars--before his first birthday. His pediatrician kept saying, "Well that's unusual," and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "No shit, Sherlock."

Then our second got his teeth in the "usual" schedule---so naturally we thought he was delayed or lagging behind when he hadn't popped his first tooth at 3 1/2 months, like his brother. Poor kid.

Happy Birthday to Noah--and yes, canned frosting rocks the house. Way better than homemade.


Yeah, I have to say that for a kid with all those ailments and bruised gums, he looks pretty damn good-natured. Must be the cake. Also, bruised gums? I had no idea babies could get bruised gums. That is very sad. Poor kid.

Happy birthday to him. Your last post also made me teary and fairly anxious to meet my own offspring!


And Noah finds out on his very first birthday that 1)Getting older sucks (always a new body-related problem with every passing year), and 2)Eating chocolate in an attempt to feel better really isn't ever a bad idea.

Sorry he was sick/teething. I hope the weekend otherwise rocked, and at least you had your mom to lean on. Moms (and chocolate) sometimes make everything better.


loved the brave little toaster reference!


Amalah-every baby I know, including mine and those in my playgoup for all 4 molars at once, a week before their first b-day. It's a lie, big lie, that they come in in stages. And my little one had the same symptoms as Noah. My ped said well, at least you only have to do this once. I'm so not looking forward to 2 year old molars.

Glad the party was a success!


Forget the spoon - scoop that frosting out with pretzels. You'll thank me.


Awww, poor thing gettin all those molars on his birthday. But, he's still just a little doll!! Happy 1st Birthday to Noah!


There is a good side to Noah getting molars all at once -- it's over with faster. Our daughter pulled the same trick and after the hellish ear infections and respitory distress, I was glad it was over. Hope you can get some sleep soon! He's so lovely, especially with the chocolate cake face.


I remember Emily's first birthday and the pedialyte in the sippy cup from the bout of diarrhea she was sporting. It wasn't until her 4th bday that she finally was healthy for her birthday. I was beginning to get pissy about it all.

He looks none too worse for the wear in those pics. Adorable as always!


I'm so sorry Noah's first birthday wasn't a happy-happy funfest. But I did learn something about molars. You've saved me a frantic trip to the emergency room at the first sight of black and blue gums.

That Texas Children's Pediatric Associates's website is a joke right? From what I've seen, just about every malady inflicted upon a baby or toddler can be attributed to teething.


Poor Noah! He still looks totally adorable, though! He is every bit as sweet as that cake! :)


Ohh...molars and birthdays are not a good combination...ugh!! Hey, we had a raging virus with a 104 degree fever on Landon's b-day a month ago...so I can totally relate!

Just wanted to add that my Pediatrician told me that YES, teething DOES cause fever, runny nose, and diarrhea (she didn't believe it until she had her OWN child though), so THERE damn internet! :)

Love the pics...even through all of the pain and sickness, it looks like he had a blast! :)


Just delurking to pass on some information. Have you ever heard of the Pillsbury bake off? Well the person that won the Grand Prize $1 million dollars has a Blog called Cookie Madness and guess who is listed on her side bar? You are!!! I was watching Food TV the other night and she mentioned her Blog so I looked it up. I just thought you might want to know that in case you didn’t. Anna Ginsberg the winner was also on the Oprah Winfrey show “The Big Idea That Made Millions”. She seems like a very sweet and down to earth lady. Also I loved your tribute to Noah, I cried too.


For a sick baby chick, he sure is enjoying the choco-goodness! Here's to the hope that when you look back on the pics, all you remember is the chocolate cupcakes.

Home from some dental work, myself, today. My mouth hurts! A lot! I can't imagine how much worse it is for the teething babies out there.


Of course, he still looks adorable!


goodness if you get this far in comments noah must be eating more cupcakes! eamon got all 4 of his molars and upper/lower eye teeth at the same time. and um, damn if he didn't have all the same symptoms as noah... hope you all feel better soon.

Vaguely Urban

Have people been telling you to put whiskey on his gums? I have no babies, but that's got to be the awesomest advice ever. Chocolate cupcakes and whiskey would surely do all of the Storchs a lot of good today.


My daughter just finished up with her first-year molars. She also had a fever and diarrhea and super-bad ass rash at the same time. I know those sites say this is just some sort of evil coincidence, but as they say, the proof is in teh diaper.

Heather B


I had a birthday not long ago and I think Noah is enjoying that cake far more than I enjoyed mine.

Does that mean I get a birthday cake doover, whereupon i can smash it all over my face and be all "hands offa my cake, foos'?"

Wacky Mommy

I just love Noah and his whimsical family. Yummy, cake!


Every time my son (almost 18 months) gets a tooth, we never seem to figure it out until he is a fair bit through the process. It reminds me of when he was a newborn, when there was only three things - tired, wet or hungry - and we would still brilliantly forget one of the three when trying to figure out what his deal was. Now there are 100 variables for your toddler's mood, so it isn't any wonder that we can all be kind of clueless when crying strikes. For the record, my kid always gets a runny nose, fever and an upset stomach for at least a few days while the teeth are invading his mouth, so I am a second to the flipping off of internet research. (Also, happy birthday Noah!)

Anne Glamore

I don't know WHY all the docs and internet sites insist on saying there's no confirmed link between teething and diarrhea when I, like you, confirmed it simply by looking in the baby's mouth and then in his diaper.

No rocket scientist needed.

Great pics!!


Even when sickly, he's too cute for words.


The internet research is full of hooey, in my professional opinion. My daughter gets diaper rash at least 2 days before she cuts a tooth. Every. Single. Time. It's to the point now that when she starts up with the diaper rash, I know to start watching her mouth for another tooth.

I also love it when the doctors insist that teething isn't particularly painful. I don't know about you, but I don't remember getting my first teeth, so I'm not sure how they know it doesn't hurt. Emily sure cries like it hurts. And hard, sharp things growing through tender gums seems like it would hurt A LOT to me... but, I'm just a mom, what do I know? :) I hope Noah feels better soon.

PS: I highly recommend Calmoseptine ointment for diaper rash - works REALLY well!


The last picture? He is WASTED on chocolate, dude...

For my baby boy's first birthday, we kept remarking how rosy his cheeks were and how beautiful the pictures were going to turn out...umm, rosy cheeks? 104 fever. Ear infection.

I'm off to accept my Lifetime Achievement Award for Dumbest.Mom.Ever.


When it was time for us to start talking about having a second child the only thing I wasn't looking forward to was teething. My son was already 2.5 and I thought, "Shit! We just finished UP with all of this!! Do I want to do this all over again?!"


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I hope he is feelnig ebtter no!!! happy 1st birthday! my son turned one on sept 22nd!! :) hehe loev the cupcake all over the face to cutE!


HA! HAHAHA! I'm SO sorry for laughing, but I go to one of the Texas Children's Pediatric Associates' offices, and HA! That website is deadly wrong.

My god, the molars. the MOLARS. Are awful. Also caused much pain and fever and diarrhea in this household, and the actual doctor didn't think that was unusual. (apparently he didn't write the blurb on the website). (Pain for everyone in the family, fever and diarrhea were left for the little one alone.)

Seriously, warnings should be given when you birth the child: "Beware of Molars. Molars = bad." I guess we're worrying about too many other things at that time that we don't want to think of worries a year in advance...

My DD luckily decided to get all 4 of hers the week after her birthday, and even more luckily didn't get black and blue gums, so I feel for you.

Here's hoping they pop through quickly.

bad penguin

"Teething probably doesn't cause crying"? Even I know that's complete bullshit, and I know nothign about teething.

Noah obviously loves cake mix cupcakes and store brought frosting, and really, who doesn't? This weekend my husband only half jokingly requested "something chocolatey, maybe a can of frosting" when I was headed to the grocery store.


That last adorably gooey picture of the birthday boy makes me think that one of the ingredients in that cake was rum. Always a good idea. Always.


That photo collection felt like the opening of a new Monty Python film staring Noah and perhaps 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas... Anyone want to try a nice holiday in Sweden?


Oh no, poor Noah! That is a lot for one little guy to have all at once. I hope you all feel better soon.

Canned frosting spread on graham crackers-mmmmm.


I love baby's first cake!! Isn't it so much fun to make his own special cake just for him? my first son just licked all the frosting off his cake while my mother fretted over the fact he was going to get it in his eyes and WIPE HIS FACE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.

I think if Noah has all his molars now, it can only mean one thing. Bring on the prime rib!


OH. MY. GOD. I never noticed what brown eyes Noah has before. The chocolate cupcakes totally bring out the brown in his eyes. MORE CAKE.

The internet (not this internet, obviously) is full of it if it can try to tell mothers that teething doesn't cause any of those symptoms. Are pediatricians not actually permitted to speak to mothers and get, you know, real professional opinions? Phooey.

My daughter got her four molars right around her first birthday too, and her last two eye teeth are coming in now, three months later. My almost-four year old son got his very last two molars on his second birthday, while we were flying from New Zealand to LAX. Somehow the other passengers did not throw us into the Pacific. I'm not sure why not.


Poor Noah! Sick on his birthday. He still looks absolutely adorable in his birthday pics.

Yeah, we've got 4 molars and no eye teeth yet either. I thought for sure those came first. Molars always bring out the extra super duper dose of crankiness so that on top of getting sick must have been an experience.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


Yipes, poor Noah AND poor you (and Jason). Four at once? No wonder he was crying. That internet research was obviously a load of crap. Pssh.

Gorgeous pics as always.

Congrats on your award - the amount of blogs I've seen this weekend that linked your uber soppy post with glee and delight and many tears was INSANE. You're fabulous, Amalah.


Ha! We haven't seen any teeth emerge yet and we're getting the screaming, crying and well, nashing of .... something.


I remember cutting my wisdom teeth in high school. I went through Anbesol like it was crack. Anyone who thinks teething doesn't hurt is full of it.

And of course it causes runny poo - think of all that saliva they produce when teething. Most of it gets swallowed and magically reappears in the diaper!


Possibly fever, sleep problems, diarrhea, diaper rash and crying all *cause* teething. That's my bet. I mean since most babies exhibit at least some of these symptoms while teething it would make sense they the symptoms bring on the teeth. That or they they are idiots. It's really a toss up.

And I must say that black gums just make me want to cry right along with Noah. On the bright side, at least they are in.

Now, just eat some cupcakes and don't cry or you might get some new teeth, too!!

Real Girl

Perfect cake pics! Happy birthday little fella, and hope the gums get all pinked up real soon.


I wish it was my birthday so someone would give me a cake.

I so want cake now.


It's not coincidence that that advice came out of Texas. They don't allow crying in that state, from what I hear. No pussies in Texas, under penalty of death. It's true.


When I saw "chocolate cupcake" I kind freaked out for a split second, thinking: "No, no! Babies can't have chocolate, it kills them!"

But then I remembered, that's *dogs,* not babies.

Cute pictures!


"Amy's Sister (mother of one 18-year-old and one six-month-old)"

What? An 18 year old and a six month old?


Very cute pictures! SO sorry about the teething hell, though.

(And is it just me, or in that middle picture does it look like Noah is giving the finger? He's all, F you molars!)

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

But he avoided the gout! And the consumption! Seriously, are we due for another entire f*ucking winter of nonstop sickness? I can't stand it another second, and it's the beginning of October. And winter lasts, like, 5 months here. I'm thinking of bottling the mucus and selling it as "Emmie's Miracle Glue". Maybe I could trade it for liquor or tranquilizers. (I hope Noah feels better).


Oh Texas Children's Pediatric Associates's website, you lying bastards! I don't kow what the deal is but my kids have been sick a lot too since their first birthday. Poor kiddos!


I am delurking again to note that your pretty, pretty Vimeo movie made me all weepy. Happy belated birthday to Noah, too.


My pediatrician on teething:

"As a doctor, I will tell you that there is no scientific reason for running a fever while teething.

As a parent, I will tell you it happens every time."


Happy Birthday, Noah! And happy birthday, Noah's Mommy! Because don't you think the mommy should TOTALLY get presents on the baby's birthday? For all her effort? Perhaps something from Coach.

(We also had the brusing with one kid's molars. Freaked me the hell out. I spent two days making everyone, including a clerk at Walgreens, look in his mouth. Because I'm a good mommy. Also perhaps a little unhinged.)


And she's asleep now so I can't even passify myself by checking. Thanks a lot.


I'm sorry to hear that this happened on his birthday, but if it makes you feel any better, it could be worse. My oldest daughter, at 11 months, started to get all four first year molars AND all four incisors at once! What fun! It was an extremely painful month (for all of us) while all those teeth slowly--SLOWLY--poked their way through her gums. But thankfully, there was no bruising. Poor Noah!

shy me

canned frosting.. drool...


You freaking totally deserve the award. That was one of your Best Posts Ever.

Sorry about the crappy ( har har) birthday :)




My son will be a year old on October 10th. I saw the video that you put together and cried my eyes out because it reminded me too that my baby will be 1 in like a week and a half...less than that now. Anyway, he cut 3 molars last weekend and his last one yesterday or last night. His gums weren't bruised, but his pediatrician did warn me that it is very common for it to happen. She said that as the tooth comes up it breaks the blood vessels...makes sense to me why they would bruise then. Now that I think about it, a couple days after he cut 3 molars, he also came down with diarrhea and a high fever. Then the other molar comes in...he also do not have his eye teeth! I have a friend who's daughter is almost 2 and her teeth came in the exact same way that my son's did. Good luck and happy late birthday to Noah!

Shelley M.

Happy birthday Noah. Hope you feel better soon.


I cried over your post too, I was an emotional mess that day..very strange. I'll just blame you instead. "AMALAH MADE ME THIS WAY!" Bummer about the vacay shittiness, but atleast you guys got cupcakes outta the deal. Such a handsome boy!


I think those cupcakes might be making Noah drunk. Drunk! on chocolate is a cause I could really get behind. ; )


Holy crap...I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

As for the pictures-it looks like Noah did just fine, even with the black and blue gums.


YES!!! My pediatrician (and every book I could get my hands on), and of course the Internet all stated that teething cause none of those symptoms! In my opinion (as a mom of 2): crap! Teething does cause at least: low-grade fever, diarrhea, some diaper rash and sleep problems (duh! all that pain = sleep problems). It it doesn't my kids (both) coincidentally developed all those when they were teething... Anyway, brilliant post. GORGEOUS BOY!!! Cake looks yummy.


But look at the silver lining - you're getting all four molars over and done with at one time! :-) That's something, right?

Her Bad Mother

LATE - because have been in sicky land - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTEST MAN!!!!

And congrats on a well-deserved PP.


I dont know who these people are who say that teething does not cause all those problems. We are also under seige by the molars and hence the incessantly running nose, the diarrhea and of course the wailing and gnashing of (almost) teeth. However I also find that high doses of choc. cupcake tend to ease even the greatest pain.


My kiddo's first birthday was similar - icky cold, awful diaper rash and an eye infection. So yeah, she looks sort of bumpy, red and moist in her pictures. She was also very confused that day - one minute we're handing her cake and toys, the next we're holding her down to put the evil EVIL!! eye drops in.

Karen Rani

Your comment count said 11 when I clicked it. I call bullshit!

Anyway, I sure hope Mister Noah is feeling better mucho soon-o.


Dude, that was awesome and all, etc., etc., blah blah blah...

but I frickin' LOVED the Brave Little Toaster. That movie fucking rules. Preach on.


No cake for The Tire?



What is canned frosting FOR if not to eat with a spoon?


Happy belated birthday Noah! For teething, I recommend 2 Tylenols (or whatever) and a shot of alcohol - both for you. Good luck - we're going through the same thing at home.

Cindy and the Four Horsemen

I'm trying to type and wipe tears at the same time, and I don't think I'm doing either one very well. I just watched Noah's video, and then had to watch it twice more, and sobbed each time. My first baby just started university this year, and my youngest baby is 9. It never gets any better, that feeling you get on each birthday, like someone pushed 'fast forward', and you'd like to find that person and smack him while you look frantically for the 'pause' button. It all goes so darned fast, every sweet, sticky, funny, cranky, exhausted,exhilirating, blessed moment of life after your baby. Which, of course, is really just....life. Hugs to you, and happy, happy birthday- to Noah, to you as a mom, and to your husband as Noah's daddy.


Noah got molars
Fever rash diarrhea
Unrelated yo

Lady S

Happy Birthday baby! I am torn between is it better that they get the teeth young and don't remember it? Or is it worse that we can't explain it will stop hurting soon?


First time poster, long time reader. Just wanted to say your little boy is beautiful and to treasure every moment you have together. I loved the vimeo of Noah's 1st year- beautifully put together.


Ah, yes. We had the ear infection AND pinkeye crop up between Saturday and Rosie's actual birthday on Sunday. Fun for everyone!


Happy Birthday, Little Dude! Congrats on making it through the first year Amy & Jason!


I know this is a little late but I typed in "I hate being pregnant" tonight and found your posting from July 26, 2005 and just killed myself laughing. I get so sick of all of those awful perky pregnant women. Just happy that they are part of this great miracle and it was so awsome finding someone else out there that has felt my pain and made me laugh so hard. Thank you.

Mrs X

I've gotten that load from his Dr about the runny nose, icky diapers not being related at all to his teething. I just find it an amazing coincedence that Hurricane went through it with each tooth.
Poor Noah! But at least he had chocolate to comfort him.


C got all 4 molars at the same time too! It's a sign of extreme intelligence and adorableness. ;-)

Sue GT

haha. love the pictures. hey Amy, you can post some of the pictures here as well www.GoobyBaby.com

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