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Would You Like to Hear All About My Dog's Bladder Functions?

Well gosh darn goodness, Internet, I've been so consumed with real estate and cat pee smells and posting a hundred times a day at Mamapop that I COMPLETELY neglected to tell you what's going on with my dog's urinary tract.

I am sorry for this oversight. I know how you care. Deeply, is how you care.

On Saturday afternoon we had our windows washed, which was 1) completely thrilling, 2) an example of the violent turn towards boring my life has taken, just like the time I countered Jason's offer of pointlessly fancy shoes for Christmas with a request for a Dyson vacuum instead, and 3) an example of how my many years of Spanish language instruction failed me, as the team of window-washers only spoke Spanish and you'd THINK six or so levels of Spanish in high school and college would have left me able to converse with them just slightly instead of pointing a lot while sitting there, eating a burrito, unable to remember the fucking word for "windows" (VENTANAS! God, what is wrong with me?).

And this is why I let Noah watch Dora the Explorer AND Go Diego Go. I'm only thinking of his future.

ANYWAY. The presence of the window washers upset Ceiba greatly (Ceiba: (ears back, full body mohawk in effect) BARK BARK BARK YAP YAP YAP) (Window Guy: hurón estúpido), and Noah really REALLY wanted to upend some water buckets, so I took both of them outside for a walk. Where Noah proceeded to shove acorns, mulch and pebbles into his mouth (whatever, it's great to see him eat something other than hummus and carpet lint), and Ceiba proceeded to pee and pee and pee and squat and squat and squat.

S57 <-- This is how she squats, by the way. Balanced on her front legs with her back legs sticking straight out, which never fails to crack people up, which is great, since she's already an embarassingly-teeny freak-of-nature goofy-looking ratdog, so thanks for being even MORE WEIRD, Ceibs.

Anyway, after squat number eight or nine I finally started thinking that hey! I know that feeling. I know that feeling very well.


Blah. So off to the 24-hour emergency vet place, where I learned that 1) Animal Planet still shows back-to-back-to-back episodes of The Crocodile Hunter, oh my GOD, 2) urine cultures for dogs do not involve peeing in a cup, although if they'd just been patient I'm sure I could have made that work, since it's not like I'm above totally embarassing myself in front of people in regards to Ceiba's evacuation habits, 3) the visit cost THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE DOLLARS, and 4) we accidentally let our pet insurance lapse sometime earlier this year, FUCK ME.

I don't think I will be getting that Dyson after all. I will, however, be sticking festive bows on Ceiba's butt at every occasion. Merry Christmas!

We got the results of the World's Most Expensive Urine Culture back this morning, and it actually showed no evidence of an infection. Which means the constant squatting and fever could be a stone. I don't know. I think she seems better on the antibiotics, so I am hoping we just caught a UTI super early?  Or maybe she's just perfecting her balance beam routine for the Olympic qualifiers?


On the plus side, her urine sample revealed no evidence of doping.



Oh my word! $350???

You just bought the vet's wife a Dyson.


Oh my that sucks!!!!!! That is something that would happen to us! Do you think it was all because she was nervous form the window cleaners?
My husband is Mexican and doesn;t speak spanish- or as we say- he isn't a "real Mexican" so don't worry about not remmebering what you learned- it happens! Even when you grow up around it!

I that Ceiba needs to go out and get a job so you can have the vacumm!!!!


That may be the cutest picture of the Ceibs ever. Thanks for keeping us posted on the health and well-being of your other babies!


i think it should be vet policy that you get a refund if it turns out nothing is wrong with your animal. seriously.

p.s. i think the internet would like an actual picture of the ceiba squat. internet? yes?


Oh I know the pain of the animal stones well. Ask about special food that help dissolve stones while they are still small. The food is about the same price as the high quality brands like Iams and the like but will save you a bajillion dollars. We didn't know our dog had stones until they were too large to dissolve with medication. 1500 dollars. And a scary surgery. Where I became convinced that she might die. Not that this will happen to Ceiba except she does seem unlucky so get her the special food.


Aw, poor Ceiba. But $353? What the hell? I just took a tiny kitten I rescued to the vet for a new patient exam, including several tests, nail cutting and vaccinations. It was only $112.

I will never complain about how much the vet costs ever again.


I keep contemplating pet insurance... but I keep putting it off until we're at the vet, and my cat is barfing everywhere, and I'm thinking, SHIT I FORGOT TO GET PET INSURANCE AGAIN.

Maybe I should just call some window washers, because 1. my windows are soooo dirty, and 2. I'm pretty sure some strange Mexicans hanging outside the windows would scare my cat into full cardiac arrest, and then I wouldn't have to worry about his vet bills and anti-anxiety medication costing more than the mortgage anymore.

Just kidding. I love my cat, though he loves to pee on the carpet and chew holes in all my socks.


The Pink Dyson is on clearance right now at Target for $289. After I paid full price for it a month ago!


Aw, poor Ceiba - hope she gets well soon. There's nothing worse than a pet with hind-quarter ... issues. And $350... Ouch!

You have to post a picture of this squatting technique she's developed!


Here's wishing Ceiba a speedy recovery. And I hope she just had a nervous bladder. Those stone blockage stints are very unfun indeed.


Oh no. Poor Ceiba. Expense aside, I feel for anyone who gets/has a bladder infection or stone of any kind, even if it's canine. Because that shit hurts, man.

I'm also trying to picture exactly how it is that she pees, and yet I can't. I second the request for a photo, although the illustration gives a fine example on a human.


I started laughing so hard at the thought of her peeing like that. She's no fool! She doesn't want to drip pee all down herself. Glad to hear she's doing better and not guilty of doping--haha.


Hambone is still washing dishes after supper every night to work off his emergency vet visit debt from three months ago. I highly recommend this approach.


Sometimes you think your cat has a bladder infection, so the vet says to collect a sample by leaving a plastic bag in front of the litterbox and letting your cat pee on it. Then the vet will call you as you're about to leave town for the weekend and say, "You must not leave town irresponsible pet owner who does not love her cat because there were crystals in his urine and he will certianly DIE if you do not bring him in immediately!" Later, the other vet will tell you that the crystals probably formed while the pee was in the bag, not in your cat's bladder. When the second vet starts his own practice, you will follow him because the first vet is a guilt-tripping asshole.


I think it's time for me to get myself into the animal-pee-analysis industry because I too recently shelled out $300 or so for cat pee analysis only to find out they didn't really know what the problem was. Well, can I get my $300 back then please?


Bella once came out of her box, crossed her eyes, yowled and fell over onto her side. As we had previosly had a cat that threw a clot, causing his back end to stop working, then died, I naturally freaked the fuck out. Turns out? Crystals. She's on special anti-crystal food now and no yowling or crossing of eyes in the past three years. But it of course all hinges on what your freakishly expensive vet says.

Pictures of bows on Ceiba's butt are humbly requested.


And this is why I don't have pets, except for fish, right now.
Dyson is hot, indeed. The only vacuum I can use with my oldest in the room (he has severe allergen-induced asthma).


Here I go commenting in order to request an actual photo of your dog peeing, only to find that numerous other readers before me have requested the same thing.

Is there something wrong with us?


My cat, Tabitha, used to have a really bad hairball problem. She used to be like a specially trained cat homing beacon where she would be able to sniff out the absolute WORST place in the house to hurl and then proceed to cough up a hairball there.

Once we saw her go into her little pre-hairball motion, but we let her be because she was on top of a flat, empty counter that would be incredibly easy to clean. At the last second, she turned her head and horked all over the FRONT of the counter, getting it into all of the little nooks and crannies of the doors.

I swear, they do it just to torture us.


Did anyone else already know that humans can get canine/feline heartworms?

And that they crystallize into tumor like things in human lungs and can cause human blindness?

Yes, I'm serious.

Wacky, huh?

Vaguely Urban

Ninja only sticks one leg out when she pees. I guess she doesn't have Ceiba's upper body strength.


Poor Ceiba! UTIs suck! I still hope you get the Dyson, because then at least I could live vicariously through you for a post or two about being the proud owner of a Dyson. I want one desparately, but am not holding my breath for one, because I know I won't get it.


One time my dog peed a lot too. It was mainly because he was a dog.


24 hour Emergency Animal Hospitals are the devil. Seriously. Lucky enough for us our Vet has Saturday office hours and will make housecalls in case of emergency.

Ceiba is a cutie though. I have an affinity for rat dogs!


Oh my gosh that post is hilarious! As a pet owner (of the feline variety), I totally know how it is. She only jumps off the second story balcony, gets a blurry eye and refuses to poop on the WEEKENDS. Then I of course get to visit the emergency vet.

I can't believe she actually balances when she pees. You should enter her into some dog olympics.


Enh, forget the Dyson. Unless you want to be posting how you accidentally sucked up the wee ratdog with its powerful cyclone action.


I read "would you like to hear all about my dog's bladder functions" and thought, "why, yes, actually."

Eeek. What have I come to?

Wacky Mommy

Funny, a Dyson is on my Christmas list, too. (A moment of silence for my late, lamented youth.) Cute pic of doggie.


The vet bills never stop amazing me, they are always astronomical.


My dog pees like that, too, but usually only one leg is out. When people ask, I tell them that she's got a bad the ripe old age of 18 months.


Aww! Ceiba's just too cute, and apparently bendy, to be mad at. Wait. $353? Nevermind.

Gooby Baby

I think all vets are millionaires ;-)


My dog takes a dump using what my husband refers to as the "3 point stance" - her left back leg shoots up in the air like Ceiba's. Passing motorists routinely crane their necks to gawk. Mercifully, she pees like a real, normal dog.


I've been researching pet insurance online for a while - can you please recommend what you use and if you like it??


ps - LOVE my Dyson. Had no idea how much my German Shepherd acutally shed until the Dyson came along.


A Dyson (or any cleaning or cooking appliance, pink or otherwise daintily colored) is NOT, I repeat, NOT an acceptable gift. That is unless cleaning or cooking is your favorite joy in the entire world. Then it is a gift. But what are the chances of that?
Go for the shoes. Or a nice purse. Or a new camera.
Those are the things gifts are made of.

Mrs. Q.

Maybe it's an acorn?

I used to work for a cranberry company and a woman wrote us about how she gave her pet pig cranberry juice every day and SWORE it kept the urinary tract infections away. Mmmm. Cranberry Pork.

And you can PAY someone to wash your windows? Frig! Maybe I'll finally be able to see the yard again.

Maxine Dangerous

Vet bills suck. A long time ago, I took a sick cat to the vet and many hundreds of dollars later, the poor cat had to be put down. I was very angry with the vet's office for charging for expensive tests when they were 90% sure the cat wasn't going to make it anyway. I made up an acronym to put in the memo line of my checks for the first of several payments to their office. It was P1OADC, or Payment #1 on a dead cat. I still don't like them.


She's such a cute wittle doggie! Hopefully she feels all better soon! No more of those nasty vet bills!


Ceiba just doesn't want to soil her hind end.

She does need to get a job though to get you a Dyson.

reluctant housewife


I am truly impressed by your use of the tilde. Those hours of Dora are paying off.

Go, Amy, Go!


OMG--that picture of the squat just gives me the most *adorable* mental image.

Hope Ceibs gets well soon:)


I am glad you've been consumed by posting at Mamapop, because it is awesome. Really, people, if you love TV and aren't going there, you're missing out.

Poor Ceiba. Poor no-Dyson-for-Amalah. It comes in PINK??


When I took our cat to the Emergency Vet almost two years ago, they wanted to keep her for observation. Oh, and $600, which was their estimate for the night's work. She died in the wee hours, and when I went by to get her collar, I had to pay the extra $80 of actual expenses. It wasn't more because they decided not to charge me the standard $48 for each time they took her pulse (which was something like three times while I was there and then every hour after that).


get a "factory reconditioned" dyson from less expensive, works just as well. :-)

i love your dog!

Amy H.

We have a yorkie, Lucy, and she pees 100 times on every walk we go on. No UTI, though, just likes to freaking annoy me when I am trying to push a stroller and manage a leash. No way to walk off the extra baby pounds when I am stopping in every yard in the neighborhood to awkwardly wait while Lucy pees in their yards. Did I mention we are up for the "neighbor of the month" award because who doesn't like a random dog peeing in your yard?!?!


I've lived in several geographic areas and I have to confirm that vets in the DC-MD-VA area anally rape their clients as far as charges and fees go. There are a lot of great docs in the DC area, but when you can go a few hours south or north and get the same services/vaccinations/etc. for less than half the price that you'd pay around the District...those DC vets have some 'splaining to do.


$350? Pet insurance? I've never heard of such a thing.

Also, (ha!) maybe you can just let her drink cranberry juice. (ha!)


Wow. You have a bunch of vet-haters reading your blog.

First, you probably didn't buy the "vet's wife" or the VET, since the profession is now over 50% female, a Dyson. Probably went to student loans (graduated with $120,00 in student loans to work in a profession where the average starting salary was $35,000 the year I graduated).

Second, if you're going to complain about vet bills, take a gander at what your insurance gets charged for the same. exact. tests. We run about 1/4 of what a human doctor charges.

Third, negative tests = information (refund? what??). Plus, the urine was sent to a lab, and the lab is noway nohow giving a refund to the vet for their work.

Sorry. Nerve hit.

P.S. Depending on what the problem is, we do use cranberry extract in dogs.

Beth F.

I think this post is in your top 10 Funniest Posts Ever. Seriously. The bow on the ass was freakin' hilarious.

you kill me.

(Dyson is NOT the best...just an fyi!) :-)


Our Min Pin did that whole balancing thing too. Freaked us out but yes, was very good for comic effect.

Isn't it amazing what you'll go without for your loved ones?

Four legged creatures included?

I'm also very happy to hear that her urine sample showed no signs of doping. That dog ain't no fool.

Miss Britt

Doping is becoming quite a problem in the canine world these days. Especially in freakishly small rat dogs.

Apparently it stems from a form of Big Dog Envy.


Haha! How can you be angry with a cutie like that? My old girl dog used to pee like that as well, how they manage to balance themselves is beyond me - and she was a chihuahua!


Emergency vets are always more expensive that than the regular guys, so the size of the bill doesn't surprise me.

But i am using this venue to warn everybody who reads this to stay the fuck away from "Banfield Vets" (the ones that are in the huge PetSmart stores). They are insanely expensive and snotty, to boot. They charged us nearly 300 bucks for our two cat's regular checkups, and they charge out the wazoo for each individual shot! And they gave us a hard time about not declawing our cats. Grr.

Even if it's less convenient, go to a local vet who's been around your area for a long while. We paid 150 dollars for our cat's spaying and boosters, and they even cleaned out her ears while she was under for a pittance. And the stitches removal a couple of weeks later was free.


Christine - I'm guessing (hoping?) you were addressing other commenters here and not me, but I still feel the need to go on the record that I did not mean to imply that the vet ripped us off or something.

The emergency vet does charge relatively high prices compared to "normal" vets, but they are also open and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have saved BOTH of our pets' lives in the past, no exaggeration. This hospital also does tons of free services for local animal shelters and sent a team of vets and techs down to New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. They are good people.

I know a lot of people think pet insurance is a weird luxury or something, but I believe it's the exact opposite of luxury. Pets get sick and hurt and the bills can add up really fast. And a lot of us just don't have a few extra grand lying around to cover say, surgery to fix a broken leg or even a few hundred dollars for X-rays and lab work. So for $100 or so a year, get some insurance to offset those bills and rest easy knowing that you aren't going to get put in the position of not being able to afford the treatment your pet might need to survive.

I'm irritated at myself (NOT the vet) for letting Ceiba's coverage lapse, because it probably would have covered over half, if not all, of our bill on Saturday.

For anyone considering pet insurance, I actually wrote about it over at AlphaMom.

Okay. Shutting up now.


My 4 year-old speaks very fluent Spanish thanks to Dora and Diego, further validating my feelings that TV really IS good for kids!!

My first thought about the UTI was, "I'll bet she's glad to have insurance!" Oops.


The emergency vet saved my dog's life about a week and a half ago for two grand and it was worth every penny to me. Maybe when she's feeling better she can do something to work a little of it off.

Ceiba is a very cute dog. I would love to see more photos, especially one of the "pose."


I'm back. And calm! Mostly.

No, no, Amalah, I thought the post was hilarious, mostly because they DO always get sick on the weekend (although interestingly, not during major sporting events, only in the hour after the game...please discuss).

It was some of the comments that got my hackles up. Millionaires? Please. Not even. My cousin who barely graduated with a bachelor's makes more than I do.


I say for $350 you made off easy. Our dog ran up an $800 bill when he ate bird seed with raisins in it. He's pretty much uninsurable since they're onto him and his death wish.

Our other dog had similar urinary issues to Ceiba. Her cultures also came back negative. They finally said she was leaking urine (and peeing all the time) due to being "middle aged" and having been spayed. Something about dog hormones, blah blah blah. Long story short, we give her a pill twice a day that costs about $10/month, and she no longer pees all through the house. (And her pet insurance covered none of it, as she had a UTI 2 years ago and they claimed it was all related. Though of course it's not.)


Poor Ceiba... feel better!!

Wacky Mommy

Tell Ceiba thanks a lot. Just got back from the doc's and I have the UTI. Went to the vet's, the doc's, and then the store to get three jugs of cranberry juice. And I would like to go on the record here as saying every vet I've gone to, from the one way back in the year of our Lord 1976, who convinced my mom that our half-dead hamster would live, to the one today who just charged me 42 bucks for worm medicine (and wanted 20 bucks for labwork, when hello? There are the worms. ID them!) has ripped me off. And then they guilt-trip you into more. Damn. Tests. And then the pet dies anyway. Sorry, it's the UTI talking.


A little story, purely for amusement's sake, but maybe a little for your sake too:

I took my Lucy in for the same thing - a suspected UTI because she was peeing everywhere and her hoo-hoo was kind of, um, bloody?

I didn't even stop to think she could be having her PERIOD, being that we had her spayed just 8 months earlier and all.

Lo and behold, the bitch WAS in heat. They ended up cutting her open only to discover that a whole ovary had been left in there and they hadn't adequately spayed her at all!

Thank god there were no "encounters" with the horny boy dogs across the street!

So, that's the end of that story. Not a UTI, but a botched spay. It can really happen!

(Maybe I should have simply posted this on my own blog....sorry!)

shy me

but did you test the urine for CUTENESS?????


We spent around $3,000 at the emergency vet earlier this year to have bladder stones removed from our pug mix. It would have been slightly cheaper had this occured during business hours.(this was right after spending around $300 on our beagle mix to find out she had pancreas & thyroid issues) He had some type of rare stone caused by too much protein. It was a horrible experience seeing him after surgery (and through recovery). So now every time we go for a walk, I stare at him to make sure he uses the bathroom. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm weird. We signed up for pet insurance soon after that. I hope to never have to fully use it.
Also, I LOVE my dyson. Which is kind of sad.


damnit... I wanted a dyson back when you had to smuggle them over from england. Now that James Dyson is on tv every 5 minutes and you can buy them at every corner qwick-e-mart for less than the duties would have been back in the day, it just doesn't feel so exotic anymore. Just call me "O.G. vacuum cleaner!"


damnit... I wanted a dyson back when you had to smuggle them over from england. Now that James Dyson is on tv every 5 minutes and you can buy them at every corner qwick-e-mart for less than the duties would have been back in the day, it just doesn't feel so exotic anymore. Just call me "O.G. vacuum cleaner!"


That was the most hilarious picture of the squat that your adorable dog does. Oh my God! I needed that!! I hope she is feeling better and peeing less.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I think Ceiba is cleverly trying to prevent the Dyson from coming to get her. We have the Dyson Animal, probably so named because it can suck up small animals like Ceiba effortlessly. BTW, you can always counteract the boring by vacuuming naked. It especially works well if you do it with no warning and a straight face. Maybe during an open house if you don't get any takers soon. Definately not boring.


how weird is it that I am asking a total stranger on the internet to take a picture of her dog peeing and post it? ewwww......But please do!


I love my dyson. LOVE.

When I had owned my machine for about three weeks, I vacuumed over a spill (I have teenagers. They drop stuff and “don’t notice”) and sucked up water into the machine, which mixed with the dust and got all mucky. It wasn’t until I was done spraying off the filter-thingy with the hose that I thought maybe this was not a good idea. I called Dyson to ask what would happen. They said it probably wouldn’t work any more. I asked how much it would cost to replace the part. The nice lady put me on hold, came back a minute later and said “Since you have just made a significant investment in our product, we will send you a replacement free of charge.” Which they promptly did. The one I sprayed never stopped working either. I’ve had the machine three years now and it’s working wonderfully.

And speaking of cats, I found my Reno lying in the bathroom foaming at the mouth one Sunday. The emergency vets wouldn’t even take him without a $750 deposit. The overnight visit to clear his urinary tract (crystals) and treat him for complications cost me $1300. My regular vet said later….next time just call my service, I’ll meet you at the clinic. Durr.


I burst out laughing when I saw that sketch! Sorry about the big vet bill! How's the car?


OMG.. you made me laugh.. I'll confess that I've always been a lurker on your site and today I was compelled to come out of the shameful lurker closet and say that you're awesome!

RockStar Mommy

Aww. Poor Ceiba.

Good luck on the real estate venture. You're gonna need it.


Why do people think that veterinarians are all out to just rip people off? Comments like "well, if the test was negative, can I get my money back?" are ridiculous. Um, we're not charging you just for the heck of charging you. All of the same medical tests that your doctor can run for you, but insurance covers? are the same ones we run for your pets, but all that diagnostic equipment is expensive. We have to cover the cost of running the tests. We don't get to return used urine test strips and test tubes to the manufacturer when the tests come back normal. We send out blood or urine samples to other labs, and those labs charge us a price. Most veterinarians are not jacking up those prices just to annoy you or to pay for a Dyson for the house.
I went to school for a very long time to become a veterinarian. I work very hard to try to help when animals are sick. My student loan payments eat up over half of every one of my paychecks. I make ends meet and love my job, but I certainly don't drive a fancy car or have 5 extra bedrooms in my house. My boss has been a hardworking vet for 30 years and she deserves nice things. She lives in a modest house and drives a station wagon. She practices excellent veterinary medicine. Our clinic is not one of the most expensive in town, but it is not the cheapest by any means. We hear every day about how vets rip people off. Sure, there are probably some out there who do. But for the most part, veterinary medicine is a field that doesn't pay very well for the amount of hard work it takes. It chaps my ass when people act like we're just randomly charging whatever we want for services rendered. Like it has nothing to do with what it costs for us to operate. If you're taking your animal to a dirt cheap veterinarian, remember there is some truth to the saying "you get what you pay for."
Sorry, I don't mean to be offensive or rant-y. Just sayin'.


We've been going through similar issues with my dog. But MY vet makes us bring in the urine samples! And we need to do it every two weeks! I follow her around the park with a small tupperware taped to a ruler, and when she squats to pee, I stick it right under her butt. I'll also second the recommendation for the cranberry powder - we got an extract that we add to her food. It's made especially for dogs.


I feel for you. I just had a $700 vet month myself.


Aww. Poor Ceiba.


Thanks for the news. I was recently wondering how your rat dog's pee habits were. I can sleep well tonite.

bad penguin

Poor Ceiba. I hope she gets better soon.

I also want a Dyson. I'm secretly hoping any vacuum that is that expensive will mean I don't have to vacuum as often.

Matt in London

I have a Dyson (the purple, pet hair eating one) and - to be honest - it ain't that great. Still, I pay someone to use it for me, so maybe their technique just isn't up to scratch (in which case, why am I paying her?). I dunno.


Oh. I so know about bladder stones. They are not good at all. I really hope that is not the case. Our dog had them and required surgery. The first didn't do the trick and a month later he had another surgery. Way pricey! But hopefully (knocking on press board wood), we won't have to go through that again now that he is on a prescription food, Science Diet UD.
Good luck with that...

Wacky Mommy

Dear Danell, if we lived in your town (I'm figuring you don't live in Portland, Ore. but do you?) I would so bring my animals to you. We've just had a bad run of luck here. Sorry, I didn't mean all vets in the universe.


It took over $500 at the vet to find out that my cat makes himself puke when he doesn't get his way. No food in the bowl? Puke. Not enough attention? Puke. Too much attention? Puke. Nothing is wrong with him. Except the EVIL, OH MY FREAKING GOD.


Our new puppy has a thing with peeing literally 4 times and pooping twice practically EVERY time we take her out. Her vet appointment is in a week lol.


want to know how you and i differ? i would have yelled at the dog for being so annoying anf then maybe put a little cranberry juice in the water bowl but probably not even because what if the little turd spills it? cranberry juice stains.


I love my vet. With four animals, I see her a lot. I don't thinking she's ripping us off, I complain about how much EVERYTHING costs.


Dog squat. Picture. Now.

Silly Hily

You must get a picture of her in mid squat b/c I need to see that balancing act.
A Dyson is worth every single penny. I finally broke down and got one earlier this year and I love it with all my heart.
And you let Noah watch Dora and Diego? Aw hell, it's all realize that right? All it takes is one time. Before you know it, Dora and Diego will occupy more sqaure footage of your house than you would have ever imagined.

Kris H.

Ok...After reading your comments, I feel much better. I wanted to ask you to get a pic of Ceiba doing her thing, but I thought everyone would think I was a freak. But since several other people have said it, I don't feel so strange...So Picture Please!!!

Also, hope Ceiba is feeling better soon and that she doesn't require any further tests or care...

Oh, and I ADORE my vet...he takes excellent care of my very elderly Lab and got us through the horrible experience of putting our very elderly, cancer-ridden cat down...


the windows in spanish moment is so chekovian! i love it!
sorry to theatre geek out on you!
my little bonnie boo has been peeing non stop because of the meds she is on (and will be on for the rest of her life)so i've been cleaning up a lot of accidents lately- and changing diapers in the morning!
hope ceibs is better soon!


did you see the ads in the side of the blog? Nice & Funny.


Yes- isn't pet ownership so much fun? 2 weekends in a row i have ended up there with 1)an eye infection and 2) WORMS!!! (from what will from now on be referred to as Worm Park - AKA that place we used to go.)
The puppy is 5 months old and already has doubled his purchase price with vet visits.
Good thing he's cute.
Gotta get that insurance thingy.


My God, you are hilarious!

Bonanza Jellybean

FIRST, please don't hate me for what I am about to tell you. SECOND, the idea that two bloggers posted about dog pee in one day without ever seeing the other's blog has disturbed me a bit.

Our dog did the same thing many moons ago, and it turned out to be a bladder stone. Which meant surgery. Which I meant I probably shouldn't have laughed at the dog eating a pack of diapers, because that's where it came from.

Ceiba hasn't munched on some Huggies, has she? Please say no.


Wow. Good luck there, sista.

Poor Ceiba!!!


Yes, picture! Pleeeease!

Of the Amazing Gymnastics Dog!

Sarah Marie

Dude, the funniest part of this whole post was you chowing down on a burrito while the Spanish-speaking hombres are in your house working. I can't explain why exactly.

Hope the doggie feels better soon.


The Dyson? THE best appliance purchase we've ever made, hands down. That thing is a beast and a work of ingenuity. Splurge.


Doesn't everyone pee like that? Uh oh...

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