Gymboree Took My Stapler

For Some Reason, I Blame the Internet

Okay, so remember the time I posted a picture of my exciting new toilet paper holder? (I mean, of course you do! How could you forget?) And a whole slew of you were all, OMFG YOUR PAPER IS UNDER AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OVER I AM HAVING A STROKE NOW AAAEEEIIIIIIII?

Honestly, the whole thing made me want to create an entire personality test based solely on toilet-paper-hanging preferences. Which I did. Look!

OVER: Sort of nuts, crazed OCD type-A types who probably get those eyelid twitches a lot.

Laid back, easy-going types who probably know where to score good weed.

Anyway, my absolute favorite comment came from Jes:

"My husband and I are both OCD. And we like our toilet paper OVER. So much, in fact, that when I go over to friend's houses and the TP is headed the wrong direction? I fix it for them.

And I think I'm doing them a favor."

Ha! She's funny. The idea of anybody being that crazy as to FLIP  OTHER PEOPLE'S TOILET PAPER is funny. So very, very funny.


Somebody who came to our open house on Sunday flipped our toilet paper.

Somebody who has obviously never lived with a toddler.


If it was one of you I want you to tell me. I won't be mad, I promise. I just want to make sure I have the proper spelling of your name on the restraining order.

Also: Max thinks you're all nuts.



(Okay. Deep breath here, but you know what? I cannot take it anymore and neither can my mom.)













Maxine Dangerous

LOL! The crosseyed cat photo is hysterical. Noah is, of course, as preshus as evah. Thanks for the laugh. :)


I totally do the same thing as Jes at other people's houses. I mean, it just makes sense. Doesn't it? Also, um, when did Noah turn into a toddler?! He's soon going to need his first haircut. I'm voting for a mohawk.


Thank you. I've missed the baby. With regards to the TP issue—I have no preference and whatever way it gets put on, is how it stays.


I am THAT girl....the tp has to be over. And if I come to your house and it's under? I'm gonna flip it. That's just how I roll.(get it?? get it?? i "roll?" I'm clearly a dork.)


I just cannot get over how sometimes he looks so much like you (in the first picture) and other times he's the spitting image of Jason (in the 4th picture). Too cute.

I used to be an "under" person, but my husband is an "over" person and every time I would put on toilet paper he would switch it around. It annoyed me to no end, but then I decided to choose my battles and just put it over now.

If only he would stop rearranging the dishes in the dishwasher after I load it, we would be all set. Because that's the battle I'm choosing to fight. So aggravating!


*sniff* I feel like he's grown sooo much since we last saw pictures of him.


Awe, sweet boy! If I had a beautiful baby like that, I'd want to post the heck out of him too. Thanks for sharing! We missed him.


I am happy.
PS I'm a toilet paper flipper and I'm proud.


About the TP -- what does it say about me that I could care less which way it goes -- indeed, I usually don't even put it on the holder?


Hi. My name is vedjen.

And I am a neurotic flipper-overer of the TP.

I realize it is a problem. And that is why I am here.


I want to get help. I do. I just don't know if I can.


My Dad was a dedicated TP-behind person. I did it that way out of habit for years and then suddenly realized that I liked my TP over the top.

I have to say, though, I find the prospect of people switching OTHER PEOPLE'S toilet paper around to be kind of disturbing. I mean, live and let live, right?


I can't believe I'm about to admit that I used to read Reader's Digest (my parents had a subscription! I used to read everything!), time I read in Reader's Digest that something like 95% of people prefer the toilet paper to come from the top. Which is why all of the hotels do that fancy fold thingie with the TP coming from the top. And since I fall in that 95% and am admittedly Type A, I think you're right on.

Now I'm going to go crawl in a hole and pretend I've never heard of Reader's Digest.


OMG, Noah could be my toddler's twin. Seriously. Except Noah's hair lies down so nicely and looks so dapper, while my kid's is fluffy and floats around like a tumbleweed.

And Max is still gorgeous. Beautiful kitty.

As for TP--it's our six year old's job to replace empty spindles, so i'm just happy if it's there.


Well. I'm glad somebody had the compassion to fix your TP problem. ;)
And also: delicious baby. Hmmm.


Crazy cat, too cute kid!


Luckily, my OCD is confined to my own domicile - I always place the TP to unroll UNDER in my bathrooms, but I never even notice what other people's TP does. I just wipe my crotch with it and call it a day.

Noah suddenly got hair, as in, golden locks that need brushing kind of hair. Squee!

Marmite Breath

Maybe I'm silly, but I'm just always super excited if there actually IS any toilet paper on the roll. Because sometimes, there's not. And I don't have to tell you that getting somebody to bring you toilet paper while they are watching "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" is a terribly hard task, what with the sudden deafness and all.
So over, under, I don't give a damn. Just make sure Mama can wipe her bum, okay?


did noah get a hair cut? he looks adorable! and we no longer use a toilet paper roll due to a certain 18 month old who cannot help himself around toilet paper...


omg...when did Noah turn into a little man?

WAAHHH...our baby is growing up!!!

You *did* know that he is the Internet's baby, too, right?

Love Max's crossed eyes. Classic!


Noah is cuuuteee!!!

I'm on the fence with the toilet paper ocd. When we have company over, I switch it around before they if it's not 'right'. But switching other peoples' toilet paper? Can't do it. I'm ocd on the other side of things - therefore, the thought of manhandling someone else's toilet paper seems yuck.

ps I made you a cookie, but I eated it!!!


The only reason to have a toddler AND TP on the actual, spinning roll, is having your apartment on the market. Otherwise, it's hand-unroll, please.

And, how did he grow a full head of hair in a few short weeks?


Thank you for posting pictures again. Noah is so precious. And could he look any older?? He is no baby, but toddler!! Hee hee and I totally love the picture of the cat!!


Confession: I just went to the bathroom and realized that my roommate had put the toilet paper on the wrong way so I had to fix it!!

It is now over.


You know what's funny? I have no idea what way mine is. And it's probably different every time I change it. (I can almost see the OCD people cringe) I wondor what category that makes me?


OMG! Where is your baby?! That is a preshus child in those photographs. Thank you for sharing these. I really missed seeing Noah's beautiful face.

Is it terrible that I never pay attention whether the tp is over or under? I think the whole thing is quite funny.


The toilet paper should go over, blah blah blah. Let's talk about NOAH! He is so, so adorable. And so help me gods if ANYONE copies any of these photos for their own use, I will personally exact swift vengeance upon their asses. You HEAR that, lameass no-talent photo stealers?


Also, I am a toilet paper over kind of girl. My husband doesn't care and will just put it on any way, I always change it.

Mrs. Chicky

I'm willing to sacrifice rolls and rolls of tp to my toddler's obsessive unwinding to have the peaceful feeling that only a roll of toilet paper flipped over can bring.

And yes, my eye does twitch. A lot.

Heather B.

The whole TP over/under debate has never made a lick of difference to me. EVER. Does this make me a minority around these parts?

Holy Hell. MAX! I think that's the first time I've seen Max in like two months.

And has your child grown in the past three days?? Seriously. I love him. The end.


I don't care which way it goes on but I'm a little grossed out by the thought that some total stranger touched your toilet paper. I would put a sign up next time that says "HANDS OFF THE TP BITCHES"

Stephanie A.

I'm an under girl, myself. When we visited Japan for 2 weeks EVERY SINGLE ROLL was over. I was keeping track.


Oh my goodness he keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is so cute! He's starting to look like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Precious.


All y'all TP-flippers need medication.

I slap a roll on my TP holder all willy-nilly, with no attention to which way it goes.

Which is odd, since I am quite OCD about...oh, everything else in life.


I doubt I'm the only one who was going through preshus baby withdrawal.My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy and perhaps not so much wife material when he catches me fawning over the children of strangers on the internet but DUDE! It's Noah! He's awesome and absolutely freakin gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing.


When did he get so much hair? He is just amazing Amy. And I am here for you on the TP, must be under. And as for the green stuff, heh, I do live in Oregon.


He is getting so big and more beautiful by the day! yeah for pictures! It makes me so happy!

As far as TP goes- I don't pay attention to which way it goes on. I don't care- and get this - sometimes I am in a rush or tired and I just rest the roll on top of the empty one! OMG! I bet that will freak some people out! It freaked my MIL out once when i forgot to put it on because she came over one day.

PS... to calm you down now- I only do that that in my bathroom- never the guest one! cheers!


YAY!!!!!!! I was reading through your archives yesterday and realized as I got to the past few days that I missed Noah's photos! I know that sounds stalkerish but it's meant in the nicest way possible. And what lovely photos! He's such a big kid now.


Yay NOAH! He got bigger! And cuter!


i flip toilet paper in other people's homes too. I cannot take it off the roll unless it comes from the top, not bottom. I have issues I know. I'm guessing that when my 3mo. old baby girl becomes a toddler i will either A) get over it, or B) turn my baby into a certifiable nut-job like her mother and beat her with empty toilet-paper rolls until she understands the toilet paper always, ALWAYS!!!!, hangs over and we NEVER mess it up - NNNEEEVER.

also - that is no baby!! that is a sweet preshus little boy! It must make you so happy, yet so sad. they grow up way too fast.


Good grief, did you sign Noah up for the Hair Club for Men? Because, dang. It seems like his hair all of a sudden grew 3 inches. Where is his baby fuzz? I miss the baby fuzz! NOAH, DON'T GROW UP TOO FAST! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

(see, if I freak about your baby growing up too quickly, I can ignore the fact mine are.)


Amy, just this weekend I was at a STRANGER'S house and I flipped her toilet paper.

And then? While I was peeing? I thought of you. Because I knew you'd know I'm OCD.

And I smiled, because I knew I did her a favor.


OMG NOAH!! I think I died from the cuteness over load!! I'm so glad you brought him back, I think I was suffering withdrawl.

It may have been me changing your TP, all the way from here in TX. I'm so bad about the fact that the TP has to go on top, that I've acctualy sat there and figured out how to change them around in some public restrooms, just so I could wipe in peace. But I'm really bad about it at work, the TP is not safe. I won't mention how many times I've come out of the bathroom at home yelling at my husband cause I swear he puts them on upside down just to piss me off!

But I swear I'm normal in just about every other way. I don't have the eye twitching thing and I'm am pretty laid back person other wise! No OCD here, nope, not me!


Also? OHMIGOSH. When I saw those pics of Noah? My heart did little flip-flops.

He is just too precious.


I have to admit... (cringing in shame)I have flipped someones TP myself... I coudl not resist... but I was no where in your area when the flipping occured at your house... I SWEAR!!
PS your scientific personality test... so off... I am an "Under" type with an "over" obsession!!


*desperately shoving computer monitor under skin while holding tourniquette in place to pop vein*

Ahhhhhh deep's going to be OOOKKAAAYYY.....

Noah Fix. At last.


we are lucky in our house if the tp makes it to the roll holder. we generally just leave it sitting on the back of the toilet ... we are just that lazy sometimes :-)


I'm pretty sure that regardless of which way I put the toilet paper on the holder, my toddler can figure out how to unravel the entire thing. That is, if he's not too busy playing in the toilet water.

Elle Kasey

Yeah well, I was raised by a mother who knew paper went OVER not UNDER. She knew this her whole life. Then she hit menopause and suddenly every single thing is under never over. It is very disturbing to a child to watch her mother go through The Change. Don't do it to Noah, you still have time!


Awwww, I missed Noah. Thank you for bringing him back.

A toddler could do that kind of terlit paper damage no matter what way it is put on. Just sayin.


I am an under person and while I switch it when my husband puts it on wrong, I wouldn't dream of changing someone else's. I would just feel sorry for them that they have it all wrong.

Although, after coming home yesterday and finding that my 10-week-old kitten had pulled off and shredded nearly an entire roll, the TP may not be on the holder at all for a while.




Karen Rani

I was Jes' roommate at BlogHer and I shoulda flipped the toilet paper UNDER just to bug her.


Frankly, I would think the "over" would cause more toddler issues. But hey, I'm an under.

Does that sound as creepy as I think it does?


Oh my god! Noah pics! This so made my shitty day infintely less shitty! You must have teh ESPN or something. Yay!


Do I dare admit that I fold the corners of other people's toilet paper?

Yes, I just did.

Not only do I flip. I FOLD.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the yummy goodness of adorable baby.


Where did all that hair come from?! I want to pet him.

(For the record, I thought you were going to show us a positive pee stick.)


hey, I like Reader's Digest. AND I am proud to say it!

Noah! Yea for Noah pictures!


I seriously feel so relieved to see Noah. NOAH! I love you as much as a crazy-reader/fan-of-your-mama's-whose-never-met-you could!



Good God, he is cute. So, so cute. I feel the same way.... I've never posted photos of my kids (because my mom won't let me!) and it drives me up the wall. My kids are so cute!

Nicole P.

He. Is. So. Big!!! Let me be one of many to say thanks for sharing.

And Max is awesome. I miss having a Siamese even though both that I had as a kid were weird in their own special ways.


"I'm a little grossed out by the thought that some total stranger touched your toilet paper"

I should hope they touched the toilet paper if they were using the toilet. Otherwise...eewww!


Ok, I've never actually changed other people's TP, but I sure as shit have felt like doing it, because anyone who does it under is just WRONG WRONG WRONG.

But if your pictures and mirrors are crooked? I will rectify that problem for you, even if you see me doing it.

Anal and OCD? Who, me?


Karianna has surpassed by anal-retentive tendencies.


Holy Moses, someone get that woman a therapist. ;)


Take the TP off next time there's an open house. Strangers touching the TP.. gnarly. Noah pics.. GREAT!

Kris H.

Ok, first off...THANK YOU FOR THE NOAH PICS!!! I was having DT's BIG TIME!!!

Second...I am afraid that is not a baby you showed us...he looks SO grown up.

emery jo

I like to make my guests search for the toilet paper. Keeps 'em on their toes.


Noah is gorgeous...oh my gosh he is totally getting that toddler boy look. I really didn't think it was possible for him to become even cuter, wrong! Scrumptious!


Baby Quiver Lips! Awwwwwwwww, the cuteness kills. And my siamese gives the same look that max does. That I hate you, but love you all the same.


YAY!!! Noah pics! Thank you. I've been jonesin', really! God I love that child (in a rainbows and unicorns way, of course!).

And I do my paper 'under.' Like all intelligent people do.

Just sayin'.


That's a great picture of Max! Of course, we started putting our roll under instead when we first got the cats. We just keep adding babies to the household - so it just has stayed that way! Also, we are usually up peeing in the middle of the night when we have to replace the darn thing, so most of the time it's anybody's guess as to where it even ends up! Those spring loaded things can shoot a roll of TP pretty far.

Noah looks like an angel with that lovely blonde hair. He has the best facial expressions! Thanks for sharing.


OH sweet cheeks, when did he get all the hair so suddenly?? Did you start him on those "Get Long Thick Hair" pills from the back of Seventeen magazine?


THE CUTENESS! Its overwhelming!


That Noah is so handsome. That cross eyed cat is so hilarious.

yet another from the legions of Amys

I just did a reliability evaluation on your TP personality test and found some major flaws. I know someone personally (ahem) who puts her TP OVER (like a normal person) and totally knows where to score good weed. So there.

By the way, that first picture of Noah is delicious.


Oh my gosh, look at all his hair!!! He looks like he has grown a lot since I last saw a picture of him.

I admit, I flip people's toilet paper too. I've got an 18 month old but he's a flusher not a toilet paper enthusiast. He's also very interested in how Daddy uses the bathroom, trying to stick his head between Daddy's legs from behind him and when that fails trying to get on either side. If you see Noah do that, trust me you will bust a gut laughing.


Okay, I missed the kid. But I missed the cat too. Thank GAWD you finally caved.


Now, if someone flipped your tp at the open house, that means they probally went to the bathroom at your house. Ewwww. Nobody pees in my house when I am not there. Anyhow, I like my tp over, but hubby doesn't care. It's hard enough to get him to change the roll. He'll leave the last layer of paper on the roll so when I go, I HAVE to change it because I run out.


I can't believe someone flipped your tp! That's kinda funny. I had to switch to under when my cat discovered she could unroll it for fun, and seriously, everytime it's put on wrong she knows.

Oh yeah.. and I suppose the baby pics were prety cool too... ;) (YAY!)

Amy M

I'm proud to admit that I've never flipped TP at someone's else's house! Felt like it, though...

Adorable little boy! He's so big! Where's the baby? *sniff*

Is it just me, or are 1/2 the women our age named "Amy"? (The other 1/2 are Jennifers)


Love the pictures of Noah. I have been dying to see that gorgeous face! I could just squeeze him. And I didn't give a crap about which way the toilet paper hung until I married a "Sort of nuts, crazed OCD type-A types who probably get those eyelid twitches a lot."


I'm an under *passing the blunt*

Yay! Noahlah's back!



Noah is back!!! Everybody do the bootie dance, cuz baby is back!

I haven't been this excited since they decided to do a remake movie of Dukes of Hazzard!

Amy H.

YIPEE!!!!! Noah is gorgeous. such a cutie-pie. And I see that he is right on track developmentally since he is messing with TP rolls! haha.

dear crazy OCD person who changed Amy's roll:
quit it.


OMG WHO cares about the stupid toilet paper?!! YAY!!!!!!! for baby pictures. Little man pictures, rather. Don't you wish you could freeze him...well, not when he's destroying toilet paper rolls, but when he's smiling and ADORABLE! I want one. :) (Not yet...eventually.) Thanks for posting pics - we'll kick the ass of anyone who tries to mess with Noah.


Okay.. I admit it.. I am an OCD toilet paper flipper. Even at other people's houses. And I KNOW that I'm doing them a favour. However, I'm not your OCDTPF. Mostly because I live in the wrong country, and additionally because I only do it for people I know.

All of this ignores my other point, which is that the "underflip" won't deter Noah for much longer. It can still be yanked, and with not a lot of trouble. You are going to have to remember to shut the bathroom door any day now.


I do that too, fix TP. I'm not OCD, or Type A (0k, maybe I'm a little type A, but not a lot) and I have my paper over. Mainly for ease of use. My hands go retarded when I have to use TP placed under.


HA! My sister and I have had a running battle over toilet paper for years. Every time we are at each other's house, we flip the roll. She's over and I'm under. Over the course of a night, the roll can be flipped 6 or 7 times (depending on the amount of beer we are consuming). :D

Random Stuff

We had a cat who when given the oportunity would unroll the TP, and with many cousins there was often a toddler around, so we were an under family, except my dad really preferred it over, so in my parents bathroom, it had to be over. For me I don't care that much, but certain locations or tp holder designs make it easier for it to be one way or the other.

Oh and adorable baby/toddler


Noah is adorable. And I don't think I know what way my toilet paper flips. What does that make me?


We picked up some of these one fine day, and its been a TP heaven around here:

But to warn you, when Noah turns 3 or so, he'll figure them out. But will handily give you square by square while he joins you as you do your business.

Not that I know from experience.


I'm afraid, luv, that I can't look at your baby. What I can look at is your beautiful little boy!
(For the record...I'm an over person. But half the time I'm too lazy to change the roll.)


Sadly I lecture my husband about it while he stares at me like an idiot.

Noah is like a Now "I" feel old.


Holy shit Amalah! Where did your baby go????

(is still eatable though.)




PS I am usually the one doing the NO DRIP DANCE to the linen closet because in my house NO ONE puts the damn paper on the holder!


OH MY GOD. You stop posting pictures for a WEEK, and Noah decides to GROW UP.


In other news, my cat looks nearly just like yours. Perhaps they can be cyber-buddies.

You gotcha some cute boyz!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

My MIL is a toilet paper flipper. Apparently is says in the bible that it's supposed to be over. However, toilet paper flipping is her biggest fault as a MIL, which makes me a very lucky woman, and her possible the least likely person ever to know where to score good weed.

Wacky Mommy

I know I always say this, but he is such a handsome guy. Noah, too.


Yay, Noah! And the cat! Sheesh, I only realize that my particular quirks/habits are not so uncommon when I read the comments of some of my favorite blogs. Whew, that's good to know!


I second your personality analysis on the TP thing. When I was 16 I was at some random event at the Governor's mansion in Kansas, and I flipped HER toilet paper roll over. Totally OCD. And that's the only thing I remember about the entire event - couldn't even tell you what I was doing at her house.

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