Gymboree Took My Stapler

For Some Reason, I Blame the Internet

Okay, so remember the time I posted a picture of my exciting new toilet paper holder? (I mean, of course you do! How could you forget?) And a whole slew of you were all, OMFG YOUR PAPER IS UNDER AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OVER I AM HAVING A STROKE NOW AAAEEEIIIIIIII?

Honestly, the whole thing made me want to create an entire personality test based solely on toilet-paper-hanging preferences. Which I did. Look!

OVER: Sort of nuts, crazed OCD type-A types who probably get those eyelid twitches a lot.

Laid back, easy-going types who probably know where to score good weed.

Anyway, my absolute favorite comment came from Jes:

"My husband and I are both OCD. And we like our toilet paper OVER. So much, in fact, that when I go over to friend's houses and the TP is headed the wrong direction? I fix it for them.

And I think I'm doing them a favor."

Ha! She's funny. The idea of anybody being that crazy as to FLIP  OTHER PEOPLE'S TOILET PAPER is funny. So very, very funny.


Somebody who came to our open house on Sunday flipped our toilet paper.

Somebody who has obviously never lived with a toddler.


If it was one of you I want you to tell me. I won't be mad, I promise. I just want to make sure I have the proper spelling of your name on the restraining order.

Also: Max thinks you're all nuts.



(Okay. Deep breath here, but you know what? I cannot take it anymore and neither can my mom.)














I have an acquaintance who is so friggin anal she vacuums her grass. That's right. Vacuums. Her. Grass. And when she comes over with her hubby (who we're friends with), she flips our toilet paper.

I made a little sign, just for her, that says "if you continue to flip the roll we won't let you use the bathroom here anymore - surveilance camera activated" and I put it out whenever I expect her over. ;)

I'm such a meanie, but flipping someone else's toilet paper roll is both creepy and gross with your hands all over it. How do we know you even washed?? Ewwww.

:D :P


I am a complete TP UNDER girl!! breathtaking, I swear..


I am completely an over girl but I always thought I was laid back. I don't know how to score any drugs but totally laid back. Oh well. I do judge people at their house when the tp is under. How can you live like that? I have never changed it, I swear.

Maybe I am OCD... my linen closet requires about 16 pages worth of instructions to explain... positioning, folding, color, type, occasion, usefulness, on and on

By the way, Noah, seriously he grew up. That is so weird that it happened so fast. Love! the blond, blond hair! So cute.


You're Jason looks a bit like that Mark Ruffalo bloke don't you think and he's so top totty!

bad penguin

I've never cared about the over/under question, probably because my mom cared so very much. And now I've repressed which way she liked, but based on your analysis, I'm guessing over. Once upon a time I knew how to score good weed, but now I am old and boring. Sigh. Does that put me in the under column?

Noah is so cute! I can't believe how much of a little boy he is now.


YAY!!! Pictures! He grew so much since you freaked out!

Thank you, thank you!


Oh God. I just put the paper on the holder. Any old way. If I even GET the paper ON the holder. Which isn't often.


It's confirmed. I'm a mess. But in a GOOD way.

Noah is beeeeYOUtiful. But you knew that already :) .


Oh God. I just put the paper on the holder. Any old way. If I even GET the paper ON the holder. Which isn't often.


It's confirmed. I'm a mess. But in a GOOD way.

Noah is beeeeYOUtiful. But you knew that already :) .


I can never remember which way I put the toilet paper thing on, but apparently I do it wrong because my husband finds SOME WAY to bitch about it.

So I told him that I use the TP 100% of the time, while he is more like a 37% kind of guy.

Therefore, I decide which way the TP goes.

We won't address the issue that there are only 2 of us, and 3 bathrooms or the paper towel issue.


I am an over OCD type and since I am the only one in the house that knows how to replace it, I get to choose how it goes on. My husband and 9 month old both couldn't care less anyway.

Now enough with the TP...

Yippee, I'm so happy, thank you so much for the photos, I've missed him so much. You have absolutely made my day.


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My mom and I disagreed on which way to mount the paper. Whenever I was at her house and was near the paper I would change it. Then she would change it back. We never discussed it, just changed it back and fourth. Then when she would come visit me, the same thing. No discussion about it ever, we just did it. Now my daughter has started doing the same thing. Just changes it every time she is back home. Is this a strange family tradition or what?


I'm one who will not only flip your TP roll to over, but will also straighten any crooked pictures on your wall. OCD is ME...LOL!! :)



Is it weird that people are in ur house uzing ur toilet?


First, I have to say, I'm an Over Lady for the TP, but that's because of my OCD husband has passed this Crazy Butt Obessiveness on me... so I'm cool with it... my house it tight and clean... but my Lovely Words of Advice for you my friend is, SCREW what other people think!! Life is to short!! Do your own thing.. as long as you aren't breaking any laws and have a nice productive happy family life, screw whatever anyone else thinks, EVER.. seriously... I had to learn this the hard life lesson, the hard way, but good thing is, I'm just turning 32 this Dec... so I'm glad I learned it young enough to be able to truly enjoy the days God has blessed me with.. Hang in there and Be yourself and be Proud of who you and your family are, Amen! :-)


I loved that cat website when I first saw it - "I MADE YOU A COOKIE. BUT I EATED IT :("



I'm so glad that I'm not the only bathroom geek.

Also, my TP is within arm's reach of the toilet (this is because my bathroom is really tiny and the toilet is about two feet away from the vanity unit in which I store the TP), so, I'm very glad to say, I've never had to do the duckwalk.

Snickrsnack Katie

If someone came over and flipped my TP, I might have to hurt someone. My TP is OFF LIMITS.

Noah is SO precious!


amalah it is totally your fault. you posted this, and then my spindle broke. i expect a new one in the mail asap.


OMGOSH to "Laid back, easy-going types who probably know where to score good weed"!!!

I love it! It's 100 percent correct and yet somehow there is no doubt in my mind that this theory is only proven by you. But seriously, it's easier to rip from the bottom, to pull and try to rip from the top you risk unravelling the whole roll! UNDER PEOPLE!! :)


I have to admit that I'm one of those freaks that will flip over a tp roll. I'm sure if drives others nuts, but I just can't help myself!


Oh gosh, he's such a cutie Amy!

I was upset about the whole bad people on the internet thing, and I totally got why you were not posting pictures. But...yay! Cute baby! CUUUUUUTE BAAAAAAAABYYYYYYY!


OK on the toilet paper issue .. GET THIS! I am Australian, but moved here to the US in 1999. When I was in Australia I was CRAZY about having the toilet paper under; I would also change it at other people's houses.

Now in America I am just as crazy about having it OVER!


Different sides of the world; under and over! Maybe that's why they really call it Down Under!

It freaks even ME out!

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