Gymboree Took My Stapler

For Some Reason, I Blame the Internet

Okay, so remember the time I posted a picture of my exciting new toilet paper holder? (I mean, of course you do! How could you forget?) And a whole slew of you were all, OMFG YOUR PAPER IS UNDER AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OVER I AM HAVING A STROKE NOW AAAEEEIIIIIIII?

Honestly, the whole thing made me want to create an entire personality test based solely on toilet-paper-hanging preferences. Which I did. Look!

OVER: Sort of nuts, crazed OCD type-A types who probably get those eyelid twitches a lot.

Laid back, easy-going types who probably know where to score good weed.

Anyway, my absolute favorite comment came from Jes:

"My husband and I are both OCD. And we like our toilet paper OVER. So much, in fact, that when I go over to friend's houses and the TP is headed the wrong direction? I fix it for them.

And I think I'm doing them a favor."

Ha! She's funny. The idea of anybody being that crazy as to FLIP  OTHER PEOPLE'S TOILET PAPER is funny. So very, very funny.


Somebody who came to our open house on Sunday flipped our toilet paper.

Somebody who has obviously never lived with a toddler.


If it was one of you I want you to tell me. I won't be mad, I promise. I just want to make sure I have the proper spelling of your name on the restraining order.

Also: Max thinks you're all nuts.



(Okay. Deep breath here, but you know what? I cannot take it anymore and neither can my mom.)














You make me laugh and laugh with the toilet paper business! And my goodness...that is not a baby...that is a boy. An adorable, handsome, very sweet boy.


He has much more hair since we last saw him! Ok, that makes me sound weird, but your kid has like a full head of hair all shiny and managable!

Or something.


Hate to tell you, but Noah's not a baby anymore. When you start parting his hair? He's officially old. But dang, he's a fine looking boy.


You're kind of scaring me right now...and maybe I like it? I mean, how did you know about the eye twitches? You should totally fingerprint around the toilet paper holder. Think about it--CSI:DC.


I have to confess, I am a toilet paper fixer, but it wasn't me.

(also, Noah? OH MY GOD.)


What does it say about you if you don't give a shit about the toilet paper, as long as there is some? I'm about as OCD as they come, but I haven't sunk to caring about the directionality of the TP yet.

But I'm willing to bet Max is the culprit here. He looks guilty, and my cats have been known to unroll all the toilet paper like that....


That is totally the most accurate personality test I have ever seen.

For the record, I'm an 'under', but I don't know where to get the good weed anymore. Or the bad weed. I'm weed free these days.

Pookie is an 'over' and wouldn't know good weed if it bit him in the ass.


I knew you'd cave in :)
PS - Your cat's eyes make me laaaaugh


oh thank goodness, mister cute has been released from hiding.

over is proper etiquette. i am not OCD. i am classy.


He's back. Good for you. Kind of. I understand the whole I'm not sharing my baby, you aren't worthy rant ... but I'm glad you have allowed yourself to continue to share pictures with those of us who have come to look forward to seeing Noah! And the toilet paper thing ... I get SO irritated when someone in my house puts it on under, instead of over. I rather they just put it on the back of the toilet or the sink before they do that and I have to go and fix it. At your place though ... I couldn't. I would want to, but I would manage to restrain myself while spending the rest of my visit with an obvious tick.


Oh the cuteness. It blinds. It burns.


ha! i flip the toilet paper at other people's houses too! i thought i was crazy.....except now i just realize that while, yes, i am crazy, there are others out there like me!!


Oh my STARS!!! Look at him! His hair -- it is so long. And the teeth?!?! That is no longer a baby. Thank you so much for showing him off to us.

Also, the paper flipper? Taking such liberties requires that they now make an offer at full asking price.


my heart just exploded with happiness when i stumbled on the return of the noah-ness.

what has it been, about two weeks since we've seen a new picture of him?
and he has grown so much!
he looks bigger than jason in that last photo.


also, a confession...

at my house, the toilet paper doesn't ever even make it onto the holder.
it just sits around somewhere in the vicinity of the toilet.

at my house, we're just glad that i remember to buy toilet paper and we don't have to wipe with paper towel.


My husband is a crazy whack-a-do when it comes to toilet paper. It has to be O-V-E-R or he can't function. So, just to keep things interesting...I always put the toilet paper on the roll so it is under. Ha! Take that! And yes, he is a toilet-paper-flipper-overer at other people's houses, too. Weirdo. It's a good thing he has so many other redeeming qualities, and that I'm a big enough person to be able to overlook this enormous character flaw.
And Noah...* handsome. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to post pictures of my gorgeous children in my blog, without being afraid that some Dark Internet Overlord with a website and Photoshop will destroy them.


116 comments about TOILET PAPER.

Jebus God, I love you people so much.


Yay! Noah pics return! Wheee! I'm so happy! I missed the little guy.


Thanks for the adorable pics of Noah. We have missed that sweet little face!


wait - are you sure the toddler is the one responsible for the unrolled TP? I'm a "toilet paper over" person because when I had a cat I learned very quickly that it's kitty fun to spin the TP roll. If it's over, it just rolls, if it's under, kitty gets the added attraction of watching it all unroll onto the floor.

Did you know it's *impossible* to re-roll toilet paper?

Cute cross-eyed cat, but not as cute as sleeping baby!


Oh, God. So i am an over-person but I remember for years it didn't matter to me. Now, when i remember to put it on, I put it over. If it's under when i put it on, I wait to change it when the roll runs out. Not that I ever talk about toilet paper.

So glad you "sacked up." :) I miss photos of Max. Oh, and that most-adorable-baby-in-the-world.


Aww...look at him. he's so sweet.


Happy times are here again! First Britney divorces K-Fed and now there are new posted Noah pictures!!!
This week just keeps getting better.


good god...Noah is ridiculously cute.


That first picture makes me want to drive to my husband's office and attack his manliness with my va-jay-jay, condoms and peak-day abstinence.

That's probably not what you want to hear when posting darling images of your son. Maybe a simple "What a cutie!" would've sufficed. So...

What a cutie!

(He really is.)


GOD. The last part of my first sentence should read "...condoms and peak-day abstinence be damned."

I should really introduce myself to TypePad's "Preview" button.


Noah is so totally adorable...almost as cute as my son Evan. I am so glad you posted photos of your preshus babee as my preshus and his dadee are at Grandma's & Grandpa's in Texass and I need to see cuteness...


Amy H.

Amy M--you are so right about all the dang Amys! We are everywhere!

(and now, do you ever hear of a baby named Amy? nope.)

sarah (also, because I am sure there is more than one)

My husband was shocked, SHOCKED, that I didn't know TP went on "over." This conversation happened 7 years ago but reverberates in my brain every time I refill an empty roll.

Nice to know that there are other crazy people out there. It gives me comfort to know that others suffer as I have.

Maxine Dangerous

I was so stoked that I was the first to post (I know, I know, get a hobby) that I forgot to say that TP must ALWAYS go over the roll. (Because God said so. Or something like that.) I am one of those people who will switch the roll around if it's going under -- touching other people's TP be damned! :) Believe it or not, I consider myself to be a Type B gal.


Thanks. My two year old now wants a kitty in her potty.
Is there a category for those of us who think it saves time to put it on the baqck of the toilet rather than changing the roll despite the fact that 4 out 5 times the roll lands in the toilet before ripping the 5th square?


Wow. I have confirmation that I'm nuts. And I *do* get those twitches! People, my MOVING GUY flipped my paper. And even though I would never be back to use that bathroom again (esp. after said moving guy did)? I flipped it back. I did. It would have killed me not to get the last word.


Im nuts in plenty of other ways, though I don't even pay attention to how I put the tp on the roll. I imagine it's something different everytime (everytime I even bother putting on the roll:).


Omg, his HAIR!!!!!!! He is sooooo cute.


Hello. I'm new-ish here. I found you at AlphaMom. You are very wise.
When it comes to loo roll (I'm English, I can't say toilet paper), it has to be over, and obviously I flip it at other peoples houses, I mean, why wouldn't I?
What I have to confess is far, far worse.
When I lived alone, many years ago, I used to take all my newly purchased loo rolls from the pack, pull off the first two or three sheets to get rid of that glue line they use to stop the roll unravelling, then fold each end to a point, then re-seal. The sealing was the special bit. My bath tap (faucet) had a lovely pattern on the underside (where the water comes out). I'd press the loo roll under the (off) tap at the folded point, and the loo roll would act as a wick and draw a small amount of water out. I'd get a decorative embossed print and the loo roll would stay ravelled. I could then proceed to store the loo rolls, point forward, in tidy columns. In a cupboard. Which nobody but me had any reason to look in.
I had many other issues (one was spending half an hour polishing the stainless steel kitchen sink if it ever got wet). I'm all better now though. *twitch*


And as I reeled back into my scary OCD past, I forgot to add that Noah looks utterly adorable.


I just went to the bathroom here at work and someone RIPPED THE TP HOLDER OFF THE WALL! No worries about which way it is now because the tp is on the tank now.


Honestyrain, you made me laugh out loud in a way I haven't in a while: "I am not OCD. I am classy." BAH.

Her Bad Mother

Oh, bloody freaking hell, I'm like, # 139,000 in the comments but I CANNOT HELP MYSELF MUST COMMENT.

Max? Watchin UR bizness? I WILL BE LAUGHING FOR DAYS.

And? I will show it to my husband while hollering OMFG IS THIS NOT THE FUNNIEST THING EVER???? (in full caps) and he will roll his eyes at me and that will be OKAY because I will STILL BE LAUGHING.

thank you. i am done. (meekly bowing out of very crowded comments section.)

Her Bad Mother

(creeping back into very crowded comments section)


(ducking out.)


Laid back! Can find good weed! Have never been so proud to be an "under"...

Patrick and I used to fight over the way the toilet paper went. But then we fixed it. We stopped sharing a bathroom...

And thank you for Noah cuteness... was in need!


GOD WOMAN, SPARE US THE CUTS! We're here because we love you, we love every word. DON'T MAKE US WORK SO HARD! We're also lazy. Remember that. Also, Noah is adoreable.


Thanks for linking the "new toilet paper thingie" 'cause somehow(!)I missed those original pics of Noah! (Damn me for letting my real life get in the way!) I always show his pics to my husband and he always looks at me like I'm nuts because we do indeed have two very cute boys of our own...BUT, Noah is such a doll! I would keep a special roll of TP for those open house occasions, because, well, it's one way to keep control in an annoying situation.


Baby? I see no baby. I see a toddler.

I am sorry.

(He's utterly beautiful, though. But you know that.)

Okay, so maybe in that last photo he is a total baby still. So adorable!


On girls or boys...there's nothing better than a set of gleaming red nails.


Oh never mind. I'm having a day.


I usually do over, even tho my cat likes to attack the tp. Over looks better to me, and I'm a bit OCD about it. I've probably flipped someone's tp before, but I'll refrain from doing it in your house should we ever ever meet.


That's not a baby. He's a toddler! And a beautiful one at that. Thanks so much for sharing.

As for the TP - it's supposed to be over. That's just the right way to do it. And yeah, once or twice I've swiched other peoples.


Amy H. - Actually, I do know a 2-year-old named Amy! Alas, she was not named after me.

-Amy C., formerly an Amy M.


Oh, thank GOD he's back! I was getting the shakes, like your mom. I'm a long way from a grandchild at this point, so I have to virtual grandma kids on the internets. It's so sad.

I'm an over, btw, but I pay for it because it makes it much easier for a cat to two-paw high speed unroll the whole damn thing. So I close the bathroom door.


Oh sweet Noah!! We feared we would never see you again!!! :) You are exponentially MORE adorable than when we saw you a week or so ago. ADORABLE!!


Dude, I consider that a parent hack. If having the paper go under will stop my boys from unfurling the roll, I am going to change my OCD ways.


Dude, I'm one of those tp-must-be-over kind of people. I even have a blog entry on that too. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has this 'quirky' habit of flipping other people's tp when they're in the wrong direction.

Bethany Coffey

Awwww, i'm so gonna miss the pics of Noah:( I'm always telling my husband, you can ask him, really, that Noah is the CUTEST baby I have ever seen. Hopefully you'll bring them back soon. Sorry about whatever horridness has happened to your friend. Even though I have no children yet, still,I absolutly understand the need to protect your child at all cost.


I'm sooooo glad to see Noah again! He really is like, seriously, the cutest baby ever (except mine, of course!).
As for the toilet paper thing, really? Someone really flipped it around? I'm sorry, but I think that is just wrong. They don't even know you! Keep it together people. Seriously.
That is all. :)


I am in agreement about the toilet paper test. I totally know where to score good weed. Well, not really, but I think I am laid-back and easygoing enough to know.

Also, Max? Ha!


I know I am going to feel a lot better by getting this off my chest. I am the one who flipped your toilet paper roll. I am a dirty rotten tp flipper to my core and have been for years. I don't care about over or under I just want to screw your toilet paper up.

See, around here we have mail-in ballots and so I couldn't go out to vote, and there was all this heavy rain and nasty flooding stuff going on where water was creeping up into peoples homes and soaking all their toilet paper -- a real miserable thing. So, in order to cheer up I just hopped a plane and crossed the country to mess with your toilet paper roll. Max was so rooting me on and chuckling little cat chuckles. Of course, now that I have admitted I am vile, wicked and horrid you will forgive me right? And Max says he is pond scum as well, so he wants tuna now, and I get to eat the yummy baby!!!

btw Chris at Big Yellow House says they are still officially babies until they have knuckles instead of dimples on their hands. Check out those little dimpled hands -- Baby!!


hmmm...I'm thinking of under-rolling just to irk the hubby....Ha! Thanks for the idea.

Love your kitty!!!

Love love love NOAH! He's really adorable and beautiful. :)


I am not even sure what way my TP goes. I would have to go in the bathroom to look. And seriously, who has time for that?

I just love how someone was doing you a favor.

(and when did that baby of yours grow up?!)


I'm an under, my husband is an over. I still love him but we have seperate bathrooms with different rules. :) lurve the pictures, glad they are back!

Amy H.

Amy--I am sitting at home reading through the 160 (!) comments about toilet paper. Personally, I don't have a preference and never really thought about it. So I just looked over at my husband and asked him about it. He looked me straight in the eye and with all the seriousness of a heart attack said "over. without exception." I laughed so hard. fits his personality and passes your test.

by the way, he said they made a man-law about it on pretty funny.


My eyelid is twitching.

Just thought you should know.


I always flip other people's toilet paper over, so that it is rolling over not under. Because that is the right way to do it. However I have managed to contain myself in that I only do the little hotel fold on my own roll.

miss cavendish

Love Noah's side-swept bangs. He is a dear little boy.


Please cure me, Amalah. I am addicted to mom blogs.


I love looking at your baby! such a cutie


YAY for Noah pics being back... he's still damn adorable!


I always go for under. That way, the cats cannot unroll it, eat it, and then vomit half-digested toilet paper onto the bed.

It's nice to see Noah back on the website. It's weird, but I kind of missed him (in the way that you miss someone you have never met and will never meet).


I count myself lucky if my husband remembers to put the damn toilet paper on our holder!! Which is really pathetic because with ours it just slides RIGHT FRICKIN' ON...not that I am bitter or anything!!

Love the pics of the bebe,he is such a cutie!!


I hate to hurt you like this, but that is no baby. That is the makings of a fine little man. It's beautiful the way he's growing up. As the mother of one WAAAAYYY past that age, let me just say, sorry. But, remember, someday you'll be a grandma!! Whooppeee!!!!


When I saw the break in the post I strongly suspected we were getting NOAH PICTURES and I was right!!
So exciting and GAWD how cute is that child???


You have no idea how happy I am to see that adorable face again.
As far as the TP situation it has to be OVER in this house...I think it was drilled in my head as a child.


I used to be anal retentive that the TP MUST BE OVER!!!! However, two kids later, I've learned that if it's actually *near* the darn toilet, I don't care if it made it onto the holder. However, if it's on the roll but I didn't put it there myself, then I have absolutely no right to complain about what direction it's hanging.

BTW, Sleeping Noah on Jason's shoulder? Far too precious for words!


I...don't pay any attention whatsoever to which way I put the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder thingy. What does that say about me??

Noah is absolutely adorable... he's getting so big! I didn't realize that I missed seeing pictures on your site until I saw these. Beautiful boy you have there.

And the cat is pretty cute too!


Noah is just adorable. I love that second picture. The little lip quiver. He is generally upset about the whole toilet paper thing isn't he?

Oh and I have OCD, but I couldn't care less which way the toilet paper roll is put on. I'm just thrilled if somebody in the house beside me puts the toilet paper on the holder.



Best. caption. EVER.

Mary Jo

I totally flip peoples toilet paper. Ugh.


Okay, first of all, I just have to tell Jessie, that I'm like her husband! Atleast as far as the dishwasher in concerned....I like shit done my way or I'll rearrange it. It's stupid I know, but most of the time I do it anyhow. The cat is adorable, but Noah...he's a baby. A sweet, growing little man. Such cute pictures!



Sigh. Noah. He's so cute.


I've just found your site. I truelly love it.
But I have to say-You others must have way to much spare time on your hands if you care what way the toilet paper is put on.

Your baby is ADORABLE and looks so much like you. Your cat is very clever. I've never seen a cat do that before. I hope to see more from you in the future.


Over-Rollers, UNITE. ; )

Noah is getting so BIG.


I'm so not OCD, and I'm like a Type-Z personality, but I require the tp "over". When I was a kid, when dyes were okay in toilet paper, you'd see the underside of the pattern (the dull colors) if the paper was under. I must have it over, and I'll want to change it in someone else's house, but I won't. I will put their seat down, because who wants to look into a toilet? So, for the record, over, no OCD, and I can find the weed. I'm an anomaly. I love that Kari folds the corners though. Now that, that is OCD.


Yay - pix of cute boy and Max!! I've missed them both!!

(And OMG, my husband nearly had a seizure looking at "Invisible Bike" -- I've never seen him laugh like that before!)


serious damage to my ovaries and OCD tendancies in this post...


Is the cat really in the bathroom watchin' your business?

And I'm an over. My husband's an under. We like to keep things interesting.


Uhhhhh. Amy. That's not a baby anymore. He's still cute, but he looks 5!!!


Ok, so I am like the 500th person to comment but...

Toilet paper MUST be over. I definitely turn it over at people homes (if I know them) but never at an Open House.

I am comforted to see that Noah has hair suddenly because sadly my wee one still onlyhas peach fuzz (he's 11 1/2 months). There may still be hope for him yet!


First of all, Yay for the pics of Noah. He is just so friggin cute I can't stand it!
About the toilet paper... Im an under the roll gal and your personality description fits me to the T! Although, our puppy is able to get to the toilet paper a lot faster now.


Dear Amy,
You are a liar. That is not Noah. That is a toddler cleverly disguised as your baby. We know that he is a wee babe and shall remain so forever more. Stop trying to fool us, even if it is with gorgeous kid pics.
The Internet


My name is Debbie and I am an Over Roller. I change all of my friends and families tp to roll over while I am tinkling in their bathrooms. I also must wipe the vanity off if I leave water sprinkles after I wash :)

Help me?

Noah is just gorgeous. It's that simple! Thanks for sharing.


I'm amazed that with a toddler in the house you can even still have TP on the holder! We have been putting it on the counter next to the potty for months now! (Our little one is 17 months old.)
Also, sorry to admit it, but I'm an over person, and I have changed the TP at friends' houses when I see it is under.
I am so ashamed!!


Such sweetness!!

I've been tempted to flip other people's TP to over, but haven't gone through with it (as far as I can recall). Seems like it would be crossing a boundary or something... the TP Boundary.


Everyone who flips other people's toilet paper over, STOP! Sometimes, even though one may prefer having the toilet paper "over", this preference must be sacrificed when one lives with cats and other humans whose greatest thrill in life is to roll the entire length of TP onto the floor. And I'm not picky about most things, but I don't want to use floor TP, so there's one wasted roll of toilet paper, for which I will bill you if you have messed with my TP system.


Love the craziness of Max!!!!!

Noah is growing up so beautifully! Just wait, it gets better!

Now TP-wise, I used to be obsessed with having the TP rolling under, but then I got married, had a little boy (who's now 16 months) and am expecting another boy in 2 months, and now I'm just happy to have TP on the roll (not piled on the floor courtesy of said toddler) and the seat in the down position! Ah, the power of being the only female in a male dominated house (even the dog's a boy!)!


In a house with 3 children, a husband (ok, he's the 4th child) and two pets I am THRILLED when anyone even puts a new roll ON. I could care less which direction it is going. I think these people need a new hobby. But thats just me.

miss cavendish

I thought all the over-rollers and folders were pretty neurotic--till I tried it last night and LIKED IT!! Oh oh . . .


I'm OCD and yes, over is the ONLY way to go. And thank you for the pictures. I missed that kid!


We had a TP war at work one day. One of the ladies insisted on putting it on the roll wrong (under) so I kept fixing it (over). I was so adamant that she do it right I took a ball point pen and wrote OVER! on the brand new TP roll.

Me OCD, anal type-A personality? Naw!!!!

Also: your cross-eyed cat? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mrs. Q.

I'm a big fan of the 'over' roll, but as someone with an obvious problem, I would never correct someone else's roll. Ever. That would require TOUCHING SOME POTENTIALLY URINE-SPATTERED SURFACES! Egads, peope. :>)

But right now, all the rolls are on the tank, due to a paper-obsessed toddler.

I remember staying at a quaint New England B&B and EVERY time we left the room, some paper elf came in and folded a point on the last square of our 'over' roll. A little creepy...


I live with my partner's family and I have actually been yelled at for putting the toilet paper in under. Seriously. Then after the stern talking to her aunt brought me into the bathroom to show me how to put it in the over way. Every single time I put the toilet paper back I do it under. I guess I am a little bit of a bitch like that, but they need to calm down.

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