What the hell is wrong with me?

Just Lose It

(The title of this post was meant to convey the Losing Of Amy's Mind, but is also [for those of y'all who are not as down and gritty and street as me] the title of an Eminem song where he goes "just lose it AH-AH-AH-AH-AH" in this weird voice, and I have been walking around the house singing that for hours now, and I don't know why I feel compelled to tell you this, except to say: I have for dead serious lost my everloving mind.)

Noah has another cold. This is probably cold number five or six or 17 or so. I've lost track. Am I supposed to keep track? Because sometimes I just feel like scribbling "MUCUS!" on every page of Noah's baby book and calling it an infancy.

The only thing that gives Noah any relief is this stuff, however I currently cannot find our bottle since Noah loves chewing on the rubber top of the dropper and has probably chucked it behind the couch somewhere. And before you yell at me for letting my child use a bottle of medicine as a plaything, let me explain: I am a really rotten mother.

I am so rotten, in fact, that I dragged him out shopping with Bunny and Max (Julie: STOP CALLING ME BUNNY) (Amy: NO) yesterday, and I didn't even give them the benefit of a "hey, we're awash in snot, you still want us to come over and gum on your furniture?" heads up. Then I almost got us lost on the way to the mall, then was minutes away from buying Noah and Max matching penguin hats, and then I ordered garlic fries at lunch.

And then I wondered why I have no friends.

In between snot patrol, we're also waiting to maybe possibly potentially get an offer on our condo. A young couple came to see the place on Friday and then again on Sunday. We walked in on them after a long day of touring open houses out in the suburbs, clutching a stack of glossy info sheets on houses that ran the gamut of crap to awful crap, and were both thrown into existential chaos when we saw them sitting on our couch, gazing around our home with That Look of Real Estate Love, and I nearly passed out when I realized one of them had brought their MOM, like holy shit, they are going to buy our house and we won't be allowed to live here any more.

This is alternatively terrifying and...terrifying. What if they change their minds (which does seem increasingly likely as the hours tick by this morning with no word from the realtor)? I will be mad. And annoyed. But what if they DO submit an offer AND WE HAVE TO MOVE?

We've toured dozens of houses over the past month, in dozens of different neighborhoods, across three different damn states, thanks to a recent attack of WE CANNOT LIVE IN THE SUBURBS NO NO NO. Our realtor must think we're nuts, since when we started this whole thing we named exactly two neighborhoods we liked and even had them further narrowed down to a specific four-block range. Now Jason is in love with some insanely renovated rowhouse with no yard in the DC hood and I'm hung up on some little colonial in Silver Spring with no living room and our realtor is all, "What happened to Arlington?" and then we're all, "Oh yeah! What's available there? And while you're on it, please run a search on Alexandria, Del Ray, Falls Church, Wheaton, Kensington, Takoma Park, Bethesda and the entire District of Columbia. Thanks."

Every house in our pathetic little price range smells like old people. Old people who liked powder blue shag carpet and sponge-painted kitchens and one place still had visible outlines of three litter boxes lined up on the yellowed lineoleum. And everytime we tour a vacant house like that I cannot stop wondering if the previous owner was old like, "time to retire with the cats to a condo in Boca old" or "sooner or later the neighbors noticed the smell old." I am sick. And then I cannot even think about living in that house, fuck the "good bones" or "tons of potential," I want a notarized document promising that NO ONE DIED HERE, accompanied by photos of the previous owners holding today's newspaper.

There was this one house that was a smidge out of our price range* with a three-person hot tub on the deck out back. That was highly rocking, and could have probably made up for the sponge-painted kitchen if I hadn't decided to make some kind of highly inappropriate boom-chicka-bow joke about elderly swingers and threesomes and COMPLETELY RUINED the "lush private backyard oasis" for both of us, forever.

*Is there any price point in real estate where this stops happening? Like if you can afford to spend a million dollars**, do you still ever go, "but if we could just afford $1.5 million, we could get that third wing and an au pair suite! dammit!"

**Do you know what you get in the DC area for a million dollars? We got mixed up one Sunday and wandered into the wrong open house -- because it was just another fucking CAPE COD like every other fucking CAPE COD we've seen -- and it was pretty nice except the basement wasn't finished and the kitchen needed new countertops (hunter green formica! aeeeii!), and then we picked up the info sheet and realized they wanted 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS for this house, at which point I began choking violently, like I was having some kind of socioeconomic disparity allergy and we had to leave.

And then we came home to our overly-orange condo (we were aiming for terra cotta and missed by a wide margin). Our lovely clean condo with a phantom cat odor but no old person smell of death. Yes, we have to share the lone bathroom and the three flights of stairs are killing me some days, and okay, it really was never this clean or nice-looking until we put it on the market, but still. This is where we brought our baby home to, and okay, the sink was stopped up that day because our contractor put our garbage disposal in wrong, and okay, there's no room to bring another baby home to, and no yard and no basement and the loft is nice until you hit your head on the low ceilings for the millionth time.

God, I hope we get an offer. Maybe some sponge-painting would help.



Hope it sells! Hope it sells! Ours has been on the market since APRIL. And no one died there. May your luck be better than ours.


I don't envy you with the selling of your condo ORRRR the finding of a new AmalahJasonNoah residence.

It's all too hard.

So I shall sit here, and rock. Quietly.

Hope Noah feels better!

Y from the internet

mmmmmmmmm Old People Smell.


Man, do I hate it when people keep coming back and you're thinking you're getting an offer and then the realtor says they're apparently torn between you and another house an hour away and they come back YET AGAIN and you're displaced for another 45 minutes and then FINALLY on the day the movers are taking your shit, you get the call. And you'll take whateverthehell they offer.
You know, or something like that...
Good luck!


Oh, that is just hilarious! Hope you all find a great place soon and get a good offer on the condo. And hope that Noah feels better soon. My girls are currently being sustained calorie-wise by their constant stream of snot, so I know how you feel.

Hope Roth

At least you have control over things like the color of your walls and calling the repair people yourself. Our landlord is still "going to get back to us" about the fact that our hot water heater isn't so much a "hot water heater" and more of a "heater of water to a temperature a degree or so above lukewarm."

One more cold shower and I'll be ready to think about buying a place of my own. If, you know, I actually had any money.

Vaguely Urban

You will get an offer. And you will find your next home. And it will be stressful - but in the end, you will be happy. You always are! (And also: good luck in all of it!)


Hope Noah feels better soon.

Yum garlic fries!

Here's hoping your condo sells and that you find your dream house.


Delurking to utter two little words: Kensington Heights. We bought our first home there a year ago even with a price range of miniscule proportions. I promise there are things there in your price range that don't smell like old people and have litter box outlines on the floor. Also try neighborhoods of Parkwood and Rock Creek Hills (i think it's called, though RCH had more of a Manassas feel than the rest of Kensington if you catch my drift...)
Good luck! Hope Noah feels better soon.


"... and okay, there's no room to bring another baby home to..."


Karen Rani

Great. Now I have Eminem in my head and a hunkering for garlic fries. Good luck with all of your insanity dah-ling.


Fingers crossed on all fronts (no more snot, sale of condo, & agreement on new home for the 3 of you plus Max and tire).

BTW, once you move and decide you want another siamese cat (yes, cat, not baby), I have a great, awesome, ridiculously fantastic, (you pick the positive adjective) breeder in Baltimore to recommend. So awesome I drove the 6+ hour round trip from the Williamsburg, VA area to pick up a kitten on Labor day weekend.


Don't despair Amy... It took us almost a year to find a house (me being pregnant, and baby being born contributed to a couple of months of slacking, but basically for at least 9 months we were looking all the time).

We lost bids, and saw really crappy houses. And then one day -- Bingo! Dream house!

Thank God we were patient, or we'd be in one of those old spongy houses too...


Good luck with the house hunting.
I really wish you hadn't insulted the hunter green countertops. That hit a little close to home. As I sit here, in my kitchen/dining room/office with hunter green countertops. No, it was not my choice, dammit! They came with the house!
And having only one bathroom SUCKS! We have a family of 5, and if we all get the stomach flu....Oy! I shudder to think.


After a year-long house hunt, my husband and I are finally moving into our first home (which happens to be in the DC metro area) in a couple of weeks. We toured probably 50 houses total. And I totally empathize with you on the sticker shock and being weirded out by how some people live (I have seen Squalor Beyond Comprehension). If you want to get in touch to get a buyer's take on what sold us on our current place, I'd be glad to share it. I know it's tough for sellers in this area. We have toured houses that have been on the market for over 200 days, and everything that soured us on those houses would have been probably somewhat easy or cheap to fix by the sellers.

Best of luck with everything.


This post is precisely why I have clung so desperately to my Kansas City existence and was relieved when we sold our townhouse in Ashburn for WAY more than twice what we bought our single family dwelling here. Our heads spun on that transaction.

My heart goes out to you. However, getting what you really, really want (Spice Girls, anyone?) is well worth the time and effort. There truly is no place like home.


Assvice alert:
Little ones in their immunity-building years are replete with mucus, colds, infections, etc.
Try some infant vitamin C drops -- it can be mixed into something else to disguise the taste which actually is not bad at all. It might help.


We are SO in the same situation! We don't have our home on the market yet though b/c I'm so scared that we'll sell it and not have anywhere to go. There's just NOTHING out there!!

Good thing I can say is that we haven't run across the "old people" smell, I don't envy you on that!


Ok. So I work in an office that is something out of the 1960s, a 'la the CUBICLE.
Yeah and reading this posting ... I was laughing so hard, I was crying and choking and possibly sputtering. Fabulously well written entry, I might add. But seriously, THIS SPOKE TO ME, as I just bought a townhouse in GERMANTOWN. (ew, suburbs, mmmwahhhaa, cue: death to originality, creativity and not knowing anyone named JONES). But seriously, Germantown is nice! We could be neighbors and copy each other's sponge-painted walls. Yeah, and dude! How do some people think their home will actually sell with THAT smell? Honestly dammit!


No room to bring another baby home?

Are you pregnant and didn't tell us?


All I have to offer is, yes, it's terrifying (we close with our buyers on the 30th - *if* everything goes as planned). I've been freaked out alternately about "what if something goes wrong" and "we actually have to move" for weeks. AND I don't have a toddler to deal with (unless you count my husband, which, come to think of it, may not be that different).

Good luck!!


At least they don't smell like cat pee!!!


"And before you yell at me for letting my child use a bottle of medicine as a plaything, let me explain: I am a really rotten mother."

And that little witticism pretty much sums up why I LOVE reading your blawg!

and by the way, Im assuming you're talking about that damn cute gymboree penguin hat... I bought one this weekend for my son too! mindmeld.


Your DR will tell you that Noah's cold is from being around other kids. Mine did. Here's the equation for cold


Move to Pasadena and we can play dates!


Your secret is finally out. The reason Noah slept through the night so early on. I need to pick me up a bottle of little colds and let my child play with it from birth.


And before you yell at me for letting my child use a bottle of medicine as a plaything, let me explain: I am a really rotten mother.

THAT made me laugh so hard. and the babies are napping. Damn you Amy!

I dont envy you for hating hte house hunt. By the "end" of our house hunt we were like. Three bedrooms? Basement available to build two more? ok thats the one then. and bought it. now its a five bedroom three bathroom tiny weed eaten back yard, but ours. In four years we are going to house hunt, again. cus we suck. Hope you find something you love and can afford and I'll send cyber kleenex your way for noah


You can't even say the word baby without everyone thinking you're pregnant. You had to know that.


Two words, Amy: contingency clause.

When we were selling our first house, we stipulated that the sale was off if we couldn't find anything to move INto within a set time.
Sponge painting is a mild sin compared to the kitchen we bought, which was PeptoBismol pink, ohmygodinheaven.


Wait -- my hunter green Formica kitchen countertops are not hip?!


I want a notarized document promising that NO ONE DIED HERE, accompanied by photos of the previous owners holding today's newspaper.

PS-You said there's no room to bring another baby home to. You KNOW what you just did there, don't you? People are gonna be all "YOU"RE PREGNANT! WE KNEW IT." Just sayin. ;)


Good luck. It sucks. Looking. Moving. All that crap. We left DC for Kensington and all I can say is thank god for my husband who is a carpenter/cabinetmaker woodworking stud (by day) as in his real job and he did all the work on our house. We love Kensington and I love that I was only a few minutes from the White Flint train.

I took my son (27 months) on it AGAIN last night after I went to H&M and it was so empty. Too quiet for him I think. He got a little nervous and held my hand the whole time. Agh. I swear I want to weep thinking about it now.

Anyway we also play in Pottery barn kids- so fun!

Am I pathetic or what?


is there another baby to bring home?


ACK! No! Not pregnant! Very much definitely not pregnant!

Not that we haven't been trying...

HA! I am so mean. How I love to toy with you, sweet Internet people.

I promise: if and when I do get pregnant, you'll be the first to know. I'll send Jason and my mom a link. They'll be fine with that.

Heather B.

I will babysit for free if you get the house with the hot tub.



This coming from the girl who is asking the Internet to diagnose whether she has appendicitis. Do I?

This may be all jumping-to-conclusions-ish of me, but: are you looking for a home near Bunny? BECAUSE HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE, to have a new friend AND live close to her?

Wacky Mommy

Drats! Because if you got pregnant right now you could be nine months pregnant and potty training Noah at the same time, which is pure joy. I know.

Move to Portland, Ore. Everyone else is. Lousy schools but the houses are cheap compared to elsewhere in the country. (If you're from out of state this equation works; if you're from here, trying to sell your current home and move into another, it sucks.)


I saw a real estate company commercial (can't remember which, must not have been a great commercial) where the happy homeowners are thanking their agent for showing them so many houses. They say it must have been at least 15 or 20, and she says it was 27 (or something) in this "It was awful but I did it because we're friends" voice. I almost choked on my french fries -- 27 is a lot? I am pretty sure I looked at at least 100 houses when we were buying. I set the burglar alarm that night, thinking our agent must be lurking in the bushes, waiting to stab me to death.


Wow-trying, you are brave! I have a 20 month old and the thought of having another one makes me break into hives. But, my whole playgroup already has a second, is trying, or is pregnant. So there is obviously something wrong with me.


We tried house hunting in Austin for awhile. It's like getting slapped in the face over and over, beaten down until you accept that you will either A) live someplace that blows, or B) stop eating so you can pay your mortgage.

Argh! And they say it's supposed to be cheap down here...


"I set the burglar alarm that night, thinking our agent must be lurking in the bushes, waiting to stab me to death."


I know that commercial, and yeeeeah. Only 27? Fucking amateurs.


Well, in case you don't know anyone in Ballston, I'll put in a good word for it as a safer, quieter alternative to DC. There's also a giant park and excellent library right by me. Almost makes me wish I had kids so I could take them there all the time.


hi amy - silver spring and wheaton are great places to raise kids. i grew up living in both areas (of course that was in the 80's!) good luck!


I know you hate the very idea of living in the 'burbs, but the prices start dropping fast once you get outside the Beltway. Fairfax is expensive, but 1.3M will get you 5000ft^2 on 1/3 of an acre in a good school district. I suspect the same is true in Montgomery Co. on the MD side of the river.

Not that you want to spend 1.3M. A meager (it is to laugh) five to six hundred thousand will get you 2500ft^2.

I've gone insane from living here too long. I can remember when I thought 150k was a huge amount of money to spend on a house.


In Ohio, (& I'm assuming other states, but what the hell do I know?) a seller / Realtor must disclose if anyone died in the home or if it was involved in a violent crime. Good info to have, no?

As for real estate - don't. get. me. started. My house has been on the market for (wait for it) 320 days. I am some sort of magnet for People That House-hunt for Fun With No Actual Ability to Obtain Financing. Once upon a time, when we assumed that our house would sell quickly & we would be left homeless, we started looking for our next home. I was horrified by what was available in our price range & preferred area(s). It shocked me into completely revising our budget in order to afford a higher mortgage payment (it's not like we really need to eat every day, anyway). To give you an idea of the treasures we were looking at - I immediately dubbed one The 70s Porn House. Mirrored walls in the mint green dining room; faux stone fireplace with (I kid you not) a lava lamp built into the mantle; violently pink kitchen with not one, not two, but THREE different styles of cabinets; sculptured lavender shag carpet throughout; a ginormous hottub in a pagoda in the back yard. *shudder*

So. Thinking happy, happy thoughts for you & hoping that your real estate experience is a million times better than ours has been!

Get well soon, Noah!

Amy Beth

I used to live in Frederick County and loved, loved, loved it! I don't know if it's too far from where you need to be, but it is about equidistance away from both Baltimore and DC. I hear tell it is somewhat "bedroom-y" now and resplendent with strip malls and such, but the hills and the fields and the outdoorsyness was my favorite. LOVE!


We are house shopping too, and it is just as much of a nightmare here in Michigan. We're thinking about just staying in an apartment forever because it's just too hard. But then again we don't want to stay in the apartment past July, and geez, can't we just make up our minds?

I'm starting to hate house shopping just a little bit and we've just started.


Gah...moving/buying/selling all blow! I had to move to fucking Houston and thought I should just kill myself first. But.....holy CRAP!! The housing market and cost of living down here are freaking amazing! $1.3 million would buy you a HUGE-ass-(HUUUGE!)McMansion down here. You do, however, have to deal w/Houstonians, so there's that.....
Good luck, Amy! Hope Noah feels better soon! =)


I looked on and off for about two years before hubby was ready to commit to a bigger house. (our mortgage was $360.00 per month**, I kid you not, so can you blame him?)(**14 years ago in Chicago suburbs)I would call a realtor that I had met when I saw something I was interested in. When we were finally ready, (I was pregnant with # 2 and #1 was ready to start school) she gave me all kinds of shit and actually said, "Ceej, what is different for you from last year?" (Like, are you finally gonna buy something or what?!) She had shown us maybe 6 houses over the course of two years! What was different was we had to move! So, I say, run 'em through the ringer--that's their JOB!!! Hope that Noah is snot-free soon!


We found out someone died in our house AFTER we moved in and AFTER we made that very room of death our son's room.

One Smart Cookie

We just bought our first house (in the Boston area) in June. When we were looking, we were thinking that we'd live there for around 5 years. Now, I think that I am NEVER LEAVING, because going through that process brought more stress than I really need in my life. I can't imagine selling a house and buying one at the same time. I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.

If you want to get really depressed about the housing market in your area, check out one of those articles like "What can 400K buy?". (There were a few like that on a while back.) They show you what types of houses you can get for the same price in different areas of the country. So depressing.


We are going through the EXACT same thing right now, except we haven't put our house on the market yet. I already want to die. We're moving to the city because we live in redneckistan and hate the commute. The houses are so freaking tiny; all the master bedrooms are upstairs with goofy angular ceilings which means that no one EVER had comfortable sex back when those houses were built, ever.

I'm crossing my fingers for you because it will give me hope.


If you want to stay in DC, I say, look at Glover Park! We might not have a metro stop, but we've got parking, dog parks, and a really, really cute (and good!) elementary school. The row houses are great, often have a small (ok, tiny) lawn, their own parking spaces, and are _even_ under a million bucks...

Good luck house-hunting, and hope Noah feels better!


It'll work out eventually. But right now it's hard. You worry you won't get an offer and then you worry you will. Fun!
I have been wondering about that Little Colds stuff--maybe worth a try for the next cold, which is due in a day or two.


heh. I've actually had "THIS IS THE PART WHERE THE SONG BREAKS DOWN, ITS REAL INTENSE NOONE MAKES A SOUND" in my head for days now. Thanks a lot.

yet another from the legions of Amys

No, even the uber-wealthy set limits for what they will spend. I was a caretaker on a $28 million estate while it was on the market, and very close to the homeowner who discussed the market and sale of her house with me frequently. It was disgusting to hear about millionaires arguing (through their lawyers and RE agents, of course) over a piddly $100,000 here and there when we all know damn well it really didn't matter.


Delurking for a comment. My son lives on the District side of Takoma. We visited a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love with it. We walked to Takoma Park easily,(farmers market to die for) but I think due to school districts and such, it is considerably cheaper than Takoma Park. My son's 100 year old federalist with a new kitchen remodel and 5 bedrooms and gillions of other tiny strange rooms, went for 669,000, but the lot is huge (for DC) and a full basement, although not completely finished. He and 5 others rent it, (they made a sunroom into a bedroom) but they found copies of all the paperwork in the house when they moved in. It sold last summer. Hope maybe that info gives you some help, at least knowing what something sold for in that area in the past year...saw lots of kids stuff around in the area as we walked in the afternoon.


oh God, the nostalgia. I know it well, and holy hell, I feel for you. I haven't even put this damn house up on the market yet, and already, I'm hearing myself think, "But...I love this house!" (I don't) "I love living here!" (um, I hate it? Like, really, really hate it? Who am I?)

Everything takes on a golden glow before you leave it, and where you live is such a huge, gigantic decision. But it will be okay, and the beauty of it is that it's actually not permanent. You will be able to backtrack, truly (Take it from someone who moved across the damn country in a colossal, glaring error, and is in the process of the backpedal of all backpedals)


When we were looking at the house we're now in, I noticed that the downstairs had an odd musty smell. I attributed it to old people funk and figured it would be gone with a good cleaning. My husband thought the same. We put a contract on the house for a lot of money. Double our old mortgage kind of money. Anyways... the contract got accepted on the same morning that the homeowner had scheduled an open house and it was too late for the realtor to pull the ad from the paper so they had it anyways. We went to the open house since we were assured that both the owner and the realtor would not be there and we could listen in on what other people had to say about the house.

As we're walking around, surveying all that is about to become ours, a woman makes a mad dash for the door and states, "Oh my god. My son is so allergic to cats that he would die here. I can't believe that they would put the house on the market with this whole downstairs reeking of cat pee!" We immediately called our realtor and he admitted that like us, he didn't know what cat pee smelled like but he'd ask a friend to come check it out. Long story short, we had to install all new carpet on the lower level as soon as we moved in and it was probably three months before I stopped imagining cat pee every where.

P.S. I found an awesome CHEAP painter who does great work in the DC area. Now that just about everything in our house has been freshly painted, I finally feel like I've sealed in the cooties from the previous owner under a couple of coats of paint. Highly recommend you get this done before you move in if you're as neurotic as I am.


If you don't mind Fairfax, there are great houses in my neighborhood (trails, awesome schools, pools, etc). Not sure what the commute would look like for hubby or what your price range is, but pending how far out you're willing to go you might get more house for the money as well as better neighborhood, and family neighborhood.


I read the other day that children who are sick often grow into adults with superb immune systems. I chose to believe that.

And also: "socioeconomic disparity allergy" - excellent phrase!


Hi Amy,
Just an FYI in case it hasn't already been said in the 70 some comments above...
The medicine in all infant/child cold medication has changed. The companies are no longer using pseudoephedrine and have switched to using phenylephrine which unfortunately has not been tested on children younger than 2... Most pediatricians are saying that because of this it's not safe to use until our cherubs turn two.
I might have come close to crying when I heard this...
Hope the babe feels better soon!


"I want a notarized document promising that NO ONE DIED HERE, accompanied by photos of the previous owners holding today's newspaper."

I laughed til my stomach hurt.


Move to my neighborhood! I will be your friend! I live in Maryland in a new development (read: no old people here, all new construction!) We're a bedroom community for DC. And it costs less than $1 million!


House hunting is painful. It is even more painful when you are both a buyer and a seller. And, finally, the thought of having to be a seller in this market made me decide that we need to wait.

Sure I found a lovely stone colonial in one of our favorite neighborhoods. Wanna see -
(Prettier in person.) And for the mere inconvenience of doubling our mortgage we would get three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. But, we also get a house without a family room (we have one now), a finished basement (we have one now) and an updated kitchen (we have one now). Overall it is larger and most importantly has the space and layout that is ideal for an addition.

Even though I am getting closer to the idea of moving, it still tugs at my heart to think about leaving our current house. After all, we have all the things we are looking for - just on a much smaller scale than what we would like. And, there is no cat pee. However, I am sure that when we do decide to sell my son will have a huge diaper blowout five minutes before the open house and the entire neighborhood will talk about how my house will never sell because it stinks.

Her Bad Mother

Sponging. Don't do it. It's ugly. Plus, it sounds dirty - DIY with Today Sponges! Spermicide optional.

Her Bad Mother

Oh, and? WonderBaby's current favourite toy? Jumbo plastic bottle of Rolaids tablets.


Jack is sick again too. And I am sick to death of him being sick. Third time in six weeks. AND HE'S BREASTFED AND STAYS AT HOME WITH ME.

I want a damn refund. This was not what i signed up for.


Also, can I add? Move to Takoma Park and I'll introduce you to all the hippies and show you where you can get a good cold beer and also the world's greatest seafood burrito. But you already knew how good Samantha's was, anyway, but still, I can take you there and get seafood burritos all day long!


The original owner died in our house. In the ktichen. With her hands folded neatly on her chest. SO says the 200 year old neighbor, anyway. But? It still sold in FIVE days! Take that!

Kim at allconsuming

"socioeconomic disparity allergy" - bwhahahahaha

We live with my mother - I yearn for somewhere with pale blue shagpile, weird old person smell and even phantom cat odour - so long as it is just us.


Damn, my secret is out--the main reason i buy Little Colds is because the rubber dropper is fantastic for a teething baby to chew on.

And the snot--oh, i hear you. My 21 month old has had a runny nose, for, I kid you not, A MONTH. No other signs of sickness, just a runny nose. With my first, I would have kept him home and sheltered him until it cleared up. With the second, we bundle him up and go out if we want to. Hah.

Amy Jo

Um, do we live in the same house? We have three flights of steps, no room for another baby, and a loft that I've hit my head on one ba-jillion times!


My 3 year old has been quite snotty too, now they are screaming allergies to which I am screaming..PLEASE NO!
We have recently moved and our house is up for sale too, like every fourth house in my town..not looking good at all.


Maybe you should buy and old people house and renovate. Cause there's nothing like a massive renovation project to put the rest of your (and by your I mean mine)chaotic life into perspective.


Kilz the walls and put up a fresh coat of paint. Tear out the old carpet and Viola! No old people smell. I will personally fly in from Texas to help once you purchase your new home : )

Black Belt Mama

Looking for a house sucks, but just remember that it only takes one. You'll find the right one and you'll just know it. . . sort of like finding a husband.


BTW? I call one of my best friends 'Bunny' too. And I don't think she likes it too much either.


Love love love Arlington. And Ballston does have a great library and park. Lots of parks all around in Arlington, lots of fun places to go with Noah and with Jason alone, not all "suburban" feeling, 10 minute drive to D.C. when not in rush hour.

You could buy a Cape Cod with unfinished basement, and finish it a few years later (when you've saved up again after the down payment).

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