Giving Thanks for the Whole "Not Going To Be Homeless" Thing
Hopefully we can all agree that this counts as updating

Stop me before I start carrying around wallet-sized photos of my house and forcing strangers to look at them.

Hey! It's my blog's anniversary! Three whole years of this nonsense.

To celebrate, I thought I'd do something really unique and wild and crazy and actually...wait for it...update my stupid blog. I know! Stand back, for we do know how to party around here.

Don't even get me started on the barn burner that was our Thanksgiving.


Hey there, good-looking. I'm a venture capitalist from Vermont. I have an emerging maple syrup conglomerate. Wanna dance?

This past week has been a blur. Everything got kick-started into crazy fast motion last Sunday when we officially accepted an offer on our condo. Our real estate agent neatly shuffled the papers and glanced at her watch, noting that it was 3:30 pm and we had exactly 30 minutes left of Open House time. And then we were all, BREAK! GOOOO ESCROWS! and high-tailed it over to see a couple townhouses.

We actually thought we were lost and almost turned around. (And by "we" I mean "I thought we were lost and demanded Jason turn around because THIS ISN'T RIGHT AND WE ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE OPEN HOUSES CLOSE OH MY GAWWWWD" and Jason reminded me that it's not like the realtors lock the doors PRECISELY at 4 pm and like, hiss at you through the mail slot to go away after that, so we kept driving.)

We saw two townhouses. The first one was cheap and had a lot of potential, provided you were willing to spend the next six months of your life scraping wallpaper off of every flat-ish surface in the entire house.

The second one was a 2,600-square-foot end unit with a remodeled kitchen, three bedrooms, a den, a finished basement rec room and four remodeled bathrooms. It was not as cheap.

Guess which one I liked. Guess!

For the first time since we started looking at houses, I got that weird little fluttery feeling in my stomach as we walked around. They'd knocked out a wall in the kitchen to make it big and open and bright. The basement wasn't basementy at all, but was more like a real part of the house. Was that a pantry? And is this ANOTHER closet?

Then I went into the master bedroom, turned a corner and saw the little sitting room. They'd set it up as an office.

"This is it." I told Jason. "This is the perfect house."

(And that was BEFORE I saw the remodeled master bath with two goddamned sinks oh my holy lord.)

It took all my willpower to refrain from throwing myself at the brick exterior to give the house a hug as we left.

We went back on Monday night with our agent, who confirmed the awesomeness of the house and the neighborhood.*

Then we found out that the sellers had received an offer from somebody else already.

I was crushed yet took it all in stride no, mostly just crushed. But the last thing we wanted to do was get into a bidding war in a damn BUYER'S MARKET, especially after being lowballed by our own buyers. So we went out again on Tuesday to look at a slew of other places, each more disappointing and laughable and fucking EXPENSIVE then the last. (Highlight of the day: the 1920s farmhouse with ceilings so low that Jason took out a light fixture with his forehead.)

Then! (Why is this story taking me so long to tell? Even my mom doesn't have this kind of patience for the minutae of my life.)

It turned out that the other offer on the townhouse was not very good. Were we still interested?

Yes! And then we lowballed them anyway. HA HA.

Anyway, after some frantic back and forthing on Wednesday night, when we were supposed to be on our way up to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, our offer was accepted. We left for PA around 8 pm and got there around 2 am, oh my God.

We still had both home inspections to get through before we could consider everything officially cool, so I ate a lot of extra stuffing. You know, for the coping.


The inspections were yesterday. We spent several hours at the new house in the morning (the place is perfect and I love it more every time I see it, even though we don't have nearly enough furniture and will have zero money for new furniture, so hello guests! Pull up a box and stay awhile!) (also I forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures I can post yet). And then we were kicked out of our condo for mannnnnnnnnny more hours in the late afternoon.

At one point we stood forlornly on the sidewalk outside our building, watching the inspector walk up and down and up and down our stairs through the window. Jason kept reminding himself that our stairs are in great shape, while I kept trying to forget all the times I'd walked up those stairs naked, because Jesus CHRIST, you can see RIGHT IN FROM DOWN HERE, WHAT KIND OF CRAZY PEEP SHOW HAVE I BEEN RUNNING THESE PAST FIVE YEARS?

Our agent called this morning with the good news: the inspection went perfectly. No issues, no repairs, just smooth sailing until settlement.

We move in 20 days.

There's really only one thing I can say about that...


(I'm sorry, but this photo is pretty much the BEST EMOTICON EVER, and conveys more than all the exclamation points in the world.)

*I'm going to keep that info to myself, if y'all don't mind. I'm simply going to say I live somewhere in the MD-DC-VA metro area. Look at me! Learning lessons and defining boundaries! And it only took me three years!



Maxine Dangerous

Yay! Congratulations! :)


Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations! Glad everything went smoothly for you guys! And of course we pictures asap of the remodeled masterbath and perfect little sitting room and whatnot!


YAY! Congrats.. Now we are all just dying to see the pics.


Holy Heck! Is that Noah? Where did your baby go? Congrats on the new home!


Wow. 2600 square feet. Wow.

I think I'd get lost in all that space.

Either that or find a really good hiding place! Congratulations!

anne nahm

Congrats all the way around :^)


Congrats! And who needs furniture?! You can have fun and build forts with blankets : ) We did that in our living room before we could afford new furniture.... and called it 'romantic'. All you need: blankets, pillows and candles!


Even though Luke and I have already decided that 2008 is "our" year to get into a house, reading this entry brings on pangs of house fever. Which may even be more powerful than baby fever. And THAT is saying something.



Congrats! I have house envy. I just want a hot water heater that works and the ability to remodel my own damn kitchen.


Happy anniversary! And kudos for selling and buying so quickly. I'm major impressed!


Congrats on the new house once again. It sounds lovely. We're still trying to decide if we really want to sink our money into the Michigan housing market (it's not in great shape due to having the worst economy in the U.S. or if we should stay renters forever. Renting is still looking like the best option, no matter how much house fever we get.


Ok Congrats on the new house (and dig out the Prozak as you will need it over the next 6 weeks.) Moving sucks.

And I, ah, dont know how to word this diplomatically other than to say, wow, your writing NOW is great. Your first few posts on the blog, well, pale in comparison to your greatness now :)

Congrats on the anniversary and the new house!


All the congrats in the WORLD! I read you every single day, but only comment once every millenia or so...but BOYS HOWDY did this news ever bring me out of the woodwork!

Good for you!! So excited and can't wait to see pictures!

Lumi ate stuffing? With that deliciously-adorable-delectable baby RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU?!?!?! (love that Noah)

Katie Kat

WOOT! What a great Thanksgiving gift! (I didn't know we were supposed to give Thanksgiving gifts tho, so I didn't get you anything... except congratulatory exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love that you found a HOME, not just a house. My sister used to live in that area and it is FAB-U-LOUS. Now... for the move... we will be expecting at least as detailed a report on THAT one. :)

P.S. I love "Ceiba as emoticon". That rocks. Oh, and good job with the boundaries, but thanks for not eliminating astonishingly adorable pics of Noah. Sigh! He's SO dreamy! (That was from my one-year-old daughter - *wink *wink -)

emery jo

yay! yippie! woo woo!


Not a pantry too - you have surely hit the jackpot.
I am also going to blame my stuffing consumption (and pie consumption) on your need to cope.


Why the worry about furniture. Haven't you ever seen what they can do with cardboard on those fix-it-up-pretty shows? Bookcases and beds and dining room tables. All courtesy of the local Save-Right or Liquors-Are-Us. You'll have a classy looking abode in no time flat. Just hope it doesn't have a sprinkler system!


Yay! I'm glad you found something you love. It will make moving out of the condo (with the phantom cat pee smell) that much easier. Oh my god...Noah is so darn handsome! (Which is a huge compliment, because my own children are breathtakingly adorable, so my standards are set pretty high in the child cuteness department.) And that pic of Ceiba....The Cuteness of an Eternal Puppy coupled with Complete Insanity....rolled up neatly in one tiny purse dog package. Who needs mental stability when you've got shiny dog hair?


Loving it. Absolutely loving it! Great house, mysterious neighborhood, fantastic picture of the already grown up child. And the recurring picture (excuse me, emoticon) of my nightmares- Ceiba in Scream part XII.

Congrats on it all. May your boxes be sturdy, your U-Haul not leak, and the plumbing all work eternally.


This'll solve the furniture problem.

Amy M

Happy Anniversary & congrats on the new house!

Love Noah's personal ad! Wow - he's growing up fast! Has he picked a college yet? ha!


Congrats, Amy! The new place sounds awesome, and bathroomy, and good for a boy (a boy! not a baby, a boy!) to grow up in.


Congrats! We had the same experience when we bought our condo - there was already an offer on it. That day, I read my horoscope (I swear I never do that) and it said something like "you have found your dream home". I kept that silly scrap of paper in my wallet for the next few weeks and sure enough, the other sale fell through (and in a seller's market).

Also, and unrelated:

1) That picture of Noah? He really resembles Jason. Uncanny.
2) Thanks for the tip about realtors not hissing through the mail slots. Good to know.


Trust me, you just saved yourself about three heart attacks by skipping the wallpapered house! Congratulations on finding the perfect spot for Noah to grow up! :)



And yes, I would like to dance with that adorable venture capitalist.


How exciting - congratulations! Your new house sounds like a palace. 4 bathrooms?! No queuing for the shower in your house...

I can't believe you've been flashing your neighbours for 5 years.


Congrats on the sale and the purchase and the inspections and all that!

And when, pray tell, did you exchange your cute little baby for this handsome young man? I like them both, but man... where did the time go??

Amy H.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am so happy that you write this great blog. I've been reading for about a year and a half. You make me laugh and cry. I get mad when people are mean to you. I feel silly when I talk to my husband about your day and he calls me a geek. whatever. Point is, when we are young we always say that we want to make a difference in the world. You, my blogger quasi-friend that I don't really know, have made a difference. So many people read this and laugh and it brightens their spirits. What a beautiful gift.

oh, and congrats on the house, too.


Wow, sounds like you got a dream house! It sounds so wonderful! And so quick, too. I'm really happy for you. Noah is adorable as usual. AGAIN with the emoticon? You had me cracking up! I love it!


WHAAT? You're not going to give us your address and show us pictures so we can all visit and and send presents?

(Just kidding. I found the cries for exactly where you live and also, I think, a link to an MLS listing a little disconcerting, and I'd do the same thing. I mean, I get it and all, but this is the INTERNET. OMG.)


I want to go house hunting. And buying. But I want to buy the house you bought because you just make it so...wantable. Mmmm perfect house. I'm so jealous.

Congrats on your new home!


I'm beyond happy for you but am gonna be the voice of reason, aka Debbie Downer.

Seriously, pack anything you don't abso-tively need for the next month. (I know you move in 20 days, but you also have to unpack the things you'll need.

I've moved like 20 times (Army brat) and you never pack well. Not even if you start a year ahead. Three weeks is just about right unless you are one of those people who sorts their flatware and makes sure all their clothes are folded inside the boxes.

My opinion is, as long as the china and crystal doesn't and the cat doesn't end up packed, you did the job.


Yay! Must get boxes from the liquor store as they are the perfect can't put too much in them so they are impossible to lift, and many come with a cut out handle so you can easily carry them. Plus with every one you carry into your new house you get to look like a total lush. Perfect for a first impression on the nosy new neighbors!


You should totally be ashamed for making such an ugly baby/toddler... look at that blond hair, the brown eyes, and that UGLY SMILE.... ;)

Too bad my daughter is almost 9 years old, I would totally set her up with Noah...

Vaguely Urban

While we were waiting to hear back from the sellers about the offer we put in on (spoiler alert!) our current place, I would drive by it every night. I loved it so much. Still do.

Hope you keep up the same love with your new home. Congratulations on the real estate adventures and your blog anniversary.

Sarah Marie

Congrats all around! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new place. Mmmm...real estate porn!

Heather B.

That child looks edible. I love that picture.


Happy blogiversary! And Noah's looking a tad too little boyish for comfort!


Holy crap, could Noah look ANY MORE like you?

(and also, goooo escrow!)



You are hilarious and so dead-on about sooo many things. I love you more than Oprah and look forward to many lots of years more of amalah dot com!

happy anniversary!


That picture STILL makes me laugh out loud. If my 50 pound dog could fit into any of my son's onesies, I would copy you shamelessly.

Congratulations on the house and the anniversary!

Maria P.

Your real estate adventures give me anxiety and I work in real estate.


Happy blogiversary! Thanks for all of the fun, hilarious, and emotional reading over the last couple of years. And congratulations on selling the house and finding an even better one!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Amalah! The excitement! The moving! The packing boxes and unpacking boxes and swearing! The exclamation points!

You better orchestrate a full weekend of babysitting.

Charge up that camera battery and post a hundred photos. We're all delighted for you, and can't wait for the photo tour.


Wahoo! Congrats on the new house, new neighborhood and new places to explore! Also, Happy Anniversary to your wonderful stories of everyday life and its ups and downs. I first found your blog while we were planning our first trip to Aruba and came across your pictures and notes from a trip that you and Jason had taken. I got hooked and look forward to the updates!

Where I work I have access to lots of GREAT boxes for moving (legal copy boxes meant to hold heavy paper, with handles). I've used this kind for many a move, it makes it easy packing a U-haul when all of the boxes are the same size (and have handles!). In Tysons Corner, not stalking just being helpful in a stressful time!


Am. Totally. Jealous. *sigh* Congratulations!!!


I'm so happy for you!! The house sounds great--a pantry? Too cool! Hope that everything goes swimmingly for you all. Oh, and that baby? Is a doll! I have to agree with Amy H. up thread--you always make my day with your posts and I love reading all your AmyAdventures. Lotsa pictures, please!


Congrats! on your new home & bloginversary1

You can probably get some inflatable stuff for people to sit & sleep on. Or lawn chairs would work. Just say it's the latest in IKEA-chic.

Your little boy is absolutely precious! But we already knew that.


CONGRATS!!!!!!Let us know how moving w/ a toddler works, I hope to do it this spring. And get movers, it makes things so much easier.

And 3 years, wow. I was just excited today is the one week anniversary of my own little blog.


that's BLOGIVERSARY, yo.

congrats, happy, etcetera!


A pantry? As in a closet for food??

My God, your house is so fabulous your food has it's own walk-in closet?!

Congratulations :)
(To you and your food)


Happy Anniversary! Happy moving in, in 20 days, and Noah's sweater is to die for! I love it so! I can't wait to see pics of the new have me all excited like I'm the one moving! haha


Conratulations - Happy Moving - Happy Anniversary and all that. The main thing I want to say is HOW DAMN CUTE IS HE? Oh! Gobble him up with a spoon cute!


If they love you, your visitors won't mind sitting on the floor ;-)


oh, and more importantly, how close are you to a gymboree?

Mrs. Q.

Congrats. Finding a house is like trying on wedding dresses. Once you find "The One", every other house you visit is a lean-to with a leaky tarp. Happy packing.


Congratulations, and Happy Blogiversary, and Merry Christmas, for good measure.


Huge congratulations. May the "honeymoon phase" with the new house never end, EVER.


I totally had a dream last night where someone bought me 3 puppies, and I kept them in laundry baskets....(lock me up for animal cruelty) but anyway my boyfriend wanted to name one Max. I fought with him about it, because duh Amy's cat's name is Max, and we do not steal pet names!

Congrats on the house! You'll be home in time for Christmas!!


Happy Blogaversary.

New house! Amy, I am disappointed - NO CAMERA? *gasp* I'm kidding. You'll have years to take pictures of your new place. How exciting! I am excited! Excitement to the max!

The more I see that picture, the more Ceiba looks like she belongs in Jurassic Park. (Still cute, of course.)


Didn't read all the comments, so if someone said this already...too bad.

You MUST, I REPEAT MUST, contact Hallmark and sell them that pic of your dog. You would bring in some big bucks, and Ceiba would go worldwide with her open-mouthed yawny kinda "I'm small but I could totally eat you if I wanted to" expression and millions of hearts around the globe would be warmed by her cuteness. And her funny-lookingness. Can you imagine getting a birthday card with that face on it? Or a get well soon card? Or maybe a "So glad you're not homeless and found some place you want to move to" card? That's all I'm sayin.

p.s. What happened to Noah? Did some big kid come along and eat him? Because that is NOT sweet precious Noah baby in that picture. That child is entirely too grown up to be the baby we all love and adore. While himself extremely lovable and delicious, he's not Noah. (Missie runs away, screaming in denial..then looks at her own toddler, realizes the growing thing has hit her too, and runs further away, screaming like Katie Holmes' mom must have during the vows.)


Happy Blogaversary.

New house! Amy, I am disappointed - NO CAMERA? *gasp* I'm kidding. You'll have years to take pictures of your new place. How exciting! I am excited! Excitement to the max!

The more I see that picture, the more Ceiba looks like she belongs in Jurassic Park. (Still cute, of course.)


I was going to say, Ceiba reminds me of an adorable baby velociraptor. But furry.

Congrats on the Blogiversary and finding a new house! It sounds so much nicer than my house!

And I wish i had a little girl on the way so i could fix her up with Noah. What a handsome dude.


Oh, HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE! Congratulations! You need to set up a PO box so I can send you a plant (traditional) and a really good bottle of wine (modern) that I KNOW YOU HAVE somewhere in that expanse of house you have. So glad you love your new house, but question: what is J's commute like?


Man, an awful lot of people got here before me and stole all the things I was going to say. Congratulations on the new abode! Remember to clearly mark the box you pack Noah into so that you can find him quickly when you arrive at the new house.


Happy Blogiversary!

My sister had the most well-executed move I've ever seen - I'm fighting the urge to lay down a load of ass-vice.

Instead, I'll just say I hope it goes smoothly! It's close to Christmas, but Noah's young enough that he won't demand to know when you're putting up the decorations already. If you're lucky, you can get some help decorating as you unpack!


Yay!!! Also: be glad your new home doesn't have light fixtures circa de The Brady Bunch ON CRACK.


Hey Amy, thanks so much for providing that link to your very first post so that I could spend a few HOURS clicking on "Newish" and learning that you have ALWAYS been funny. And going "awwww" over the photo of baby Max draped over Jason's shoulder.

Congrats on the Blogiversary and especially on the house!


My favorite part about our last move was buying a digital labeler gun thingy (technical name). We labeled everything... EVERYTHING. Now there might be lots of boxes of junk in the basement and garage, but at least it is all properly labeled.


I just keep getting more and more excited for y'all!!

Note to self: install mail slot in order to hiss at ne'er-do-wells, bill collectors and family members.

Note to Amalah: Congratulations on 3 years of bloggity goodness. Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. I always think of you on this day!


Congratulations! And aww... little baby all growed up!


I am so impressed at your home selection. It sound awesome! Can't wait for pictures.

Wacky Mommy

I see you've finally relaxed.

Happy Anniversary, Bloggie!


Congratuversary!!! Wonderful news! Handsome Noah! Humiliated Ceiba! What more could we ask? *lol*


Wow! Much happiness for the holiday season in your neck of the woods! Congratulations on all counts. :)


Congrats!!! Sounds so beautiful and the fact that you love it more each time you see it, tells you, you bought the right place.

Now, lets have some pictures please-(the pic of Noah is darling!!)

Now, lets talk about that puppy girl and her smile- It just kicks my ass with laughter every time I see that picture! It's crazzzy!


Yay for you and your new townhouse. I totally respect your decision not to get more specific than "Metro DC" (but I totally totally hope it's in my new neighborhood in 21046, because that would rock!!). And I heart you so much that I'm not hugely jealous that you got an offer on your place so quickly while my condo has been languishing on the market in northern VA for a few months. Yes, I am that generous - wouldn't I be a GREAT FRIEND AND NEIGHBOR? Yes, yes I would. :)

Lisa Ann

2600 sq. feet? That's downright palatial!

I'm so happy that the tire will have a nice new home.


hey whos that big kid at the top of the post.....

le sigh

please continue to write longer and longer posts. they alere my favorite

me lurvs your writing style


Ohhh sweet jesus, I'm so happy you have a HOME and won't be living in the Smurfmobile down by the river.



Two word response to your entry:



Every time I see the poochey picture I think of doggie cleavage. It makes me laugh does the thought of you in 2600 square feet! Heavvvvvvven. Congratulations and clink, clink to the new blogyear!

(I just said clink, clink.)


Congrats! Sounds an awful lot like the townhouse I lived in up in Maryland-though mine only had three bathrooms (it had a rough in for a fourth in the unfinished basement, though).

God, I hope that you're not moving there-it's a horrible commute to DC from that town. Hubby made the commute from that townhouse to Farragut North for three years (2 hours each way!) It'd be major suckage for Jason.

What kind of wine should I send your way-cuz 20 days to move means you REALLY need it! :)

congrats on having Christmas in a new home!!!!!!


Yay! So now to just get some pictures...

You need to sign up for an internet service which doesn't give your location in stat counters.

Ceiba should have a whole line of emoticon-wear.


I knew we had something in common, not only is it your blogiversary, but my 40th (ouch) birthday as well.
Congratusuperlations on the sale and purchase of a new home within what...a week?
Just had to tell you, I am generally a lurker, a regular lurker though, you just make me laugh and sometimes cry, often while at work. My friends will sometimes ask me "How's Amy?"....and then wait to see if I will answer or get it that they are making fun of me...When you post I am gauranteed some laughs and reminders of when I was younger and raising my baby boys, the youngest now 7! By the way, your Noah?....yum, cuteness overload!


guaranteed that is..see what happens when you hit 40?


Amalah, delurking to say CONGRATS! I love your site, came here from either Dooce or Suburban Bliss or someone like that. Noah is a cutie, love the pictures. You are a really wonderful writer. We bought our house in March and I remember well all of this stuff. CONGRATS! And, buy bourbon for the packing and the moving. I found it helped me tremendously.


Congratulations! You're inspiring me to get my butt in gear and out looking for a new house.... I'm not settling either. Gonna get that dream house with the walk in closets and the double sinks!!! Love that emoticon -- precious! And, Noah? Gorj!!


Aw I'm so happy for you, what a great ending! Congratulations!


Hooray for you! And hooray for that wacky dog! Love the wacky dog!


congrats on your blog anniversary and your new home!! it sounds amazing! also, you made me die of laughter when you said what you did about your 'peep show'. i bet you gave 'em more than their money's worth! ;)


You won't tell us where you live? Is this because of all those nights I spent in my car parked outside of your place watching you on the stairs???


My wife insists I point out that my last comment was a joke... (duh)

congrats on the new house and the blogiversary!


Congrats! on the (soon to be your new) home. Awesome. And I'm glad you kept the details a secret. People be crazy in this world. Word.

Do not get lost! amidst the sea of boxes (for too long). : )

Fraulein N

Congrats on the new house! Glad you found something you really like.


Congrats on:
New Townhouse
Having a young man for son!


Congrats on the new abode!!! Love the pic of Noah! My son, who just turned 7 mos. has the same sweater. Seeing just how cute it is on another child makes me rationalize that expenditure even more. Dare I say I heart RL? Ugh, just did....

Happy Anniversary!!! And here's to a smooth move!!

Occidental Girl

Talk about parallel lives...kind of.

You and I quit our jobs at the same time, and now we're moving at the same time. It's like, when I read your blog, I'm reading my life!

Except not really. I have a five year old daughter, plus other different stuff. As in, everything else.


What? They did an inspection on your condo? That is a big change from the market that we bought in a few years back.

I love my condo, but I'd love 2600 square feet even more. Congrats!

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