Unfortunately, pulling off the "skinny jean" generally requires one to get off one's fat ass occasionally
Flipping Coins. And Nuts.


Salsa Queen

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the contract. Now get out there and find a house!


Yay! Congratulations!

Amy C

That is awesome!! And I thought the housing market sucked right now. Way to go!


I literally JUST DID THIS. While pregnant. And hormonal. And hormonal. Shit...already said that.

It can be done, mama! Good luck.

CeibaBaybee looks smashing, BTW.

heather b

whooo! congratulations. I love ceiba's onsie, she looks pretty darn happy to be wearing it. Happier than I am in any of my clothes, anyway.


you can do it, you are the Great Amalah! Also, I moved two doors down one week prior to flying to china to adopt my first child, so the fact that you already have the kid should make it just a tad.... harder!!!


congrats! have booze nearby for when you reach a goal. like packing A box. ;)


Half your battle is already won: someone wants to buy your condo. So truly, yay for that! But yeah - finding a house and um, moving into it in 30 days - that part kind of sucks. So, good luck!


Congratulations! And, um, good luck with that!


Congrats and good luck! That's very exciting!


Congrats! Good luck with the next bit...! 30 days doesn't seem like a lot. Still, in a month's time you'll be in your fancy-pants new house! I had to wait 3 months for mine, which SUCKED.



If you're anything like me, now that the pressure is on, getting things done will be easier/faster now!

If not, I'll come help! (I wish)
Our boys would have a blast together.


congrats and good luck!


Congrats! A new house sounds like an awesome Christmas present for your family.


YEAH!!! The good thoughts did work :) Ditto what everyone else said - the hard part is over... More good thoughts are being sent your way.-


congrats! Woot!

Good luck with the buying a house part of it. I hope your condo is going for the pretty penny it deserves!


I think Ceiba is giving a cry for help. Or a shout-out for help. Or a panicked 'oh shit' somebody freaking help me' shriek for help.

Or maybe its because of the gender neutral dressing? Maybe Ceiba secretly desires ribbons and lace, or leather and chains.

It's like an advertisement for a doggie horror flick. Very nice!


Wheee! Congratulations!


Congrats on your contract Amy & Jason! The next month will be a whirlwind, but keep your eyes on the prize -- Christmas morning in your new house!


You can do it! We moved into our house 3 days before Christmas. It may be a bit stressful, but we all have faith in you.


Isn't that the best feeling?? We sold our house about 9 mos ago and I distinctly remember the day I felt comfortable walking away for the house without making the beds. Or *gasp* swiffering the morning pop tart crumbs.
CONGRATS!! Now go find a new house already!




Congrats and OMG!

I am having sympathetic stress induced palpatations.

Heather B. (the one who lets Ceiba cuddle)



Wow! Congrats...and eek! Good luck finding something. You guys have made it thru the hard part, finding someone to buy your place. I know of so many people who are selling and nothing is moving (but they all live way to freakin' far out in NoVa for you guys). You can always have the moving company hold your belongings in storage for a bit if your settlement dats don't line-up.

Breathe in, breathe out...


Wait-THIRTY DAYS? Which means at the longest you'll be moving in five days before Christmas? Oh no, no stress there, huh? I hope you find a new house and get the closing done FAST. Good luck!


But, wait! You posted a picture of a face who knew the house wouldn't sell. LET'S SEE THAT FACE NOW!

So excited for you.


Congratulations on the sale, and hope the move into a new house is a smooth ride!


How exciting! And also stressful. Best of luck! :)


Oh Congratulations! And I have confidence in you, you can totally find a house in 30 days. Patrick and I had to find one in 3 days. Hope it all goes smooth!!


MLS# DC6224813 (toured it on Sunday-- gorgeous reno and reduced to $569K) Everything inside is brand new, down to the crown molding and paneling in the formal dining room. It's 13 minutes to Mazza shopping, 10 min to Adams Morgan, 5 to Columbia Heights, and 5 to Takoma Park, walking distance to multiple parks. Swear I'm not a real estate agent, but have lived in the neighborhood 2 years and had a great experience as well as massive home $$appreciation$$. Plenty of hip young parents.


Congratumulations! You know, there's no shame in moving your stuff into storage if you don't find a place that you like on time. :D


Congratulations! You can totally do this. I'm excited for you. New house! New stuff! Whoo hoo!


Anyone notice the similarity between the young Amalah and Ceiba? :) Too cute!


Oh my god...good luck finding a place. But congrats on finding a buyer!

Katie Kat

I keep tellin' ya, if you'd just move to my town and be my best friend I could help out in all of these times... SHEESH! (I am NOT stalkerific, honestly.)

Ceiba looks THRILLED to be dressed so delicately. I think you need to consider having another baby... seriously... :)


That's freakin awesome and OMG 30 days?! Ceiba looks super psyched! Or like she's secretly plotting her revenge in that "hide your good shoes" kind of way..

Good luck finding a new place! (and while I realize upon re-reading that might sound sarcastic, it's really supposed to be serious and supportive, so.. uh.. goodluck!)


Man, I go away for a weekend and look what happens!! I'm so excited for you guys. Be sure to leave some toast crumbs on the counter, too -- just to show your rebellion!


Congratulations! Good luck finding a place - hopefully you'll have a beautiful new home before Christmas.


Love the dog in the onesie! Very cute! I do not miss the whole house hunting/house buying process, but I am sure you will have more success than we did! The house we had under contract was struck by lightning! Anyway, totally unrelated, I went to babybeat.com and rented a doppler. I put your reference # down, so hopefully $10 will be on its way to you! Thanks for the referral!


Hee! Love the distraction. Dogs in onesies crack me up.

Wacky Mommy

You can do it/yes you can! Dude, best wishes.


whee!!! Congratulations!

Uh...now have fun moving?


Yippee!! Now you get to go nose around other people's unnaturally clean houses. Happy househunting (if there is such a thing)! I really do think that selling is the hard part, buying is the easier part, because you have some control. Good luck!

Daily Tragedies

Hooray! Just be thankful that you no longer have to camp out overnight to be the first ones at an open house, checkbook in hand.


Wow. First, Congratulations! I know how long you could have had to sit on the market. And second, OMG! 30 DAYS!?! What will you do? Have you packed yet? Do you have family in the area? I can't wait to know what you are going to do!


Congratulations on selling your condo! Good luck house hunting. I'm currently looking in Philly and it sucks. Hope you're luckier than me!


Congrats, we moved 3 months ago, had our house on the market for what seemed like forever! My wife blamed HGTV for "Sell This House" where people learned what to look for and made work for the sellers! We had a daily ritual of making all the beds, making sure that all our stuff was properly hid, and there was plenty of candy in a bowl for potential buyers. What a pain.

P.s. we have the same paper towel holder.


Huzzah! Congrats on selling the house!!!

30 days to find/buy/move into a new one?

No pressure.


Woo Hoo!! Congrats on being under contract! On to suburbia, huh?? It's amazing what a little motivation and a deadline can do for finding a new home--you guys will totally find the perfect home! Hire some movers to help and drink some wine! It will be okay. :)


Congrats! And more dogs in onesies!


Woo! Congratulations! And also, have fun with the moving and stressing and all that...


Wishing you the best of luck... don't go too crazy!


Congratulations... and uh... best of luck in the frenzy.


Congratulations! I'm sure it was the lack of towels on the counter that sold your condo!
Love the dog in the onesie almost as much as my cat in a cardigan.

Normal Girl

Oh my gosh I'm so happy for you! I loved when I was moving into my own house. You guys will find something wonderful! You just know when you walk in the front door that its your house :)

Also Min Pins in onesies rock!


You SOLD! AWESOME! YIPPIE!!! You can do it. Awes.


Great news! Glad to hear that you sold your place, especially in this housing market. Good luck finding something that you'll truly love.


I am in the same boat, closing on Dec 22nd, but I do have a contract on another house. Happy house hunting - hope you find something great! I know you are looking all over the place, but I lived in Alexandria on W. Masonic View Ave. when I was in college and I thought it was a great neighborhood (near Old Town).


Yay! Congrats on being able to live like normal again instead of in a show home. Hope you find the perfect house really soon. And dress Ceiba up in lots more funny things!


Congrats on selling the condo! I'm glad it went fairly quickly for you. And I hope you find a new house that you love.

Friend of Mermaid



Yeah for being under contract! Ugh for all the work ahead! hang in there! Just breathe!!!


Bah, it's too easy to make the dog wear clothes...I wanna see pics of Max in various outfits!

Be sure to stock up on antibacterial cream and bandages, hehehe


Congrats! Now, where are you moving so we can stalk you there!


Congratulations! That really didn't take that long. Of course, your place is just gorgeous, so I'm not surprised.

I'm so happy for you...and a little bit jealous. We just found out we can't sell our place right now. At least not without taking a loss. The housing market in Michigan just sucks. Too bad...I really need to be further away from my mother-in-law.


Wow! Congratulations on the contract. You can do this -- finding a house, moving, and all that -- all within the next 30 days. Hope the price you got was at least acceptable (must have been, or you wouldn't have signed).


Congrats on the sale of your condo!

My parents just sold their house in the Northern Virginia area after having it on the market for 6 or so months, which is respectively good considering the market...

Good luck on finding a new home for you and your awesome family! And congrats again! How exciting...


Congrats! Everyone is right, the hard part is over. You might want to check with your realtor on the 30 days.. is it 30 days to sign a contract on your new home, or 30 days to move? Believe me it will make a huge difference, double check the fine print. :-)


Congrats! Everyone is right, the hard part is over. You might want to check with your realtor on the 30 days.. is it 30 days to sign a contract on your new home, or 30 days to move? Believe me it will make a huge difference, double check the fine print. :-)


you totally crack my ass up!
Congratulations... and best wishes to find your dream home soon :)


Wow Amy! Congrats! And holy shit! That's scary! But good! But scary!

Shutting up now..


Holy crap! Huge congrats! Good luck on the house hunting, and enjoy your 30 days (OHMIGOD, 30?) of making laundry piles etc.

Her Ladyship

Congrats! Happy house hunting!


You seem to be so organized that the 30 day limit seems extravagant to me. You'll make it with time to spare! Congratulations!!


Congrats on the contract. But oh my god oh my god OHMYGOD...you only have 30 days! Good luck finding your dream house!
(I heart this house)


Congrats to you! I think when you originally posted in October I was all "Yeah, I'm putting my townhouse on the market soon too." Well a month later and we're just finally finishing up all the painting and repairs. *sigh* Maybe someday I'll actually get the damn thing on the market.


Congrats! I hope you guys lotsa luck and lotsa fun! Just remember the fun of decorating a new place!


Congrats! Welcome to the hell that is the next 30 days of your life.

My completely biased advice: Bannockburn in Bethesda. Cutecutecute houses just sittingsittingsitting due to this crapola market. A little shopping center at the end from which one could, if planned correctly, survive for the rest of one's life (except if, for example, one is a wino, in which case one would have to drive 1/2 mile to the liquor store or...). Irish Pub and National Park literally at the end of the block. And Montgomery County is no smoking, which means that you can bring your child to the bar for a pint en route to the park without so much as raising an eyebrow (hypothetically speaking, of course).

Again, good luck!


yay! I am so happy for you. Also? i will trade you 1 thesis for packing AND moving your entire house. Alone.

Maxine Dangerous

Congrats! :) I've decided this all happened because I have sprinkled you with Good Luck Fairy Real Estate Dust, which I, of course, had in my possession since I talked to a realtor yesterday and now have houses and moving and boxes and oh-boy-oh-boy-a-new-place-to-live excitement all over me. Happy for you and good luck! :)


Won't it be Christmas in 30 days?


I saw the cutest doggie dress in Vegas, complete with white sleeveless sweater, pink plaid skirt and matching "Pawda" bag. Tina and I immediately thought of you. ;)


Great news, congratulations and good luck with the findnig of your new home.


First off... congratulations! That was QUICK! Now, OMG OMG OMG... you need to find a place to live. Yikes!!!

PS- Ceba looks marvelous in the onesie!

shy me

well, congratulations : )


$596K!?! And that's reduced!??


Jeebus. That would buy you a shit-ton of house out in these here parts.


congratulations! i hope you find the home of your dreams for the price of your dreams!


Congrats! The toaster and the paper towels look so relieved.


And, are you going to need a bunch of boxes just for ceibas clothes?

cat lady

During the holidays too. yippeee have fun.


Yeah, Congrats!!! Now you have the opportunity to find a great place without the doubt of "will our place sell or not?" Least now you know the answer to that one. LOL I know 30 days seems like no time, but you'll find something great. And someone else commented how you have to move during the holidays..and that can actually be a good thing. "Hey Amalah..where the hell are my presents?".. You:"uh hello!! We just moved!!" Point should be taken..LOL Good luck with everything. And oh I've been dying to say this for so damn long.. you're condo looks way better than even some of the places I've seen on the HGTV channel. LOL NO wonder it sold.


congratulations! hopefully you guys will get a screaming deal out in the suburbs, where everyone is like, "um..... please come look. please? PLEASE!??" Especially the builders!

Lisa Murphy

Congrats! That didn't take too long to sell. You'll find something lovely this time of year. People are desperate to sell. Think nice place, low price. It will work. I'm sure of it.

Mrs. Flinger

HAHAHA! Love the dog. Congrats on the house! No pressure or anything.


Uh...does that dog have a tiny bit of cleavage?


Hi. This has nothing to do with your post but I was wondering if you have any information on the identity of Violent Acres. I'm sorry to bother you with this and I'm not sure if you've been targeted by her. I'm very upset over her use of the phrase "retard genocide" among other things. I live in DC and would at least go to see her representatives from her state, if only to make myself feel better. I believe it does fall under hate speech though many people disagree. Any info that you could send me would be appreciated. Thanks.



I loved growing up in the DC suburbs, it will be fun. Good luck with the move etc.


wooooohoooo way to go on selling the condo!

as for the pup in the onsie, I just bought a sweaterw ith dancing rudolphs for my cat Hehe


Sorry, Veronica. I don't know anything.

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