What the hell is wrong with me?
Under Contract

Unfortunately, pulling off the "skinny jean" generally requires one to get off one's fat ass occasionally

Realtor: There is a very good possibility that an offer will be coming in. Will you be available?


Amy: *sits by phone, stares*

Jason: *reloads realtor.com for the millionth time*


Noah: *cuts two enormous molars, FINALLY, thus ending a week-long streak of non-stop torment and snot and fever and screaming because Amy was so used to ignoring the endless dance of the bulging-cutting-swelling-disappearing molars that it never occurred to her to maybe give the poor child some Motrin*

 So that's pretty much all that's been going on around here. Um.


I'll try to do something a little more interesting or embarrassing this weekend. We're going to the Oyster Riot tonight (shockingly enough I was NOT asked to come judge the wine again, haaaaaaaa loser) so maybe I'll fall down or spill wine on somebody important. Or -- horrors of horrors -- I'll show up wearing LEGGINGS.





The first to comment, perhaps? If so, yay! Good luck with having an exciting weekend...I have a 21-month-old and sympathize with ya on the teeth.


Oh, Noah - poor guy! If I had teeth coming in, poking through my gums, I'd be bawling too.

How can he be so frickin' adorable, even when he's gooey and crabby? A-dorable.

Hope the offer comes soon. Whoo hoo!


I hope that offer comes through for you guys!


Molars are a bitch, right? I load up the Motrin or BT. I used to worry about overmedicating but since the canines started coming in, there isn't enough in the world!


Oooh, wine. Also, ewwww, leggings.

Nicole P.

That is so the same picture as your profile pic (yes I know you hear this everyday but I'm choosing to restate it for the record).

Sending good real estate ju ju your way!


Wow- free wine, oysters,and molars finally poppin through? Girl you've got some good luck goin' on. It's going to HAVE to translate into your real estate world as well!

Now if we could just get you to burn those damn leggings......


Leggings if you wear them right can be very cute! And also functional if you are wearing a skirt, they keep your legs warm.
Not that I know or anything.


YAY! Congratulations!!

*sits down & stares at phone, waiting....waiting...*


You mean you haven't returned the leggings yet? Did you take them out of their packaging yet? SAVE THE RECEIPT FOR THE LOVE.


I'm sorry - LEGGINGS?? SKINNY JEANS??? These 'fashion experts' have no shame.

Audrey Hepburn is gone and she was the only one who could wear those things without looking like a Dove bar.

(Dove Bar - UMMM)


I'm with Noah on the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hehe.



Don't wear leggings. Don't give in. The FUG girls will get YOU next!


Delurking to say that I've been waiting for you to comment on the latest "skinny jean" trend, though, personally, I believe it is so hideous that it deserves a full-blown rant, not just a headline. Especially when said "skinny jeans" are paired with boots OVER THE JEANS (as if the skinny jeans don't showcase the butt and thighs enough!). Throw in a purple Lurex cowl-neck sweater and you are back in the worst of the 80s (well, aside from leg warmers or glitter eye shadow, I suppose).


OMG, Amalah, once you get an offer we must be informed IMMEDIATELY so we can stop doing these damn rainrealtydances.

Okay, yes, that was lame. Sorry. My afternoon is a bit like yours, except I'm not at home, don't have a toddler cutting molars, and have no home to sell.

So. Really, it's nothing like yours.

Silly Hily

So, I'm guessing the skinny jeans got a "not so much" rating? I can deal with the leggins, but I'm not ready for the skinny jeans. I need baby steps here Amy. Work with me.

Those people seriously need to call with the damn offer already.

I'm just shocked that they didn't aske you to return as a judge. Tha nerve.



I want to register a formal complaint.

a) why is the picture of Noahalah so dark that I can't see his scrumptiousness?

b) stop ragging on the leggings and skinny jeans - the 80's were totally rad so please embrace it's return

So, did Ceiba run away after the last post? She looked fit to gnaw off somebody's head


Very good possibility of an offer coming in? Yay! Noah cutting his molars? Yay!! Oysters and wine tonight? YAY!!! Hope your weekend is better that your week was.



Noah is adorable as usual, not looking forward to the molars. Right now we only have 4 teeth (and Will is 1 next week)... What a long icky road ahead of us!



And, I personally, would love to hear the Amalahview of OJ Simpson's new book. Please? With gummy bears and powdered sugar on top?



(Although for the opportunity to have wine and oysters, I'd wear just about anything, including Ceiba's hoodie and slouchy ankle boots. White ones. I do love me some oysters and wine.)


I have some pink suede slouch boots that would rock with your leggings.

Hmm. Maybe I will wear them to IKEA today.


If you show up with leggings, I expect pictures. So we can point and laugh admire. Hee.

Nothing But Bonfires

He's just looking so....so BOYISH. When did he become this BOY? (I mean not that he ever looked GIRLIE or anything, just he always looked like a baby, and now he looks like...a boy. Can you tell I don't know much about children?)


What is the special note associated with Motrin?!
Come on! You cant leave us in suspense like that!
(love your work, im a lurker but long long time reader)


You could try driving to Oklahoma BY ACCIDENT. Like me. I mean, not like I just did AT ALL.


I have been on your site for about 3 hours now laughing my ass off!!! I started out googling "how to get rid of bugs from kitchen cabinets" (yes, I'm infested with the goddamn flour weevils or whatever they are and am seriously considering swearing off starch foods forever!) and found your site!! In the meantime my family's all gone to bed wondering why I'm staring at the computer laughing till I cry when I started out on the computer cursing the kitchen bugs! Didn't want to bring up the buggy past, but had to post!


Oh Carol - I feel your pain with the flour weevils.

Is it just me, or does that picture of Noah look a lot like the Queen of Everything!

Wacky Mommy

Yeah, there is a little family resemblance there, eh? Cute pic. More house stories, please! I could hear about real estate all day long. Enjoy the oysters and wine.


Good luck with the offer on your house. Keep us posted.

(And you know, we'll be needing to see pics of the leggins and/or the skinny pants.) (Just so you know...)


Ugh. We just went through the whole realtor-staring-phone thing in September, so believe me when I wish you luck.


You're planning to move? Why am I always the last to know these things?


''What is the special note associated with Motrin?!
Come on! You cant leave us in suspense like that!''

Dave, she started that quote with * and ended it with * as well. I'm only guessing because it perplexed me for a minute, too.


Leggings with slouchy boots...having a high school flashback to pat Benatar lookalikes...with a striped tunic perhaps?

P.S. nice to see you at the Riot. You probably knew this already, but oysters don't do much to soak up booze.


My vote is for falling down, only because you write such great posts about falling down. I thought about it even before you suggested it.

Does that make me sick?


Just remember, if you embrace the leggings, us fat chicks will be next in line. With long sweaters. Eeeew.

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