Things I Have Used Leftover Packing Tape For This Glorious Holiday Season
This one goes out to my peeps at Time Magazine

And all I really want is a *bleep* in a box

Today's my birthday. Huh.


To celebrate, we're going to Gymboree. And then I'll do some laundry. Tonight I might take a bath.

I know. Hold me back, for I am completely out of control.

There are new posts up at ClubMom and AlphaMom. I curse vaguely in one, and refer to someone as a "jackbutt" in the other. Oh, and then I went and piled as many expletives as I could into a post about a Disney movie over at MamaPop.

As for this site? Bleh. It's my birthday. Did you not read about all those fabulous plans? Here are a few Christmas photos, and now I am DONE WITH THEE.


He's all, "Okay, I'll give you this one photo, but that's it."


"However, this one is messed up and it's all you."



A few seconds after his first M & M.




"Is it socks? Please don't be socks."





A disgusting, excessive amount of loot, and seriously, whenever I talked about my baby being "overstimulated" prior to Monday I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT.


Me shooting the sort of thrilling home video that will never, ever be watched again.

Tomorrow: the All Dog & Cat Holiday Revue, In Response To Your Many Requests of Yeah, Your Kid is Kind of Cute and All, But We'd Like Some Evidence That You Have Not Sold the Cat For His Tender Mushy Belly Meat.



December 27th Girls Rock! My b-day as well, and I'm at work, which might just be a tad higher of the hell-o-meter than Gymboree. Hope you have a great day and receive no birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday, fellow Capricorn.


Happy birthday, you wild and crazy thing!


happy birthday!


Happy birthday! Hope yours is better than mine was this year.


Happy Birthday!

Christmas at your parents' house, a **** in a box!
Every single holiday a **** in a box!

I am trying to find that song for a ringtone on my new cell.


Damn. I was so proud of myself for remembering your birthday unprompted! (Uh, not like it's that hard, as it's my birthday too).

Happy birthday, Amy.

Heather B.

Is it weird that last night I went to bed and thought "Must. Text. Amy. Birthday. Morning"?

Yeah, it's weird.

Apropos of nothing else, I'm going to see Dan Zanes next week and when I found out that he would be playing at this concert I got all excited and no one else knew what the hell I was talking about. Awesome.


My first comment here, spurred by two things:

1) NICE GOLD SHOES! Those are awesome.

2) Happy Birthday! I'm psyched when Bloglines tells me you've posted again.


Happy Birthday! Noah's smile is so cute! Can't wait for the furry revue!


Happy Birthday, Amy!

I so have to compliment you because a) not only are you gorgeous and stylish (I think I wore sweats at Christmas festivities... no wait, it was jeans, but same diff on my ass), but b) you just moved and your house is way more decorated and lived in than my three-year-occupied-mole-hole-of-an-apartment. Rock.

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday (again) and your baby is so damned cute it should be illegal.


I love the M&M pictures. That's how my kids look, too.

Happy Birthday, Amy!!


Happy Birthday, fellow Christmas baby! (I'm the 24th) Mundane birthdays are what happen when you're born this time of year... Just find some pleasure in your day to make it sweet.

anne nahm

Happy Birthday! I too, am the 27th - I know the joy of getting one sock for Christmas and the other two days later. Glad you had a good holiday.


GAWD, you get to take A BATH on your birthday? That's more than I got.


Happy birthday!! Noah is adorable...and in every set of pictures he looks more and more like you!

Have a crazy-good time at Gymboree, you wild child!


But the belly meat fetches the highest price on the black market!

Oh and happy birthday!

Miss Britt

Good Lord, Amalah - you have the absolute BEST captions! LOL

(and, another, Happy Birthday to you!)


Happy B-day! Loves Noah's sweater. And, you did get a house, even if it wasn't wrapped.

Wacky Mommy

Happy birthday to you, Our Lady of Amalah! Thanks for the cute photos. Now go have a drink and a truffle.


Happy Birthday, and how cute are those pics?!?! The commentary always make them that much funnier!


Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!

It bears repeating until you are sick of it:

Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!

(your baby is so cute, duh)


Happy Happy Birthday to you Am! I hope you have a great one.


Ooh, and I actually got a bleep in a box, because my honey is funny that way. Hahaha!


Oh my gosh, would you look at how precious Noah is. And what a key-ute sweater he has on. Hey, I got my kid some blocks, too. Sweet. Your house is all 'Twas the Night Before Christmas-ish, with the stockings all hung by the chimney with care. The second to last picture is a little disturbing, I'm pretty sure that has got to be some sort of building code violation. But because it's your birthday, I won't forward the picture on to Child Protective Services. That is my present to you! Enjoy :-)


Happy Birthday, Amalah! It sort of sucks having a birthday so close to Christmas huh?


Happy brithday, Amalah!

Enjoy your bath.


Happy Birthday. Although, I think you deserve an un-birthday every year to make up for the post Christmas gift nightmares. Either 'I couldn't come up with another idea so here is another calendar' or 'Did you have any idea you could get this stuff so cheap after Christmas?' gifts are so rotten.

But I adore the toes next to the puzzle and I am pretty sure the lofty block tower puts Noah waaaay ahead on the I have a better baby than you scale. (Plus there are the toes.)


I am baking a Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake and my family will enjoy it in your honor.

Hey, maybe after you do the gymboree and laundry thing, you could scrub out the toilets and clean the litter box? Rock on, party girl.

Again, Noah is the cutest punkinhead on the Eastern Seaboard.


Another GREAT person born on the 27th.

YEAH !!!!

Although mine isn't until next month.

I got chuckle out of the "please don't let it be socks" picture, mostly because that's about all I wanted this year was SOCKS

"Oh please let it be socks"

My toenails are like drill bits and will put a hole in a sock within a month.


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, Amy! I hope you have a great, if not exciting, day. :-)


Happy Birthday!!! Have a good bath if you get that far! I know how it is...

Looks like Noah is starting a Thomas The Train collection, how Fun! Head to Ikea NOW since there'll be much organizational skills needed down the line!


omg I hate you I'm going to be humming that ALL DAY now. Thanks a lot..

..oh and Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is more exciting (in a good way, of course) than you expect.


Happy Birthday Amy!!!!

Be nice to yourself. Use bubbles in your bath (and if you feel like being REALLY nice to yourself use bubbles that don't have a Spiderman stopper on the bottle!)


A bath? long as you don't take it alone (and I don't mean with Noah)the idea has sounds promising.


I SOUNDS promising. Geez.


You are rocking the Bermuda shorts!


Are we going to see the tire too? I'm missing the tire.


You totally got ripped off. At least the birthday isn't ON Christmas. That would totally suck.

Enjoy the bath. Take an hour. Take two hours. Yay. You deserve it.


funny, i share a birthday with Noah and you share a birthday with my dad :) happy birthday!


Happiest of birthdays!! Noah's smile is dimpalicious. How does he like those blocks? I just bought the same set for Sephie and she learned to say "tower" the first day she played with them! She also learned to throw suggestion to you is to wear a bicycle helmet or learn to duck ;)

Salsa Queen

Happy Birthday Amy! Mine was yesterday. Yours sounds way more fun than mine was. Plus, you have that way cute Noah to keep you entertained.

Lisa V

Happy Birthday!

Tell Jason
1)cut a hole in the box
2)put his junk in that box
3)Have Amy open the boooox!


Happy Birthday, Amalah!!!


Hope you don't get too many Christmas/birthday presents. Mine is tomorrow and I always used to get those. Now it's gotten to the point where every year my dad says "oh shit, your birthday is tomorrow? I totally forgot!" Every. Year. You'd think it'd be easier to remember, not harder . . . Anyway, Happy Birthday!



I "found" you this year and have so enjoyed your stories, your pictures and all the fun links you post.

Enjoy your day, and Happy almost-2007!


Happy Birthday, Amalah!

My son got that same piano thing for Christmas and if that damned "Green is the trees" song hasn't made you want to rip off your ears yet. . . it will.

And I'm cracking up at Lisa V's comment. I hope Jason's wise enough to know when a gift needs giving.


It's my birthday too! Yay us!


DAMN IT, I had just gotten that song out of my head! Damn you & JT.

Merry Birthday anyway.


Happeeeeeeeee Birthday, Amalah!!! And yeah, that song is in my head 24/7.


Happiest of B-Days, Amy! In which of your FOUR bathrooms will you be bathing? Oh, I know, it's the master, but, I just think it's really cool that you have four! Looks like you had a great Xmas! Enjoy your special day! Oh, and, Noah Rules!


delurking to say "Happy Birthday". And, to ask you to thank Jason for the great recommendation in his blog for KOMI's. I have a son who lives in DC and I gave he and his girlfriend dinner for two tasting menu with wine pairings for Christmas and you would have thought I had given them THE MOON! They are SO excited..again, thanks for blogging...I enjoy both of you so much!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Since next year Camilla will be roughly the age Noah is now, the pictures on this post have me really looking forward to Christmas.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Amalah - it's like one giant echo in here today ;P

Amy H.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. very impressed that you have Christmas decorations up after just moving into your new house. Man, you are on top of things. First a meatloaf, now a Christmas tree...


Happy Birthday to you funny girl with the adorable little man Noah and cute gold shoes!
fyi, those mega blocks hurt when you step on them, especially a single one at the bottom of the stairs while carrying a load of laundry barefoot...
Have a great birthday with your two men :)


Happy birthday! So how does it feel to be 29? I have to do that thing next month. Only I have no kids to show for it!


I'm also delurking to say Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Re: your post title-What, Jason didn't cut a hole in a box...?? Sheesh!

P.S Lookit Noah's little piggie toes in that puzzle photo. Awwww.


I know it's been said like a million times...but seriously, Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Enjoy that bath!

(and thanks for the pics.)


Wow, you're another one of those "Yes I do TOO have a birthday" who were so lucky to be born amid the hoopla and "Oh, yes, we can combine birthday and Christmas presents, right?" people.

Happy Birthday!


We got the same Push-n-go train for my daughter. Total Hit. That is, once she figured out to point it AWAY from her body.


Oh Jeebus Kee-rist, are you for serious only 29? I'm 29 plus 6 months, no job, no man, no kids. I suddenly feel extremely sorry for myself. I need a drink...


Happy Birthday girl!

May I request a pic of Noah in the yellow-and-red car you got him? Not being stalkerish or anything... I just wanna see how he looks in it! :D as does the world!


Happy birthday. I hope it was drunken, full of shrieks of "oh my gawd" and perfect.

You are awesome.

kim at allconsuming

OK first things first, happy birthday.

Secondly, that GORGEOUS jumper on your wee man in the early shots is gorg too.

But that's probably the cold-envy talking.



happy birthday, amy!

on christmas eve, the topic of 'blogging' was brought up. the few members of my family who know i have a blog were like, 'do you read tiffany's blog? do you remember when she linked to that girl who made that video thing for her son's first birthday? wasn't that the best thing EVER?'

and then all people who had not seen the first birthday entry were hastily ordered up to the computer to read it, and then watch the video.

at least three people who never even knew you existed before that ended up in tears.

i'm not sure, but i think that means you rule.


Happy Bday, Amalah! Thanks for the pics of Noah. It's like Christmas all over again.


Happy belated bday amalah!

Fresh Mommy

Happy Birthday! My birthday was on the 15th! I just asked if I could sleep in for a couple days in a row. My husband asked if I wanted a little "birthday action" and I quickly reminded him that his birthday is in February.


First, Happy Birthday! I too turned the lovely 29 just a few short months ago.

Second, lurve the title!

Have a great birthday and Happy New Year!


Amy there HAS to be a secret to Noahs cuteness....his stance in that first picture just floors me! It's adorable! He's totally GQing in that one!!!!!!


I could not love your gold flats any more. Way to rock the casual, yet stylish Christmas!


Happy birthday! xx


Found your blog just before Xmas...I'm working my way through the archives but have only got to Dec '04 as I've been laughing (and nearly crying) so much. You rock :-)


December 29th, here. Hope it was pseudo-happy, which is all a birthday at this time of year can be; since we get entirely ripped off!


Well, let me just be the 82nd person to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The fact that I'm a little late to the party in no way diminishes the sincerity behind that wish. I hope you have a year full of happiness, health, wealth, and great shoes.


Happy Birthday -- you share one with my brother as well. You poor, poor things -- never a 'real' birthday present, just a couple extra birthday gifts -- maybe just maybe wrapped in actual birthday paper -- lame birthday parties thrown by exhausted and overwhelmed parents. Yeah.

Oh, sorry. Were you feeling good about the day or something?


Oops. I meant a couple extra Christmas gifts. Disguised as birthday gifts.

I'm leaving now.



happy belated birthday, love!! xoxooxoxox


Happy Birthday! Sorry it's late but as it's my 30th birthday today so I am excusing myself.

Vaguely Urban

Happy Birthday, Amy!

2005 = Baby
2006 = Major job changes/new home
2007 = Much happiness (my wish for you)

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