In a Word: Uhh.

Dog Makhani

On the off chance you have ever wondered what it would be like to drop an entire plate of Indian food on top of your dog...



My goal is to entertain AND enlighten. So...there you go.

Although if anybody can recommend a really good dog shampoo, I would appreciate it, because I have bathed this poor dog three times already and her fur is still all oily and gheeish and she smells like curry and it is MAKING ME HUNGRY.


"It's tempting, but I think I'd still prefer some peanut butter crackers."


emery jo

just eat the dog. that should solve your hunger and the curry smell all in one go. yes?


try lemon juice. it works well on crawfish smell. and it would probably help with the oilyness too.


Try peppermint oil --


I think my dog would eat his own head off it there were food smeared on it. But those are great pictures - Noah's expression is so unenthused, it kills me.

Lemon dish soap. Or anything with eucalyptus. Hey! take Ceiba in the shower with the Sudacare!


Noah looks like, "Dude, that totally sucks."


Any interest in dropping some of that on MY head? Yum...


Too funny! Any chance this happened because you tripped over Max or Noah?


Bummer about your indian food being inedible, dude! ;)

Lemon juice should do it nicely. Then again, that would make me crave a glass of lemonade. All I know now is I need some Tandoori seasoning-I miss the ever present indian restaurants in the DC burbs.


My suggestion would be dishsoap. Getting in with the other commenters I'd recommend something lemon-y or otherwise citrus-acidic-whatever. Suds the dog up with the dishsoap and make sure you really rub it in, use your nails, etc. I'm pretty sure that should handle the ghee (mmm... ghee...)


on't they eat dogs in India? I am just sayin...


I second the dish soap suggestion- cheap and easy! And if that spill had happened in MY house, the other two dogs would have cleaned off the spillee in the amount of time it took me to go get the paper towels.


Maybe try the skunk remedy? It's:
* 1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
* 1/4 cup Baking Soda
* 1 teaspoon liquid soap

Mix in a bucket (it will fizz).
Soak your dog's fur, but be careful not to get any in his eyes.
Use a sponge to clean off his head and around his eyes.
Knead solution into the fur and be sure to get every part of him with it.
Rinse thoroughly.

This worked for us when Friday was skunked. I'm sure it could tackle curry odor too! I think it's important to use a detergent that really cuts grease, like Dawn. I'm sure the oiliness of the food (ghee!!) is the source of the problem.


Dawn will get the smell/texture back to normal. Try a quick rinse in Suave strawberry conditioner if needed (its what we use for our basinji, who has very coarse fur).

Wacky Mommy

I love the look on Noah's face. "Dog, can you manage to stay out of trouble?"


I am off to scrub her with some lemon dish soap, thanks.

Also, why didn't I call this post "Tandoggi?" Man, I am losing my touch, if I ever had it to begin with.


thank you for helping me out with today's lunch selection! Indian it is! sans dog.


Mmmmmmm....Indian fooood. My goodness do I love Indian food. Was there something about a dog? Oh...right. I'd get some cheap shampoo/conditioner and try that - you know, like Sauve or some such. I'm sure she'll love that, right? Poor little Tandoori girl.


We actually just use Head and Shoulders on our dog... and it keeps her from smelling like a foot although I'm not sure what it would do for a curry-scented canine...


Mmmm...curry. Great. Now I'm hungry. And there are no Indian restaurants here.



Some things are just too hilarious for words.


I'm really impressed at how calm Ceiba looks, just hanging out with a scalp full of dinner. My dog would have snapped his neck and killed himself trying to lick the food off of his own head.

My suggestion? Anything with tea tree oil.


Try Dawn Detergent -- they use this on the birds rescued from oil spills --



Why couldn't Ceiba be doing THE FACE, you know THAT FACE - I just think this is the perfect opportunity for it, you know?

I'm with the others, tea tree oil gets most of the ickiness out of my chihuahuas.


Yikes! Don't use lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. You'll bleach her hair, and maybe blind the poor sweetie!
I would use a regular old dog shampoo (ours is a lovely apple Jolly Rancher scent), and just make sure that you really work it into her hair and wait a few minutes before you rinse it out. It's going to take some time to break the grease up.
I'm also a fan of the Dawn technique, but be careful around her eyes.
Good luck!


Too funny.

Lemon juice and/or milk should do the trick. It is what is often used when animals encounter skunks.


Thank you.

Thank you for being the person when she spills food on her dog stops to take a picture of it and shares it with us.

I second the Suave Strawberry shampoo and conditioner by the way- I had to wash a ferret for a while (LONG story) and it worked for her.

Miss Britt

I am actually in awe that so many people had comments full of "advice".

Apparently dogs covered in Indian food are practically an epidemic - which is good news for you (not so hot for dogs).


HAHAHAHA!!! My dog would also attempt to eat her head off for after all if you're a dog you know that the worst human food is better than the best dog food.

Someone gave a skunk recipe that involves measuring and other complicated stuff. I have heard that another skunk remedy involves bathing the dog in tomato juice. Good luck.



What? You didn't lick it off of her?


I don't know this from direct experience, but I've always been told that a tomato juice bath works for dogs that have gotten involved with a skunk. Might just work for your dog, and look at the bright side: it won't take as much juice for your dog as it would have for, say, a malamute. Good luck in any case.


I would also agree with the tomato juice bath. Our dog rolled in a dead skunk (double the fun) and the tomato juice worked wonders.
Good luck!


Dog odors are best removed with Massengil Vinegar Douche. Yes indeedy. Works for skunk, wet dirty dog and curry.

At least you have a small dog. That might be one box of douche.

Imagine needing to get enough to saturate a golden retriever.


Tandoggi is great. But be glad it wasn't Chinese food or else you'd have to say you were going to Wok the Dog.



Oh my gawd - at first I thought Ceiba had some weird kind of skin disorder...!

I don't have any advice, never having curried my dog.


Wow--I laughed out loud, and I NEVER do that when it comes to reading things on the internet.


Dr Bronner's Soap solves all my stinky issues (and it's earth friendly too!). Damn... now I'm hungry.


These comments are the BEST.
I had a crappy day and I am now laughing my head off.
Thanks, Amy, and thank you, Amalahlites.


I love the fact that you got a picture of Ceiba licking her chops in the first shot there. I'm pretty sure that Noah is debating weather or not to snack off of the dogs head!


I love Noah's expression:
"Dude. Even I don't put curry on my head."


I agree with the Dawn dish soap. A little girl at our story time at the Library had gotten into a tub of vaseline and had it all over her hair. Her mom tried everything and Dawn was the only thing that worked!


Mrs. Meyers Oatmeal Dog Shampoo! It works miracles and a little bit goes a long way.
My dogs have thick undercoats so I usually have to use a ton of soap, but not with this. Plus it's all natural and does not upset their skin.


Try a dishwashing soap like Dawn because that is what they use on poor animals that have been caught in an oil spill. I am sure it will work for dogs caught in Indian spills also.

Then wash him with regular soap.


Ooo, MinPin Vindaloo! Nope, that doesn't sound tasty at all. Just be glad Ceiba hasn't discovered she can roll around on the carpet with that stuff on her head in the attempt to make it a delicious, fuzzy treat.


Ha..... too funny. You will have to change ceiba's name to jaihebeeb if you can't get that smell out;)


THANK YOU! I can't tell you how mant nights I've been kept awake wondering what it would be like to spill food on my dog.

I can now sleep again!


Eleven years of carrying around this information--so glad I can finally share!

Dawn dishwashing detergent--it REALLY DOES take great right out of your way and off of your dog.

My dog (bless her soul) was a bit of a hellion.
One day, about 10 years ago, my husband changed our oil, putting the changed oil in a milk jug to bring to recycle. A few days later, dog (bhs) dug her way out of our yard for the 500th time and Husband, being in a rush, caught her, put her back in the house and put the milk jug in the hole as a temporary fix.

Dog, having none of it the next day when she was outside, pierced the milk jug with her little doggie claws, drained it, then crawled through the oil hole to get to the outside (picture Andy Dufresne in Shawshank). Neighbor child knocked on our door to deliver the news.

Dog looked like an Exxon Valdez victim. Chasing antics ensued. Panic call to vet followed once she was safely ensconsed in our tub.

Anyway, long story long: two washes with Dawn and she was good as new.

Amy M

That is HIL-ARIOUS! And, yes, the caps are necessary! My dog is similar to those of above posters & would probably snap his neck trying to eat the food off his head. And my baby would probably sample some as well.

Mmmm, curry...


...and I just looked up to see that 90 people had already recommended this. So ignore the above and go with "I agree--Dawn works."


Somebody may have already suggested this, but have you tried Dawn dishwashing liquid? It get grease out of your way...

Or so the ad says...always works for those nasty baked-on grease encrusted pots and pans...surely it would take out a little grease on the poochy.


Use Lemon Joy or Dawn. Lather, rinse, repeat. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly and avoid her eyes.

Just as a precaution, after the bath, it's never a bad idea to rinse their eyes out with saline solution after a bath, just to make sure no soap or debris is present.

Naughty Heather

I just have to ask - how did a plate of Indian food land on the dog's head? And, did you have some back up food?



Um, I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone's suggested Dawn as a method of cleaning Ceiba?

What?? They have?? No kidding!

Love the pics. Especially Noah's expression.


Kiehl's has a new dog care line and our lab has since become a Kiehl's whore just like his momma. I am sure Cieba would love it too.


I was at Indique tonight and when I was eating the dal that came with my food, I couldn't get the phrase "dog makhani" out of my head.


I think he's thinking:

"Ceiba's lucky that's not peanut butter and crackers...or he'd be MINE! Muahahaha! Ceiba is very lucky indeed."


The best dog shampoo and conditioner, period. Incidentally, the company is smallish and based in my hometown. Not that I'm biased. But when I go home for the holidays, I'm stocking up by the barrel.

All dogs should smell of mint and lavendar. Not curry. Ick.

Vaguely Urban

I love how Ceiba is licking her chops at her own deliciousness.


Funniest entry ever!


Hehee! New pretty blog for me! But anyway, so why didn't you just take a fork to those large chunks? That would have worked for some of the problem. :)


So I am dying to know: What sort of coolio effect do you have going on on the wall behind Noah with the exposed-brick look between the two different paint colors?? I've seen this before in your other pics, but now my curiosity will not relent! I'm guess it's some sort of brilliant trompe l'oeil thang, but please tell!


I am now starving, and yearning for some kind of Indian food, of which there is none in my vicinity. Man.

(Also, lemon juice wouldn't bleach her fur. Peroxide probably wouldn't either, not for the length of time you'd have it on there. I fully realize that you're way done with this, but in the event of another, uh, Doggie Tikka Masala incident)

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